U,Me,Aur? – Part 22

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Part 22



 So you will let her live with me,If she gets married to me..Isn’t it

All said in unison.





Each and everyone was shocked.Shocked

Aaplog ithni shocking expressions kyun derahi ho..Mei aur Dadi tho yahan nehi rehsakthi’kyunki mere saath aur log bhi hain..Phir bhi hum yahaan rehna chahthi hain, tho aap wahi bath bathayenge’tho meire pass koi aur option nehi..

Maan  beta .Are you joking?Do you know what you are saying..

Daadi..You know me very well…I don’t know to talk rounding somewhere..I want to marry her.thats it..It will be safe for her If she stays with us in farm..I don’t want to take any more risk of her life..

He neared Daadi and he said softly..

Weise Daadi’You are the one who was forcing me to marry..And now when I am serious you are saying I am joking..Daadi ,are you thinking about status or something else?.Do you have any objection of having Geet as your Bahu.?


Daadi was totally  numb..She saw Maans eyes..It speaks the truth..He really wants to marry her.He is serious about this proposal…But why..achanak..ye decision..Ye maan hei ek book. Book of unread pages’How much I try to read,it never ends.

She nodded’

No ..i have no objection.I don’t care about status.I want only your happiness.if you are happy,then I  am also happy…I am not mad to reject, such a lovely girl. Infact I’ll be very happy to have such a daughter in law.

He turned to Rajender who was standing still numb in shock.

I know..I must not have asked in that way..you feel undigestable with the fact. Do you have any other problem with me..Feel free to ask.


Dadis self thought..I expected always Maan to speak free with others.But he never utter a word other than Yes Or No.But today,He is speaking tooo much.Ye Maan ne muje kahaan fazadiya..I am sure .ye ladka muje pagal karkarhi chodega.

Beta jalbaazi mein faizla lerahi ho..

No.I am a business man..I don’t take decisions without thinking twice or more.I am serious about this proposal.

Beta..are you doing this for the land?

I’ll not deny it.Its also a fact..but I  keep my words.I told the police i’ll take careof her So,.First I want geet to be safe.Agar wo humara sath rahne se safe hain tho mein iskaliye kuch bhi karsaktha hoon..shadhi bhi..


 Can I ask you something maan..


What made you take such a decision..Really do you like her.

He was silent for a minute..somewhere he is embarrassed to explain himself before all.Embarrassed

Yes.I like her’I like her honesty very much.Thats the reason behind this.

Maans self thought:how will I say daadi,I love her so much.


He turned to Rajender who was standing still confused.


Do you think I am not suitable for your  daughter..or do you want to know about me and my character..

No..No..Its not like that.I have no doubt on you and your family…Marriage is not a small decision..Mein akele ye feisla nehi karsaktha . gudia sirf meri beti  nehi hai..is gau ki beti hai..muje is barein mein gau walon se poochna padega..

Maan was litte upset..

O.k then der kis bath ki.. sabki irai poochiye..


Haan Abhi..I don’t postponed anythings later..I want to know the final decision..Then only I can think what to do next..

Rano waved her hands ..in a way that she wants to talk to him.

 Excuse me..I will be back soon.

Rano,my mind is not working..what should we say.

Mein ek bath kahoon ji..


Muje ye rishtha mansoor hai..


Muje bhi bhaiya..This was geets chachu..

Tum bhi..



Magar wagar kuch nehi..Kabhi na kabhi hum Gudia ko shadhi karwani hi haina..Maan bete ko dekiye’He is young,well educated,belongs to a royal family.Iske alawa kya chahiye humko..


Vicky: Mama..agar ye didi se shadi karle,ye mera jiju haina.. He looks like a prince too mama…do you know how many cars he has..muje bhi inke jesa gadi  chelana hain..

Tu chup kar..shaitan..pehle gauwalon se bhi poochna hai..abi shadiki bath tho chalraha hai..

Why are you scolding him.?He is right..Over all there is one more fact we have to accept..He is the one who saved our gudia..this new life is because of him..Agar wo wahaan nehi hothe kya hum apni betiko zinda dekpatha..kahiyena..

 Ok I accept..it is true he has saved our gudias life.Now he has the right over her life..humse zyadaa..par Rano’Wo abi bachi hai..

Mama papa ke liye bache hamesha bachehi rahengi..Do you remember when we got married I was only 14..humare gudia tho ab attara ki hai..

Do you really want geet to get married..

Haan..We will not get a big proposal like this for our geet.Our geet will be happy their..

Mera mun kehtha hai.

Tho teek hai..mei gauwalonse bhi milkar aathi hoon..Tab tak keliye inka hayal rakna..bade ghar ki log hein..kuch kamina hojayein..Agar gudia utgayi usey achise thayaar karlo..

Ji.mei sab samhaloongi..aap jaldi se wapus aayiye.



He went out..he made the villagers gather outside his house and  explained them what happened to geet and how Maan saved her.

Ab ‘

Kya ab..

Ab Wo maan beta ne mujse kuch maanga,..aur mei unko aap sabke ijasatki bena de nehi sakthi..Ismei aapki iraai jaanna chathi hoon..

Pehliyon mein bath math karo..saaf saaf kaho..kya bath hai..

He said about the proposal and even dadi has also accepted it.He also said the discussion between him and his family.and why they also wanted this  marriage to happen..They disguised a lot and finally all accepted for the marriage..But with one condition..



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