U,Me,Aur? – Part 77

 U, ME,AUR…?

                                               PART 77

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After the classes finished all went ..though maan was pissed off with sams behaviour,his sweethearts words made his day..He was in his office cabin..he was still smiling remembering geet’s words..aapki patni jo hoon..how easily she says their relation…but doesnt know the real meaning of it…a baby women married to me…he chuckled at his thoughts n started to concentrate on his works..today he wants her to be in his arms..h ehimself dont know why..he was like a love sick puppy..he finished his work soon n went back home…geet was murmuring something under her breathe..maan smiled at her cribbling..she was not able to understand some thing in her book..so,she was complaining to babaji..how will i solve this problem..?
maan:mein hoon na..
geet eyes widened seeing him..she ran to him.
geet:aap aagayi..ithni jaldi..
maan took her in his embrace..she placed her head on his chest encircling him..
maan:i was missing my wife n her bak bak..so,came soon..
maan:sachi..n now say whats ur problem..
geet:first u fresh n come..then u teach me.
maan:what will i get in return…he asked naughtily..deep in his heart expecting a kiss from his wife..
geet:ur black coffee..
maan was…!!!!???
he removed his official attire..as a gud wife she gave him his tracks n vests n towel..he is also getting habitual to her now..the way she takes care of his small needs,he felt happy with that..
when he came outafter taking bath,she was standing there with his coffee..
maan moved to dressing drying his hair..she followed him..
geet:prince first have ur coffee..or it will get cold..
maan took it from her n started to sip..whereas geet took the towel n started to dry his hair..
maan:i’m getting addicted to ur coffee.u make perfect taste of mine…i dont like coffees outside now..
geet:really..u like my coffeee..
taking her in his arms..
maan:would u like to taste..
geet made a weird face..
geet:yuck…it tastes  bitter..i dont know how u drink this..
maan smiled at her antics n her facial expression…
maans st:how many years ive lost my smile… i’ve started to smile again..only bcoz of u geet,,,.
then maan started to teach  n helped her…
the first semester exams was on..
maan use to take care of her every single notes n taught her how to present in paper..He adviced her not to mug up anything..first understand the things n then read it..so,it will be easy…he sometimes will ask her,..is vicky  also doing gud..n asked her to help him..n geet helped vicky when he was getting trouble in reading..when maan is not there,geet n vicky will do combine studies.

the first year semester result was announced..
all were surprised…geet was the topper n second was vicky..their gang ,also got nice results..so,they thought of celebrating n going for an outing n cinema..a full day out of house..
vicky refused to join them thinking about geet n maan..n film noways…they somehow thought vicky is avoiding only thinking about geets health.all said they all will be there to take care of geet..they stressed him a lot..atlast he said he will ask his daadi ‘s permission n say..Renuka was hurt again..vicky is not coming with them only bcoz of geet..vicky also sensed renu was not her old self ,like she was with him in school..from when the college has started…n he did not like it..the way she is avoiding him sometimes,he too felt hurt with her odd behaviour…but,couldnt reason why..when they talk vicky would feel pain in her voice..

vicky asked geet to seek permission from maan as all friends are insisting..though geet was not willing,she asked maan …maan thought about it full day..geet has to face this world..at present he cant take her out with him..its highly risky…but,she can go with vicky n friends..sothat she may overcome her fears n love the outer world…n enjoy also…
so,maan accepted …vicky was so happy,bcoz he felt maan is trusting him..

all decided to meet in vickys house… vicky came running to dadi…what he should do..what if they knew he is khurana seeing khurana mansion…dadi told him to make his friends meet in outhouse…noone knew it…he sighed in relief..
the day came …
all decided to go in 1 car…n maan has already arranged a limo with a duplicate no. for them.(original number can be easily identified as maan singh khurans).n the driver was raghav in a different get up…some more securities n bahadur will follow them in bike in casuals..maan was at home working in his files..

geet :yes.
maan:you will spend for all…its ur treat as u have topped..do u have ur card with u..
geet:yes..it will be nice if u also come with me..she cutely pouted..
maan:i promise..i’ll take u outing with me,when i’m free..
geet:bye prince..
geet was not in mood to go..but she left…she again came running to him n hugged him..maan gave her a kiss in cheeks..
maan:dont go with a crumpy mood..go n enjoy..have fun..
atlast she left..maan also knew y she is behaving lke that…only sunday is the day maan will spend full time with her…n today she will miss him…

Morning breakfast was arranged in outhouse for all friends..all came by time…prem,pranav,mani,yash,arun varun..meera,heer,pari,arohi,renu…the day started with fun n laugh..later,all the group sat in limo..though all were from a gud family n rich background..limo was not their cup of tea…all started to ask vicky whose limo is it..
vicky:ours yaar..
pranav:why dont u introduce us to ur family…we want to meet them.
vicky:when time comes i’ll introduce not now…they are busy..
mani:hmmm..the person who owns limo,must be a great personality…n will be busy in his works..we can understand..
vicky:yaar,lets go…
the friends were having great fun..its a big group indeed..
vicky sat next to geet..he tapped her shoulders,who was lost in her own thoughts..
vicky whispered in her ears..
vicky:babhy bhabhi,,where are u lost..we all are having fun..what are u thinking..
geet looked around ..all were busy chatting..vicky is the one she could share something other than maan..
geet:vicky,this is the first time i’m coming out without prince..i come with u for college..but i can see him there also..whenever we come out,.always he will sit beside me or keep me in his laps..he will keep his hands around me (oh poor vicky.bhabhi is again sharing their private moments.he looked at her shockingly)…i feel secured..i miss him..my mind is wavering around him only..today is sundayna,he will be alone at house..i’m coming with u all..i cant concentrate here…i dont know why my mind is fixed in him only..
vicky smiled seeing the love his bhabhi is having for his brother..vicky hugged her sideways over her shoulder.
vicky:bhabhi,if u r lost like this all will ask questions..then what will u say..can u say u r thinking about ur husband..they dont know u r married..n u have promised bhai u will not say it..do u rememeber..so,be normal…waise,u will be in bhais arms by evening…so,smile like a gud baby..or i’ll say cry baby infront of all..
geet got angry with his blackmailing..
geet:u will not say vicky..
vicky”i will if u kept aloof like this..
geet started to hit him playfully..
u will not..u will not..u will not..
ok..ok..baby..its paining..he faked n she immedietely rubbed the place in concern
vicky,did i hurt u..
vicky pulled her both cheeks n said
no my baby..
renu was restless seeing them again like this…she could feel herself fuming in jealousy…

Vicky was shocked..same as geet as they have stopped in Khurana mall..
vicky n geet in unison:khurana mall..
arohi:yes yaar…u know..khurana mall is the best among all malls in Delhi..it has all shops from dresses , fancy items.,boutigues,restaurants,cini hall,toy shop.jewelleries.everything…
vicky n geet smiled sheepishly at each other..

here bahadur called maan n said they r in khurana mall…maan was in relief..but he was missing his mishty so badly..so,he too took his car  with his securities n went to mall..but,he dont want to disturb them..so,he went to the cc camera room..the man in-charge was extremely shocked to see THe great MSK  has  come to check his work straight by himself..(he assumed so)..maan asked him to be out for sometime n watched his wife from there..

they all started to purchase .For geets relief,it was rosys shop all her friends entered..
rosy:hai gudia..how r u?
geet:achi hoon aunty..
rosy:ye sab
geet:meri friends..we all study in same class..aur ye vicky..
vicky:hai aunty,,,he asked in geets ears…this aunty..kaun hai.ye.
geet:she is rosy aunty..we buy dresses here only..she only made our marriage dress n now the dresses i wear also prince brought for me here only..the change in me was brought by her only..she whispered in vickys ears…
rosy:hai vicky beta..how is ur dadi…u all r from same class..thats gud..
vicky:dadi is fine aunty..
rosy ordered his staffs to take care of all..
rosy:will u like to choose anything gudia..
vicky:u must baby..then all will feel odd..pick something..
.geet ‘s first experience of shopping alone.she was confused looking at all…last time maan did..baar baar mujei prince ki yaadh aathi hai..girls entered ladies section..vicky followed geet there too..other boys were in mens section..
arohi:vicks,we know u care for geet..but,,dont u think u must give her space..this is girls section..
vicky:so,what..i’ll be with her only..
meera:u go n purchase for u..
vicky:i dont want to purchase for myself…if i need anything..my dadi will give me..even my thoughts,,,she knows..
vicky:for example if i wants this dress..i’ll find it in my room the very next day..idk how dadi comes to know about it..she will keep in my room as surprise..
meera:ok..lets see..u select a dress..but u will not buy…lets see how ur dadima gives u the dress..
vicky:first u all finish ur purchase..then lets go 4 mine..waise aap kitni bhi koshish karlo..i’m not leaving my babys side..
he securely placed his hands on geets shoulders..
geet:y should he go?
she asked innocently..without noticing they are at the entrance of lingerie section..
oh..the girls wanted to bang their heads..but this is geet..they moved without entering the section..
vicky helped in geets purchase…he showed her some tops..jeans ..full skirts..which she wear nowadays..geet kept all n looked her in mirror..couldnt decide what to buy..
then her phone rang..her face lit bright…it was enough for vicky to know its maans call..
maan:put ur phone in bluetooth..
geet did as he said..
maan:show one by one which u have  choosed..
geet:are u here..
maan:hmm..but in down floor..ab bath math karo..show what u have selected..u r looking so much confused..
geet kept one by one over her…maan selected some…geet was happy..she went to other sections too n will ask him is it nice.without others noticing her conversation with maan in phone…if he accepts she will take..
vicky bought some ..then he showed meera a dress in the showcase..a blue denim jean n a yellow tshirt..
vicky:this dress i like it..this will be in my place tomorrow..
meera :lets see.
after all of them had done with purchase geet scratched her card..n signed geet.m.singh.k. rosy smiled..n bid bye to all

all were hungry…so,they entered a restaurant in same mall..it was a self servicing restaurant..first they placed the orders…geet n vicky sat next to each other..next to vicky sat arun varun…n continued by all…they were sitting in round table..pulling each others ,singing,teasing..geet loved  it..
vicky has ordered a cake to celebrate geets victory..geet cut it n fed vicky first..n vicky fed geet..then they were called to take the orders placed…

here AV winked at each other..they sticked fevicol in the chair where vicky will sit..n the boys moved to get the food for them n girls…vicky got the mgs..ur seat is pasted with fevicol by AV..beware…vicky smiled…so,they were with another prank…thanks to bahadur..

vicky placed geets food before her..he changed his chair to next where arun sits ..arun varun came with their food..vicky put his leg in front,which made arun unbalance..he pulled varun for support..but they both landed  over each other on table…when arun lifted his face all bursted into laugh…aruns face was fully covered with cake..he turned to vicky in anger,who was laughing..

geet saw aruns face who was fully covered in cake…she started   to laugh ..it was musical…maan saw her laughing whole heartedly..he wants to see it straight…so,he moved to the restaurent fast…here arun took the cake n applied on vickys face…vicky took the plate full n throw on arun..arun bent n the cake landed on varuns face..n yash who are near by..they all started to throw against each other..soon mani n pranav also joined in cake fight..the girls were laughing at the boys…maan came n sat opposite to geet in a corner.of restaurent keeping distance…he was mesmerized by her laugh…she was holding her stomach n laughing at the faces of the boys..the girls slowed down their sound..but geet was still laughing..vicky saw it n stopped his fight..her laugh ..how many times he had tried to make her laugh whole heartedly..all stopped their fights n looked at geet…all are seeing her smiling face for the first time…

vicky hugged Arun varun…
thanks buddy…u made my day…bcoz of u my babes is laughing..
he said in tears..
arun varun:its ok u dont want to thank us..she is also our friend..dont think we will stop our pranks.on u…u have to pay for it..u made me fall today..n u will face  more pranks..
vicky:ok..all the best..first u sit n finish ur food..
he said suppressing his smile..

Av:first lets wash our creamy faces..
all the boys washed their faces  n came..they sat n had their food..

vicky:baby,when u smile u look more beautiful..
arohi:haan geet..ur smile is so nice..
pranav:haan like a twinkling star..
prem:ur teeth flashes light..someone doesnt even brush their teeth..when we sit beside them n when we have to see their laugh..yuck..
heer:hey.who are u saying?
prem:not u my dear..
heer:im only sitting next to u..u find my mouth smell yuck..i brush twice..see my teeth is pure white..not like urs full of fungus..
they started with another section of cute fight..the girls supported heer n boys supported prem..vicky leaned his  head on geets shoulder..
vicky:are u happy baby..
geet ruffled his hair..

all went to wash their hands..when varun tried to stand,he couldnt…then he realised.vicky has changed the chair..
prem:varun,fast yaar..we have to go for film too..its getting late…
varun looked at arun..
vicky tried his best not to smile..
vicky:pull him arun..or he will not get up himself..
pranav:what r u saying vicky..
vicky:this AV applied fevicol in my seat..i replaced n now varun is sittiing in that chair..poor boy..fixed to the seat…
all started to laugh again..but all the boys pulled varun which ended tearing his pant..all the girls closed their eyes seein it..varun was hell emberrassed..n he made his mind..he will make a prank that vicky will cry..n arun nodded his head reading varuns mind..
varun changed to a new pant..

vicky n others ordered icecream..
for u baby..
chocolate icecream..or straw berry ice cream..
she forgot she is still in blue tooth..
maan:princess u will order fruit salad with icecream.
geet:par..i dont like fruits..
vicky couldnt understand first then found her talking to maan…
maan:u will take fruits this way only..so,u will .
geet made a grumpy face n said..
fruit salad with icecream..
geet dusht dhanav khahinka..jo mujei pasand nehi usei khanei kho kehraha hai..ab mein kya karoon..
maan:u will eat ..kuch aur nehi..
she switched off the blue tooth..saying mujei aapse bath nehi karni hai..katti..

vicky came back with fruit sald with ice cream..
geet made a yuck face..
geet:vicky.i dont want fruits..
vicky took it from her bowl n started to feed her..
vicky:baby,u cant escape…c opposite to u at corner…bhai is there watching u..
geet found him.sipping his coffee..maan lifed his brows n signalled her to eat..geet opened her mouth n vicky fed her..
maan could see her cute rosy lips muttering something ..he knows ,she is cursing him for forcing her to eat fruits…

vicky tried to pay the restaurant bill..geet stopped n said..its my treat..so i will pay..
but the restaurent manager said.the bill has paid by the owner of mall for all the people who ate today…it was his treat…
he showed maan…
the group turned n saw maan..maan avoided them looking somewhere else..
pari:haye dreamy..kash mein unke saath betkar coffee peetha..
vicky n geet chocked the water they r drinking..
arohi rubbed her back…
Arohi:easy geet..pari is always in dream land…
but geet did not like it..she felt something which is unknown to her..how can pari say ,she wants to have coffee with him..i only have the rights to be with him..she crushed the tissue paper  n threw it..vicky knew,geet is feeling jealous..she cant share maan even in her thoughts…
prem:guys ,dont u think we have to thank him ..
yash:yes dude..
vicky:no yaar..
meera:no vicky we have to thank him..
arohi:yes ,when he have paid our bills..atleast we must say a thanks..come lets go..
maan paid the bills of all the people in restaurent..he was happy seeing his mishty smiling..he would have done more for her group..thinking it will question why he is doing,he paid for all…

arohi:hello sir…
maan looked at her..
the small girl who he used to play thinking as his sister..now grown into a beautiful bold girl..
the others were scared at his attitude…vicky n geet did not follow them..
arohi:thanks for paying our bill..
maan:its ok..u may carry on..
arohi:if u are alone why dont u join us..we are going for movie..
maan:no thanks…
saying he left the place…
maan was happy with their friendship..they knew the limits..n treat each others as friends only…n specially the care they take for geet,thats the main reason he was happy in them…

prem:itna attitude..but arohi..u are too bold..we shivered nearing him..
pranav:hmmm we saw ur dancing..
av:shaking legs..
all laughed..
renu:lets go yaar..or it will get late..
all moved to the cini floor…got the tickets n entered it…

all were shocked,bcoz no other peoples were there except them…there surprise went more when they saw maan sitting alone…before they could ask him,they saw hiten,gauri n arjun sitting beside him…so,maan has booked the entire hall for him n his friends..but why he allowed us?only vicky knew the answer but he cant say..

all know geet would be frightened seeing fire…so,they all choose to see a comic movie..some have already seen..so they confirmed there is no scenes which will make geet unhappy or scared..

arjun:maan,why u called us suddenly..
hiten:arjun,if he called for theatre..its oblivious we are here to watch a cinema..
gauri:hmmm..i cant believe..i’m sitting with the great business man maan singh khurana..
maan gave a glare at gauri,which made her shut up..
hiten:chup kar gauri..its first time he called me for cinema..i must have sent u home ..u r with me when he called n i dont want our date 2 be spoiled so,i took u here..but ..
maan:its ok hiten..she doesnt say anything wrong,that u r chiding her..
gauris eyes widened..
gauri:maan..is that u..i cant believe..
arjun:ok lets c the movie..
maan:do u really think i called u  2 watch cinema..arjun..
arjun was now confused..
maan showed the group,who was having a cute fight who will sit to next n where as  all the seats were empty…Renu,arohi ,geet n vicky was standing seeing their childish behaviour..
arjun smiled seeing arohi..
have u talked to her..i mean have u proposed her…
no maan..i want to make a name of myself like you..then only i’ll  propose her..her father will also not hesist to give her hand to me..
so,i’ve joined my fathers company…n working in some projects alone..i want to make a name of my own..
gud..i’m impressed..
why should u..i want to impress her n her father..

gauri:hmmm..someones love is in air…
arjun:what about u both..already in air..
hiten:for the last two yrs..im seeing her face only..
arjun wanted to tease
arjun:are u not bored hiten..seeing the same face
hiten:i 2 want to..but..
before he completes gauri started to beat him n he started to run all over there for his life..
vickys group too saw them..they thought them as gud friends like their group…gauri caught hiten..
gauri:u r bored huh…
hiten:oh..i..i was just joking gauri…i tried to play along with arjun..i swear..u r my one n only girl ..leave me moti..
maan:leave him gauri..bichara ka haddi toot jayega..
gauri:maan ,,,tum bhi..
gauri playfully wacked maans arms…which caught by geet..she did not like it..she could not name the feeling inside her..maan with another girl…geet entwingled her hands with vicky ,squeezing the hand hard without sense…vicky winced in pain ..but geet did not notice him..vicky followed her gaze..maan with gauri..again jealous.

vicky:hmmm..baby..she is going to get married with that boy..bhais friend..
he said in her ears..geet let his hands off go…

somehow all scattered n seated..arun n vicky occupying a full row..pranav one row,prem another..heer to his back seat..meera  n pari one row..yash n mani in one…arohi took a seat..geet next ..then vicky…renu hesitated n then sat next to vicky..this was the first time geet seeing a film..she looked at the screen in so much anxiety…all were laughing seeing the picture…the two persons who did not concentrate was arjun n maan..bcoz they both were busy drooling there respective girls…maan saw geet too laughing in some scenes..vicky was too much engrossed in film..renu was holding vicky n laughing..from that she did not leave his hand..n vicky did not let her hands go from him…they both smiled at each other..
during break time,without taking any orders,thet were supplied popcorns n fresh juices..
vicky:i didnt order anything..
supplier:its an order from the management..
supplier moved to maans gang n gave them too..here prem n heer got with a fight again n heer showered her popcorn on prems head..she came n sat with arohi..
arohi:what heeer..
heer:he again teased me..
arohi:u both must be sent to kg…u both are always cat n rat..
then they both started with normal chat..

hiten:thanks maan,this is an wonderful weekend…spending with u guys…
arjun whispered in his ears…
hiten..i know y u r saying like that..pls keep ur hand away from gauri..i think u should meet her parents soon…
hiten smiled sheepishly n gauri shot an angry glare at hiten for putting her in an emberrassed situation…
arjun:maan,can we sit in front seat..i cant get the view clearly..he want to give hiten n gauri their private space..
maan accepted…hiten put his hands around gauris shoulder..he got a blow from her n she seated away from him..he came next to her..she moved to next..they were moving like this without watching the film..
hiten:sry dear..aagey se..nehi karoonga..if u want tie my hands…
gauri laughed at his statement.n again they sat together n watched the climax which was going in full swing of comedy..all were laughing without thinking about the surrounding…finally the film came to an end..all were walking towards the exit…arjuns car key fell down..when he grabbed it fom floor n stood he bumped into arohi..
arjun:oops sry..sry..
arohi..its ok..i didnt see u its my fault..
she went..arjun was happy ..he has taked to arohi for the first time…
maan n his friends bid bye to each other..n went to their homes…

it was only 6 pm..so geets friends decided to spend some more time..they all came to the game zone..geet looked at the lights n decors in awe…then she saw her friends playing all games…car race .video games..they dont know how the time flew..it was 8.,when they decided to go home ..they had their dinner together..again full of masti..renu was sitting next to vicky n both were stealing glances at each other..vicky found renu s cheeks turning red whenever their eyes met..he started to feel what she feels…


all were returning to outhouse..arohi sat next to geet when they were returning n vicky sat next to renu…all were tired..some were sleepy…vicky saw geet sleeping on arohis shoulders..he sighed…

he turned to renu..n entwingled his hands with hers..
vicky:renu,u r not talking to me like before..
renu looked at his hands playing with hers..you always annoyed me with ur talks..but u are not even talking to me now..i miss that renu so much..why renu..
renu:u r busy vicky..so,we have no chance to speak..
renu:u have no time to spend for others..now u spend ur time only with geet…now too u r with me,bcoz she is sleeping..vicky found her jealousy in words..geet was also like this..so,so..renu is in love with me..his heart summersaulted in joy…he too realised why he was missing her..
he took her hands n placed his lips in it..
vicky:sry renu..its my duty..i must be with her..she needs me..n my family has given me her responsibility..i cant break their trust..she is not normal like u or me..she is different..a child..who doesnt know about the world…till she knows about all i cant leave her alone…try to understand me…he placed another kiss on her arms,which melted her..
renu:till when will u protect her..u must also think of  ur own life…
vicky:my life now revolves round baby only..i’m waiting for the day,she gets fully cured…kash tum samj pathi…how it feels when ur parents  are not with you..
after that he did not talk to her..he was hurt..she was selfish..
renu:i didnt mean it..i want u to give importance to others also…not only to geet..i feel pity for her..but..iska matlab ye nehi..u always pamper her..n i can see it..
she tried to give her side of explanation..
vicky:no renu..i’ll be like this only…till my death n if there is more life than death then too…i’ll pamper her…bcoz u dont know what our relation is..
renu:then tell me whats ur relation with her…i’ll be out of ur way..
vicky shouted..
this made all friends look at them..
vicky:..dont ever question my relation with baby…u wont understand…n i think i dont need to answer u..i need persons who respects our relation..i’m not forcing u. to come with me in my way…samji tum…
this is the second time vicky has lost his control…he moved from her n sat in other place…


renu was crying..
meera :what happened renu..
meera:u will hide it from ur friends too..
renu told her everything..
pari n heer were in front seat..n arohi was listening to them..the boys too listened to her..but did not interupt..vicky had his ear phone listening to music with his eyes closed..
renu:i love him..i cant see him with geet..
arohi:u r mad..renu…if u love someone..u must have trust on him..
meera:u behaved silly..
pari:its her insecurity feeling yaar..bichaari kya karega..
heer:the damage is done…n think how to makeover it..
arohi:renu…first think about geet…she is really a child..in one way she is too intelligent..but she is too naive too..we are with her from the starting day of college..think about her situation..u feel insecured bcoz of the way she behaves with other boys..she never let anyone so near her or touch her other than vicky ..she is from village..n she still live in that way…she is free only with vicky…as she belongs to his family..u know the way they behave here…they never hide anything..their is an unknown bond between them..its more than a friendship…will u accept if any of our family doubts our relation with our friends specially see today we are out with so many boys..we feel pure friendship…if u r love is pure dont doubt it..it will make u hurt n make him hurt too..
tande dimaag se soch..we friends all know that geet n vicky are friends..nothing more than it..but there is a strong care n pure relation between them..dont make ur relation with him bitter…
all accepted…n renu started to think..

they reached outhouse..all took their respective vehicles n bid bye to each other..
geet was still sleeping..renu came to vicky…
renu:sorry vicky..will u drop me in my home..morning shyam bhaiya dropped me here..
vicky:i’ll say my driver to drop u..
renu:if u have forgiven me ..u only will drop me..
vicky nodded his head ,..he came with his car..n asked limo driver to drop geet at home..
renu sat in his sports car..in the place where geet usually sits..vicky did not say anything..the drive was silent..when he stopped before her house..she said..
renu:i love u vicky…i dont know from when..i always annoy u in schools bcoz,i loved 2 do it …i never behaved like this with anyothers..i missed u  so much in our holidays…but i never think deep about it..when u said u r going abroad..i felt like i’m shattered..when i saw u here ,my heart jumped in joy..but it didnt last when i see u with geet..even deep in my heart i know u share a pure relation…but my insecurities of losing u made me mad…i’m sry..i’m very very sry…pls but dont hate me..i love u really..
she said looking down ..tears came rolling on her cheeks..
vicky cuppped her face n kissed away her tears..
vicky:renu,dont cry..i cant see u in tears…bcozi too love u..not as u said from schooldays..but ur indifferent behaviour in college made me realise i miss u..ur nearness,ur annoying..ur eyes which hided the pain of missing me..thats when i started to feel ,i’m also in love with u..today i forgive u..but never break my trust..n dont doubt me…now go..gud night..
renu chuckled
renu:koi yesa gud night kehtha hai kya ..apni girl friend ko..
vicky..hmmm..he pulled her close by her waist..there breathe were falling on each other..renu closed her eyes in acceptance..
vicky cupped her face n kissed on both cheeks  n then on forehead..
gud night..
renu opened her eyes n found the mischieve in his eyes..
renu:gud night..she stepped out of car in annoyance..
vicky smirked..
vicky:darling not so soon..it will be special when we feel it..bye…he drove leaving a shocking renu behind…shyam looked at his cousin who was blushing looking at the way the car went..shyam knows its vickys car..but what his sister doing with him…

here in KP..
the limo halted before the house..bahadur called maan n said geet is sleeping..maan came down n scooped geet n went to their room..the look said she was tired n there was a new glow on her face…today she laughed..how much he wanted to kiss those dimples when she laughed…thinking he kissed her both sides of cheeks..she took his hands n kept under her chin n slept again..maan couldnt release it..he sat beside her n admired her beauty…this is the first time she is sleeping without pills..that thought gave him peace..she is getting cured..what he wants other than it..he carressed her head..she snuggled more close to him..


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