U,Me,Aur? – Part 34



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Evening..The place was filled with villagers..all are dressed beautifully..the girls and boys were challenging each other.they will be the star of that night..Geet was dressed in brown chudi with golden beads work..with a small sleeve as morning..maan was also dressed in a sandal sherwani with  same designs like geets.Geets hand was dark and all said that she will be loved more by her husband.Maan was  sitting near her searching his name in her hand..All were chearing him to find out..After all He is our great MSK’he found it..There was joy  sound from boys side as they showed their thumbs down to girls.Kala came and showed maans hand which was in dark brown having geets name.Now the girls told the boys,see this man written her wifes name..you all will not do like this.The teasing session went on and atlast both replied let see in sangeet.

The one thing which Maan was bothered was..geet is not calling him by name..she just talked but not addressed him by his name..He thought of asking her,but he avoided as all were looking at them.


If it was Delhi,Maneet would have been choreographed for any song..but,it is HP n a sudden marriage..all went in a normal way..Adi was basically a photographer before joining KC..so,he was doing here job as a photographer in maneets marriage..


As soon as the function started Geet could not control herself .She joined them and danced with them.She was not good nor bad.Maan  starred at her .till,he had some black n white flashbacks,the last sangeet he attended.His heart started aching.He is not in present now.kala looked at him,as he is lost in his thoughts.She asked the boys to pull him to the dance floor.First maan denied,then when geet started dancing around him,he joined her’ the girls n boys were equal in their skills.Atlast the sangeet  ended  well , till all of them got tired.


The marriage day In Delhi


The both villains were Staying in a hotel.They are dressed like city people .They have changed from dhotis to pant shirt.they have trimmed their hairand cleanly shaved .Noone can identify them.

Where are we going,Bapuji?

To find How powerful this maan is.Does he have any weakness.We can move with our plans then only.Bcoz of him andthat Geet,we are struggling here in an unknown place.

Hmmm.Its all bcoz of me..I thought chunni as geet.


I’m sry bapuji..Ishould have said it before itself.I want Geet to be mine for ever.that day I was drunk n lost my sense when chunni n geet were playing.I mistook chunni for geet.

Bapuji,I wont do any mistakes.I promise.But,I need geet to be mine.

You fool.You must have said this to me before.you know very well,Geets land is in our hand.They are in debts.We would have made them agree easily to get geet marry you.

I’m sry bapuji.I didn’t think that way.

If you have any sense then why would be we here.now,its not in our hands.lets go.lets see how can we protect ourselves.

Bapuji,I’m hungry..lets eat n then go.

Ok.after their breakfast,Dayalnath was in deep thought.

What happened bapuji.

We have no money..i’ve only 2000Rs.We have to pay room rent.then our needs n expenses for rest of the day.what shall we do?

First let us go to maans house.If he had come back or not n then we will decide.bapuji.


They rented an auto.

Wher e should you go sir.

They had no address..

Wo..we have no address..but the person name is maan singh khurana.We have to go to their house.

O.MSK.kaun nehi jaantha usei.thank god he is a famous personality.Otherwise,inthis big city you cant find a person with his name.Kuch kam tha.

Haan…we want some donation. He asked us to come..Dayalnath lied.

The auto stopped far away from  KM.No vehicles are not permitted to enter this road.That is Km.They both were stunned to look a big palace n the securities ..more over they were shocked to see  police standing before.

Baiya ji..pls Will you ask them is msk in house.Hume itna bada ghar or securities ko dekthe hi dar lagtha hai.

O sure.

Bapuji..Why are the police here.

I think ,He is clever more than I expected.He must have known we are here.so,we have 2 b more careful.He has planned us  to be arrested.

The auto men came.Sabji.Maanji   kahaan hain..ye kisiko nehi patha hain..shayad..office se poochlijiye..

Jibhaiyaji..take us to off.

The way fully dayalnath enquired the auto men about maan.N he was showing all the sites of Kc.In all places they saw police.They asked the  auto  to drop a little far away from  Kc .There were lots of police as IG was present their..They saw IG talking to their men.

Mr.Maan suspects them to be here also.So be aware of all peoples around here.No new men should be seen without enough proofs.

Ok sir.

The IG was talking to them about Chopras..He..He.LOL.But our dayalnath n ramnath mistook  it as they were talking about them.They silently took their way back to their room.Both were fuming in anger.AngryThey had volcanoes inside.,waiting to split the lava.



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