U,Me,Aur? – Part 3




Maan seeing daadima falling down, held her bfore she reaches the ground ..he screamed ‘daadima…what happened daadima.. aakhein kholiye daadi.ma’He shouted Adi for help..He sprinkled water on her face..which didn’t make any effect on her..he made her lay on the couch..

Adi at once called their family dr..Who is a close friend of her ..

DR. came and checked her..he gave her an injection..n prescribed some medicines..Adi went out  2 buy the medicines..

Maan: Dr. Is she ok.. why she fainted?any problem..do u want to get her 2 hospital..v can do a master check up..

He doesn’t even give chance dr. to speak..

Dr. Hold..hold on..Maan she is fine…darneki koi bath nehi..bcoz  of her high bp..she must have fainted..she will get her conscious soon..may b she is worried about something..

Maan: I saw her talking seriously about some problems of Kc on the phone

Dr: may b .. But I’ll suggest u one thing Better keep away from stress of business..that will b good for her health..

Dadi got her conscious..

Dr: How r u feeling Savitriji

Daadi:f9 Dr.feeling better now..

Dr:U know u  have bp.. u must b in a relaxed mood always..why r u stressing urself  n making others tensed…c maan he is lookin pale..I’ve never seen him like this bfore..

Maan was so quiet looking at his daadima..as he got scared at that moment..Though he tried 2 keep his tough look as always.. bfore daadi..his face said that he is worried for her..

Daadi: kuch business problem tha…isiliye ..ye sab hogaya..

Dr.:As a friend.. Can I ask u one thing?

Daadi: yes..

Dr: U r not in 20’s..now ur in 6o’s..u r handling house Kc n all..why don’t u hand over Kc to Maan..n u better rest at home..u r health is also not supporting u

.Maan: I already said daadi 2 take rest…n I’ll lookafter  Kc .but she refused..

Daadi:I ‘ll handover Kc fully to Maan once he get married ..till that I will handle it myself…

Dr:Why don’t u get married maan…

Maan really got angry.

Maan: no ways Dr… I’m not interested in marriage…aap better daadi ko samjadijiye ..never 2 think about my marriage…ab tho sirf use aaram karna chahiye..let she take rest n I’ll look after KC

Dr:I think u must consider about ur marriage once more ..after all it depends on ur  daadis health..

Maan:Its my final decision Dr.

Dr. in a teasy way says’so.i think I can c ur daadi working in KC even if she scores her 100 age..that made the hot situation lighter..

DR:y cant u handover kc.now…Do u have any doubt that he may not handle this big empire

Daadi:yese nehi hai.Dr..I trust him.. even now he can do 1000 times better than me..

Dr…then y.u r forcing him…he is still young..he may b searching for a r8 girl … then ,he may get married..

Dr. supported Maan this time..Maan was getting irritated..

Maan:I will never get married in my life time..Dr..There is no  place for a girl in my life.I hate girls..I hate women..they know nothing other than cheating..

He said in  loud voice.

Daadi: This is why im forcing him Dr.I ‘ve already told him.. jis din  Maan shaadi karegi us din se me KC se retire ho jaunga…Aaram se apni baakiki zindagi bithaunga..lekin ye meri bath sunthahi nahi…I thought, seeing me in this state he may change his decision..but he never cares 4 me.

Maan came near daadi caressing her hand ,he said softly…yese nehi hai dadi..I really care for u ..but…pls muje force math keejiye..

Dr..:I think aap dono ki conversation hatham nehi hoga…meri patients meri intazaar karrahi hogi ..mei chalthi hoon..take care savithriji…..he left..

Maan:Daadi where was the phone from…Whats the problem..?

Daadi :callAdi ..I’ll say..

Maan called Adi and waited for him..As adi arrived daadi xplained the problem of the construction site..They disguised how 2 handle the problem..after a few suggestions they got the ans 2 get rid of the problem

Maan :Daadi, I’ll go there n solve it…

Daadi: No. Adi will go there ..Thats y I called him..

Maan: but if I go there It will b solved easily..

Daadi:yes..I agree.. But u have 2 go 2 Hoshiarpur  tomorrow…Turning 2 Adi she said..You may leave now adi..give me a good news as soon as u reached there.

Maan stood there calmly.till adi leaves

Maan:But y dadi..

Daadi:U know ur Dadajis last wish ..of making a college in Hoshiarpur..(our native place..)

Maan: yes

aadi:but I couldn’t find a suitDable land for it..Then I thought of making our farm house  2 college..but  v need some more land around  for other fascilities..so I bought the surrounding lands also..I tried  the maximum I could..


Daadi:there was one land in the middle ..I approached them by munshiji. I tried many times.but they refused 2 give it.. @present they r in debts..Munshiji said if v approach them this time  n offer  more than others v may own the land..muje kal  ek important meeting hai..ministers ki saath ..vaarna mei chali jathi…so, I thought of sending u 2 Hoshiarpur..In anyways v need that land. to complete ur daadajis wish..What do u say Maan..?

Maan :Ok daadima..I’ll go to hoshiarpur…I’ll get the land soon..

He said confidently..His mind voice said, NO ONE CAN SAY NO TO MAAN SINGH KHURANA.

Maan:Daadi,aap aaram kariye..I’ll attend the meeting with our chief interiors..

I’ll make them move on with the project..n join u later.

Daadi: ok beta

Maan finished his meeting and came 2 daadi’s cabin..

Maan: how r u feeling daadi?

Daadi: I’m perfectly alr8 beta..

Maan:Ok daadi I’m going home 2 pack my things  ..aap apna hayal rakiyega..i’ll leave by 2morrow morning.Once I reached there I’ll call u …Bye daadi..

Dadi: bye beta.

He left..




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