U,Me,Aur? – Part 58

  U, ME,AUR…?

                                                                 PART 58

Hai friends,

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this part less of maneet…i promise next will be maneet part..

At noon kala took the food to their room.as usual geet said she is not hungry..and maan forcefully fed her..he gave her the tablet.she nodded no..he gave her chocos..then too she said no’when ,there is no other way left,he held her tightly n shoved the tablet in her mouth.. then gave her the chocos’she made all kind of faces n under her breathe she was cursing him..

Dusht ..dhanav..gadha..ulluka patta..made me eat tablets’yuck..it was so bitter..he must have tasted it..muje kiladhi..( maan was happy.atleast she is talking in the way of cursing him’no one has the guts to curse me infront of me’but,geet is the one who could do it..n I cant get angry with her..)

Maan:If ur cursing section is over..then sleep for a while..

She bit her tongue..

Geet:U heared me..

Maan:Haan..but,no more talking..sleep..he ordered.

He covered her with spread..when she finally slept he came downstairs..already,adi was waiting for him.

Maan asked kalakka to be with geet..n kala went to their room.

Adi:gud afternoon sir.the files u asked for..

Maan:thank u adi.

Adi.st:thanks..maan sir has never said this to an employee..

Adi:how is geet mam sir.I feel sry for everything happened.

Maan:hmmm’nothing is in our hand adi..everything went out of control..i failed to protect her family..now she is recovering..

Adist:maan sir is answering me..in detail’it is really geet who has changed him..god’make that girl cure soon..so that we can see more changes in sir..so that he can also be a normal person,who deserves all happiness..

Maan:ok.adi..i’ll work from house for few more days..

Adi: ok sir,

Maan:u bring me other files also tomorrow..

Adi:yes sir..

Maan:what about that government quotation..have u made it..

Adi:yes sir..we have made the quotation’that blue file sir..you go through it once..so,we can submit tomorrow..


Adi:sir,u must be there,when the quotations are opened before all.its two days after..n now u r the Md of KC..this will be ur first public appearance as MD.

Maan sighed..

Maan:will try..he thought..

Maan:ok..i’ll come..report me daily before u leave office..and call me if there is emergency..now u can go..

Adi:ok sir..

after geet has slept Dadi n badi dadi came to khurana mansion.. Vicky was playing in the living room with dexture..

Vicky: hai dadis’

B.Dadi: hai Vicky..had ur lunch..

Vicky: yes dadi..u went to hospital na’how is she?

Dadi:little better’

Vicky: what dr.said

Dadi: geet is afraid of fire..she needs councelling..n dr.said she will come every two days to KP  n give councelling.

Vicky:dadi..i want to see my bhabhi .i know bhai will not allow me..dadi,can u do something.,that I can see her n speak with her..today,I saw bhabhi in balcony .i only saw her eyes..i could not see her fully..u know dadi, for the first time bhai was there in balcony.i was shocked seeing him.he was consoling bhabhi..

Vicky was saying more n more.it was his excitement seeing his brother..it was only a fraction of second,he saw maan. His eyes twinkled when ever he said bhai n bhabhi..

Dadi’s hugged him..she had tears.

Dadi:u love him na..even after knowing that he hates u ..

Vicky:yes dadi..other than u ,he is the only one who belongs to this family..i have no papa,no mama..only u n bhai..now bhabhi..what if he hates me..i’ll always love him’n I’ll wait for him till the day he  accepts me..

Dadi:I’m proud of u..

Vicky:u must be..after all i’m vikranth singh khurana..brother of maan singh khurana,the MD of KC.

Dadi:tumhe bura nehi laga..i made him md..of kc..u too have rights in kc..

Vicky: no daadi..i’m happy at ur decision..i’m only 18yrs.i’m going to step into college.n kc ko handle karna ..i cant..but,bhai will bring kc to the peak.i know him..

Dadi kissed him.

B.Dadi:Vicky..college ki admission milgayi kya..

Vicky:yes dadi..ur potha has made the admission in america..we have to leave by this week end..

B.dadi:I forgot to tell u the gud news..his wife is expecting..

Vicky:so..i’m going to be an uncle soon..

Dadi was worried..

b.dadi:now what happened savithri.

Dadi:didi.i don’t know,how long we will keep Vicky from facing maan..i made Vicky to stay in hostel n complete his school.now,he is coming with u to America for higher studies..when will I live with them both together .

B.dadi:savithri..wait for somemore time..everything has an end..n ur prayers will not go in vein..god must have something for u..wait till that day..maan will accept him as his own brother..

Vicky don’t want to be there more..he thought he may cry before his dadima..he went to the lift..which took him to his room..

His room was painted with blue,his favourite colour..it was more luxurious than maans room..he had every needed things in his room..his wardrobes filled with branded dresses.his room  had a study table which was filled with books.the music system with numerous cds n dvds..a projector where he can see his films n tvs in full screen..a small fridge which contained his all time favourite snacks n juices..a king size bed at the centre with blue satin spread..his room had two lifts,one which he can enter Kms living room n the other near balcony,which he can go outside Km..one side of his wall was plain,furnished with wood  with a big photo frame at its centre.a garland was hanging on it..


vickys needs were always fulfilled..whatever he thinks he gets it..he is not a spoilt brat..he is so kind n helpful to all..he is craving for love.n care..which his friends too misuse him in the name of friendship..noone knows him as junior khurana.he was always kept away from home..so,the medias were also unknown of him..His friends  knew him as a rich boy..his things which he uses always said his royal life style.his bank balance never reduced..

Entering his room,Vicky broke down.he came to the photo.It was  maan n his father.

maan was a xerox copy of his father…there was wordings at its bottom..

I’m there for u always..

Say me ur sorrows..i’ll vanish it..

Say me ur happiness I’ll multiply it..

Say me ur wishes I’ll fulfill it..

Papa..whats wrong  with me papa’why I don’t desrve any happiness..why u left me alone here..bro doesn’t love me..isme meri kya galthi hai..u married my mom..before maan s moms death..my mom loved only ur money’she is at fault..she gave birth to me..after ur death,when she came to know all the properties are under dev n maan bhais name..she left me also..she dis owned me for her happiness..whats my fault papa..maan bhai hates me as I’m his step bro..par papa’he is my bro na..i want to be loved by him..how much I wished to see his marriage..but,I’m unlucky to see that too..now bhabhi is there..she is unwell..i want to be with her side..i want to take care of her..i want her love too..whats my fault papa..i don’t get anyones love’

I didn’t get ur love..

I didnt get mama’s care..

I didn’t get bros love

Now bhabhis too.

Do u think dadis ka pyaar kaafi hai..i feel lonely papa..whenever I come to km ,this tortures me papa..

Maan bhai lives alone in kp..bcoz of me..he doesn’t want to see  my face..

I dont want luxury life papa..

I want love n care..i want a joint family..

..maan bhai will not face me..i know.. Atleast give me bhabhis love pls..

He dozed off crying there..

After a nap ,when he felt better he washed his face n came down n joined dadis.,

later,dadis went to Kp to see geet..

PRECAP:bedtime story..for geetLOL 

(B.dadi:I forgot to tell u the gud news..his wife is expecting..

Vicky:so..i’m going to be an uncle soon..

I made all confuse with this line..
its badi dadis potha..i’ve refferred..
i’ve no idea if i’ll introduce this charecter or badidadis family later
so,i did not name them too..just added for a lucky charm of geet..)

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