U,Me,Aur? – Part 37



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Back to HP


All headed for bidaai..


No need to say how geets parents  would have been..This was unexpected for them..Their child is leaving to her sasural..Geet was going on with the rituals..She doesn’t know that she is leaving her house and moving on with Maan s family.So,she was not crying as other girls do.

Dadi consoled rano,who was crying badly.

Rano,this happens..you are also a women..u must have known this.

Yes..i know..but I’m also a mother..its so sudden..i made all accept the fact..but now im not able to control my self..

Mama..vicky,papa,chachu ..you are also crying ..

Geet was also about to cry..

Kuch nehi beta..ye khushi ka aasoo hai..she said whipping her tears n kissing geets forehead and cheeks..Geet felt something choking her throat..but unable to understand what s that.may be her families tears made her feel bad.

Par mama..

I’m fine gudia..chal ab..maan is waiting for you..

 Maneet sat on their car ,which was beautifully decorated.Her proximity was driving him insane.Maan was controlling himself not to behave oddly with her.he smiled weekly at her.The only thing running in his mind was if I have this feeling ,when all are around me..what will I do at night..?


Daadima said to all.

All went nice.maan ka shadhi dekneka mera sapna poora hogaya..I’m so happy.This was possible bcoz of you all.I’m very thankful to you.all

Why are you saying big words savithriji..Its our duty..afterall we belong to same village..n more than that its our Gudias wedding.bus hamari gudia ka hayal rakye..wahi kafi hai.

Yes.And I have a surprise for you all at home..

What surprise.

You all will know when you reach our house..


Maneet  enters Farm house.kala welcomed her with aarthi.she placed sindoor on maneets foreheads.

Geet pushed the rice pot with her tip of toes and entered the house holding maans hands..she made footprints dipping her foot in red water.

Adi got a call..he excused n went to attend it.

It was from pinky..

Adi sir..where are you..

Why pinky..

Im trying ur phone from morning..it replies you are in not reachable area..

Is there any urgent work pinky..i’ve work..(afterall he has left his photographer job..lol:)LOL

Yes sir..maan sir is also not there.so,I thought of telling to you.


We have got a foreign project..they want to see our Ceo to proceed further..mam is also not here.

That’s good news.I’ll inform them..ok ill call u later bye.


Maan,lift her in your arms.

But why Dadi..

Its our ritual..You will carry her to the wall to make finger impression.

Ok.Maan lifted her and took to the wall.All through the way she swing her legs in air n giggled.She loved it.she made the impression on the wall as dadi said..

The next was the game.Dadi put a ring on a tray full of colour water and asked them to take it out.geet was excited as they said it was a game.maaneet searched n maan got the ring first time..geets face changed like a puppy dog.the next two times also maan got the ring,but he gave to geet and made her win..She jumped in joy,when they said geet won.n maan is going 2 be her gulam forever.

As you all know Geet is a truthful girl.

she  said..no.I didn’t win..He only gave the ring to me .

All of them laughed.But maans love was visible their..


Adi came..Sir..i have a good news.

What adi..

Sir,we have got aforeign project.abi pinky ka phone aaya..she told me.

That really a good news adi.

They wanted to meet our ceo..


Adi..I heared you.arrange for meeting in next week.

Ji mam.

maan, geet is lucky for us..


 few minutes later.

Suddenly,the lights went off.Geet grabbed maans arm tight.

But the next minute they saw lights from candles.

Nakul n Kala were placing  a cake on the table.

Surprise..Dadi,kala,nakul ,ROSY n adi said in unison.

For the beautiful  couples on their first day here..Rosy said

Geet ran to the cake.maan silently followed her.It was  a big chocolate cake..She read the wordings written over it..Happy birthday MAAN-GEET..Maan saw daadi.

You have forgotten beta . u  avoided celebrating your b’day.but,not nowYou can’t .Its all God’s game..You and your wife share the same birth date n now you both got married on ur b’day.You are turning 21 today..

You remember.

yes..but u always stayed outstations on this day..so we never made this day.come.here both.

dadi held geet  n maan on either sides.

Happy birthday both of you..She kissed both of them.

Thank you dadi..

Thank you dadi ma..

Ok.. will you both cut the cake together.

Ji dadi..

Both were about to blow the candle.

Wait both of you.First  ask a wish you want n..then blew.


Maan wished inside his heart...I wish Geet to be in my arms everyday,when I wake up in morning’

He turned to geet.She was in deep thought.

What should I wish.

 toys..Today morning too all gifted me a lot..

Dress..she looks at her dress..For the past three days I’m wearing new dresses only..

Chocolate or icecreams.two days before only he gave me chocos..Still I have more..Icecream tho ab bhi fridge mei hoga..

For every thought she nodded her head n talking herself.she was confused.

mama,what should I wish?

Rano came near her..I will ask  the wish instead of you.ok.


Rano closed her eyes and silently wished..Babaji..Please make Maan  always to be on her side When we are not there for her.We have given our  responsibility of Geet on him.Let him take care of her and her happiness.and make geet a perfect wife for him..She opened her eyes

Hogaya..now proceed.

Maneet blew the candle.maan held geets hand with his and cut the cake.He took a piece and fed geet.

Happy birthday geet.

Geet,you must feed him also.

Geet took a big piece  and shoved it full on his mouth..She giggled at her attempt..Her every move was filled with chidishness.

Geet,koi apni pati se yese harkath kartha hai kya..Rano scolded her.

Maan ate fully..but did not say anything.


Maan.kala n nakul were shocked..not dadi..

Vicky..is he here..how can he be here..his eyes searched..

Vicky came near geet..

She fed him .Is ur bro name Vicky..


Then only maan realized..he doesn’t know r asked geets bros name till now..he came back to sense..hearing their conversation..

Didi..this is ur best bday till now..


Rosy gave a gift  pack to Maan.

Maan gave it to geet.

This is your birthday gift.

You know before itself.


Gadha,ullu ka patta,dusht,‘She murmered..

Thank god noone heared other than rano n maan.Rano whispered.. geet stop it.All are here.

Hmm.But he  didn’t wish me in morning.she complained..

Just to  give you a surprise’Don’t you want to see the gift.

Haan..She unwrapped the gift in one go.she opened it.It was a gold chain which ended with a dollar,written geet..

Kesi hai..

My name is   in this..wow..achi hai..nehi nehi..bohut achi hai..

Not only ur name my name is also there..see back

She turned it and  saw .. it was written as maan at the back to every letter of her name.

So nice..

Maan when did you buy this.N whose idea is this.

Wo dadi..,I told Rosy to make it from the jewellary shop..

Savithriji..a beautiful gift for a beautiful bride I’ve never seen..Hmm.manna padega maans ideako..He made me do it in two days.

Maan ,geet ko chain.tumhare haathse hi pehnatho.

He weared it..it looked more lovely on her neck..All wished them both birthday wishes and  a happy married life.


Dadi n geets family were busy with the guests.Bahadur was waiting for the moment when Maan will be left alone.atlast he got a fraction of a minute to make maan seek his attraction.maan came to bahadur.

Bahadur..Do you want to say some thing..

Yes sir..First..my hearty wishes for your married life from all of us..(securities)

Thank you..then..

An hour before,we got a call from Dayalnath to ur father in law..

What?what he said..where is he..have you informed the police..

Yes sir..i’ve informed the police..he asked for money..as ur fil asked where should he come..he said he’ll call later..I  called the phone department and found where he is..

Where he is..

In Delhi.. and that too,he called from the booth near Mansion.


Maan was shocked..

Whats he upto..?

May be he is trying to divert your concentration from here by making some troubles there..so you will not be near mam..(geet.ha..respect)

 Hmm.may be..

I’ve informed our securities to be alert more than before..

Good.Ok.do one thing..keep 12  persons here and send all the securities back to delhi..give the photos of that 2 to them..so that they can identify them easily..

Yes sir..

Send them after they had their dinner..

Sure sir..

ConfusedSometimes even a person who is more intelligent makes a wrong move without thinking..may be they are in the hands of fate..which will make them feel guilty for the rest of their life..aur what to say..is it geets bad time .Angry

 guys do you like my fast updates..i will be busy for next week..so made all in 2 days..hope u all liked my shocking surprise…will pm on monday guys..i’ve a lots of work to do for diwali preparations.

PRECAP:The shock postponed to next week..LOLHope my continuous updated have given you enough shock…Happy diwali…and have a safe diwali tooo..I love you dears…


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