U,Me,Aur? – Part 20


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Part 20

Maan grabbed the phone from Geets papa and started to listen what he is saying.

By now You must have received the greatest shock of your life,that your daughter is dead..I want to see you crying over  her body.tab tumhe pata chalega waris ka khoneka dard  kesa hotha hai.I think I had repayed you for what your daughter did to my son.Aaj tho mein jashn manaungi?

Maan was fuming in anger.he held his fists tight.

I thought u have a little brain.But you  Proved you are an idiot.Jab tak mein hoon tumhe jashan mana ne ka moka tho is janam mei kabhi nehi milega.waise tum jis khushi mein jashan manana chathi hona,yease kuch nehi hua.

Kaun.kaun bolraha hai..aur kya bakwaas karrahi ho.

Tum muje ithni jaldi boolgayi hai kya.Maan.Maan singh khurana.Aur ek bath.Jab tak mein hoon,Geetko kuch nehi hoga.

He realized what he is saying infront of everyone.

I mean the girl who has elders blessings and love..nothing can happen to her..She is safe with her family.

Hearing Geet is safe,Dayalnath got pissed off.


Is baar tho wo bajgayi..agli baar mein yese galathi nehi karoonga.I’ll make sure I kill her with my bare hands.

It was our careless u got to near geet.But,You will not get another chance to repeat it, bcz you will be behind bars soon

Lets see.how you save her.Muje tumse koi bath nehi karni..give the phone to rajendar.Iwant to talk to him only.

Maan gave the phone back to geets papa.


You r hiding behind this maan.Do you think he can save you.You have now known what can I do to your daughter…But still there is 1 more dayfor u .. ok lets make a deal. Tell your daughter to be away from this case.For that you don’t have to return the money .Just,I want my son back...At first he was arrogant ,but last his voice pleaded him.

Its too late dayalnath..after you have done all to my daughter..do you think I will give up..Now I assure you that I will get you both father and son behind the bars’And to return your money Iam least bothered going to jail.rather I prefer killing you n going to jail for whatyou did.

Ok lets see who wins over this situation.

Rajendar heared the slamming of the phone.

There was a deadful silence for sometime..

Maan was busy texting in messages.

Daadi broke the silence.Maan ab hume ghar chalna chahiye.And bhai sahib,aap ab kuch aur saavthaan rehna chahiye.aur gudia ka khayal rakhyega..usey bahaar akela math bejiyega..

Ji savithriji.Aap pehli baar ghar aayihai..kuch liye bahaar hum aapko kese chod sakthe hain.Rano’in keliye kuch khane peenaka inthsaam karona..

Nehi bai sahib..hum phir kabi aayenge.Maan lets go.

Daadi .,We have to be here for some more time.

But why?

Mhh.I am waiting for someone.Let them come ,then we’ll leave.

First Dadi was thinking why Maan was interested in helping Geets family,When he never gives time for his own family

second why is maan’s  behaviour looking strange to me.I could not analyse whats cooking in his  mind .

Third,The morning incident..is that real or illusion maan was so close to her..

fourth.who is he waiting for.He can wait in our house too.why in geets house.

Ye Maan bina as he is growing up,I am getting more trouble in understanding him.Jitna mein isey jaaneki koshish karun.ye ladka muje pagal karthe jaraha hai.!

Maan  was still looking at Geet now and then during his messages.She was sleeping with a pink doll in her hand.which was written my name is sweety.He smiled.She is sleeping as a child Smile.Rano got some tea for them.they had it.But Maan refused saying i have only black coffee.

Dr. lakshmi left  them, excusing herself as she wants to go back to hospital.

Then the police came.

Hello sir.Iam waiting for you only.Do you have any information about them.?

Yes.Mr.Maan.the man I left outside dayalnaths house said that he never came out of his house since last night.After your call,we went to  his house,But he is not there.while enquiring HP, a small boy said he saw Dayalnath n his son hiding  in a  goods truck.we  stopped the truck in the next check post and searched in it too.But they have escaped.and as you msged we tapped the phone call of this house.It was from next village.and that too from a phone booth.no one knows them.We are sure he will be caught soon. I have sent the informations to the near by police stations too. He cant run away much far from us.

Thats nice.What about Geets protection.?

I can only leave two of my men here for her safety.Shayad aapko path nehi hoga. Saare dus gauki yahaan sirf ek police station hain .aur dus police men.I want to seek permission from my upper officers to get more.And that too I  am not sure they will offer me.

Ok.If you would mind I give them protection.If anything happens will you support me in getting rid of future troubles.

Yes.ofcourseYou are helping us to ease our work.so why would I mind . I will support you always.

Ok.then we’ll take leave.

The only thing all did was to stare at maan and the police and listen to their conversation.Bcoz no one knows when maan did all these when they are also present there.

Savithriji,aapka potha tho umar mein chota hoga..kekin itni jaldi kam karthe hain hum bado soch bi nehi sakthe hain.ithni mushkil waqt main be ye kesa ithna kam karthiya..Mein aap dono ko kese shukriya aadha karoon..is janam bhi kafi nehi hai.

If you really want to thank them,you have a way .

.Daadi tried to cut it.

No Munshiji.This is not the time to talk  .wo bhi is situation mein.its wrong.

Maan doesn’t know what they are talking about.Confused

Haan mein jaantha hoon.mein ye bhi jaantha hoon aap aur maan beta bi kitni busy hai.aap donowapus Delhi bhi jaana hai.

I cant understand Munshiji.How can I thank him in return.

By giving your land to them.

maan now knows what they are talking about.So he is the man whom i was to see.

 Geets papa was shocked.

Par munshiji

I told you yesterday,that Maan wants to see you.


That’s the reason he wants to seeyou.

Maans Daadaji want to build a college in our village.It was his last wish.The land all over savithriji bought was to build it.They need your land too.Its  only your land in the middle. I approached you already if you will sell the land.,but you denied.If you give it they will start the construction immediately.

. You must also know that’s good to have a college in our own village.Sab bache bhi kush honge.unhe bahaar hostel mein rehkar padna nehi padega.

.You are asking for a good  cause.phir bhi aapko na kehnekeliye muje maaf kartheejiye. Pls.

Maan is professional when it comes to business..

I will give you double the  money than the present value.

 Paiso ki bath nehi hai  beta..Agar dena hi tha, tho mein dayalnath ko humari karz ki bathle ye zameen dethi.

Maan was irritated by his answer.

You take your own time and then say.daadi.lets go.

Ruko beta.naras ho mujse.Mera na kehneke peeche ek karan bi hai…You listen to me  once.You have done a lot to us.so I have to tell you the truth behind it.

Maan knotted his eye brows.

I am not the owner of that land.


If it is mine,I would have given it to you as a gift for saving my girls life.But I am only the care taker of that land.

Then who does the land belongs to?


Aapki aur geetki kya fark hai.

Fark hai.Tagoreji gave this land to me to keep it as his gift on geets first birthday.As I believed in my own self I refused it.Then He made awill  in the name of Geet.When Geet get married,this land  will belong to her and her husband.They can do whatever they like to do with this land after their marriage.this will come in process when she completes 18 yrs .ab geet 18 honeki teen din baki hai.If you want the land you have to wait for some more years till she get married.

Maan and others had no words to say, as the reason was valuable.

Maan sat there for a while in deep thought.,till he got disturbed by Bahadur and Raghav.



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