U,Me,Aur? – Part 19

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Part 19


HHH..Helllooo sir’Mein adi..

hmmmh bolo adi’

Sir theres a good news ..The qqq’quotation we sent for the ggg’government has approved’We have got the ttt.. tender for all over India

That’s really gud news..Acha Adi suno..We have to be very careful handling this project.Make a perfect team to work on this ‘I’ll confirmthe team when we r back..muje koi galathi nehi chahiye’keep on every details  about this project up to date’we will be back soon’we will start this in 10 days..

He was talking in the phone.But his eyes was still on Geet.They noticed it.He turned to dadi’

Dadi..we ‘ve got the government project..Soon  our company will reach No:1 position ,once we finish this project successfully…I feel  really happy.

That’s gud .congrats beta.You did the quotation personally.so,the credit goes to you only.

Nakul murmered, shayad sab teeki tho  kehthi hain.


this girl brings luck where she is.

Iska mathlab mere mehanath nehi haiis project pe

Not like that beta.I too know This girl is lucky.wherever she goes.. she brings them happiness in some way.and now too we got the tender which we have been trying for last 3 yrs.we didnt get it for last two yrs.iska mathlab ye nehi that we didnt work on it  the last yrs.

That’s truth and Infact I too doesn’t believe before  I experienced it.Any ways congrats maan for ur success.

He dont want to oppose Dadi infront of Dr.So He kept quiet.

Hmmm.Thanx Dr.

Maan I’ll go n check ur securities.Gudia,after having milk you both come down.we’ll go home.She left.

 Maan also left the room and came back with daadis shawl.He  covered geet in the way she used to put her dupatta.Geet felt relaxed

But daadi  thought he must have given in her hands.Why he himself covered her.Whats going on with him.

Ok I’ll drop you both in your house. Come.

Dr. came down and asked for the securities  who are hurt.

She started dressing their wounds.

Whats going on here.why are they going around the house?

That’s our punishment  given by  Maan Sir for being asault  in our  duty.

This is ridiculous..How do you all accept to this.You are not in army or police to have such punishments.

You r getting wrong Dr.we deserve this.Its our duty and we are paid for that only.Its our work to protect him and obey his orders.We get more horrible punishments than this  while getting trained for this post in training centres.Basically,Maan sir is good at heart.But strict and rude  when it comes to work.You came here to treat us bcoz sir sent you.He saved that girl not even thinking of himself once.Is these are  not an example for his good heart.

Yes. You are right.she gave them medicines and waited for geet .

Geet  got out of the bed.her head was still spinning.she was about to fall when maan n Vicky caught her together.

I can’t stand

Then stay here till you feel better.

Dadi n NakulShocked had a silent conversation within them.



Ye kya horaha hai.maan babu ek ladkiko rukneko kehrahi hain.

Muje  diktha hai..I am also shocked like you..I too don’t know whats cooking in his mind.Ye tho Maan hai..Noone can understand him.other than himself.maan kab kya kartha hai ..kyun kartha hai..wohi jaanthi hai..

U r right dadi..do din se mein b yehi sochkar pagal horahi thi.Acha hua aaj aap tho hai mere pass.

Nehi.muje ghar jaana hai..abhi..

She took another step and was about tofell down.

How will you go home,if you fall for each step didi.

She stopped.but I want to go home.. I want to b with  mama n papa..she started to cry.

Ok ok don’t cry.i’ll take you home.you cry baby.

Im not cry baby.

U r ..

He is correct didi.u always cry for each n everything .so ur a cry baby.

No. im not.Angry

Dadi aap b aaye..we’ll leave her at home n come.warna ye phirse rona shuru karlengi

Ji beta.Dadi liked their cute fight.

Maan took Geet in his arms and started to walk down the stairs. Leaving Daadi n Nakul in shock.Shocked Vicky followed him.

Dadi aap maan babu ke peeche  jayi ye.warna wo aapko chodkar chali jayegi.


Maan placed Geet in the back seat of the car.

Maan.kya hua.why r u carrying her.

She is unable to walk Dr…and she is stubborn to go back home and started to cry .Then what can I do ,other than carrying her  down the way.aap sab andher betiye. N excuse me for a while..

Gaurds .  back to ur position..He shouted.

Yes sir..

We are going to the girls house..so  except four of you all will come with me.Be careful noone  should  near us..Is that clear.

Yes sir.

Ok .get into the cars.

Munshiji came running to him.

What  happened beta.

Aap car mein betiye..i’ll tell you on the way.

They all headed towards Geets house in two cars and four cars which had their  securities.

As they stopped, geets parents came out hearing the sound of the cars.

Geet got out of the car with the help of Vicky.She struggled to stand and she was about to fall again.Maan again took her in his arms and started to walk inside their house.But this time before all the villagers and geets parents .It was an odd situation for them to see their girl in an young mans arm and she was not in her suit.She was wearing other dress.they felt embarrassed before all.

Vicky hugged them and started to cry.

What happened..y r u crying.Dr. aap yahaan inke saath.

Dr.said first let us go in and talk.They greeted Daadi  n munshiji to come inside.

Vicky ran inside and Showed Maan Geets room.He placed her on the bed and covered her with the spread..All followed them.

Munshiji introduced  both families to each of them.

While Vicky was explaining what happened and how Maan saved, Maan was  busy looking all over the stuffs of geets room.The room was quite small painted with pink colour.Her room was mostly filled with small and big toys.The wall had cartoon pictures stick over it.one corner had a small study table with its essentials.he took the books to see. That also mostly  had cartoon stories,jungle book, comic times,drawing books..etc..He hardly controlled himself from smiling.It took a long time for him to believe that The room belongs to Geet an young girl and,not  a kid.His gaze went back to geet, who was now  peacefully sleeping in her mothers laps.hugging her.

Maan beta..We are very thankful to you.You saved our life.

Its okay.Sablog muje kitni bar thanx kahoge.

Their conversation was interupted by a phone call..

Excuse me.


Hello Rajender..Have you done the preparations for ur daughters funeral.

Dayalnath’Geets papa shouted..which made all notice his conversation.

So,Its you..You pushed my daughter into the well.


Maan grabbed the phone from Geets papa and started to listen what he is saying.

PRECAP:The talk between Maan and Dayalnath.


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