U,Me,Aur? – Part 73


                                               PART 73

Hai friends,

Thank you all for your support .Special thanks for my friends who clicked like buttons and commented my updates.. Please encouraging me in the same way’SmileI love you all.

The slap echoed all over the place..sam stood there holding her cheeks.All the students freezed at the moment.. The juniors looked shockingly at arohi n then at maan.,who  just gave orders to repay  to his own colleagues.shyam was seething in anger.getting humilated before all..but sameera kept quiet..if she wants to achieve her goal..to get maan back. in her life,.she has to be quiet..Maan looked for others…lol…All the group of their gang has escaped long before,when shyam got punched by maan..
(my thought:if they were true friends,they would not have run..)
Arohi:sry mam,i cant disobey  him…he is also a senior..n we juniors  must do the task which seniors says..
she went n stood along with her friends..n her group looked at her amazingly..

Arjun :yaar hiten,this girl is something different..what  a guts …oh god…she even said sry …but it is not a sry..sam ko dekh…she cant even stand anyones words…but today she in numb before all..searching to reply her…
Hiten:uhem.uhum…some one is falling in love…love at first sight..you like her.
Arjun :yes.i think so…He bite his tongue which he spilled his heart unknowingly..A girl came to them.
girl:who has fallen in love hiten..
hiten:hai gauri…our friend Arjun ..with that girl…he showed Arohi..
Gauri:not bad..but u must  know her opinion too before u proceed ur relation..u can take our help also…she teased.
arjun:ok..ok…If i need any help i’ll take from u both guys..afterall u r experienced  couples…kese girls ko patana mein hiten se lesson loonga..n how will girls react i’ll  ask from u..
Hiten n gauri:ok..yaar..we are always to help for you…
then they heared shyams roaring voice..

Shyam:I’ll not leave u maan…
Maan:i’m here only shyam…what can u do…he said sarcastically..
shyam got up n moved to maan to punch him back…he stood in his place rooted when he saw his securities back to him.maan turned at where he is looking…he smirked n eyed his guards to leave..
shyam  felt helpless n ashamed..he cant do anything to maan..shyams father is vip…but here maan himself is a vip,not a mere student like him…
he left the place immediately..
the students also started to disperse..
maan:wait ..noone will go till i say..
maan came to geet,who was  standing there in shock seeing maans anger..n his punch..she has not seen such violence…in Hp too when there is a fight between couples they will behave as loving ones before geet not to hurt her..all kept her away from fights n violence…now the sight is too much  for her..
maan snapped his fingers before her n she came out of her trance n looked at him ..
maan:yesterday, i slapped you before all..i did not think before doing that..i…i’m sry …im sry for slapping you..thats what i want to say…now all can go.
the juniors never expected this …n those who know maan was totally spell bounded hearing it..
Vicky just stood there admiring his bhai standing behind his friends…
the principal who came in saw maan saying sorry…
Principals ST:hmm..strange..maan aur sry..he has behaved rudely to many students before..but he never said sry..he will say it doesnt suit his pride to ask sry…but today,he is asking sry to his own wife n that too infront of college..he did not think about his reputation. or self respect…he only thought about his wifes respect..he must be a jackfruit…outer he is hard n inner he is having a sweet heart…

the silence was broken only by arohis words..
Arohi:i’m also sry sir..
maan did not care her words n moved.oh..That was original maan to all..
He saw principal.
Maan:gud moning sir.
princi:gud morning..
Maan:i want to talk to you sir.
Princi:come to my cabin..
Maan followed him to his cabin n the students went to their classes..
Princi:now say…whats the matter maan.
Maan:thanks sir…for changing her class next to urs..
Princi:its ok..actually i had a chat with ur dadi yesterday…she told me the rest of ur story n geets..she personally asked me to take care of geet..so,i thought if her class is next to my cabin  the students will behave nicely..atleast they   give me a little respect…
he laughed at his own statement..
Princi:u will also  be worried at her…so i changed ur class opposite 2 hers..so,u can see ,that she is fine..
maan:once again thanks sir..
maan left to his class…but his eyes wanted to see geet..so,he turned to geets class..he smiled looking at what he is doing..

geets class.
Before entering the class,geet asked Vicky.
geet:why he punched him like that…that sir was bleeding..n that mam too got a slap..both must be having pain na..
the friends looked at her like kis mitti se banaya ho..
vicky:you care for that man n girl bcoz of whom you was hurt yesterday..
geet:phirbhi…wo kal hogaya…but today..i feel bad for them..bcoz of me they got hurt na.
vicky looked at her pure heart,which now too cares for the persons who hurted her…n so were his friends..
then  yash came. to cheer up all…
Yash n friends:geet yaar…you did a miracle..
yes yaar..ive heared maan.the great MSK ,our senior is too rude..n he proved it yesterday…
but today,he geniunely apologized to you before all..
geet was holding vicky n they both nervously smiled at each other ..
Arohi:  you must have feel embarressed yesterday na…today you can keep ur head up…he said sry to u b4 all..
Vicky:bus bus…let us speak about something else..what happened yesterday..how was the first day ..did any proffesssors came..did they start to teach..
friiends :yes vicks..proff came ..they asked us to introduce ourselves …n  gave some boring speeches …yesterday was nothing more than that…haan yaar..yesterday our class was in first floor,but today its changed  next to princi’s room..
vicky:uhmm..so we have to be silent when princi is next to us..
prem:yes yaar..we must be obedient students…otherwise princi will give us tc ..All laughed.
renuka was looking only at vickys hands entwingled with geet..geet was lost somewhere,thinking about maan..n his behaviur today..
Vicky:hai Renu..
geet looked up instantly..her face glowed n looked at whom vicky is talking too..she whispered ..
bcoz renu sounded like Rano 2 her..she looked at the girl of their age..she then looked away hurted..
vicky:why are you looking dull yaar…
Renu:nothing vicks..im ok..
renu tried her best not to ask about geet,but she could not hold  it..
Renu:Vicks,who is this girl..?
Vicky:at present,she is the most precious person in my life…I love her sooo much..he said excitedly.
he gave geet a side hug n rested his heads on her shoulder..
Renuka felt a pain in her heart..
her st:ive  been with vicks from school days..i ve never felt this kind of feeling..but why i did not like his closeness with her..why i feel restless…why i feel jealous..the girl is not reacting like him..from her view,i think that there is nothing between them..but why vicks said he loves her…are they in relation..
All the others knew about vicky n geets bond,as he said she belongs to his family…but he did not say it to renu,which left her in confusion…

Heer:patha hai..patha hai…the way u cried yesterday…
Meera:vicks,we dont know u can also lose ur temper..
yash:we can see the bond in it..
then some classmates came n introduced themselves to vicky n geet..
geet shook hands with girls..she avoided hand shaking with boys .she folded her hands n said namaste to them…thats the sight maan saw..n he smiled…she will not let any boys touch even for hai or hello..he moved to his class making his securities to safe guard geet ..bahadur was one who stood outside the class with one of his securities.chatting with each other.They kept an eye on geet n vicky,but without others notice them..
some boys really came to geet only to flirt her n touch her…they have really fallen in her beauty ..they were really pissed off by geets behaviour..
Arohi:what happened geet…you can shake hand for hello.
Geet :uhmm…wo..my mom says not to touch boys who are outsiders..
Pranav:geet,vicky is also boy..
geet looked at vicky lovingly..her eyes full of love that had for her brother..
geet:but,he is too close to me..he is not an outsider.
Vicky:we are families yaar…i said to u..
Renu sighed now..what i thought…
Pranav:yesterday you were looking typical indian…n today totally changed…who did the magic ..u know i too was totally bowled..
Vicky:someone close to her..who wants to save her from all that teasy n nasty cmnts..
Prem:whom yaar..
VIcky:someone of our family..

the class started..geet n vicky took the first seat. near the door followed by his friends..maan was sitting near window…he can see geet n vicky from his class.they were introducing themselves to the class as this was the first day to them..maan was comfortable only with arjun as he never talks unnecessarily to maan..so arjun sat next to maan..as none has the ability to handle maans temper…even at class.

the proffessors came and started to teach them..maan got engrossed in his class n geet in hers…it was the next proffessors arrival to come..suddenly there was a crack sound…n all the students in a certain bench along with AV laughed…
Vicky:whats going on yaar..
prem:Av ka naya shararat hogi…aur kya..
then they saw a boy taking papads from the chair,where he was sitting..AV has placed under him when he stood up n sat which made the whole class laugh..but geet did nt..she is still aloof with all..except vicky..
Meera:THis AV na..they will never change..
the next classes went with all laugh n fun …all found the different behaviour of geet..she was comfortable only with vicky n talks only to him.That too if he asks her anything she will answer him…she rarely answered  others..when all were enjoying with each other n laughng she always kept mum…It was lunch time..all were having there lunch together..vicky n geet shared the same lunch pack..sometimes he feeded her too…all looked at him…why he takes so much care…after the lunch he gave the tablet to her…geets face faded seeing it..she pleaded
geet:no vicky..
vicky:pls..you must have it..
geet:no..pls atleast you dont force me…
vicky :its for ur gud…you must have it…pls…pls…
its vickys time he pleaded n pleaded to take her..n geet refused..
bhai..how you give her medicines daily…she is more stubborn than a child..not to take medicines…
he then took the five star n showed her..
vicky:baby,if you want this ,medicines khalo..
geet nodded no..
vicky:i’ll show u today cartoons..ur favourites..
maan was restlessly looking at herfrom his class..he wants to confirm she takes the medicine..
vicky came n whispered to geet in ears..
vicky:babhi,if u dont take medicines,then maan bhai will not allow you to talk with me…pls…
geet made a puppy face n with lot of hesitation took the tablets..
geet:i’ve took my tablets..now give my choco bar…she extended her hands.
vicky chuckled n gave it.even his friends saw how much he was pampering her n buttering her to take medicines…n geets childishness too..
meera:vicks,why she is taking medicines..
vicks nodded no…like dont ask now…
maan was relieved…seeing her taking the medicines..he continued with his lunch…

After lunch geets class..All were waiting for their proffessor.MR.xavior..the seniors call him hitler..he was rude to all students n expects perfection in all their works..geet was getting drowsy as the medicines has started to show its effect..she was yawning continuosly n her eyes was drowning to sleep..
the proffessor enters n the first sight caught him was geet s sleepy eyes..bcoz they were in the first seated opposit to him..
Xavior:you,stand up..
geet stood up with fear..but her eyes was not allowing to see anything .her vision was blur..
Xavior:whats ur name..
geet sir.
Xavior:if u want to sleep why u are coming to college..
geet stood there silently..tears was forming in her eyes..
geet:sr y sir…she yawned…idk. i feel drowsy..
here came her savior..princi..
Principal entered their class room .
Princi:whats happening here.Mr Xavior..you r shouting at the students..
then he saw geet standing n yawning continuosly…then she felt more dizzy.she sat on the chair n fell asleep…
Xavior was pissed off..
Xavior:this girl has taken my nerves today..sitting in first bench n yawning..without concentrating how can we take lessons..n see we both are here n she is sleeping..he chidded…
xavior expected the same from principal..
principal neared geet n threaded her hair..
Princi:where were you MR.xavior..when i arranged meeting with all proffessors of this class..
xavior:yesterday …i came at second session only..he is scared now…
princi:i ve said to all of them…no one will taunt this girl for anything.
Xavior :kisi bade ghar ki bigdi hui ladki hogi…her family must have  given a lots of donation .
Xavior:ok sir..but i’ll not accept any neglience in studies..
principal knows maan can teach her everything..
princi:she will be ur best student like maan..
Xavior:dont compare anyone to maan sir..he is the best among all i have seen..none can reach his perfection..or brokr his records..
Princi:this batch will reach ..n if my judgement is correct,she will near his records..
all the students were surprised by their talks..vicky was proud hearing maans tarif.
princi neared vicky
princi:she now belongs to ur family..u r vikranth..am i right..
vicky:yes sir..she is sleeping bcoz of the pills..
he explained the situation..
Princi:i expected..do the students know about her health..
vicky nodded no..
princi:ok..i’ll say..xavior,why im supporting her do u know…bcoz,i pity her, for her situation which she is going through…listen students..this is also for u all.,to know about her…she last her whole family in a fire accident..n she is not fully recovered from that..so i need all of you also to be careful with her..no talking about her parents or questions about her personal life..
the whole class went silent n looked geet pityly..
xavior cursed himself for his thoughts..bichari..
arohi:vicky,so that medicines
vicky:to bring her out of depression.
Renu:so only you are  taking care of her more..
yash:is she ur relation
vicky:now her only relation is my family..
Arohi:its too horrible..to loose all at once…i can know her how she must be feeling..i ve no mother..but my dad is there for me..
vicky:yes..mom n dad..if they are not with you,you will feel isolated…will crave for care n love..
pranav:aur upar se she is so innocent..
vicky:i need help from you guys…just be with me n baby..i want her to recover from her past..
all:we will be with u dude..
principal after giving them warning of does n donts went away..mr.Xavior after taking his part he gave all of them an assignment n to submit it tomorrow..geet kya karegi…
umm maan babu..aap kya karrrahi ho?
oh he is niharifying his sleeping beauty from his class..making sure his classmates doesnt notice his drooling sections..
me thinking:did he listen to any lecturers…

precap:geets first assignment..
apply in her stomach.kala gave oil bowl to maan n left..maan looks at geet who is curled like a ball holding her stomach…


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