U,Me,Aur? – Part 23

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Part 23


 Geets papa went outside,leaving Dadi munshiji and maan alone in the hall.

Dadi  was still in a confusing state bcoz of Maan.

She turned to munshiji and asked where is Bahadur n Raghav?

Madam,They know their limits..When Maan Beta started about the marriage ,they left.I think they will be outside the house.


Outside the house.



I don’t believe what we heard inside.

Haan.Mei bhi

What do you think about Maan sir.I am working here for more than a year.We all know Maan sir hates girls.We have never seen him with a girl.Even he avoids the girls in college.Then How he suddenly said he wants to marry this girl.

 I am also shocked.But I am too happy for sir.I never thought after that incident he will let another girl into his life.Atlast he found someone who made him overcome the past.He has fallen in love with that girl.

What do you mean by that..you mean Maan sir  ki life mein ek ladki thi.unbelievable.

Haan.When I started working under him,he was not so rude like this.But,he hated girls that time too.Then he came across  a girl called Sameera,who is his collegemate.But what happened I don’t know.their relation broke up within 2 months.From then Maan sir was so rude and harsh towards girls than before.Later I found that girl betrayed him.She hangs on with random guys who are famous and rich.

Is she still studying with him now also.


Hmm.Really It must be difficult to forget the past when the girl comes daily infront of you.

Maan sir is a strong man.he came out of it.Ok.Lets do our duty.If Maan sir found us talking about him ,he will fire us and you keep this as a secret and don’t tell anyone about this.

Yes.sure.I’l keep my lips sealed.


Inside the house.

Daadi was staring at Maan.

Daadi Why are you looking at me like this.Do you still have doubt at my proposal.

Maan.Maarriage is not a business.It is a life time partner ship.Think one more time.You must not accept geet to take care or protecting her or ur like for her honesty or for the property she owns..Marriage life is more than that.It depends on both of your happiness.Your one wrong move will destroy both of your happiness.Ek baar phirse sochlo.

Maan was already not happy with Geets Papa who has went outside to discuss about their marriage.And now daadi was questioning his intention.He knows what she wants to hear from him.

Daadi.I know the importance of marriage.I am not marrying Geet for ur so called descriptions.

He closed his eyes and said.,daadi I feel something more than that for her.

Daadi smiled as she got a hint of her answer.

Munshiji whispered as Dadi can only hear him,



I have one doubt.


Can gudia withstand maan’s temper.She is too nave.

Hmmh.You know How much i tried to get him married.He always refused.,If geet  can change his mind to marry her,then she is capable of everything..She will change him.Now I have a hope of getting my old Maan back,bcoz of her.

Ek aur baath,Do you have no objection in this marriage madam?

No.maanki khushi mereliye sab kuch hain.Agar ab mein na kehthiya and wo phirse shadhi ka naam sunthehi mana karna shuru karthiya tho…wese geet bhi achi ladki hai…bohut pyari hai..sundar hai..phir mein mana kyun karun..


Rano was over hearing their conversation and she felt relieved,that Maan had a feeling towards Geet.

Maan got bored.Whenever he felt no one noticed him he will stare at geet who was still in sleep bcoz of medication.He started messaging some one .


Then he saw Vicky playing with puppy.It tried to enter the house and he was objecting it .Geets chachu was helping Rano in preparing lunch.Rano called Vicky to help her as she could make lunch fast.Vicky threatened puppy not to come inside .He was pointing maan and saying something.It moved its tail fast and started rounding Vicky expressing its joy.Vicky  kept his finger on his lips to keep quiet.It bend on its knees in acceptance.vicky went to help his mama.

Rano started serving them with lunch.First they refused and then accepted.While eating Maan saw something nearing Geets room.He can still get the clear view of her room from where he was seated.


It was puppy crawling on the floor without making noise heading towards Geets room.It moved Geets spread which covered her feet.It started licking her.She immedietly pulled her feet under her spread.It went near her face and looked at her.It started pulling her hair.She woke up .Puppy, Be a nice boy.I feel sleepy.She turned the other way,hugging her sweety more close to her.It repeated the same on the other way too.She now turned facing her face to the ceiling.The puppy was naughty as it knows geet will not get up soon,.It  took away the sweety from her and came out running.

Puuupppyyy.She screamed.

Rano dropped the spoon  of veg curry,which she had in her handto serve them.She ran towards her room.daadi and munshiji stood to follow Rano.Maan told them to continue with their food as he know what happened inside.

He smiled at geets behaviour .

What happened gudia.

She doesn’t respond

Puppy,Give  me my sweety.

It nodded in No.

Give me..otherwise I will  not give you your favourite biscuit.

Again it nodded No

I will not take you with me for my friends house.

Again it nodded.No.

Last time I am telling you.give my sweety.Or I will not Play with you or talk to you.

Puppy came near Geet and gave her sweety.It stood in its two legs and joined its fore legs in a way of apologise to her.Geet showed her tongue.

It started rounding her  with its two legs,which made her smile.

Maan smiled as he saw her smiling.How can he not fall for the girl,who attracts her in all ways with her childish behaviour.

OMG.Maan is again smiling.Now I am sure .Geet is perfect for maan..I will make all situations on favour to maan and geet getting married..Bapaji  i’ll come to your place,please make the villagers accept this marriage.Dadi made a small prayer inside her heart.

Geet tum bhi na’Choti choti bath par bhi chillathi ho..Get up and Change your dress .You are still in maan s dress.She immedietly ran towards the bathroom grabing her dress which Rano gave her.

Puppy,tum ab bahaar jao.mehmaan ke saamne shararat mat kar.Go out now.

Rano came out and apologized for geets behaviour.

But dadi said she loved geet the way she is.

They finished their lunch .

Bahadur came inside with Maans lappy.

Sir your lappy.

Give it to me.You may leave now.

Yes sir.

Maan ,when did you call him.

I messaged him to send someone to farm and get the lappy.I am getting bored.I can  finish my bending works now.that will keep me busy.

Yahaan bhi kaam kaogi tum..

Phir mein kyan karun.I cant sit simply without doing any work.

Geet came out dressed in a dark green salwar with silver work all over it.Her hair was free flowing in air.She wear a simple chain and a pair of bangles,which matched her suit.She was simply beautiful.Maan could not take his gaze out of her.He tried hard to keep himself distracted from her.He tried to concentrate on his work.Daadi noticed it and she felt really happy at that moment.Her maan is changing.Thats what she wanted.


Mama ..I am hungry

Haan gudia’First you have your lunch .I have made soup specially for you.have it also.

Rano was compelling her to finish her lunch as she started cribbing it.

Mama.Bus.Ab aur nehi.


Rano gave her the medicines which Dr. prescribed her to give.

Mama.Medicines’Uvvvah’.I’ll not have it.I don’t want…

You must have it ..Dr.Auntyne kaha You will get well soon when you have it..

Its bitter..

 What If I give you a chocolate 


That’s like a gud girl.

Geet  took the medicines.rano gave her the chocolate.

Maan was watching this from his corner of his eyes.

Gudia..Ab jaake Daadima ke pass beto.

Teek hai.She was busy  licking her lolly pop..Tongue

Kya ab Maan Kaam Karega’He was lost in his own world,when Geet was before him.LOL

Outside the house.

Whats the condition?

You Know rajendar, hum ladka ladki ka kundli dekha bina Shadi nehi karthe’Pehle hum kundli dekenge..agar sab teek hai’tho hum shadhi ki bath aage badayenge..

Teek hei.Koi jaakar pandit ko bulakar lao..

Mei yehi hoon Rajendar’tum dono ka kundali lekar aao..

 He went inside the house .

 Savithriji,kya maan beta ka kundli hai aap ke pass’wo kya haina’hum kundli deke bina shadhi nehi karthe’Agar kundli milgaye tho kisiko koi ethras nehi.. sab log rasi hai is shaadi pe.

 Maan was happy on one side and worried if it doesn’t match kya hoga..He don’t trust in those things.

 Kundli hai mere pass.Its in Laptop.maan will u give it to me.

Ji daadi.He gave her .

Daadi do you really have it in my lappy.

No. She teased him.

From when you started talking like a stupid Maan..

 Dadi.I don’t understand.

Don’t you see I am busy in online..I have it in my personal  profile.

 She Browsed and showed it to Rajendar.

Aap bhi aaye bahar..Ye sab chalana humare bas ki bath nehi..wo pandit bhi bahar hai.

Acha teek hai..

Dadi can I come with you.

Daadi read the tension on his face.

Why not.come with me.

Rano.,come out with Geets kundli..

They went out.


Geet asked Rano..Mama kya horaha hai..

Chup.Chap yehi raho.mei aake baathathi hoon.

You stay here till we come..Tumhare bai kahaan hai..

Mai yahan hoon mama..

Khayal rak apni didi ka..


Rano came out with Geets kundli..

All the villagers were looking curiously at the lappy..They thought it as a tv..But how can a tv show a kundli..They confused themselves and answered by themselves..

Panditji Looked at both of thems and calculated to match..He was writing something..First pandit was happy,But later his face was fully filled with a strange feel’.He looked Sadly at Rajender..

Rajendar‘.he sounded very low.

He could analyse something wrong..

Kya hai. Panditji..donoka kundli milthi haina..

Haan.All the aspects are perfect ..They are made for each other..We can proceed with their proposal…hum maan aur geet ki shadi karwa sakthi hain…Par..

Par Kya hain panditji..

Geetki kundliki muthaabik..Something bad is going to happen..

 Precap:Whats going to happen..


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