U,Me,Aur? – Part 38

  U, ME,AUR…?


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All the villagers were very happy as their gudia was married to a well known family n a nice man than they expected.All started to leave to their houses.Dadi was thanking them with return gifts..Its time for Geets family to leave.

Rano wants to tell Geet that they are leaving to their house.But hesitated how will Geet behave.Maan was busy talking to Adi.Geet was busy with some friends n kids.
Rano thought,If wheather it will be gud that without saying bye to geet,we all leave.What if she starts her blabber once we left.Rano went to Geets papa..

Its getting late ji,we also have to leave..

Haan ,I’m also thinking about that only.vicky n chachu were already ready to cry at any time.but rano signaled not to cry ,otherwise Geet will also do the same.
They went to Daadi to say bye.Geet excused herself from friends n followed them.
Aap log muje chodke jaarahi ho.have you all forgotten me.
What can they say?they looked at each other.
mei bhi aapke saath chalthi hoon.mei daadi,aur unko bye bolke aathi hoon.
Rano stopped.No.gudia…You are not coming with us.
But why mama?
From today this is your house.you have to be with maan n their family only..
Par kyun..mein hamesha humari ghar mei hi rehthi hoon na.ye mera ghar kese hua...Geet cant understand.
Geets papa worriedly looked at Rano.she is the one who can always handle geet or to  make geet understand ..may be she is also a women or as geets mother n friend.

Aap log jaayiye..mei gudia ko samjakar aathi hoon.

ok..Bye gudia.(They want to tell more or advice her more..but the fact they know that they cant dump her everything in a day.or make her cry on her special occassion)
bye didi.
..geets papa hugged hern kissed on her forehead.
gudia,look after yourself n maan n his family..from now its your responsibility.

All the three left.geet waved her hands as bye…but still confused..
gudia.listen to me..now i’ll tell you,why you have to live here.Tumhe Maan ke saath shaadi hui na..
har ladki shaadi ke baad pathi ki ghar mei hi rehtha hai..jesa mei aapki papa ke saath..preetho unki pati ki ghar..you have to live in your husbands house only.
But,mama,when will i come home?
tomorrow also you will come home gudia.kal pagpharerasam hai..kal tum ghar aaogi ..
Geets self thought.:one day only na..hmm.I can stay here..
She was about to say ok,when maan interrupted.
I’ll make her understand mama.You dont worry.
Beta..We are leaving her in your responsibility..If she makes any mistake.pls forgive her.it will be bcoz of her childishness only..I know,you can make her realise everything..tum samajdaar ho..muje aur kuch kehne ki zaroorath nehi hai.you know her very well.


The girls came their giggling..Kyun jiju…aapko abhi biwi se baath karni hai kya..thodi aur intazaar nehi kar sakthi..
Maan smiled weekly in embarressment..Embarrassed
Yesi nehi hai..
Ok,,we are taking your wife with us..he looked at the girls .may be all are married.n elder than geet.

Kala took geet  with the girls to  bedroom.Rano followed them.She wants to talk to geet.that was not yet completed.The girls made her sit in middle of the bed,which was decorated fully with flowers for their SR.Kala left them alone as they started to tease her.Rano asked the girls to wait outside for few minutes.
Geet started to ask her annoying questions.
Mama,Why is this room decorated.Is this my room,that i should sleep.
Yes beta..this is your n maans room..today is your first day in this house na..so it is decorated like this..(rano was really emberrasseEmbarrassed.how can a mom talk to her girl about her SR)
But,mama,how can I share my room with him.In our house,I dont share my room with anyone na.
Gudia,I share your papa’s room na..yesehi..from now you will share maans room..
Beta..wo..Muje tumse aur kuch kehna hai..She was telling some more things to her..

mama,my jewels are heavy n irritating me..pls remove it na..
The girls came inside giggling..
Your hubby has bought you beautiful jewels ..He would like to see you in this alone,how it looks on you..hmm…For removing also,he will help you…They all winked at her..Wink(least she know what they are talking about)..
Bichari geet ko kuch samaj nehi aaraha tha..
Rano dont want to stay there anymore..She wants to leave before Maan comes there..Rano kisses geet.

Chachi.leave some space for.jiju also.
Rano puts the gungat on Geet.

Gudia,Dont take this..Maan only has to take it.this is ritual.
Acha mei chalthi hoon gudia..
The Girls waited for Maan as Rano left.Maan told two securites to accompany  geets family.But geets papa refused saying,as the villains are in Delhi..No need for protection for them.All of them left..only Maan ,dadi,kala,adi,nakul n secuties were there.

the girls were waiting for maan to finish the last ritual.Here Maan was feeling nervous.He kept himself busy to avoid going upstairs..But,as all of them left.Dadi n others forced him to go to his room as Geet is waiting for him..
Maan walked towards his room.the girls  giggled. seeing him.
Jiju,Give us our gift.Then only we will allow you to go inside the room to see your wife.
But,I have no gift now..
Beta..ye rasam hai..Give them some rupees..Dadi told him from downstairs.
Maan looked for his wallet.He has forgotten inside the room.H e looked inside the room for his wallet.But,he was lost in Geet.,sitting in the bed.
Jiju..Are you going to stand here itself.Don’t you want to go inside.
all the girls laughed making him blush..
wo..wo..my wallet is inside.I’ll go n take it..Then i’ll give you whatever you ask.(
maan singh khurana struggling to talk for the first time..LOL)
No reasons accepted.. We cant send you inside till you give us our gift.
Maan was getting angry.AngryNoone stops MAAN SINGH KHURANAAngry>>This girls are making Fun with me..Angry
Ok jiju..we can help you..say were you have kept your wallet..we’ll get it for you..we also dont want our gudia to wait for you more..she is feeling sleepy..bichari..taggayi hogi..aur aap tho usei aur thang…?The other girl closed her mouth.
HO no..they are getting too much..he wants to stop them from going beyond their limits n get rid of them..where will i search my wallet.
Anyone go n take the brief case which you find in the first corner self.
One girl went inside n came with it.He released the number lock.n opened it.It was full of currencies,which Maan took with him to buy geets land incase if he needs.The girls eyes popped out Shockedn their mouth opened wide seeing itShocked.Maan gave each of them a bundle of rupees, than they expected.But,they were village girls n not greedy too.
Jiju…this is only a ritual..We dont want this much of money.we will share one ..They  tried to give him back the money..
Maan was really happy with their thoughts.How innocent the peoples in village are..they dont care for money..they care only for persons.How much they love each other..
You all can keep it…its my gift..Once i gave is final..no taking back..I will feel bad,if you returned it.You can buy anything as your wish with this money, which will always keep My geet in your memory.
Hayi haye…MY GEET..You are telling like.. we have no more rights on her.jiju..but,we are so happy.our geet is lucky to have a husband like you..pls,always love her like this …

we will keep this money..n now you can go inside to see your bride..

They gave him way to enter his room.As soon as he entered they locked the door .He could hear them laughing outside.he leaned on the door n looked at Geet.

Though he could not see her face.,

he saw her hands playing with each other…

mostly adjusting her jeweleries n cholie which was irritating her..

often biting her nails..

some times she was yawning..

each n everything had her chidish moments.

He sighed…he started to walk towards the bed..

Maan,tum tho gayi..

PRECAP:SR mei geet ki bak bak..kese hoga?Wink

some how i managed to make an update today guys..how is it?my pc got corrupted..and the update banks were all erased while formatting..again typing with new ideas..hope i ‘ve given  a gud one..


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