U,Me,Aur? – Part 46

  U, ME,AUR…?

Hai friends,

Thank you all for your support .Special thanks for my friends who clicked like buttons and commented my updates.. Please encouraging me in the same way’SmileI love you all.

geet was in the kitchen..what sweet you like gudia..
oats gheer..
oats mein gheer..
haan Dr.aunty hamesha banathi hai..
wo kesi I’ll tell you..will you make it..
kala first hesitated to experiment oats gheer or not…
then she accepted.bcoz maan loves oats.. after sometime,.dadi  called Geet to do pooja…
..Didi,add elaichi,cashew nuts n dry grapes..but dont put ghee..mujei ghee ki smellse hi ullti aathi hai..
ok..mei nehi dalunghi..tum dono ki jodi bhi kamalki hai..chotu also will not eat anything if ghee is added..he will tell ghee contains lots of cholestral..its bad for health..ok..tum jao..dadi intazaar karrahi hogi..mei aathi hoon..
ji didi..
Dadi started the pooja..Geet started to sing sweetly praising God…kala placed the bowl with gheer before the god.Maan unknowingly walked towards them..he was mesmerised by her voice…Daadi was surprised to see maan..Maan never joined her in pooja..she gave the aarthi thaali to both of them..
Teekse pakadiye..
haan..he cant  say  no to her..
They both did the aarthi..
vicky also joined them.
daadi was extremely happy…
Geet tum ghana seekhi ho..
Nehi maa ne sikayi..i sing only gods song n slogans which i’ve learnt from my mother..
your voice is so sweet..
ok..lets have breakfast..you both must go to geets  house also..
yes daadi..
Geet serve the sweet.. 
ji daadi..
she served in small bowls ,that Kala gave.She gave it to maan daadi  vicky n made one for herself.
kala was praying inside ,that the dish must be good..
All tasted it..yummy..
very nice..kala.ye nayi dish tum kisse seekhi hai..
dadi credit goes to gudia..she told how her Dr.aunty will make..n i did as she said..
dadi kissed geets fore head n  gave geet  a ruby set as shagun..
Gift mere liye..she chuckled n gave dadi a return kiss..(u all know geet is now used to give kiss as return gift)
After having their breakfast,.
ok bye dadi.
maan the securities had not done the breakfast yet..
ok..i’ll send them back when i reach geets house.
The trio went outside…Geet looked at the line of cars..maan was about to enter his bmw car..
mujei uspei jaana hai..she pointed the jeep..
he dont want to disappoint her..she has asked something for the first time..
as he was also interested in driving jeep,he took the key from the driver n started to drive.maan helped geet sit in the passenger seat n vicky at back..his guards followed them..
Maan doesnt know whats waiting for him...poor maan..he forgot the phone in sofa…n he doesnt know that the devils  came back and has disconnected the land line at mid night
noone can change the fate..thats going to happen..
on the way they  stopped near temple as geet wants to see every one there.. while returning vicky n geet were hopping on the steps  joyfully. chit chatting…All were surprised to see geet in sari..she went n talked to all of them..

Maan quietly waited for her in jeep…It was not him..he never waited for anyone…The great MSK waiting for his wife.Big smile.maan smiled at himself..
The trio reached geets house.Maan sent back his securities back to farm house.he asked them to come  when he says..
bahadur hesitated..
Sir..keep atleast 2 of  us with you..
No need bahadur..I’m not going anywhere..I’ll be here only…you all can go..
Bahadur left with his men half heartedly..(this is his third mistake for not listening to bahadur)
Maneet were welcomed by geets parents n chachu..
They were also surprised to see geet in saree..geet instantly hugged them tightly..mama papa chachu..
Gudia you are looking like a big girl..
.her chachu said
haan gudia..you look beautiful also.
Daadi ne di ye sari…but im not able to walk mama ..this fleets..struck when i walk..
pehli baar pehna hain na..you will get used to it when you wear it often..
The puppy was still barking…(puppy wants her to show the villains waiting there..but noone understood it)..
It came running n pulled geet in her fleetsThe fleets opened..
Mama..puppy ne mera sari ka fleets kholdi…she complained..
mama..change her to suit ..that will be comfortable for her..
ok beta..Rano took geet with her..
Puppy is missing geet very much..it isused to sleep under her bed.this is the first time geet staying away..it was barking all night n didnt let us also sleep..
Vicky ..tie puppy outside..
yes papa..
they started to talk formally..
on the way i saw only women..why there are no men today..
for the past three days all were helping us..today all have went back to their works n farms..
i want  to geets educational papers..her mark list ,tc..

but kyun beta..
for her upper studies..
now she is married..how can she continue..aur dadi kya kahegi
why not..she has the right to continue..what if she is married..n daadi..dadi will never no …she knows very well what education means to a girl
geets papa gave him everything..
inside the room,rano tried to ask geet about her night..
geet said mama..he told not to tell anyone ..Rano noticed the love bite in geets shoulder
(Kala was telling the same here to dadi..you will bcome soon par dadi of maans child..least they know what happened between them..).
that made some sense in rano,that something happened between them…she felt happy ..
Ranos ST:now geet is no more a kid..she has changed as his wife..
Geet came out  changed in chudi..she felt comfortable..
geet n vicky started to chat n play in back yard.but puppy was still barking seeing the back compound where the four eyes were watching their each n every moment going inside the house.
later geet was called inside n the rituals were finished.
I dont know about this..so,i didnt explain much.


the securities have started to enquire all around the area of KM.they came to know about the two ,who had changed into cty costumes..one of the taxi driver said he dropped them a km away from HP..
Adi got to know about the 2 villains .He now assumed that maan sir is in danger..he tried maans cell.
it was ringing no one lifted as it was in silent mode..then he called dadi..dadi bhi apna phone room mei rakhdiya..she was busy chatting with Kala n nakul
He called the land line.that also came dead..
Adi tried all the three phones again n again..noone lifted..
Now he was sure ,something is wrong..then he got the idea n called bahadur n explained everything..
oh nosir is alone in his sasural..he has no securities with him..Ok Adi I’ve to rush..he kept the phone .without informing dadi ,he left with his men to geets house..but he left few for dadis protection also.


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