U,Me,Aur? – Part 27

 U, ME,AUR…?
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Part 27


In farm house

Daadi was sincerely writing something.Maan sat beside her sipping his black coffee.

What are you doing Daadi?

 We have no relatives other than my sister family .So,Making List of friends whom we should invite for ur marriage. n thinking should we involve media or not.We will call our clients to reception.


Daadi instantly dropped her pen as he shouted

Why are u shouting Maan

you will not invite anyone’you know all friends are vip’s .They will get into trouble,if they come here..We cant provide securities for all at the same time in short period.N media ..dont even think about it’I don’t want Geet to be in lights now. We have enough problems already.( He thought of Mr.Chopra , Dayalnath n Ramnath..)So drop  the plan of calling friends.We can call them also to reception only.Untill ,the problems get solved and we return to Delhi noone will know about the marriage,not even the staffs of KC.You can call Badi daadi n their family and afew who can keep this as secret..

Daadi thought for a while and said..I think you are right.

Par beta..jab sabko patha chalegi..wo  kya sochengi.. Khurana constructions ka wariz ,The handsome MSK baagkar shaadhi karli.. ‘she teased again.


O.k.ok..cool.I was just kidding you.We have to purchase Your Engagement ring.

I’ve informed Adi to call me .At present he is in meeting with kc staffs.He will do the purchase.

You told now only that noone should know about ur marriage’then whats going  with Adi n staffs..

As I told u ,Adi is also unaware about this marriage..I  thought if Adi comes here,He will be helpful for you..So,I’ve asked him to  give his responsibilities to someother staffs for 2 days,to look after KC.

Nice idea

Daadis Phone rang

Hello rosy.

Hello savithriji..Come to me in Video chat Im waiting for you.


Daadi  and Rosy started with their chat,with Maan near them.She showed different types of dresses and they selected the best  attractive choli n sherwani for maan for marriage and few more sarees , salwars n cholis for geet.

Ok Rosy, you are invited for Maan’s marriage and I want you to be here  by tomorrow.. you r going to do the mehandi n bridal make up for my bahu.

Sry,savithriji..I cant come tomorrow.But sure I’ll be there by day after tomorrow n I’ll decorate ur bahu like a pari..acha ye tho bathao..dresses kaun le ne aayega..

..Delivery it in KM..Kala  is coming here tomorrow..n u try ur best to be here by tomorrow..

ok.sure..i’ll try.bye.

bye see you.


Adi finished his meeting  and called Maan.

 Hh..hello’Good evening.. ss’ir’.

Goodevening Adi..

How was the meeting?

Good sir.t..t.hey will take care sir’

O.k From now you will follow my orders..no questions..

YYY..es sir.

Now go home pack your dress for 2-3 days ,like You are going to attend a marriage.

Marriage..he..he.’for whom sir..

Adi..I said no questions..


You will go straight to Km n kalakka will be waiting for you..callme from there .ok.

Yyes sir.

Be fast I want you to be in Km in half an hour..

Ji sir..

Adi started to run  towards his house..


Daadi called Kala .

Daadi,I’m really happy for chotu.

I know.U will be happy.pack your  things and get ready..Adi is coming there to pick you.You must go with him to do some shopping for Maan’s marriage.There is only a short time.you  both must be here tomorrow..

Yes daadi.

One more thing..there is maans mom’s jewels in the ward robe.usey lekar aao.bahu ko deni hain.Boolna math.

Ji daadi.mei nehi boolungi..

Hmm.Aur ek bath..Kisiko patha nehi chelna chahiye..Maanki Shaafhi hai..Adi ko Bhi..

Magar kyun.

Jab tum yahaan aogi tho bathaungi..ab phone rakthi hoon.



Half an hour later.

S..ir Im in KM.What should I do now.?

Take kalakka with you ..You both are going for shopping.

Hu hu h u..Sh..opping..aur mei.

Adi ..be serious..

Yes sir..where sir..

Put your blue tooth on and go on doing as I say.NO more questions..Take my car and First you both go to XYZLal jewelers.

Yes sir..

After a few minutes..

Sir we are inside the shop.

OK.Ask the attender, the pair of rings..that they kept in exhibition last week..


How is  it 

So beautiful’full of rare  big diamonds.. Both designs are the same

Sir,bbut 1 look like ladies ring and the other m..en’s ring.

I know..last week I attended the exhibition for daadi’s sake.I told u no questions..dont make me repeat again

Yes sir.

Ask the cost..

Adi says the cost.(I can’t even think about this amount in my life time..tooo expensive)

OK.Buy it..

Yes sir.Next what to do.

Give the phone to kalaakka..

Adi gave to kala.


Ji chottu

.thaaliyum mettiyum vangunga..(Buy a mangalsutr n the ring which you wear in fingers in legs)’. n don’t look for the cost.. must look beautiful..n something special.

Hmmm..yenakku theriyum un manaivikku yeppidi  yenna vaanganumnu..

(I know how  n what to buy  for your wife)

Thank God Adi doesn’t know tamil.

She selected the most prettiest n costliest as Maan said.

Now sir..

Bill all of them and say me the total amount.

Ji sir

After billing he said the amount..

I’m transferring the amount now to them. (net banking)

Yes sir.

Sir I ‘ve bought all.Now what to do..

You have to do some more purchase.

Yes sir..

Maan and Daadi was telling him what to do and Adi and Kala was busy following their orders..After 3 hrs of purchase,Adi looked the car’It was fully filled .

Both were extremely tired.

Now sir..

Buy some chocolate boxes,different shapes n colours of balloons n all flavours of icecream mixture.After this you Both go to Km..eat and take rest..You can stay in the guest room tonight.Tomorrow early morning you both  must leave.

Where sir.

I told you Don’t ask me questions..

Yes sir..

Ok.I’ll call  you tomorrow morning.

yes sir’kala didi’do u know  where we r going..kiski shaadi ki purchase hum karrahithi..But wats this balloons n chocolates for..

No.I was also with you,how will I know.Kala lied..

They returned to Km.


Ufff..We have did a lots of purchase..I am also tired..so,taking leave for a week.. pooja n kuttis exam holidays..going to hill station .Wink


Precap: Lets go n see what the enemies are doing..Angry


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