U,Me,Aur? – Part 5

Part 5



Early morning the next day in delhi.

Maan got ready..He called his servants  2 keep the luggage in the car’He called daadima..

Goodmorning daadi..

Good  morning beta..are u ready..

Yes daadi..isiliye phone kiya’ab aapki thabiyath kesi hein..How r u feeling today..

Perfectly fine beta..meine munshijise kehdiya ki tum aara hi ho’wo tumhare madath karegi’n Nakul is coming with u..he will cook  N take care of ur needs there’

Ok daadi

Maan’Daadi hesitated for some time’then  said..

Securities aarahi heina tumhare saath..

Maan found something fishy..

Kya bath hei daadima..koi parishani hai kya’

Haan.. wo..kal wo site pe problem heina

Mmhh..wo..Aadi said it is solved..then y r u worrying..

It was created by our competitor Rahul ‘he is not a genuine businessman..he has connections with underground. i didn’t think ,he will fall too low tokeep his status.He is feeling that our company will top this year  sending him  back..so he is doing all these things…ab wo hume unki dushman samach tahe..we should b more careful’so I want u 2 b more safe..Take more securities with u..

Daadi Ill take care of myself..u don’t worry..I’ll take my securities with me’ab kush..Go n take rest..

Ok beta..take care. Call me after reaching.hoshiarpur ..Have a safe journey..

U too daadi..take care..

He kept his phone..He  called  the head of the securities..He came in..

Maan said something 2 him..The .Security was just nodding his head..saying yes sir..2 him..Atlast Maan said

Do  the things as I said..And always make sure Daadi is safe

after some hesitation he said..

Wo bhi

The security  stood numb hearing those words ‘wo bhi’..

bcoz this is the first  time he is telling about to take care of that person as he had never cared for that person before..

No one should know about this..make sure of it..even daadi..

Yes sir

Can I trust u..

Yes sir..

He went back 2 his room  n took his pistol’after checking  that it is filled with bullets.,he kept it safe inside his coat..He came down n saw kala akka coming out of the kitchen with his black coffee..He took it .sipping his coffee,he said..

Thanks akka.(didi).I’ll b in Hoshiarpur for some days’Till that  take care of daadima..

Tum nehi kahogi tab b mein daadima ka hayaal rakhunga chotu..u don’t need to say this

 I know u will take care of dadi in my absence.. u r the one I trust..

He was about to leave..she said’

Chotu..thats a village.. u take care of urself.. and’And ..she hesitated..

 he got it..what she was about 2 say..

Your hubby Nakul too..

he finished the sentence..She smiled shly.

ok im getting late..I’ll leave now..

He went out 2 the car..Already nakul was waiting for him..Nakuul waved his hand saying bye to kala silently behind Maan..

Maan  sat in his black shiny car..followed by his other two  black cars with his armed securities’The cars forwarded towards Hoshiarpur’

Maan was only thinking about how 2 deal with the owner of the land..to buy..Unknowing  the fact the fate was going to  play with him..


Precap: Will Geet  n Maan meet…



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