U,Me,Aur? – Part 36



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In Delhi.


Dayalnath was counting the rest of money,left over..He sighed..

this will not be enough to spend a day more..

Ab Kya karein Bapuji..

We have to call HP..That Rajender to pay back our money..We have no options left.

We will call him at night.Now he will be in farm.

Sab meri wajase.

Ab feel karke koi faitha nehi..chalo..thodi der aaram karo..fir bahaar jayengi.



The Excitement starts’


The whole village was at geet’s house.It was really a hard time for securities to keep an eye on everyone.But,they were happy for their boss.

Maan was at the entrance of Geets house..He was dressed in white sherwani with  gold n pink works.His face was covered with flowers.Geets family and village elders welcomed Maan ,dadi n all.The marriage rituals started .

Maan was sitting in the mandap.But his eyes was wandering everywhere.Kala came near him.

We all are also expecting for  the bride to arrive.Chotu.have patience..little more minutes.She will be urs..

He was about to say no‘When he felt a strange silent between all.sometime before it was noisy.

what happened?

All the villagers look were at one place.

He turned to see what they are looking at.

But he  also went speechless.There came the bride.Geet.Wearing pink lehanga n matching choli..with dupatta over her head..Rosy has  added more beauty to her face with makeup..Her hair had strands with curls in front’and back side was also was done with a different hair style.with jasmines coloured with pink some gold beads inbetween..a simple mang teeka with stone works..She was wearing  five diamond sets  from small to long..It was glittering in the lights competeting with the works of her dress.

  Geet was looking gorgeous..stunning..outstanding..angel..pari..you all may fill with all the beautiful words a dictionary has.!!!!!.EmbarrassedThe only thing missing on her face was shynessEmbarrassed.Each girl  will  blush on her wedding day.But,we cant expect it from our Geet.LOLshe was excited to see lots of people in their house.


Adi for a minute forget doing his job..(photography.)until nakul tapped his shoulder.

Geet was made to sit  next to maan.She looked at maan.

why are you covering  your face with flowers.A childish question.

So,that you can’t see me..He replied to her in her way.

Hmm.Today is my birthday.Do you know.

Hmmno.Rano came near her

.Gudia..pls for sometime be quiet.

Ok.She was annoyed as she can’t keep stopping from her talk.

Her mama has adviced her to follow the instructions that Panditji says to do.As a obedient girl,she followed n did whatever he said.The other time she used to see the decorations ,wink at the kids and the people who were present.

Maan s eyes were still wandering.

Are you searching for some one.


Now who are you searching forchotu?

Badi dadi  ko..dadi..

Not yet arrived..we’ll talk about this later..

Maan tied Geet mangalsutr and filled her forehead with sindoor.Geet winked at him.Maan got shocked.

Maan’s self thought.:This girl will be the  single one doing naughtiness on her wedding.But enjoyed his cute childish wifes shararat.

A few particles of sindoor fell on geets nose.

Geet..tumhara pati tumse zyadha pyaar karega..hmmm.The girls around her laughed saying it.

They finished the saath pheras.. maan slided the ring on her foot fingers.Geets parents did their kanyadhan .Maneet took the blessings from  geets family n dadi  All their eyes were filled with happy tears…Rano took them both to chunnis parents,who were present their hiding their sorrows.They took their blessings also.

Chunni teek haina massi..she is not seen here.

Hmm..They cried hugging her..

Why are you crying..

Nothing beta..something fell in my eyes.

Geet blowed air into her eyes.

Ab kesi hai massi..

Teek hai beta..

Maan beta.look after our gudia..Keep her always happy..we expect this only from you.




The phone started to ring.Vicky attended it..



hello.i’m Vicky..whom do you want..

give to ur papa.


Papa..phone for you..

At this time..whom will it be?


Hello.Im dayalnath.

Rajender signaled Vicky to call Bahadur.


What have you decided

Bahadur came near him in hurry.Rajender told him its dayalnath.

Bahadur took a paper n wrote ask where he is.

Where areyou ?

Bahadur kept his ears  near the phone..so he could also hear their conversation.he wrote on the paper what geets papa should ask him.


Lets meet n solve this problem..

I’m not an idiot to say where I am..so you could inform the police and arrest us.you didn’t ans my question yet?


..to return my money or giving the land.

Now the land is no longer ours dayalnathji. But I can return ur money.tell me where to give you the money.

The land is no longer  urs.what do you mean by that..

But  this time rajender did not wait for bahadur to write..

Haan’May be you tried to harm Geet..But god is there you know..He turned it in right way..can you hear the bands behind..bcoz of you Maan married Geet today.The land belongs to geet..I already said this to you.Now it belongs to her husband..that means maan..

 For Everytime rajender said Maan,Dayalnaths anger grew up.It was like fuel adding to fireAngry.

Bahadur wrote where to give the money..

Maan has given me the money..say me..where will you come n I’ll give you the money.

.i’ll say later.He cut the phone.

Maan..you must not have done this to me..You made our life hell and there you are enjoying your life happily with geet..no..i’ll not let that happen..I’ll kill all of you..Angry

Babuji ,do something..I want geet in my life..I cant see her  as some ones wife.she  must be mine..mine only..

o.k.we will face everything ..but will never let them a happy life lets go.


To Do or die..We are going back to Hp..


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