U,Me,Aur? – Part 25

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Part 25


Maan and Geets papa are still at the back yard.It was full of different colours of roses,a small lawn with a swing and some vegetable plants..Puppy was tied up in a pole their. He saw some houses of different shapes built by mud as kids use to do in sea shores.He guessed it must be only geet should have done this.

Papa,may I ask you one thing.

He thought he is going to ask about ,who built those houses.

Wo beta,teen din pehle sab bache yahi khelrahithi..tho geet ne ye sab bacheke saath kiya..

Wo bath nehi hai papa..this dog is ur pet na..


Can it understand what u r saying


Can it identify the smell of friends and others.

Yes.but why are you asking this.Confused

I am new to this house.why is not barking at me.

Ho..someone must have said who u r .so only its not barking at you.

Ok .then you can do one thing.Get some things used by that Ramnath n Dayalnath.Makeur dog smell it n it can make us aware of them,if they try to come here.

Ji beta.

Ok lets go papa.daadima will be waiting for me.


Inside the house.


Daadi and Rano were busy talking about the preparations.

We must buy some new dress for the engagement .

I have brought a new one for geets b’day,she may wear it tomorrow.

But,daamaad kliye aap ko kuch kareedna padega..

Wo mei maan se bath karlungi.

Par daadi..how can we stitch marriage dress in two days.

Rano,I’ll make all the dresses for the marriage .Its my responsibility.I have special designers.

Then its o.k.We have to buy engagement rings also.

Wo bhi mei karloongi..tum fikar math kar..I have lots of persons n workers to help me.All will be done on time perfectly.you just take care of my bahu.

daadi laughed.

Daadi..Iwant to say something about geet.

Haan. tell me..

You know her well.She still behaves like a child.Someone have to take care after her now too.She least knew the outer world .All she knows only the people of HP and their love.She even doesn’t know to cook or make a cup of coffee.How will she manage to take care of house holds and other works.Aap samachthi haina mein kya kehna chaathi hoon.

Yes .But why r u thinking like this.I want a wife for my pota.n ur geet is perfect.There are  many cooks and servants to look after kitchen and household works.And you only told now,she is a child.When she grows she will learn everything.N I will be there for her  for every time.

In geets room.

Vicky has explained by the time that geet is going to get married.

Vicky,What do you mean by marriage.

Marriage..I also don’t know.But didi do you remember we went for preeto didis marriage last year.


We ate lots of sweets and different type of foods.

Yes.There were too many kids.we played with them

Hm didi..Their house was decorated with flowers.Our house will also be decorated..How beautiful our house will lookna.

Vicky,I danced  a lot  on her mehandi.her mehandi was applied till her arms.I will also put mehandi fully..

Didi.There was also band too..We too danced when the barat came..they fired crackers too.

How fun it was na didi’Your marriage will also be like that..I will have lots of fun.

Preeto was married to Lucky veerji na.He looked beautifulthat day  in that sherwani..muje waise hi ek sherwani mamase maangloongi tumhare shadhi mein pehnek liye..

Per mujse shaadi kaun karega.


Ye jiju kaun hei..

Wahi..jo humei yahaan ghar chodne aayithi na.. jo farm house mei hein.Maan..jiju.

Nehiii’She shouted.tum jiju math bol..mein unse shadi nehi karungi.nehi karungi ..nehi karungi..

All were present in front of her room,hearing her scream..Shocked

Ufff.OuchWe cant see Maans face..bichara..full of shockShocked being rejected.Deadrefused by his love.CryDaadi n geets papa stood numbShocked.The only person was Rano,who better knows about her childs chidishness.

She neared her.,brushing her hair behind lovingly..she asked

Why beta?Why are you saying like that.He is so good.He saved you today.phir tum yesa kyun kehrahi ho..Mamako nehi bathougi kya.

Geet making a  baby face said’


Bolo beta..

He said I’m a cry baby..

All of them bursted into a laugh Smile,including Maan who was  left shocked .She refused bcoz I said she is a cry baby.he laughedTongue at his own words..cry baby..little devil..she scared me in a minute.

See..see..you all are laughing at me..She started crying

m m m Cry

she started to cry..

Tum bhi na Geet..choti choti bath ko bada banathi ho..He didn’t mean that way..He was teasing you..Ache bache rothe nehi..If u cried .u will prove u r a cry baby.

Rano tried to console her daughter..

Mama..Maan called Rano.

His voice showed his emotions.His love in those words.Daadi can feel it..How much Maan should have missed his mother these yrs..Is Maan is rough n rude Bcoz he miss his family..For the first time Daadi tried to understand him..

Mama..Shall I talk to her for 5 minutes.

But beta..

Ye meri mama hai..tumhari nehi..Angry

Geet hugged her mother.

Ask her she is my mama too.my MIL..

Geet looked at her.Rano nodded in Yes.

Nehi.Meri mama sirf meri hai..Angry

o.k tumhari mama hai.

 He don’t want to argue at the moment..She was already angry at him.If he continues ,she will fume in anger more..

Mama,Pls ..May I talk to her..just 5 min.

First let me turn over her into a good mood..then u may talk to her.

No. mama.wo mujse gussa hai..mei manaungi.

Can you..

I’ll try .

They all left the room leaving Maneet alone.

Are you angry with me.

He sat on the bed  next to her.she turned her face.Angry

If I say sorry.


If I held my ears n say sry..then too..


If I give you something.

She saw him through her corner .


What do you like.?jewel


 new dress


Maan’s self thought: u r not manofying a Gf of city..she is a childish GF.Its not easy to manofy a child..she is like that..Kuch aur soch..




No.I’ve enough to play

balloon. Ice cream..,

She was still  looking at him’

…mmhh…then a chocolate box..Smile

sachi..she was excited.Smile


Then ok.ur sry is accepted..but I need the three ..all of them.


When will you give me?

Tomorrow.After our engagement.


Now you will accept for the marriage na..His voice was pleading.


Maan was happy.atlast,he  consoled her.

Geet.kya tum mujse dosti karogi.

Yes.after receiving  my chocolate.Big smile

He smiled.ok.see you tomorrow.


After saying geet has accepted for the marriage Maan left with Daadi to farm house.


Precap:I think of going in online shopping for the marriage..Cool


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