U,Me,Aur? – Part 63

    U, ME,AUR…?

                                                                 PART 63

Hai friends,

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Maans dadis started to be busy with their chat.maan left geet with them  for some time.He called bahadur n raghav to meet him with securities who were newly appointed.

B:sir,here is our new team of securities.

He said standing stiff n so were others.

Maan:I wanted u all to be with me in todays meet.But you all will be in formals.u all will behave like u dont me.every 1 of u will be seated beside other persons there.make sure u all follow all the persons speech also closely.its highly professional n risky too.bcoz all belong to high society.n all will be powerful persons.i want to know the person behind cheenu’s death.specially rahul chopra…if u find anything fishy u will inform me thru bahadur.even I may also be followed by someone.u all be careful.i’m choosing u all bcoz,they would not have been seen u all before.so it will be a little easier.any doubts.

All in unison:no sir.

Maan:then disperse.n go to the place, By ur own.i’ll come with my securities.

It was 11.30. maan went n changed to his official attire.he came down .

Maan:dadi,I’m leaving .take care of geet.if she troubles you say her stories..he smiled at geet.


Dadi:ok beta.best of luck.

B.dadi.luck is in his house now.so don’t worry.i’m sure maan this deal will be urs.

Maan looked for geet.she was missing.

Maan:dadi,where is she.

Geet came with kala from kitchen.

Maan:what are you doing in kitchen.

Geet looked at him with baby face.

Geet did not answer him.

Kala:she asked me to bring u dhai with chakkar.

Daadi looked at her in surprise.

Dadi:why do you want to give this gudia.

Geet:he is going for examna.my mama gives me daily dhai chakkar when I go for exam.

All laughed at her innocent answer.

b.dadi: omg savithri.she is too much innocent..but pure at heart.she doesn’t know maan is going for  business deal.but she wants him to succeed.

Dadi:by scoring first mark in exam..

She finished in a teasy way.maan could also chuckle at his innocent wifes behavior.but geet was looking at them with a weird expression.

Maan:kya hua princess.

Geet:why u all r laughing at me.did I say anything wrong.

Maan:no princess.

Dadi was surprised.as maan doesn’t believe in these foolish activities.

Dadi coughed to get their attention.

Dadi:gudia,if he himself said nothing wrong.then its ur duty feed him a spoon full.

Geet :ji dadi.

She took the bowl from kala n fed him.he don’t want to disappoint geet.,so he quietly had it giving an angry glare at daadis.

He cupped her face n kissed her forehead.

Maan:I’ll be back soon.take rest.

Geet:come soon.

He nodded his head.

Her face colour faded,when he left her.she made a grumpy face n sat in the sofa.she started to miss him.she did not join in dadis talks nor replied to their questions.

Dadis were talking to each other

B.dadi:choti ,I’m thinking why don’t we take geet to mansion.vicky will be happy to see his bhabhi.

Maan is also not here.

Geets face brighted hearing vickys name.but she did not get the idea of what they are talking about.so,she went back with her grumpy sad face staring the wall.just searching her family in the plain wall.

Dadi:didi.do u think I would not have that idea.

b.dadi:then what.lets take her to mansion.

Dadi:didi..u r ..

B,dadi:what?intelligent na..


b.dadi:what..u say it a stupid idea.why say me the reason.

Dadi:just see the ceilings around..

b.dadi:whats there?i usually sees this.nothing has changed.

Savithri slapped her forehead.

dadi:didi..u r getting old..u cant think  nor see.see the ceiling..matlab see the cc cameras.maan has  fixed in each n every corner here.so,u cant cheat him.moreover,if we took her with us n  what if maan gets angry with her. u know geet is his wife n he has the right on her to make decisions.i don’t want them to have misunderstandings or fightings.geet  has started to respond now only.i don’t want her to face any wrath of maan.bcoz,he is the one geet talks now.i don’t want to see maans angry face again.

b.dadi:hmm..u r right.


Maans entry in abc place .

The place was fully covered with medias.they were telecasting a live relay of the vip’s.


Here comes rahul chopra.

Rahul chopra came with his bodyguards.

He asked the medias to come near him.(lol. publicity seeker)

Hai sir..how much confident r u.


Its said KC will be giving u a tough competition this time.

No..i don’t think so.the new md is an young boy.he cant compete my experience.i pity his dadi ex md of kc for handling the business to him.

Suddenly there was a hustle bustle.the medias ran towards that direction.

Rahul made fists in anger.but controlled as it was a public place.

Now comes Mr.maan singh khurana.

This is his first appearance as MD of khurana constructions.

Maan enters abc place in his black bmw car with his  other two security cars .the driver came out n opened the door for him.he placed his first step out.his black shiny shoes .he came out of the car.he adjusted his goggles.he started to walk in full attitude.his shoes were making noise as every girls hearts beated looking his handsome structure in tv.tak..tak..tak..tak…his m shaped lips added the crazy girls crave for him. he was wearing a black n white suit with black coat. it was sticking to his body showing his marvelous outline of his masculine body.

The medias approached him.the securities tried to stop them.but maan said to allow them

MEDIA:congrats sir.

        this is ur first deal after taking charge of Kc.

        How do u feel now.

        Do u think u will get this deal

        Bcoz we heared there are lots of competition.

        Will u succeed in getting this deal

        How much confident are u..?

        What are the changes u r going to do in kc.

        Now it is in 2nd position.

 Maan doesn’t reply to anyone.he just had a smirk on his face.but the last question made him answer.

Maan:KC will no more be in 2nd position.

He said in full attitude n pride.

Media:so u r confident that u will get this project.

Maan:100% nehi..

All the medias look at him in shock.

Maan:the counting 100s n 1000s will not equalize it. i have no doubt  even .ooo1%..i’m sure this project will be mine.

Media:hmm.sir,rahul chopra said ur dadi has made a wrong decision by handling the kc to u.what do u like to say.

Maan :just wait n watch.

Leaving the medias speechless,he went inside the place.


If kc gets this project,there will be a tough competition in business world.kc will share the first place with chopra constructions.

See u all after the break..its mayura from epics tv..


Vicky was seeing maan s interview in tv.he jumped in joy.he kissed maan in tv screen.

My bro is the best.he can do anything..this rahul is a dust to him .he will flew him away.

Nakul saw this. wondering how crazy Vicky was to see his brother.he loves  maan when maan doesn’t even talk with him.what will happen if  maan behaves normally to him. This Vicky will never leave maan from his sight.he is madly loves  his brother

And on the other side of delhi.

Sameera was seeing the interview of maan.

Dam god.he is a greek god.his looks kills me.what an attitude.this medias are behind him.if I was with him I too will be there.how much publicity I’ll get..being gf of maan..i never expected maan will become a hot news for medias.

I made a mistake maan.i slipped the treasure from my hand.its ok.still we are collegemates.i’ll make u mine for ever..

Sry dearies..update long hogayi so same precap for next one..Wink

precap:rahul to his staff,find out who is gudia maan refering..


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