U,Me,Aur? – Part 40

     U, ME,AUR…?

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fter half an hour Maan walked out of washroom thinking Geet would have changed.But he stood there in shock.Geet was sitting in the chair hugging her legs.She was moving her body front and back like she was in a swing. she was in a deep thought.
Oh.Maan.. He spent 1/2an hour in wash room only to give some time for her to change. But she has not changed.Maan was pissed off.He walked towards Geet.
She came near him.Then only Maan saw that she has removed her lehenga and standing in her inskirt.Before,he could think anything else,she started hitting his chest with her fist.LOLThough it did not hurt him,Ouchhe was confused with her behaviorConfused.
You,you,you are too bad.You are not my friend.Aap bohut burei ho.I’ll not talk to you.Angry
Maan has no idea of What she is talking about and why she is angry  with him.
Bus Geet.He stopped her,holding her hands on either side.
Geet.What have I done?
You did nothing.That’s the problem.LOL
Do I’ve any hearing problem.Did I hear it right.(bichaara ,kya karega!SR mein agar patni yese poochein tho kuch aur matlab se hi sochega na.)
You did not help me.
In what?..First say me why have you not yet changed n removed your jewels?
Thats the problem.I cant remove my jewels bcoz my hair style is different.I cant remove it by my head also’.see’.see my neck.It has turned red bcoz of irritation.
Ok.then,You must have made your hair free.
I tried.but there are lots of pins .how can I remove.I’ve never done like these hair styles before.
why didn’t you change your dress..
My choli has strings at back.I’ve never weared like this before.I don’t know how to remove the strings.mama always help me in putting back buttons n zips. mama is also not here. 
She had answers for all of his questions .
All of them said you will help me in removingLOL.But,you are not helping me.tum..sry..aap bohut burei ho..You changed and came without helping me..
Her complaining sessions was going on n on n on. She doesn’t know anything.which made maan smile at her .Tonguemei kya karoon is ladki ko.LOL
Aap ko hasi aara hi hai.Now what will I do?I can’t sleep wearing all these.
She asked  him making a cute puppy face.
Maan could not take it any more..She has not yet finished her complaints.
Chup.Bilkul chup.

I’ll help you.
He made her sit on the chair facing the mirror.He started removing the pins.(how these girls always do different hair styles..N wear all these pins n all other stuffs..its really hard to search black pins in her dark black hair.what will others think if they saw me undoing my wifes hair!!!!LOL)Thinking ,he pulled a pin with her hair.
Ouch..OuchShe screamed in pain.
Oh sry Geet.I didn’t see.
Its alright.It happens always.
Finally,he made her hair free from the hair style.Her long hair touched the floor.He bend to her neck n inhaled the smell of her hair..
My hair smells nice na..Rosy aunty did something..from that its smelling nice.
(hmm..did he ask her.lolLOL)
I wanted toask you one thing.She turned to him.
Today is my first day in this house.so,this room is decorated like this.But today is not your first day in this house na.do you sleep always decorating your room like this?
(Ye Geet  bhi na’kese kese sawaal poochthi hain’)
Then why..
He cuts her with his answer.
This room is decorated with flowers which spread the smell all over the room.Can you smell it?
. My life which was filled with emptiness till now .you came into my life giving me your presence, filling with your fragrance  like a flower ‘.
She looked at him in confusion.Confused
can you understand what I’m saying.
Only a little’But what will you do tomorrow.when I’m in my house?
He looked at her in shock.Shocked

Precap..will continue with more bak bak n maneet…part only..Sr ab bhi baki hai..


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