U,Me,Aur? – Part 18

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Part 18

Maan went inside the house..He saw Geet still in bed..Dr.was caressing her head.dadi and Vicky.was sitting beside her..

Dr.Thank you so much for coming here..

I must say thanks  to you maan..Do you know  what she means to this village.Agar geetko kuch hojaaathi tho patha nehi kya hojatha.Aapne uska jaan bachakar is gau ki jaan bachayi hai.

No Dr. yese nehi hai.If something happened to her I  am the one to answer everyone .So obviously its my duty 2 save her.  I need one more help from you Dr..

Two of my securities are also got injured.will you please treat them also.

Oh sure.Its my duty .Dr.was about to get up,when Geet grabbed her hand.


Then she realized she was in some others house..

Ye kiska ghar hai..

Humara ghar hai beta..Ab kesi thabiyath hai tumhara..

Ji dadi..I’m feeling gud

She regained what happened..Her face changed with several emotions fighting inside with her fear.She started to cry hugging her tightly 

wo..wo..wo muje maardalega…Muje dar lagraha hai Aunty..

Shh.. Don’t cry beta .koi tumhe kuch nehi karsaktha hai..tum darna math..hum hain na.

 Why he pushed me inside the well.. why he tried to kill me?she asked inbetween her sobs.

zyadha socho math.Tum ab sirf ye soch Tumhe kuch nehi hua.

Ache bache rothe nehi hai.Jab hum usey pakdenge na hum usey poochenge wo yesa kyun kiya.Hum sab heina tumhare pass..hum tumhe kuch hone nehi denge..And you must thank maan,he only saved you from the well.

Thank you ..

Maan is happy as she gained her conscious and he smiledSmile as She is talking to him.

Dadi and Nakul.OMG. Is Maan smiling.:)Shocked

Its ok.Do you know who he is.

She nodded her head..

His face was fully covered..I could not see him.

Dr.Is there any hospitals  near by other than Hoshiarpur.

No we must go more than 50 kms for the other hospital from here.why are you asking about other when we have one in our own village.

Bcoz my men had shot the person.He will definitely not come to ur hospital.So,he will be approaching some other Drs.so only I asked you.

He called the police and informed them .He asked Them to find the person.and  requested him to give geet  police protection.

Everyone was  was staring at him in awe.

Dr. thought this Maan is more intelligent  than his age.He takes correct decisions in a minute like an experienced person .

Muje mama papa ke pass jaana hein.I want to go home.Chalein..She asked vicky…

She got out of the bed.But her head was spinning. She sat back in the bed. Then only she noticed herself.She crossed her hand over her,seeing herself in pant shirt’and she had no duppatta around her.She felt uneasy before maan.She covered herself with the spread.

Maan smiled seeing her uneasiness.she is fully covered,then too she is feeling shy.LOL

Kya hua beta.

My head is spinning.

You are wet for a long time. So you feel weak.Thodi dher aaram karlo.phir ghar chalthen hain.

The word weak brought some senses in him.

Nakul get some thing  for them to eat and make tea along with it..He pointed geet,Vicky,Dadi and Dr.

Geet only drinks milk.

 Maans  mind:Is she a baby to drink milk.Maan ., since you have seen Geet u have started to talk yourself..wo kuch b peele its her wish.tumhe kya. control man.

Nakul came inside with tea tray.He gave geet milk and others tea with some biscuits.

daadis phone rang .

Dadi asked Maan to attend…



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