U,Me,Aur? – Part 56

 U, ME,AUR…?

                                                                 PART 56

Hai friends,

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Once they stepped out of hospital,they were surrounded by medias…

Medias:hello mam..where were u till now?

is that right news ,u went abroad..

U went 2 take rest or Is there any misunderstanding between u n ur grand son…

Are u kidnapped..sir

Y where the police around ur house..

Kya mr.khurana bhi aapke saath thi..

aap yahaan kya karrahi hain..

Where did u both go..

Maan:mein shadhi karne gayithi…meri biwi bimaar hain..usei dikane hospital ayi hoon..ab aap khush..aapka jawab milgaya..then don’t disturb us..

Maan who was totally upset with the medias annoying questions doesnt realize what he said in anger.

The medias went silent..

Dadi looked at him questioning..u only told not to bring geet before medias…now what have u said.

Maan who gained what he said..oh..no..

At that time nurse came there..

Nurse:mam,ur reports..n this tablet u have to take now…dr.wants to meet u..for check up.

Dadi looked at the medias

Dadi:shayad now u have got the answers..all knows that I’m ill..so I went to take rest..maan accompanied me…n for u all I have a news..just wait for us in kc..

Dadi did not agree or disagree with his statement.she just diverted them.the medias took maans statement is an outburst of anger n he didn’t mean it.

The medias followed them to kc..

Maan was trying his best to be calm..

They both entered kc .they straightly went to the conference hall n sorted the problem..

Dadi:adi,the papers

Adi handed the papers..

Dadi:maan ispe sign karo.

Maan without reading signed it..

Dadi:ladies n gentlemen,I have a gud news for u all..


From today maan will be the MD of KC..

All of them clapped n congratulated maan.

Maan was shockedShocked

Maan:par dadi..

Maan, I wish u all the  best..now u can make decisions of ur own.I know u will bring kc to no:1 position..i’ll help u till u finish ur studies..

Maan was waiting for this moment to relieve dadi from overloading her works..but not in this way.today she handed her position to me..in an unexpected situation..when geet needs him the most..

They came out of Kc .Dadi announced her decision before the medias..

The rival,Rahul chopra,seeing the news broke the tv.

RC:Savithri kept each step fearing at me..but this man,maan singh khurana..he never backs up his decision.he is clever also…now,I have to keep more eyes on him before he pushes me back from first place..

They both came back to hospital..now the medias didn’t follow them.

Maan:dadi,y did u give this announcement today..

Dadi:I know maan..u want to be with geet..but,I think if I ‘ll be at home I can look after her..n my health is also not supporting me..i cant work anymore..i feel tired maan..if I’m in house,I’ll take rest n can take care of geet also.

Maan thought ..dadi was r8..

they entered the hospital.dadi went to see dr.

Maan called b.dadi n kala to go with dadi.

Maan walked towards geet room..

No one was near geet..Nurse  also went to collect the reports.she was coughing.Bahadur,who was outside came in. he poured water in the glass. n fed her holding her head .Maan entered the room n got angry Angryto see him near geets bed..  before he shouts.,..Geet started to throw out all that she had…bahadur hold it in his hands, before geet was messed up..maan came running to geet…bahadur walked to wash room to clear his hands..maan helped to open the door..maan again came to geet n fed water..but,still she was messed up..

Bahadur came out.he knows he must explain.

Bahadur:sir,I too have a sister.. I’ll call the dr.

He went out.

It was a simple explanation,but maan’s trust towards him took another step..

Geet was too tired after throwing out.maan locked the door n came to her..he started to undress her covering her with spread…he stopped leaving her inners..maan took a towel n whipped her face n neck n the upper area where she was messed up..maan could see n feel her skin.

Geet just held the spread tight over her. he took a spare dress .he made her  wear it..his hands touched her bare back n waist while pulling her kurti down..he remained calm… .there was no physical attraction..maans love n care has taken all over it..

He heared the knock on the door.after confirming she is fully  covered,he opened the door..

Dr.was standing with all of them..

Maan:dr.she vomited fully what she ate..

Dr:its normal..after a long gap,when we eat something..our stomach will take quiet time to accept it..

She checked geet..

Dr:maan now she is perfectly fine..u can take her home..but be careful with what I said..i have written some medicines,she has to take it regularly..u said about her behavior at n8,after her friends death..so,I think she will not able to sleep at n8.i’ve written sleeping pills for her..so,she will sleep peacefully..if she remains calm,u may stop it..

Maan:ji dr.

Dr:ok..i’ll prepare the discharge papers..

She left..

Dadi:geet,see who has come to see u..

Geet:dadi,ye dadi kaun hai..

B.Dadi:I’m badi dadi of maan ..from now,ur b.dadi also..

Geet tried to touch her feet..

b.dadi hugged her..

B.dadi:bacha,per chuneki zaroorat nehi.sada suhaagan raho..bagwaan tumhe hamesha kush rakegha..sirf muskuradho…aur is ghar ka aur mere gussa wala pothe ka khayal rakhna,,.

achi sanskaari bahu mili hai savithri tumko

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