U,Me,Aur? – Part 81

    U, ME,AUR…?

                                               PART 81

Hai friends,

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Maan came out after having a cold shower at night…he saw his little wifey sleeping peacefully.he came to her n closed her first button,which she forget to close

Maan:my innocent seductress..when she will break my control..i don’t know..

he went to do his left work’when he came back to sleep,he saw geet tossing on bed’He know,she is missing his warmth in sleep.he took her in his embrace. She slept peacefully’Peaceful sleep was not in his book that day’she has awaken him so much.he kissed her hair..

maan:i’m waiting for u geet..this change has given me a new hope..that day is not far when u will come to know about our relation’..

when he dozed off he doesn’t know..



Early morning they were in their usual routine..

Maneet were in gym..when he hissed in pain,geet noticed his cut in his hand’the wound has opened..n blood was oozing out..

Geet took his hand..

Geet:when it happened..


Geet:how I didn’t notice it..

She went n came with first aid box..

She cleaned the wound ,applied tincture..she blowed air to cool his burning place n bandaged it..

She was crying..

Maan:princess ,I hate tears in ur eyes..u know na..then y r u crying.

Geet:muje patha nehi..its coming..idk why I’m crying.’is it burning now too’

Maan hugged her tight..wiping her tears

Maan:its not burning..u don’t cry…

She is crying seeing his wound..her care in innocence..her simple words is enough to know how much she is attached to him..

They remained like that for some time’

Geet:prince,don’t do workout today..it will pain u more..

Maan:I cant..but for u I wont..let me use thread mill’

He walked to the machine..

Geet cutely pouted..

Geet:dusht danav ..ziddhi..he is not listening to me..

Maan smiled at her antics..he continued to walk ..

Maan:u continue urs..

Geet got an idea..

Geet:I want to walk’I’m not interested in others today..

Maan looked at her..the naughty smile hidden in her eyes..

Maan:acha..ok..u use it..

He moved n started to do pushups with one hand’

Geet was cribbing to babaji

See him babaji..i’m telling him not to work out..but he is not listening to me..apni man mani kartha hai..why cant he understand..it feels like I’m in  pain..how will I make him understand’

Maan could not hear what she is saying..one thing he knows,she is talking to her babaji..





She was so lost in cursing him,she did not hear him..

Maan stopped his pushups n came near her.

Geet:babaji,im saying him not 2 hurt his wound..y cant he listen to me once..

Maan heared it n smiled..her cute frown n the way she is complaining..

He could hear her whole day..

Maan patted her shoulder..

Geet pushed his hands down n continued with her cribbing..

Maan turned n made her see him..

Maan:gudia..stop ur complaining..we have other works also’

Geet:chado..muje nehi karni exercise wexercise..

She walked stamping her foot..

Maan:gussa ho..



Geet:u r not listening to me..

Maan:ok..what u want me to do..

Geet:no workout till ur hand is healed..

Maan:ok..i’ll listen to u..what will u give me for listening to u..

Geet:whatever u ask..

Maan:kiss me’

Geet:itni si’

She kissed his face all over..

Maan closed his eyes n cherished her every touch of her lips..

His hands encircled her . unknowingly,bringing her close to him..

Geet distanced her n said..

Geet:hogaya..is it enough..

Maan looked at her in naughty grin..

Maan:chot tho haath mein hain geet’

Geet:mei tho boolgaye..

She took his hands n gave feathery kisses..over the bandage..

Maan was loosing his control..

Maan:bus geet..ab teek hai..its not hurting..

Geet:how did u got hurt..bcoz of that fight with shyam na..

It was all bcoz of him..na he says me beautiful..na arohi stood between me n him..na he tries to hurt her..

Maan was shocked ..he fumed in anger..

Maan:what are u saying..

Geet:I m saying what happened’u don’t fight with him..what if he hurts u too..

Maanst:shyam,I’ll not leave u..u tried to hurt the girls I care for..u will have to pay for it..i’ll kick u.make u bend on ur knees asking life..’he mentally roared in anger…

Maan:don’t u want me to win..do u want me 2 see as a looser..

Geet:not like that prince.i want u to be the first in all…i’m scared..what if he hurts u too..

Maan:he cant hurt me

Geet:when is sports meet..

Maan:1 month after..

Geet:are u sure he will not hurt you..

Maan:do u think ur husband is so weak..

He showed his muscles

Geet touched his abs n giggled cutely..

Geet:I don’t think so..

Maan:geet ..bohut hogaya tumhare bak bak..now go for dance class..

Geet:ok..but don’t put pressure in ur hand..or it will bleed’

Maan:ok baba..ab bus bhi karo..aur jao..der horahi hai..

Geet left n maan took a file n sat in study’

Geet came after an hour humming a song..

Maan was coming out after taking a bath..he was drying his hair with his left hand..

Geet made him sit before dresser..took his towel n dried his hair..he placed his head on her stomach..n hugged her with 1 hand..

She felt butterflies again’she stood their without drying his hair’when there was no moment from her,maan lifted his head to see her..she was standing with her eyes closed..maan smirked at the effect she has started to feel for him..he kissed her stomach..she came out of her state n giggled..

Geet:prince don’t tickle me..

Maan stood up ..he cupped her face .. kissed her forehead n cheeks..he thought for a while.today I want to make you feel more..than yesterday…he came to her chin n kissed her..then he kissed between the space of chin n her lower lip..his lip touched the outer line of hers’he felt her grip hardening on his bare shoulder.her lips trembling in unknown sensation’.he can feel her goose bumps..he stopped n looked at her..she was becoming dark shade of red again..

Maan lifted her chin by his index finger..he made her look at him..

Maan:kya hua sweety..

Geet looked at him in shy..her eyes lowered again..he took her in his embrace..she hide herslf in his chest..this feeling of hers is new..she has started to love that feel..she looked at his bare chest..she was just drooling on it..

Geet:wo..mei..i’ll get ready for college..

Maan nodded..seeing her shyness.



He took the candle n lighted it..n he started to make her face it..today she improved..3 min’she was panting heavily in fear..he hugged her n patted her back..


Geet:still how much time I’ll behave like this prince..

Maan couldn’t answer..how long it will take..even the drs don’t know..

Maan:geet’you must be strong’its in ur will power.. u must think u can over come the fear,it will be easy for u to recover..

.he tried to make her normal..he gave her wet kisses again n came near her nape’n kissed her..he saw her relaxing..it has become a positive point for him to make her relax ..he looked at her thru corner of his eyes..her eyes closed n cheeks blushing..

He kissedher forehead n tried to make her normal

Maan: geet,now take out a dress for me..

Geet came with ‘a black n white suit with same shade of tie’

Maan gave her dress’a full skirt of jean n yellow top with same shade of shawl..

she moved to washroomshe was closing the door,she saw him struggling to put his shirt buttons’she came out..she started to button his shirts n helped him wearing his coat n tie’he was looking at her without taking his eyes..

geet:why are you seeingme like that?

Maan sighed..

Maan:kuch nehi geet

Geet:u r hiding something..whats it?bolona

Maan held her close..

Maan:no one has looked after me like this.nor.taken care for me..like you are..thats what I was thinking’

Geet:mama tells me,husband n wife must take care of each others always..you take care of me always..today u r hurt,I’m taking care of u..its my duty as ur wife..

she left to take bath..

Maan smiles n moved to dressing table to comb his hair’


He heared a knock on the door..

Maan:come in..

Nakul came in with breakfast’

Nakul:babu,urs n gudia’s breakfast..

Maan:ok..keep it..

Nakul:aur kuch chahiye..he asked hesitatingly..

Nakul always feared maan..he don’t know why?

Maan:I want my black coffee..

He looked at the tray n said..


Maan:where is kalaakka..

She is busy with dadi..so only I came..



Geet soon joined with him after dressing up..

Its very rare maan has breakfast with geet..

Maan was trying to make piece,but his hand pained..last night he used spoon now this paratta,he wants to use his hand..

Geet stopped him n started to feed him by her hand..

Maan looked her for a while n took it from her hand..

He cant believe her sometimes..

Is she really a kid or grown up..

The way she cares for him n does her wifely duties..

His eyes clouded..

The love n care he lost after his mom , dad n dev bro’she is taking their place..

Can he be able to think a day without her..its impossible..he will become mad..he thought.

Geet saw the moist in his eyes..

Geet:is it spicy..she asked him passing the water glass..

Maan:no..when ur hand is so sweet,how could the food be spicy..

Geet wacked his arms..

Geet:then whats that ?ur eyes are teary..

Maan:I think something went inside’

He said to divert her..

Next minute he saw geet opening his eyes wide n blowing air..

Nakul was coming their inside with maans coffee’

Their position made him embarrass..he instantly walked down..

Nakul:ye mujse kya hogaya..chi chi..i must not come here like this..kala kese samhalthi hai..they did not even close the doors..

Kala came there to clean maans room as she did not come morning..

She saw her husband lost somewhere n the coffee of maan in his hands..

Kala:ye aap yahaan kadi kadi kya karrahi ho ji..chotu ko coffee lekar yehi kadi ho..ccoffee tandi hojayegi..

She took the cup from him n moved to stairs..

Nakul stopped her..

Nakul:hmm..kala don’t go..

Kala:why?chotu will be late then..he will get angry at you..for not giving his coffee..

Nakul:wo baath nehi hai..

He blushed..kala looked at him in utter belief..

Kala:why r u blushing ji..

Nakul:wow o..maan babu aur gudia ..

Kala:agar bolna hai tho boliye aur mein chalthi hoon..muje bohut saara kaam baaki hai..

Nakul:arei ruko tho..do y want to spoil their intimate moments..

Nakul bite his tongue for splitting maneets privacy bluntly..

Kala:aapko sharam nehi hai ji..bachon ki kamrein mei..chi chi..

Nakul made a baby face..

Kala tum bhina..maan babu asked coffee..i went to give it..but ..i came down without disturbing..i did not see anything than their kissing..

Kala slapped her head..is aadmi ko mein kya karoon’

Then they heared maan calling

Nakul nakul..

Ji baba aayi..

Nakul n kala went to maneets room..

Nakul:ji baba

Kala:gud morning chotu..hai gudia..

They both wished her back..

Maan:keep this lappy,files n this bag in car..n kalakka where were u from morning..

Kala:wo k al karwa chaut haina..iski thaiyari karrahi thi..geet ka pehla KC hai..she has to apply mehendi today..

Gudia..aaj jaldi aajana..


Kala cleared the plates..n started to clean the room..

Maan:par..she cant stay starve for full day..

Geet:I can ‘for last three yrs I’m keeping vrath..tomorrow also I’ll keep..





Maan got a call from adi..

Maan:I’ll talk to u evening..now I’m in hurry..

He stopped at entrance looking at kala nakul..then at geet..

Geet came n kissed his cheek..


Maan smiled n left..thinking about her innocence..she did not care about what kala n nakul will think’

Kala n nakul were too much embarrassed..they left the place thinking maneet are happy in their married life ..

Least they knew,how much geet tortures maan with her innocent antics..n making him drink water every day..



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