U,Me,Aur? – Part 48

   U, ME,AUR…?

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2-3 parts will be sad CryCryCry..please accept it …its need to carry the story..

Maan was blank..he was patting geet again n again ..there was no response.He saw the house..the villagers were trying to put off the fire..By the time,his rest of the securities were also there…
Bahadur,sablog milke aag bujado…I wi…sh…so..me..one..is al..ive
A drop fell from his eyes..he whipped it.Bahadur did not miss to see it.
Do you understand…Be fast..
Maan was in his original tone.He has put on his mask again to be anger.He carried geet to the jeep and drived to the farm.

Dadima after a long chitchat with kala..came n sat on sofa…then only she saw maans phone..she took it n saw 83 missedcalls from Adi..she was surprised n shocked..at the same time it rang again.
Dadi.. has maan sir come..
He has left the phone in house..why is  your voice trembling ..aur itni call kyun kiya tum…anything urgent..
Ji dadi….i called in ur phone n landline too..
Then he described everything..
I’ve sent the securities back there..
Acha kiya tum…
She dropped the phone..seein maan carrying unconscious geet..and their dresses had the dust of ashes.and the blood stains of geets chachu…
Kya hua geetko….
First call the dr.soon..
Maan took geet to his room.,

dadi called dr..to arrive soon..
Dadi,nakul n kala came to Maans room..

Maan was sprinkling water on geets face..
Geet utto..geet..geet..
What happened maan.
Maans face had no expressions…but only guilt..
He had no words to say what he saw…He walked to the window..looking outside..avoiding to face them..

tum bolthi kyun nehi maan..i’m asking you only?Angry
She lost her familyThat’s what he could say…He punched his fists on the windows breaking into pieces..
I must not have removed the securities from their house…
He punched again n again on whatever came in his hands ..he threw all the things on floor in anger..
Dr.lakshmi was entering the room..
He turned to them..

Her family was burnt alive.She witnessed it..
What…?they were also shocked..but no words were coming out of them..
I know..on the way.i heared...She sighed..
Let me see gudia first..
Dr. checked up geet..
Whatever happened is unbearable..geet is very tender at heart…this must be very shocking for her..loosing all of them at a same time..noone can bear it…
She gave an injection to geet..
How is she DrHe came n sat near geet.
Maan..she will get conscious in an hour…but,as I know her..it will take long time for her recover from the shock.After she wakes up,.you all have to be more careful..dont remind her the incident..try to avoid her thinking about her family…I’ll come back at night..
Yes dr.
Maan ur hand is bleeding..hurting urself is not going to change what has happened..
She dressed his wounds n went back to her hospital….
All were crying silently
Maan change ur dress…nakul..make some liquid food for geet..
Ji dadi…nakul went..
Kalakka change geets dress also..mei bhi change kar ke athi hoon..Maan went to wash room.he stood under the shower to cool his burning heart..whenever he closed his eyes he could only see the faces of geets family..his guilt was burning him alive..he stood there for half an hour…dadi got worried..
I’m coming.dadi.
He came out..he straightly went to the bed to see whether geet has woke up..She was still not awaken..he sat beside her..he took her hands in his..he waited for her to open her eyes..Dadi was sitting on the other side.She was caressing geets head.
Bahadur came..Maan saw him with hope..

Sorry sir…no one is …alive..after you left.police came with fire service..we got only their bodies..n dayalnaths body was also found inside their house..so..he is the man behind everything…
Maan closed his eyes in frustruation.Bahadur left..
An hour passed..there was no response from geet..it turned two hours…maan was restless..

Dadi..why is she not waking up..
Lets wait for some more time..beta…
She will be ok na dadi..
Haan..waqt k saath saath sab teek hojayega..
Geet opened her eyes.
Thank god…
Geet was staring at the wall opposite to her..she did not cry nor talk..
They all tried their best to make her speak…she remained quiet…
Maan waved his hands before her…she did not wink even her eyes..
They tried to make her drink soup…she did not open her mouth…
Maan was scared to see her like this…she did not react ..

Daadi…why is she not reacting?..
I  too don’t know…We have to wait for dr..
Bahadur came there.

mam,all the villagers are infront of the house..they wants to see geet mam..
No..i dont want anyone here..
maan..they will  also be  worried.
No dadi..I dont want any one to see geet like this..
they are her family now..maan..Ask only a few to come inside..after dr.s check up and her opinion we can let others see her..
Ji mam..
Maan’s temper was grewing high..he threw the vase near by on the floor.then the things whatever came in hand.dadi jerked hearing the sound..even nakul n kala came there.he smashed his hand in the mirror.his wounds opened up n blood was dripping…the room was totally messed.

maan stop it..maan apni gussa control karo..this is not the way to react..dadi did not come near him…she was feared at his reaction…but she tried to make him calm..
there wasno jerk from geet..she was laying there as she did not hear the sound..Dr. n  a few members of village panchayat came inside..they were also feared at his temper..they stood outside.
Dr.lakshmi had got the idea of wats going on in geet from distance itself..this is going to be really tough with geet..i may have to spend more hours here..
Dr..I was waiting for you only..
Maan  you stay with geet ..Daadi..ek minute bahaar ayi..
What dr..she went out…
Can you send maan from here…
Dadi turned to maan,who was holding geet’s hand.
Do you think he will go..noone can order him,what he should do..he is boss of his own world..
If he behaves like this,I will not be able to check her peacefully..he must also take care of himself..if he reacts like this he will get sick…
I too don’t know how to control his anger..
Then,if you don’t mind I’ll  make him sleep,by giving him an injection..
..how will you do that..he will not accept..
Ask ur securities to hold him tight..i’ll inject him..
Dadi called Bahadur n raghav..and explained what dr.said..first they were scared..they surely knows,maan will be mad at them when he is back…they cant say no to dadi also..atlast they agreed..
Dr.and dadi went inside…
Dr..geet is not reacting ..
maan..ur wounds are opened..lets c urs first..she tried to take his hand..
he took his hand back..

nooo..see her first..Angry
ok..She checked her pulse..bp..everything was normal..
Gudia…look at me..

gudia…see,who have come to see you…

gudia…if you dont talk to me..i’ll give you injection..you dont like it na..

She took the sringe.

bahadur..ye mess teek karna..
ji mam..
Dr.eyed at them to hold maan..
they both held him tight ..
He struggled to free himself..his one hand was entwingled with geet..he didnt try to free it at that time too..

What are you doing..
I’m sry maan..this is the only way u left to cure you..at the same time i can checkup geet peacefully..Dr.injected him.
aap teek nehi karrahi hain..she is my wi..fe…i w..ant… her… back…as..sa..me…
he slowly drifted 2 sleep..she bandaged maan again..
thank you both
she again started to talk with geet..the villagers entered the room..
gudia..get up..see..who has come ..bade papa..dadaji..
she was staring at the wall only..
Gudia..come..we will play with vicky…
daadi saw dr.with confusion..
Dr..what are you saying?
She is not crying..thats the problem…she must cry..she must  not keep the sorrow inside..she must breakout..then only she will be normal..

otherwise..she may lose her voice or will get  nerve break downor she may go to coma.there are many chances..saying the word..Dr.s voice broke..
I never want this to happen..i’ll put all my effort..she is our gudia..i’ll make her cure at any cost…


.aapki mama papa  chachu vicky…sab tume chodke chelegayii.

dont u want them near you..

.tum use miss karrahi hona..

dont you want to fight with your babaji..

for taking them away from you..

gudia..are you listening to me..

dont you want to go home..

Dr..tried her best…but there was no reaction…
its been 1 hour..
Dr...Daadi broke down..she could not tolerate the silence more..
Dr.called the villagers..

she is not listening to me..now all of you take ur chance..try to speak with her..i want all of you 2 talk with her..till she break down..
gudia..dek..mein hoon..tumhare dadaji are you coming with me to farm..i will get ur favourite tender  coconut..

gudia..ye dek..munna..tumhare saath khelnekeliye ro raha hai..you take him with you to play..

didi..aap aayi na..we will play hide n seek..
nehi di..hum kuch aur khelengi..aapki pasand ki..

hum snake n ladders khelengi..

gudia..i’ve made ur favourite aalooke parotta..tum khaogi na..

gudia..see ive bought ur mangoes..isi farm houseki hai..tum vickyko degi na..

didi..hum cycle pe chalein…you told me you will teach me to ride cycle..

gudia..mein mandir jarahi hoon…tum mere saath aaogi…

Gudia..see ur puppy ..its not letting me to near you..


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