U,Me,Aur? – Part 44

 U, ME,AUR…?

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Geet screamed at midnight.Maan woke up hearing her.he moved to her.
Geet kya hua?he patted her cheeks.
She held his vest in her fist tightly.
she was screaming in her sleep..
Maan could understand,she has not recovered from that incident..
Geet..calm down..he slowly brushed her hair backwards n consoling her.
She instantly placed her head on his chest,placing her hand on his shoulders,holding him tight..she again drifted into sleep.
Bichaara maan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He tried to move.But, could not .he don’t want to wake her also.Holding her in his arms was a pleasant feeling for him.He smiled.
You are mine.My wife.Thats enough for me.he placed a kiss on her forehead.Good night my cute wifey.he switched off the lights.
He also slept very peacefully .

At the same time a few kms away from HP.
Dayalnath n Ramnath ,both were walking through a jungle way.They have returned from Delhi.They were still in city costumes.sothat no one could find them.
Bapuji,why are we walking in this route.?
Police are their in Hp entrance.That Maan had made every way to block us.Very few know this way to enter hp.so we are taking this way to enter the village.Have you kept the gun safe .
Ji bapuji.he took it out,that was kept hidden under his shirt.what are we going to do.
I know youcan’t think.but,pls don’t irritate me with ur questions.I’ll tell you what should you do n when.till then follow me quietly.
Ji.They both went first to farm house of maan.they were hiding in dark far away from farm house. They saw the securities there. Maneets window was open.Ram saw maan lifting geet in his arms.Geet encircling maans neck.only he cold see the faces of them as the lower windows was shut.a few minutes later the lights switched off and maneets room went dark.
Ramnath imagined that they are having their SRLOL.His blood was boiling from the moment he saw geet in maans armsAngry.Maan have stolen geet from him.Rams only aim was to own geet for himself.,for a long time.But,today he has lost.his angry had no boundsAngry .he took the gun and tried to move towards the farm house.
Dayalnath pulled him back to the dark.
Are you mad?
Yes.I’ll kill that man today.
Do you think you can near him.?We have seen his power in delhi n here to.before you reach him you will be dead.see his securities.
Ramnath felt helpless.
Tho mein kya karun..i cant bare this sight.she is mine..only mine..and i will make her mine.
Use ur brain.
What you want me to do bapuji..
Lets move to geets house.i’ll say u what to do?
They moved from their without making noise.

In geets house
All were feeling lonely without geet.
Lucky n sukhwinder were lying on rano’s lap on either side.
Bhabhima..gudiya ki bhina ye ghar soona sa lagraha heina.
Rano was trying her self hard not to make them weak.
Haan.she cannot sit quietly without her blabber.or fighting without Vicky.she will be asking questions for everything..kya karegi wo sasural mei..muje tho uski chintha horahi hei.
Mama,I’ll not fight with didi from now.you ask jiju to give our didi back.mei didi ke bina nehi resakthi.
Don’t tell like that.now she belongs to them’she will be happy there..god has given her a nice future.if we want to see we can go there..n they will also visit us..we can talk to her in phone also.
Chalo ab sab jake sojao..kal kal jaldi utna hai..
wo dono aayenge..uska inthasaam bhi karna hai.
. geets papa said.
puppy started to bark.it saw dayalnath n his son watching them through the windows.
Puppy ,be quiet.we know you also miss gudia na..she will come tomorrow.so dont bark.
But it never stopped its barking.
 it new the enemies are there with there evil plans…


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