U,Me,Aur? – Part 28

    U, ME,AUR…?
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Part 28


 We are busy with shopping and now it is done. So,lets go and see where are the enemies and what are they doing?

Where is Dayalnath n Ramnath?

Dayalnath removed his bullet in his legs by himself..He bandaged it  with a help of a nurse,far away from the HP.They changed their places often.So,no one finds them.They were having  tea in a place where They met Maans securities.They heard them talking going to HP.dayalnath planned to make their vehicles upset and return back to Hp and ditch that MSk and Geets family. He made half their way to HP.But the police have made more  check posts and they checked all the passengers in all vehicles.So,they had to make their way back from HP.

Bapuji ,what shall we do now.This Maan has blocked all our ways to Hp.The police and villagers all are after us.

Its all bcoz of you and your deeds..tume bachane keliye  koshish karthe karthe mei bhi fazgayi..Its too late..We must plan something else now.


Untill  Maan n the police get back to their regular schedules,Lets go  far away from here


 Delhi.Its a big city. no one recognize us there.And another thing,Before doing anything we have to know the power of  the other men..whom we are facing..I want to know about this maan.,who made us run from our place..Ye maan cheese kya hai..


They changed their getups and headed towards Delhi.

Police somehow spotted them..Before the police reach the spot they have escaped. Maan came to know all through the police.He informed Bahadur to be more careful.


Night in Farm house.


After having the dinner ,Maan went to his room.Later,Daadi went to his room and confirmed that he is there.Without making noise,she came to her room and locked the door.She took the phone and called her Sister.(My imagination ‘Farida jalal).,who is living in America.

Hello didi.

Hello savithri.how are you.Maan kesa hai.

Fine didi.I have a good news for you.And you and ur family must be here with me through out the function.

Hello.Hello..First tell the gud news.without saying the news you are asking me to attend the function.

Sry didi.In excitement I forgot..Maan is getting married .


in 3 days.

What? 3days and you are saying now.

Savithri explained  her How Maan decided to marry Geet.

So,atlast maan will be relieved from ur torture..


I am joking.But iam happy.Ok I’ll be there with my family.

Didi..Agar wo aap ke pass hain tho phone usko deeji ye..wo bhi ye bath sunkar kush hogi..

Hmm..wo yehi hai..Rukh dethi hoon.


other person:hello.

Kesi ho tum.

OP:teek hoon.Aap kesi hain.aapki tabiyath kesi hain.

Mei bhi teek hoon.Maanki shaadi hai.Tum didi ke saath yahaan aajao.

OP:I’m happy for him.But,.I’m not coming.

Don’t you want to take part in his happiness.

Op:If I come there who knows He will cancel his marriage also.I don’t want his memorable day to become misery bcoz of me.I’m not coming n don’t expect me.

Please ,think about it oncemore.

OP:No.Its my final decision.I”m not coming.Dont force me.

Sab apne apne marsiki mallik hain..do whatever u want to do.

She cut the phone in anger.She had tears in her eyes.Noone cares about my feelings.

She  took her pills and went to sleep.


Maans bedroom


Maan was in his bed.He could still feel Geet’s aroma in his room.His hand was wandering over the spread where she  laid .How much scared he was when he saw his love  half dead., that morning.

He thought about his dream..kissing her.n how he ended kissing her in real that day.He smiled how it came true.Now I’m the happiest man in the world.My wishes are coming true.daadi and all accepted for the marriage.My marriage  with my love.How childish n immature she may be .But,she will be my wife.forever…He turned round and round in his bed.He can’t sleep that night.His joy didn’t let him sleep.He was only waiting for the sunrise as it is his engagement day..


Geets room


Rano gave geet ,milk n medicines .She made her lay on the bed and tugged the spread over her.She sat beside her and brushed her hair slowly.

Rano was worried inside as her gudia will leave them to her hubbys house in 3 days.She knows every girl passes this situation,.even she left her house after her marriage.But,for a mother its really hard to be away from her child.she kissed Geets forehead .She sat there staring geet.


Haan gudia.

Iwant to ask you onething.


Why didn’t you taunt that Maan today.

Rano was totally confused.She cant understand what Geet is saying.

But ,why should I taunt him..

You only told me mama..jab mei badi hui thi tab..aaj ke bath tum mard se door raho.koi tumhe choone nehi chahiye..hamesha ye bath yaad rakh..agar koi tume chua tho usei daato aur thapad maro..aur  muje bathao mei bhi usei marungi’aaj us maan ne muje uttakar garki under le aayi,tho tumne usei kuch nehi kahaa..usei daatta b nehi..

Now rano was fully out of sense with geets question..What will she say now..How will she explain ,Maan only helped her.now,he is going to b her hubby,so  there is no problem to touch her’But,Geet took my word in other meaning.If so..then what will she do after marriage..Rano is really worried now..If geet behaved like this after marriage,will maneets marriage will be successful.. can I make her understand whats the difference between a husbands touch and others touch. There is only a short time.what will I do.. what stuffs will I teach her in these days..Rano was thinking deeply..

Mama.tell me..I was drowsy..so I didn’t say anything.But you should have scolded him na..

What will Rano say now..?.Confused


Help me. Friends:..I’ve written Ranos  answer…But I myself feeling not satisfied..so anyone give me a suitable answer that Rano should say.

Precap:Ranos answer …and Maneets Engagement.Big smile


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