U,Me,Aur? – Part 80

   U, ME,AUR…?

                                               PART 80

Hai friends,

Thank you all for your support .Special thanks for my friends who clicked like buttons and commented my updates.. Please encouraging me in the same way’SmileI love you all.

maan left to his class…
hiten:hai maan..hai arjun..
arjun:hai dude..
gauri came n sat there..
gauri:gud morning three of u..
hiten:arjun..who is this yaar..
gauri looked at him angrily..
arjun:aaj tumhari pittai confirm..yaar..she is ur GF..gauri..pehchaana nehi..
hiten smiled sheepishly..
gauri:you dont know me..
she hit hitens arms..
hiten:ouch..gauri..sry meri maa..what can i do when u have put 2 ” inches of make up..
he started to run n gauri chased him.
gauri:u..u..u.u moron..i did not put makeup..she threw the books on him…
gauri:tumko mein maa dikthi hoon kya..
they had a small fight within the class room..all were laughing at them..its there usual..

arjun saw maan lost somewhere..
hiten n gauri came n sat there panting..till showing faces at each other..
arjun:what are u thinking..
hiten:haan yaar..i 2 saw u..u r lost somewhere..
arjun:if u like 2 share ..its ok..we wont pressure u..
maan thought for sometime..in the mean time the three have gained some trust..
maan was thinking about rahul..bahadur n raghav cleverly replaced their men with rahul..he was giving informations of rahuls every move towards maan..till now maan escaped from all of Rahuls traps bcoz of him…but from yesterday there was no news from him or his whereabouts..
maan: a man was working under me…he is missing..i was  thinking about it…
hiten:dont worry yaar..miljayega..he must have gone somewhere..
arjun:haan yaar..think positive..


maans phone buzzed…he looked n saw an unknown number..
maan:his number is so private..only few know about it..then who can be..
he pressed the answer button
maan stood up…the class was little noisy..so,he moved to the window..
maan was irritated with the laugh on other side..
maan:whose that..
Rahul:ur enemy..
rahul:impressed MR..KHurana..to send a goat to lions cage…bichara..goat ..
maan tightened his fists..
rahul:respect my dear..mr..khuraaana..hmmm..i have a gift for u..go n see near ***railway bridge..
maan sensed ..he has killed him like cheenu..
his anger grew no bounds..he punched his fist in the window..it broke into pieces…the class went silent looking at him..blood was oozing out n he was still on phone..hiten arjun n gauri rushed to him..they took out the glass pieces n tied their kerchief around it..maan did not even look at them or look at what they were doing..He was still on phone..
maaan:Rahul…i’ll not spare u .
rahul:better luck next time…now rush..or u will see him eaten by eagles..

maan ran to his car..n rushed to the place with his securities..he informed police too..
maan was shattered at the sight..the man was lying dead in pieces..they have threw him before the moving train.from the bridge..
all felt like throwing out…it was horrible to see…
the police collected the pieces..the investigation went for an hour with the people living in surroundings..maan said what he knows..n he did not move from the place…the crowd started to grow biggger..
bahadur:sir,its risky if we stay here more..the press n media has also arrived..
maan:i know..but..
the police came to him..
police:MR.maan..can i have the number from which u got the call..
maan gave..
bahadur:sir..if ur investigation has over shall we take our boss from here..rahul may try to harm him also..we cant risk his life..
police:ya sure..after all we too have the responsibility to secure a top personality..
maan was heading back to college..
his mood was so off…he was worried about his family…on the way  to college itself he has arranged more securities for kc n house ..for dadi too..he was thinking What if rahul finds about geet or vicky..maan dont want vicky or geet to face any difficulties by Rahul…rahul is not only a rival like others..but a criminal..
maan:bahadur,increase securities for vicky n geet also…but all must be in formals n keep a safe distance..they both must not know,they are under our security circle..
bahadur:yes sir..
maan:alert securities in all our sites..
bahadur:yes sir..
maan’s st:atleast let geet n vicky enjoy the freedom of life..

college lunch time..
..geet n arohi was discussing about the notes. in library…geet n arohi said they will join them in 5 minutes..so,vickys gang  moved to class to collect their lunch n move 2 ground
later they both were walking on the waranda .towards their group..

sam has not done her project that day n shyaam saved her from proffessors..
sam:thanks shyam..
shyam:u know sam,i dont do anything without my favour..
sam:what u want
shyam:i want u 2 help me in patofying a girl
shyam pointed her watch..geets watch..
sam was first jealous.knowing its geet…then smirked inwardly…if shyam gets what he needs she can create fuss about their closeness n threw that  girl from college..then all will adore my beauty only..
sam:ok done..
shyaam n sam were also walking in the same warandah..shyaam looked at geet…he looked at the surroundings..no students were there..
he blocked geets way..


shyam:hai beautiful..
geet didnot have a gud vib seeing him..she was scared at him..seeing her pale look,n knowing her innocence arohi pulled geet behind her.n started to walk..sam blocked her..
sam:reply him..whats ur name…haan..geet..
arohi:dont block our way..or u have to face me..i think u dont have any memory loss..
arohi smirked lightly carressing her cheek..
sam looked at shyaam..
shyaam..:so,what..geet nehi tho arohi..isnt she also beautiful.sam .will u be with me toni ..
he did nt even finish…arohi slapped him tight..
arohi:i’m not geet..to get scared at you..geets mouth opened wide  with a big o..but was still in fear..
geet:arohi,lets go..she pulled her..
shyaam was in rage..
shyaam pulled arohi..n stopped her..
shyaam:not so easily n that too after slapping me..he held her hands back geet tried to free her from him..
geet:leave her..
he carressed her lips..
shyaam:give me a kiss where u slapped me..then u r free to go..
arohi:never ever in ur dream too dont think like it..i will kill u..bas***d…
she jumped n try to kick him backwards..he was too strong to escape..
geet was trying to release her hand..
geet:chodna..chodna usei..
she slapped him with her small feathery hands..it did not affect him…rather he wants to feel her fully..
geet thought for a minute n ran to vicky n friends to seek help..
sam was looking at shyam..she wants to stop him..but she couldnt voice also..never shyam has forced on someone..he has lusted girls n used them with their own will…today he has gone beyond his limits..with both…sam was left with no option..other than leaving the place..may be she was not gud hearted..but cant see a girl forced nor stop shyam.she needs his support …so she left the place..

shyaam:i’ll not leave u baby..u will feel for slapping me…
he turned arohi n was about to kiss her
arjun came in middle..arohi clinged to his back..he hold shyams hand..
arjun:shyam..stay away from her..
shyam:its none of ur business..i warn u..u stay away from her..today i’ll teach her a lesson for slapping me…
arjun:arohi..go away from here..i’ll look after him..
he ordered her n she moved..
shyam punched arjun n grabbed arohi..
shyam:dare u come near me..
the next minute shyaam found himself stumbled on his feet..n arohi was freed from his grip…

maan was entering college n he saw geet running 2 her gang n showing her hands towards library..so,maan sensed something wrong n came there..he saw shyam punching arjun n grabbing arohi..he just punched shyam for touching his sister..arjun came near arohi..n she hugged him in fear..
arjun:are u ok..
arohi :yes…

shyaam turned to see who punched him..
maan stood there with pure rage n eyes spitting fire..
shyaam smirked..
as the punch was not powerful…
maan was right hander..as his hand was wounded he couldnt punch him hard..
shyaam carressed his cheek..
shyaam:stay away from my matter..
maan:i wont..as u have hit my friend..i’ll interfere ..
now the group of vicky n other students too joined them..all were looking at the fight between shyaam n maan..sam again came there n stood like a mute spectator..arohi joined the gang thanking arjun…
hiten gauri also came there..
hiten:what happened arjun..
arjun dont want arohis name out..
arjun:shyaam hit me…n maan came 2 save me..
shyam:ur friend..nice ..but now u will pay for his deed..
maan:ho..im waiting..
he said sarcastically adding fuel to his anger..
shyaam knows what he can do..n the securities can do anything if he hit him back..

(u all may ask why the securities didnt interfere…let me clear this here…
securities are allowed only on the ground floor..they cant roam like students in college..so only principle changed geet n maans class at ground floor..n the securities are not allowed 2 poke the nose in college stuffs ..they can interfere with principals  permission only…they can do anything only if it comes to maan..n that too with maans permission..or maan will be hell angry with them..they can make decisions themselves when it comes to maans life)

shyaam:i know ur plan maan..
shyam:u want me 2 be beaten up by ur securities..if u r a real man face me..face 2 face..
maan:i’m not a coward to hide behind my securities..i myself is enough for u..
shyam:so ,u are ready for my challenge..u will face me..not ur securities..
maan:anything..i accept..say what to do..
shyaam thought for a minute..then he remembered maans punch..not so hard..
shyaam:lets have a boxing match.
maan:are u sure..
shyam:quiet sure..kyun thumei dar lagtha hai kya..
maan:there is no word of fear in maan singh khurana s dictionary..
shyam:what if i win the match..
maan:day dreaming is not gud..
the surrounding was heated by their arguments..n all were looking at both of them..geet was biting her nails..n vicky was holding her hand..both were in tension..
shyam:lets see..
maan:hmm..ok..lets make deal..if i win..u will ask sorry to whom u harmed lying on floor,before the whole college..
shyam:ok..what if i won..
shyaam was confident at his power..
sameera knew shyaam is boxing champion n he will surely win..her mind immediately calculated..
sam:u will do what i say…
shyam looked at sameera with a confused look..
sam :trust me..shyaam…this deal will be fun..n i assure after that maan will never cross ur path…
maan looked at sameera..he knew her intensions…if she made him kiss her..she will make an issue n end in marrying him..her plan was that..
maan was too clever ..but what they dont know is maan  also knows boxing ..
maan:agreed..tell me when..n where..i’ll be there..
shyam:in our sports meet..till now we never had boxing match..this time boxing will be added…n the event will be before our college..

bahadur  informed principal.as some fight going on upstairs..so he came to the spot..
princi:whats going on here..
maan looked at arohi..then shyam..
maan thought of punishing him his way..
maan:nothing sir..discussing about sports day..
princi:are u sure..there is no problem..
he asked in disbelief..looking at shyaam,sameera n their group behind him…
maan:if there is problem too..i can solve it sir..haina shyaam..
shyaam:yes sir..we are talking about sports meet only..
princi:ok..if u all have done..all disperse to ur classes..
all went to their classes ..maan n shyaam gave an angry glare at each other ..hiten n arjun came on either side of maan placed their hands on his shoulders..gauri smiled seeing the bond growing between 3 n they all  went to class..

principal heared the students talking..
stu 1:maan was aloof all these years n was always in temper..we all feared at him…
stu 2:haan yaar..but this year he was looking cool..
stu 3:yes dude..he never had friends too..
stu4:now he has three friends n gauri ..that girl is also his friend..ye tho ajooba haina..
stu 5:now see,he is fighting for his friend..
stu 1:can u imagine..he was standing for his friend..lucky fellow..
the girl said in dreamy way..
stu2:today he was again in his original form..
stu 3:yes yaar..did u see his eyes..just red..
stu 4:but when his friends came 2 him..he was smiling..
stu 5:yes yaar..he was smiling..what a smile..marjawaan..he looks  handsome when he smiles..

principal smiled…maans change bcoz of his wife…hmmm..but this crowd..something they are hiding from me…lets see…

arjun:thanks maan..
maan:.for what
arjun:for hiding truth from princi..
gauri:what he hided
arjun sighed n said what happened..
maan:i hide the truth to save her pride..n u too kept  mum to save her na…if princi knows u fought with him..shyam would have made u out of college..n when it comes to me..shyam cant voice so easily..he knows my power..he looks strong outside..but i know he has a fear at a corner of his heart at me…
gauri:so cool maan..never expected this ..i thought u hate girls..
maan:i hate now too..all knows only to cheat others..they use men for their needs..they can only betray them..the only women i trust is dadi..
maan was saying in anger ..there was hidden pain in words..
gauri:maan,arohi,aur mei bhi ladki hoon..
maan looked at her:par,i have now known some girls are different..some girls are excemption.like u too..
gauri:i’m honoured to hear this from you..
hiten:acha ye bathau,tum baagkar kyun chalegayi?
maans face turned rough..
maan:that bas***d killed that man
arjun:u mean,the person u said who was missing..
maan sighed:yes..
gauri:how can he take a life away like that..
arjun:i cant believe it..a man is being murdered..just for business rivalry..
hiten:what are the police doing without arresting that man?
maan:its not simple like you think..rahul is underworld don.
gauri:so only u r always with securities..now i understand,maan..
maans st:muje apni fikar nehi..sirf meri family ki fikar hai..

maan :excuse me..let me find the progress of case..
he called the police n asked about rahul..
police:we are sorry mr..khurana..we cant put him behind bars in assumption..
police..:the phone number is unknown…the address given for the number is fake…n its prepaid..after ur call i think they have destroyed the sim..so we couldnt prove its rahuls call…n more over Rahul is now in america..he has all proofs to proove he is innocent…he is not behind this…
maan closed his eyes..
maan:now what shall we do..
police:still i’m trying to get evidence..but not so sure..
maan:ok ..put all ur efforts..i’ll try too…
he kept the phone..from his talk all understood whats going on..

they all left to classes…maan was not able to concentrate..bcoz of him another life has gone..
now i must think other way..the proff.was taking class..but his mind was thinking what should he do next..how can he get sources about rahuls move towards him…after a lot of thinking he smirked..
maans st:hmm…Rahul,u said i sent a goat to ur cage..this time i’ll make ur slave my informer..n u wont find it ever..tumhare aadmi mere liye kaam karenge…
he listened the class peacefully..

after his college he went to KC n called bahadur n said his plan…bahadur smiled thinkng his masters master plan…
Bahadur:i’ll do it sir…

maan came to KP…He saw geet lying on her stomach ..her legs swinging up n down…she was doing some home work…maan looked at her ..her first button has opened. n giving him a clear view of her soft curves…she did not realise..maan gulped his saliva..he very hardly took his gaze from her white skin..ye ladki mujei pagal kardegi..n one day she will break my self-control..
maan:geet,go n do ur work in study..
geet:aap aagayi
geet:i am comfortable here..why r u saying to go to study..
maan:studies should be done in study..u have table chair their..is this the position to study or write..
he kept his lappy n removed his waist coat n shirt…he was standing in his pants. with bare upper..she looked at him n started to have a new feel…
maan:geet ,my tracks n vest..where is it..
moving to washroom he asked..
geet:i’ve already kept inside..
she looked at him..n morning incidents flashed in her mind..
she was looking at the close doors even after maan went inside wash room..

maan came out..he went to dresser..combed his hair n came..
they both had their dinner.he gave her medicine…maan told her to sleep..he sat on other side of bed..stretching his legs took the lappy n started to work..he felt something new..he looked on geet who was looking at him..with her pierce looks..
maan :kya hua..
geet hesitated..he kept his lappy aside..
maan:come here..
she went near him..
geet sat on his laps..she is used to it.today she want to know if she is having the same feel now too…maan encircled her n she hugged him like a baby..keeping her head on his shoulder
maan:kya parishani hai..muje nehi bathaogi..
maan is sure something is there..but she never hesitated..then why today…
he carressed her face..
maan:whats ur problem geet…i’m ur husband..how many times i have said you..u can share anything with me..you can ask anything to me..
geet:wo..today morning…
maan was having that same feel again..
geet:when u kissed me why i felt something in my stomach..my cheeks were red u know..how ..why ..i have never felt like having temperature..why i felt so..
maan was totally spell bounded with her innocent question…how can he answer now..n what can he tell her..its a sign of physical need..she too needs him like he needs..she turned red,bcoz she has started to react for his touch..she feels shy at him..ho easily it will be if she was matured ..he would have eaten her at that time..
geet looked at him,who waslost in her question..
geet:prince,bathayiyena..y u r not telling anything..
maan was searching for words..how to explain..what if she had asked this to others..uff no..
maan:did u ask anybody else…
geetnodded no…
geet:i’m asking to u..if u dont know,i’ll ask vicky tomorrow..
maan was clean bowled at her answer..he was sure if he doesnt clear her now,she will surely ask others..n it will be the most emberrassing moment for others n her too..
chalo,maan..ab answer karna hi padega..socho..socho..how to answer ur wifey..
maan:hmm ..wo princess ..hmm wo..
geet :boliye na..
maan: haan i m ur husband na …tho when ever a husband touch his wife his wife’s cheeks become red
geet:till now i never had my red cheeks,then why today..
maan’s st:mein kya karun kya kahun..?he is scratching his head mentally..
maan:geet ..shadhike  thode time baad yesa hone lagta hain
maan:after some time we get to understand eachother na..slowly slowly it happens..
geet:it happens for all
maan bichara blinking his eyes at his little wife’s innocence..how can he say..all girls have this feelings.when they fall in love..
geet:slowly slowly kyun..pehle kyun nehi..
she was confused with his answers..
maan:when we met in HP what u thought about me..
she immediately answered
geet:dusht danav..
she giggled…ho maan lost in her musical laugh..he held her more close drowning in her innocent hazel brown eyes..
geet:then..kadus..gusse wala..raavan..
oh man got his form..with a frown ..but laughed  at her open talk..she is an open book..she cant hide things..
maan:did u like me that time..
maan:then we became friends..isnt it..
geet:haan ..you gifted me balloons chocolates..icecream ..all na..
maan:then we got engaged..then married..
geet was going 2 the past..maan immediately realized he is going too far ..so she will get her black memeries..
maan :now tell me..do u like me..
geet:bcoz u r my husband..you care for me..u bring me chocos..icecream ..all..but..
geet:but i hate u whenu give me those yuckk medicines..
maan laughed at his childishness..
maan:say..u like me or hate me..
she rolled her eyes n twisted her lips..maan want to taste it..
maan:what makes u answer so long..
he placed her on bed in the same position..till they were hugging..his one hand under her neck n another hand on her waist..her head was on pillow.n her hands encircled around his neck..his one leg over her.both were looking at each other…
geet:i like u..so..so..so…much..she stretched her both hands wide n said..like all children says..
how much he will like if she says..its i love you…
he kissed her cheeks..it feels heavenly even if she says its i like u..
he saw her grip tightening..
maan sensed her goose bumps..
maan :geet..if i ask u onething u will answer me..
geetnodded yes..
maan:hmm..wo..do u liked it..i mean my kiss..or u dont..
maan:say the truth
geet:mei kabi jute nehi bolthe
maan:now tell what did u feel..
geet:i..i..liked it..
maan kissed her another cheek in joy..she likes ..she likes..his heart summer saulted..
geet:but why i didnt become red now..
maan:do u want to..
geet:u only said na..wives cheek red hothe hai..par ab kyun nehi..
maan bent n kissed on her nape..
she forgot her words..she closed her eyes..she can experience the same feel..her blood rushed from head to toe n her body gets burning..
maan was moving to other side..kissing her earlobes n neck..his wet kisses was making her cheeks red..she can feel it..maans hands squeesed her waist..she hold him tight over his hands..
geet:prince..i’m again red..
she managed to say..making him come to reality..
maan:oh..no..not again maan..u r geting carried on..its enough for today..dont break the pot before butter comes…he hold himself back..
maan lifted his face n saw her blushing..she has her eyes still closed..yet confusion lines were there…
maan came to her fore head n kissed..she opened her eyes..
maan:it happens slowly like this..like our relation changed our touch n kisses also react different..now do u understand..haan..yaad rakna..tum vicky nor tumhari friends se kuch nehi poocho gi..
geet nodded yes..
she snuggled close to him n yawned..
maan:now sleep…gud night..
he brushed her hair n made her sleep..but..bichaara kya karega..went again to have a cold shower at night…


precap:geet n maan talking about college incident..n karwa chaut..

thanks for abisamrat gunjan to make geet ask maan why her cheeks are red…n thanks for ruby for answering in maans way..thanks forme..hehe..develpoed in my style…hehe


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