U,Me,Aur? – Part 53

  U, ME,AUR…?

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Geet opens her eyes.all looked blur.she saw maan holding her hands.his face looked pale.

Maan looked at geet..she was staring at him.Her eyes were blank.
she parted her lips..

 Geet:aap ..

she tried to say something.the words went dry inside her throat.
he hugged her tight..

Maan:geet…i was so worried for u..u talked to me..thats enough.
he kissed her fore head.

Maan:i’am with u..jab tak mein hoon tumhe kuch hone nehi dhunga.he kissed all over her face again n again expressing how happy he was..

Kala who came their with his morning coffee..n to clean the room was first shocked  n surprised to see maan kissing her madly.she kept the tray on the table.

Kala: Chotu..

Maan:akka,geet talked to me akka..

geet turned towards kala..


kala hugged her…tears started to flow

Kala:bagwaan ka lakh lakh shukar hain..tum tho hum sab ko darathiya..dekh chotu ko..teen din se tumhare pass beta hai..na hi kuch khaya ..na hi kuch der keliye soya hai..

Maan:akka.tell dadi also she will be happy..where is the nurse?let her check geet once..

Kala:haan..mein dadiko jaake bathathi hoon..nurse is freshing up.i’ll say her..aur haan..i’ll make milk n  come for her…then…

Maan:Kalakka take a breathe..

Kala:kushi se pagal hogaya hoon..tum bhi tho…she cuts the words not to make him feel emberrass.

Maan:Aap jayiye.aur nurse ko bejiye..

Kala:haan..chotu..ek baath kahoon..

Maan:haan boliyena..

Kala:she is in same position for last 3 days.She has not seen the outer world .
Maan:What are you trying to say..i cant understand.

kala:she is inside the 4 walls..she needs fresh air…you know she lived in village..n the nature will be her best cure.open the balcony doors..let her breathe the outer air.u never open that door.for her open it.she needs a change.

Maan thought for some time.

Maan:hmm..ok..i think u r right..for geet,i’ll open that too..

Geets eyes was scanning the room..like whose house is it.

Maan went to the balcony door n opened it..sometimes,he opens it.but never stepped outside.the  morning cool breeze entered the room with sweet aroma..

Maan:kalakka,first clean this space.

Kala wondered .but,silently cleaned the balcony n the sofas placed their.

Kala:hogaya chotu..

Maan scooped geet from the bed and walked to the balcony.he placed her on the sofa facing the back yard.he sat with her brushing her hair.

Kala st:geet sirf thumhi ho namumkin ko mumkin bana sakthi ho.

The man who never stepped outside the balcony is sitting there with u .

kala:Chotu..mein dadima aur nurse ko bulathi hoon.


After kala went maan looked at the place.he tried to make a conversation.

Maan:Geet tumhe kuch chahiye..

Geet:..nodded her head in no..

Maan:brush karogi..


Maan:fir fresh bhi hojana


Maan:geet,yaadh hai tumhe..mein yese hi tumse hmm hmmm kehthatha..do u remember what u said.open ur mouth n say yes..u ordered me..

he smiled weekly remembering it…

Maan:ek minute..i’ll on the  heater n come..


maan went inside.Geet looked outside.

i must explain the back yard now.

geets right side was the entrance of their room.
there was another balcony to the opposite side of where geet is sitting..it was nearly 15- 20 ft distance from their balcony..obviously that belongs to khurana mansion.
there was a huge swimming pool  at the center of both the buildings.with a huge lawn with a swing at khurana palace n a 60ft road on the other side.which lead to the servants quarters..it look like a small colony of nearly  35 blocks with 100s houses with 3 floors each..the servants n the securities stayed there..uske baad hai out house..from km or kp no one can c the out house and so from out house too..the servants quarters will hide it…crossing  the out house u can see the exit of khurana mansion n khurana palace.. none of the outer world knows that exit  can enter km or kp.all knew it as only servants quarters.the media also dont know about it.The  compound wall of km along with kp looked like a barrier which disconnects them from whole world..km with  kp looked  like a small village.as far u see the land it belonged to khurana’s.

Maan got a call.attending it he saw geet.her eyes was fixed in something.he continued the phone stealing glances of geet inbetween if she is ok there.the next time when she saw her ,he was shocked to see a tear forming in her eyes.

MaanSt:she is crying.without any effort…noone is near her..then how it is possible..full night i was making her to open up…but ,she didnt cry..now,what happened.?

he neared her n he looked at the direction where she was looking without blinking.A boy  same of her age was playing with a dog there.(those who asked me why i made vicky n puppy also to die.now u would have got the answers)

Maan came n sat on the chair besides  her.he touched her shoulder.


the next second,she throwed herself on him,and started to cry.

though his heart pained to see her tears,he wanted her to pour heart out by crying..he gently carressed her head..

Maan:Geet…cry…till u feel better u cry..ur family will be never back..but,i’m there for u..

Geet:v iii…c ky…pu.ppy..

he now got what made her cry..

the boy reminded her of vicky n the dog her puppy..


she started to cry loudly…her tears were non stop pouring from her eyes..she was looking at the next balcony n cried from her lungs..
the boy looked at maneet direction.he saw the teary eyes of geet over maans shoulder and maan caressing her keeping her in his hug..

The boys  was first surprised,then shocked,then smiled…then feared that he must not see him..

the dog stood in its two legs over the railing n saw them both with its tongue out.

Boy:dexture.come lets go in…

the dog followed him .

geet cried n cried remembering her family.the burst of gas,the house falling into ashes..Maans shirt was fully soaked with  her tears.at last she fainted in maans arms.

Precap.:geet admitted in hospital.


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