U,Me,Aur? – Part 55

 U, ME,AUR…?

                                                                 PART 55

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DR.:hello mrs.khurana.how r u?

Geet was staring at her.

Dadi:gudia,she is our family dr.answer her.

GEET:teek hoon..par.ye mrs.khurana kaun hai..

DR.:now u r married. To maan…so,u r geet maan singh khurana…right..


DR.:will u answer my questions..


Dr.asked maan dadi n kala to go out as she wants to talk 2 geet alone.they waited outside. Dr started to ask her about her,her parents n village..she answered all between her sobs n  tears.

DR.:how do u lost ur parents..

GEET:in a fire accident..


 maan got a call from adi.he walked to the corner of corrider from their room n attended the call..adi told him its an urgent ,that they have to present the government quotation by the next day.maan said he’ll try ,bcoz he is not in a mood 2 leave geet alone.

DR.:signaled nurse. the nurse made the room dark by removing the fuse of the room.geet got frightened n hold dr,s hand tightly.nurse lighted a candle


DR.:geet ye candle hai..

GEET:aag..aag..mama..papa..she started to scream n jump all round the room..she threw all the things..

Dr. n nurse tried to calm her.

DR.:geet suno..ye aag kuch nehi karega..


Dadi saw it through the glass n tried to enter their room.dr. signaled not to come inside.nurse switched on the lights.


Dr:geet, listen to me…this will not harm u.

dr. ran her finger between the candle ..

Geet cuddled to the corner in fear..

Geet:nehi..all will be burnt in fire..all..all..

Dr:took the candle near her.

Dr:Geet:dekho tho.ye kuch nehi hei..

Geet pushed her n started to run to the next corner.the nurse tried to stop her.geet bite her arms n ran..when dr.came the other side.,she started to hit her also.

The only thing she was saying repeatedly was fire..fire..

Maan entered the room hearing her scream..geet has gone totally violent.maan tried to hold her.this time he too had a tough time.

Dr.:nurse get me the injection.

It was to make her calm..but,that did not affect geet.she was still screaming n jumping.she was hitting maan to get rid from his grip.

Geet:chodo muje..muje aag ke pass nehi jana..aag..sab log jal jayenge.

Dr.then gave her another injection,that made her sleep.

They atlast sighed in relief.maan made her rest in bed.dr.started to take another ecg..which showed her abnormal beatings..

Maan came out of the room.He rested his body on the wall.his heart was bleeding inside..seeing geet like that.

Dr.came out.

Maanwas totally numb.his words stopped in his throat.he was looking at dr.only for her answer.

Daadi:dr.gudia kesi hai.

Dr.she is fine..

Dadi:shall we take her home.

Dr:yes.after she wakes up..u have 2 wait for 1- 2hrs.

Dadi:dr.she will be alright na.y is she behaving like this..

Dr:Savithriji..there is nothing to worry..but..


Dr:Geet is scared of fire..we must relieve her fear slowly.u must be careful, she must overcome it..once if she starts to see fire,then she will be totally normal.. till,that u have to take care of her,that she never sees fire again..otherwise..

Maan:otherwise..what dr.

Dr:if she behaves like this..she may lose her mental stability or it may cause her to death..


Dadi broke down. N tears whelled up her eyes..kala tried to console her..


Then dr.explained they have to do counciling..n..dr,will come home n treat her. 2 days once

Here dadi fainted.

Dr:I think bp high hogayi..they took her to the next room.she treated her n left.

Maan  doesnt know whom 2 look after..dadi r wife…

After some time dadi gained conscious.she saw her sister sharmila next to her.


B,dadi:aaram karo..sab kuch teek hojayega.. bagwan par barosa rak..

Dadi heared maan yelling at adi..

Maan:adi,,I said na ..dadi is not well..she will not come to kc..deal hath se nikaljayega tho janedo..we’ll face all problems..now dadi is not well n she will not come there to attend the meeting..thats final..

Maan throw the phone in anger.

Dadi called adi n asked him what happened.he said the problem n how much dadi must be there for meeting..dadi then asked him to arrange some papers n get ready for the meeting..

Dadi:we will be there in few min..

Maan came to see dadi.

Dadi:didi ,u n kala stay with geet..we’ll be back before she wakes up.maan shall we go to kc..

maan got angry hearing it..

maan:dadi,is haal mein.

Dadi:lets go..hum car mein betkar behas kar sakthe hein..

It was an order from her.

Maan silently followed her…but,he was in total mood off n hell angry with dadis decision.he don’t want to leave geet n go for meeting..


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