U,Me,Aur? – Part 31

  U, ME,AUR…?


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Maan n geet took blessings from all the elders.

Daadi gave Maans mothers Bangles as shagun.It was pretty old design with pearl and kundan beads.But it was big in size and attractive.Geet has never weared a big bangles like that.She was looking at it in awe.

Do you like it beta.

Yes daadi.It is sooo big.She said in excitement.

Daadi turned to Kala n Nakul.

Tum dono mehmaano ko khaneke liye lejao.

Ji daadi.

They took the guests for dinner The catering was also done by the villagers.daadi only purchased  and gave them theprovisions.Slowly all started to leave to their respective houses.After having the dinner,maan’s daadi and geets family  were talking about their next days preparations.Maan went to the kitchen to drink ice water.

Geet pulled her mama near the kitchen.They failed to see Maan was inside..


Ab Kya hai Gudia.

Maan kissed me today.,infront of everyone..aur aap muje chup karthiya’she complained..

Maan heared their conversation.he was about to chock the water.but he managed  to control it.

O fo..Gudia..tumhe kitni baar samjaun mein.tum donokliye ye galath nehi hai.and too today was your engagement.It is normal beta.you  weared him the ring n accepted his proposal.so,he kissed you  in a way of thanking you.When a hubby or wife gets a gift from each other,they can kiss them as a return gift..

Do you remember what I said Last night.


Ok say what I said.

Maan is going to be my hubby.So,he only has the right to touch me kiss me and hug me.

Maan’s thought:mama is making her  to understand things easy.Willshe understand?

Hmm..phir Why are you asking me again n again.

Mama..I don’t know..muje kuch ajeebsa laga..when he kissed me..Confused

Maan and Rano  wants to bang their head somewhere.Dead

Maan wants to go outside.He felt embarrassed Embarrassedwith their conversation.But,he  kept silent as he don’t want Rano to feel the same.

Ye ladkiko mei kya karun..She is saying the things to me..that a mother should not hear from her child.what should I say now.Sab hamari galathi hai..We always treated her like a child,not like a grown girl.

Mama..what are you thinking.

Hmm.When will you grow.

I’m grown up mama.

Dimakh se .

Mama..I  cant understand what you are saying.

Im also thinking that only..how to make you understand.

Vicky came near her and saidmama papa is calling you.

Gudia,You stay here.i’ll come soon..N don’t ask this question or say it to others.

Teek hai..she said making a baby face.

Rano took Vicky also with her.

Maan took a long breathe.He was relieved.He came outside .He confirmed noone is seeing them.He grabbed Geets hand and took her inside the kitchen.


Haan mein..He took her by her waist and made her sit on the countertop ..She giggled.

Why are you laughing?

I feel ticklish..

 o.hmm.What are you saying to your mama.

Mama said I must not saythis or ask to others.

I’m not others.I heared u . Now say what you are asking to mama.

Wo ..you kissed me na..I felt something ..

Felt something…will you say all things like this to everyone..

 Haan..I have no secrets in my life..

She said with a baby voice ,but with some pride.

Uff’I want to change  you a lot.Do you know one thing?You must not say things that happens between us,when we are husband n wife..

We are only engaged ..our marriage is day after tomorrow only.I’ll say nothing to mama after our marriage.ok.

she said cutely without recognising what she is saying.

Rano was at the doorstep>Hearing their conversation,she stopped.Maan was trying to explain things.Its better than me if he explains.she thought of giving them some time to spend alone.and .She walked away..

Maan was getting angry at her answer.then he calmed himself knowing her charector.

According to rituals,May be two days left for our marriage.But,I think u r my wife from today.


No but…Just listen to me what I say. For u also I’m ur husband from now..

Geets aroma was driving him insane.Maan  took geet suddenly in his embrace..Will you say this also to ur mama.He hugged her more close.

Haan..bolo geet..jawab dho.

She felt the strange feeling again.She looked at Maan with questioning eyes.she could not reject him.as mama said its nothing wrong between maneet.Maan saw her eyes which are left in confusion.He realized what he was doing.He was an inch away from her face.He jerked n took a step back away from her.

If you don’t want to tell me to mama..I wont.

That’s good girl.You will never say anything to others even  to ur family,that happens between us.samji.

Hmm.She accepted halfheartedly.

If you want go and ask ur mama ,if she will like u asking questions  on whatever happening between us. She will say no.

Really.she will not like this type of questions.


Talking to her,he took the icecream and served in a bowl

He gave the icecream to her.Geet  took the spoon and threw it. She started to have the ice cream with her index finger.Licking it,She said..

Its delicious.I’ve never had this purple colour flavour before.Whats this.

Black current.

The ice was melting and running down her arms.

Why you threw the spoon.

I like eating like this.

She was licking the melting ice  again n again..

Maan was lost in those lips and the way her tongue was playing in her arms.He forgot what he was talking to her.He had a sudden urge like having her lips on  his.He neared her slowly. Suddenly,Kala entered the kitchen.He  realized what he was going to do again.What if some one had seen them..He took the near by tissue and whipped her with it.He remembered the words rano said.She will mess up..so this is what messup means..Rano followed Kala seeing her entering the kitchen..


So,Chotu this is the reason you spent time in kitchen..

What are you saying kala.

Your son-il-n-law made this icecream for his would be..

Really..Aapne mere liye banaya..

Maan kept quiet.

Haan gudia’chotu made it himself specially for you’You must also give him something specialgift in return..

But I don’t know nothing to cook..

Vicky came in..kala didi,daadi  asked to show us the marriage dress..where is it..

Come with me I’ll show you..

Didi aap muje chodkar ice cream karahi ho..muje boolgayi na..

Nehi..tum yahaan nehi na..There is more inside..

Maan gave him an another bowl of icecream..

..We have to go to our house.Gudia ,Finish your icecream and come out soon

.ji mama.

They again  left maneet alone.

You are so sweet.

Again you are saying me sweet ..But why..

You made this for me..Thank you so much..

Will you like to have some more..

Meri tummy full hai..she placed the bowl on her side.

Geet jumped down from the counter top.

Geet samhalke..

She laughed..

You are also like my mama..I always do like this in my house also.She also shouts like this..ha ha..

She laughed again..he  cant stop himself from staring at her..She shook him.

Kya hua..

Kuch nehi..Wash ur hands..

He took her to the wash basin  and helped her .He gave her his kerchief to dry her hand..

Ok..lets go..


 For What ?She suddenly gave him a kiss on his cheeks.

Maan was frozen.He didn’t expect it from her.the sudden sensation of  her lips brushing him and the chill ness bcoz of her icecream was still present on his cheeks.He forget to blink.

Thank you for the icecream.mama said ,If u give me something I can kiss u,as a return gift to thank u.u kissed me for saying thank you na…now I have no gift with me so ,I did the same way of  saying u thanks..

She went away jumping like a kid ,leaving him stunned..

 Precap:the next day’s celebrations.


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