U,Me,Aur? – Part 65

 U, ME,AUR…?

                                                                 PART 65

 Hai friends,

Thank you all for your support .Special thanks for my friends who clicked like buttons and commented my updates.. Please encouraging me in the same way’SmileI love you all.

Thinking about geet I forgot Vicky..

All thinks I made geet recover.but.its not  true..its bcoz of Vicky geet came out n reacted..if geet must recover soon only Vicky can do it..but,he is going to America..what wil I do now’

He turned on bed right n left..he cant come to a decision..the only question in his mind was how?

Dadi will not allow me to near Vicky..then how..(there is flash back for this sentence..dont squeeze ur mind now frnds)


A week passed by’he was not able to find a solution,bcoz his mind had lots of ideasn don’t know which to implement..’his works doubled..but he never left geet alone.or give her fire treatment..the dr.came twice a day..n maan will be with geet always..

.that day ..it was noon’he was busy,engrossed in his work,geet was sleeping beside him..

Maans phone rang


Master:hello maan..just want to know when can we start our  dance classes back..

Maan:tomorrow is Sunday..so,from monday’

He looked at geet..then he got another idea..

Maan:.u have to teach new students also…can u..

Master:its ok when it comes to u ..maan..

Maan: sir,can u come here all 6 days instead of 3days..

Master:ya sure..maan ur college also starts on mondayna..

Maans st:shit I forgot it..

Maan :yes sir..we will see on Monday..

Maan had got  another  idea,what to do..he got up from his bed..he searched geets cupboard’he took the file out’

Maans st:princess u will recover soon..yes’

He got a new confidence in him..

later he was held with his works till night,when adi came..n he forgot what he was about to do..geet was with dadis..but she always looked at maan’maan doesn’t forget to light the fire in front of her for seconds inbetween his busy schedule..always geet will get scared n scream n hug maan tightly..

the night was routine..maan n geet had their dinner.. nowadays,maan taught her how to use spoon n forks..geet struggled a lot ..but was successful at the end..dadis went to mansion…maan  will give geet medicines n her sleeping pills after her lots of tantrums…

that night too..maan made her lay on the bed.he tugged her with spread..

maan:gud night princess..

he got up n started to leave.

She stopped him holding his wrist..

Maan:what happened princess..do u want something..

Geet:hmm..u forgot something..

He knotted his brows..

Maan:what I forgot?

Geet:u did not give me kissy..gud night kissy..

Maan chuckled..he bent to her n placed a kiss on her fore head..

He was about to move..

Geet:please don’t leave me..i’m scared..

Maan looked at her worriedly..he sat next to her..she kept her head on his laps .maan brushed her hair..

Maan:I’ll not leave u geet..i’m here only..

He  kissed on her cheeks..he sat there till she slept..he went n changed to his tracks..he saw the file..

Shit..i forgot this’ok..i’ll finish this by tomorrow’

He entered his private room’he came out after few minutes..his face was in full peace..he slided next to geet..in mid night geet screamed n maan hold her in his embrace n slept peacefully..


Night at vickys room..

He was talking to his fathers photo..no..no..complaining to his photo..packing his stuffs..

Vicky..whats this papa..i m going to america now..i’ll not come for 3 yrs’3 long years..how can I go leaving bhai ,bhabhi n dadi here..u said na papa..u will make bhabhi  love me..u said bhabhi ma will be like my mother,friend n sister..but,I’m going..i’ve not seen her face too..i’m so unlucky na papa..i promised u na papa..i’ll take care of her..phir bhi..i cant go near her..

Papa..mei aap se khatti..i’m not going to talk to u..

He walked n fell on his bed,showing his anger..he felt asleep..

His room door opened..a familiar hand threaded his hair softly..n placed a soft peck on his forehead. vicky with his closed eyes

Vicky :papa.

Papa: haan beta..

Vicky: aap aagayi..

Papa: haan

Vicky:but why now..i’m angry with u

Papa:u cant get angry with me..

Vicky:how can u say that?

Papa:bcoz u cant stay away from me without ur complains..then,who will listen to it..

Vicky:but,u did not keep ur words..

Papa:I will beta..

Vicky..matlab,u will make me meet bhabhi ma..

Papa:haan beta..

Vicky:when papa..

Papa:cant u wait..

Vicky:no..pls say na..

Papa:tomorrow.but u must keep ur promise..take care of her..


     Papa r u saying the truth..will I meet her tomorrow..




Vicky opened his eyes..again it’s a dream’

Is it true’that papa will make me meet bhabhi tomorrow..chances..50:50..may be may not be..

But he eagerly waited for the sunrise..

Morning 4.55 am

Geet was sleeping in maans chest..maan has woken up already..but he was admiring the innocent beauty..he placed her on the pillow..n started to wake up her..

Maan:gud morning princess..


Maan:wake up..princess’its late for  gym today..


Maan:if u r not coming I’ll go alone..then don’t cry that I left u..

She opened her eyes immediately..

Maan kissed her forehead..

Maan:gud morning jaan:

Geet :gud morning prince

She kissed his cheek’it has become their regular n geet did not have any feelings for that kiss..

Maan feels fire whenever her lips touched him..but he knows it doesn’t matter anything to her..so,he has started to control himself.moreover her health is important to him,than his desire..

Both made their way to washroom..brushed the teeth n entered the gym..

He  has taught her simple excercises n he started to do his..

He made her walk in tread mill with slow speed n he did his push ups without straining his one hand…

He remembered the first day  encounter with geet  in gym n chuckled..

After an hour..

They made their way out’

Kala came there with coffee n milk..they both drank it..

Maan:geet u go n take bath..


Maan:what..u don’t want to take bath..

Geet:no..i  want to wash my hair..but,I don’t know na..

Kala:ok..u take ur dress n come..i’ll wash ur hair..

Maan went to his study n did some works in his lappy.

After geet  n kala came out, kala use to see geet with a hope whenever she baths her..trying to know maneet are one..but,she was disappointed,when she doesn’t see marks or love bites on her body..but,she will console herself thinking,geet is still not well to be again in married life n so maan is maintaining distance..

maan went n freshed up…

When he came out geet was fully ready..like a fresh flower. Maan dressed in formals

They headed downwards..

Maan was busy in his lappy..geet was leaning on him’when she had no work to do,what can she do..she always tried to be in his warmth’she felt secured around him..dadi’s came there..

They were happy to see both of them like that’maan greeted them n geet too..they wished them back..

Maan:dadi ..i’ll be back in 5 min..

 Maan left geet with them.

He took his phone n called ..

Maan:hello sir,gud morning..maan singh khurana here..

Sir:gud morning maan..

Maan:sir,can I meet u today..r u free’

Sir:yes sure..

Maan:can we meet in ur office at 9am..is that fine for you..

Sir:y not.is anything important..

Maan:yes sir..i’ll talk to u when we meet..


Maan kept the phone..

He came back..he saw geet looking at the side were he went..when he was back she was normal..

He shrugged his shoulders..

Maan:what are you looking for geet..

Geet answered innocently’

Geet:for you..

Dadis laughed at geets innocence..n our maan s cheek flushed lightly..

Later kala came with their morning breakfast from km.

Maan:dadis ,have ur breakfast..

Dadi:we have already done..its only for u both..

Maan n geet had their break fast together..maan gave juice to geet .

Geet,go change ur dress to nice one n come down..kalakka help her..

Dadi: are you taking her out..where?

Maan: yes dadi..but,I’ll say after I come from there..

Geet came down neatly dressed n her hair loosely tied up..

Maan n geet took the blessings from dadi’s n went out..


dadi:haan di..

b.dadi:where is ur grandson taking his wife..

dadi:who knows..

b,dadi:why he took blessings today..he doesn’t do it daily..

dadi:..o fo di’aap bhi na..if I know the answers for ur questions..i will not be looking at the way they went..i’m also like u only..

b.dadi:he must have left to do some gud work’so only he took our blessings..

dadi was ::::::??????


 precap..:where would have maan took geet..


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