U,Me,Aur? – Part 2



Its 9 am

Daadi in maans cabin.

Daadi: maan.tumhare breakfast laya hoon..khaalena..

Maan:ji daadima

Daadi seeing his college books..on the table

Daadi:Tumhare college kab shuru horaha hein?

Maan:20days more.daadi

Daadi:O.k. whats about the project? Sab kuch teek haina..

Maan:just I made 2 corrections n now it is perfectly alright 4 the presentation..v will get this project..Im sure about it..

Daadi: Good .u have ur breakfast n come 2 the conference hall.i’ll b waiting 4 u there.

Maan;Ji daadi

At that TIME Daadi’s phone rang..it was munshiji 4m Hoshiarpur’

Daadi :namaste munshiji

Munshiji:namasthe madam.Ive a good news for u.

Daadi: ji kahiye

Munshi:I think V can get the next land of our farm house @ present

Daadi:lekin pehle unhone mana kiya thaana.

Munshi:  yes mam.but now they have some debt 2 b cleared. V can give the money than they expect ..so,I think It’s the time 2 approach them.

Daadi:If they accept 2 give the land ,It will b the most happiest day 4 me..

Munshiji: When r u coming here mam..v can make a fast move.bfore some others approach them..

Daadi:I’ve some important meetings..so,I’ll send Maan there..n I’ll join there the next day..

Munshiji: teekhain mam..jaise aap teek samjein..

He kept the phone’

Daadi walked towards the conference hall .Maan followed her.Already Adi n his 2 other staffs were waiting for them’Mr. chopra and his assistants joined them after a while.They introduced themselves’Maan gave the presentation  .. .Though Mr. chopra was impressed., he disguised some points with his assistants. Atlast they came 2 a conclusion.He stood n shook hand of Maan .

Mr.chopra:Well presented young man.

Maan :thank u Mr. chopra.

Mr. chopra:So the deal is finalled..Mr. Khurana. There r no negatives 2 say about the presentation..

Daadi signed the deal

Mr. chopra: Savitriji’Aap ka potha bohut clever hai..One day he will lead KC 2 No:1 position.

Daadi:thank u .Mr. Chopra. I know he will make it..Really im proud of him..

Mr. Chopra: then v’ll take a leave now .Its nice meeting both of u’

After Mr. chopra left Daadi appreciated Maan  for his work’.

Maan ordered the chief interiors 2 have a meeting with him n Daadi as they could proceed with the deal..Phirse daadima ka ek call aaya..she took it. It was from their construction site.n the head  incharge was speaking..

H-IN: good morning mam..here is a problem here’

Daadi.:what?what r u saying .

H-IN:here is an union problem. Our manager slapped a worker’bcoz of that the other workers refused 2 work..I tried 2 sort it myself but it is out of hand now

They r going on with a strike..

Maan seeing Daadis xpressions found something wrong n he thinks, he will wait till she completes the phone..

Daadi was full tensed ..she starts 2 speak in her full tone..

Daadi:Do u know what r u speaking’v have 2 finish this project by this month’Otherwise v will have 2 face a major financial problem’KC’s reputation also will b spoiled..Kal tak sab teek tha.. ab achanak se ye sa kse hosaktha hai’

She couldn’t speak more..she held her arms tightly on the chair n she fainted’



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