U,Me,Aur? – Part 9

Part 9


Maan doesn’t know why he said that he wanted to know about her..From the time till he met her in the morning,his mind is wavering only around her..He tried hard even  when he was working with his lappy..He has seen many beautiful girls in Delhi,falling for him’drooling over him..making  foolish stuffs to attract him..But he was not disturbed by anyone.She is different from those city girls…but why is this girl affecting me..Is her childness affecting me..her baby face’ her cuteness.. She has no artificial makeups on her face..not wearing short dresses like city girls..not exposing any of hers..Then whats it..Is it an infactuation..The way she twisted her lips…Why do I feel that,I want to touch those lips  with mine..  why did I feel, those tears  left my heart in pain , When she cried..Maan was struggling inside with himself..

Aap such mein jaana chaathi hain..munshiji asked one more time..


Do you know Tagor pratap singh..he was a best friend of urpapa..He was a kanjoos..he never cared for anyone..had frnds only with equal status of his..

Geet’s papa and her dadaji  was working in tagorji’splace..They are very loyal to him.  It was 19yrs back..

Flash back.


It was a hard time for each n everyone of the village of HP..There was no rain for months ..all being farmers had a tough time to feed or fulfilthe wishes of  their family..The ponds n wells gone dry..The men went to other villages insearch of work..The women went to the near by village (May b more than 20kms) to fetch water for their daily needs..There were no  hospitals, water pipes,roads ,transportation (none other than bullock carts)or schools..We have to go outside the village for our Daily needs’Many  villagers and childrens died because of the unhygenic surroundings’Many women died during their deliveries..Even those who had money also suffered a lot ..Where there is no facilities whats the use of money..some left the village and move to the near by cities..


 Tagore was a tough man..he kept himself away from peoples…No one dares to come near him…He never mingled with them… He never helped anyone ..though they asked them,he ignored to help…

Rajender n rano got married two months ago

It was a rakshabandan day.

Dadaji and Rajendar(geet’s papa) was talking with tagore  in the haveli about accounts …Rano (Geets mama)came there with a aarthi plate having rakhi,kumkum and sweets .She straightly went to Tagore She did the aarthi,placed kumkum on his forehead ,fed him sweets and tied the rakhi..Tagore  Was shockedHE,who used to be a rock hearted was touched by this incident..( no one knows he was longing  to be loved by someone)He has no family to  share his love. He lost his wife n child few years before.He was living alone for years..Now Rano has made him as a brother tying him rakhi..He  asked her lovingly,what gift do u want .All of them was shocked to see this side of Tagores..she said  I don’t want gifts… I have no bros.i have never experienced a brothers love..so from today u r my bro..n give me a sisterly affection..wahi kafi hai.The way she said was like an order to him…he had a tear in his corner of his eyes..

 Hmmh..from today ull be my sister..i promise ill be ur til my last breathe..Its my duty to give my sister a  special gift on this day..so..wait a minute…

He went inside and came with a small idol of Lord Ganesh.

Ye mera maa ki hai..Aaj se tumhari.ye Ganesh ji tumhare  har khushi ka khayal rakengi aur tumhari raksha b  karegi..

she  want to say no as it was made of gold..But the first gift fromm her bro..she don’t want to disappoint him..she thanked him n  took it ..


The next day, when Rano  was returning to her house with her nearby womens after a long walk of fetching water from the nearby village..She fainted..when the vaidhyaji  came and examined her..She told that Rano was pregnant..


Geetki papa aur dadaji doesn’t know how to react..though they felt happy that their family is going to have a child..but the reality of darkness of non hygienic surrounding  feared them..,how to keep Rano n her child safe. They have to go to next town for their regular  needs especially now hospital for regular check ups..How will they take care of her..They got worried..

Dadaji went to tagore’s haveli in the evening with sweets’He said the goodnews ..So.Im going to be mama.Ganeshji ne usey khushi di..Im happy for u..n her.but u seemed to be disturbed..Are u not happy..?whats the reason..


Dadaji  said yese baath nehi hai…i am so happy but I was thinking about Rano..How to take care of her.n   how to take her 2 checkups everytime..’


U don’t worry …mein hoon na uska bhai..I’ll  do some thing..

you  take care that she  is happy every  day...He started thinking about Rano..


When  Dadaji said the news to all the villagers ,they  all are happy  for Rano.They  all came to Dadajis house to see Rano..they congratulated them n blessed Rano’

Rajender distributed sweets to all of them sharing his happiness..Now they were sitting outside Dadajis house  ..some were chatting..some were giving advices how to take care bcos Rano has neither a mother or MIL..suddenly they felt a cool breeze  passing them.. They sensed the sweet  smell of sand..they started dancing in joy..That night after several months they had rain.’That day theyrelated both the good things happened..They felt that Rano’s baby was something lucky for them..bcoz that baby  brought them their happiness  back..

The  rain poured continuosly for a week..but it was  not  a flood..the wells and ponds were filled..everyone was happy..They started to work on their farms..they took extra care of Rano..

Tagore arranged for a doctor from the city..who often visits the villagers  and Rano once a week…Dr. treated them freely…

 All of them were surprised by this change of Tagoreji..But sure, they  all believed that the change in their lives are due to Rano’s baby

As  per the months passing away..the village was growing  with all their  wants…From the day that they heared about Ranos pregnancy,the villagers have forgetten their bad time, they spent…They are confirmed with their thought, that the baby is a Gods gift to save us from sorrows.


Tagore was constructing two buildings which dadji aur the villagers too don’t know what he is constructing..


Now Rano was nine months..One day Rano came to haveli..she saw Tagore humming..


She asked Bhaiya.. aap..humming..


He said I used to sing when i feel lonely  r happy..now im happy mood..mera mama ne sikayatha..Mujje geet bohut pasand hai..U first sit..and say how is ur health ..and ur baby..


You are taking care of my baby..sending me healthy foods,nuts and fruits..so im fit n fine’Bohut sharath be hai..under chup nehi rehtha hai..she said shyly..


OK ..muje ye bathao what do u and ur family expect..BOY OR GIRL..

Girl..In handa family there is no girl baby for many generations’ so  They wanted a girl baby..I too wish the same..

Baiya I want to ask u some thing …aap khush kyun hai..

The building i’ve been constructing  has finished  ..

In two days,Its inauguration..

U didn’t say what r u constructing?

you yourself  will see it.. you are going to be the chief guest..to open it..

No’I will feel shy before all the villagers..

..If u consider me as ur bro then u will open..she has no other way than accepting..


Even Rano  and the villagers was shocked when  she opened the screen..Tagore  Pratap singh hospital..


Tagore  turned to the villagers and said..aaj se ye hospital..aap sab ki hai.He introduced DR.lakshmi..and the nurses to the villagers..

From today  they will be staying here in our village.They  will be in duty all time and give treatment freely..Aaj k baad..is gau mei koi bmari se nehi marega..No one will lose their family  as before.(not getting proper treatment)..

The villagers  went inside and saw the beds..equipments..medicines. injections,.drips..’all the needs for a patient..They all praised Tagorji for he is so kindful to them.

No..Iam not like that you all say..

All were confused by his statement..


I am still a selfish men as before ..I did all this for my sister Rano and her baby..I want them to b safe…I  didn’t help you all in your bad days..Even being rich I failed to realize u all are humans too’Rano is the one who made me realize  what I missed in my life  living  among  with you all’Now you all love me bcoz only of Rano.. I want to  be remembered after my death too..so ,only I kept my name for the hospital ‘All got emotional.. Rano said Why are you taking like this..Shub shub boliye..she closed his mouth..


Suddenly she screamed..She got her labour pain..The sisters rushed her to the labour room..Dadji,Rajender and Tagore was pacing through the hospital corridors..

The villagers  also looked tensed and worried like their sister is  struggling in pain..They were eagerly waiting for the baby’s arrival..They all prayed to God.. for a safe delivery..They heared the  sweet sound of a baby ..All were in joy’

The nurse came with the Baby..Tagore asked curiously,seeing the  Baby..

What baby is it..

Then he asked.. Rano  teek hai na..

She said Girl..Mama and baby are in good health..

dadaji n rajender were in cloud nine..Handa’s ki first girl baby..

The whole villagers rejoiced in happy..They were saying we expected That.. God ‘s gift  can only be a girl’Our little angel… Humari nanni pari…

The nurse was confused.. Their love towards the baby made her confuse more.. To whom should she give the baby first’the three who r near her ‘r the people who r  longing to see the baby..

Dadaji told the nurse to give it to Tagore ..If he was not there.We would not  have seen my bahu and pothi safe..pehla hak uniki hotha hai…


Dadaji had tears in his eyes..

Nurse gave the baby to Tagore…Tagore was happy..Feeling the baby in his arms himself  made him more happier..He kissed her forehead and gave it to dadaji..

Dadaji felt as if he was now become young seeing his grand daughter..he also kissed her n gave the baby to Rajender..

Rajender could not take his  eyes out of the baby.His eyes are also filled with tears non stopping…Its his..My baby.MERI BACHI’He hugged her closer to his chest…she has promoted me from husband to papa.


He saw the two little almond eyes blinking at him..she was  so cute having bubbly cheeks..the dimple on her  pink chin added her beauty.she had  curly hair..No one of the Hp are colour as her…all are fair but she is milky white… He kissed all over the face softly..My baby.. He was still staring at the baby..

When one of the villagers said,Give us also a chance to  love her and see our angel..Rajender smiled and gave the baby to him..After that they saw the baby passing from one hand to others..,showering their love and blessings..


Note : Flash back to be continued


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