U,Me,Aur? – Part 16

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Part 16

 Maan was in his room.He was thinking about the differences between Geet and city girls.City girls of her age will be busy in shopping ,having fun with their friends or dating with  their boy friends.But this girl playing with ball with his brother..how funny’He changed to jeans and wearing his shirt. He heard the screech sound of a car tyre and Geet screaming outside.He didn’t think much..He came running outside the house .He saw Geet on the floor near the entrance of the farm before their car.Vicky was helping her getup.He came near geet and started shouting.

Tum kabi dekhkar nehi chalti hai kya’ Do You always keep your eyes behind and walk..Agar tumhe kuch hojatha tho..

Aap firse muje dadrahi ho’mei jaan boochkar thodi na gadiki saamne aayi.I tried to catch the ball..And I slipped…she made a baby face.

That expression made him cool.

Ok.sorry.I’ll not taunt you.Did you get hurt.

No.I am alright..

He failed to see some one  standing beside him ‘staring Maans concern .

He turned to the driver in anger ..Dont you see infront and drive..AngryIt was Dadis car driver and her securities at the entrance

Then only he saw Dadi standing there in surpriseShocked of maans behaviour towards a girl..Dadi was also thinking that what she is seeing is real or dream’Wink

Daadima ..Aap’yahaan..achanak..aapki tabiyat tho teek hai na’business mei koi problem hai kya’agar koi zaroori kamm ho tho muje phone karthiya hotha ‘mei delhi aajathi’

Dadi wondered .the man who will speak only one or two words is speaking nonstop’kuch tho hua hai’let me find it’she smiled inside.

Maan beta’is all ur questions finished’or will you give me a chance to speak also..

Ji dadi‘he took her blessings.and hugged her…

I am perfectly fine’..as Dr. said me to take rest.I thought of staying here for a week or more…I have made arrangements that Adi will take care of Kc in our abscence..

That’s nice idea  dadima’

Namaste daadi‘Geet and Vicky greeted dadi..and  bend to take her blessings..

Kush raho..Peir chooneki kya zaroorath hai Gudia’

Maa kehthihai badoki pau chookar aashirwad lena chahiye..

Ok ok mei jaanthi hoon you will never go against elders words..

aur beta tum dono kesi ho’

achihoon dadi..

Ok lets go inside and talk..

Daadi pehle aap DDse permission lelijiye ..andher jaaneka..warna wo aapko bi daadega’

What..Ye DD kaun hei..

DD .Dusht danav…the man infront of you’This is his house..She whispered near daadi’s ears’

Daadi smiled’She could analyse what would have happened between these two..

This is my house also beta..And by the way His name is Maan..my grandson’

Now Maan knows that dadi knows them both..

Daadi saw Maan drooling Geet’Is he really watching her..aur is it my illusion..

Oh’Dadi aap itni sweet ho’aur ye hamesha itna gussa mein kyun hain

He gave an angry look at geet and went inside..

He is like that beta..and What are you both doing here..?

Munshiji told us to play here till he returns..

Ok tum dono khelo’mei fresh hokar aathi hoon..

Ji dadima..Both said.

Maans securities greeted her..She told her securities  to fresh up.. and to join maans  securities..

Daadi went inside..Nakul greeted her..Namaste dadima..aap ki tabiyat kesi hain..Kala aapki saath nehi aayi..

Iam fine nakul..lakthahai tum apni patniko bohut miss kar rahiho..

Yese nehi hai dadima..I told her to look after your health and you came traveling alone..

I only told her to stay there’you and Maan are here to look after me..Ok tell me whats happening here..I didn’t see any people in HP today’How did Maan allow  geet to play inside..

Acha hua aap yahaan aagayi’I want to say many things that are happening here..wo bhi Maan babu ke barein mein..(thank you bapaji…Atleast you sent dadi before i get mad)LOL

Nakul narrated what happened yesterday and why Geet is here and how maan said he will take care of her’

Dadi felt sad for chunni and surprised hearing about maan..Shocked

Ok Nakul’make lunch for everyone ‘now there are more securities and we  don’t have  to get worried’I’ll go and fresh up’Get  me a coffee then’

Out side the farm house was two head  securities  Bahadur and Ragav’Other securities were inside the farm .. .Dadi’s securities were interested knowing about  geet ‘And maans securities were busy narrating about her’  Geet and her brother were busy playing with their throw ball’Vicky throwed the ball with full pressure and this time it went outside the farm’Geet went out insearchof ball..Vicky was watching her from the farm.She saw the ball on the opposite side of the farm’She walked towards it.When she bend to take the ball ,Someone closed her mouth from behind .His face was fully covered with a black clothexcept his eyes.She struggled to get rid from him..she was not able to shout ..but  a small cry..mmhhhmm… escaped from her,which made the securities notice them’They started to run towards them’The man  pushed her inside the  nearby well ..Vicky noticed it and shouted didi‘Whereas Bahadur and Raghav followed to catch him’They made an alert whistle to other securities

 Somone save geet’ others  follow  me.Four of you stay here...He cammanded while running behind the man.But the first sentence was not heared by anyone’they all ran behind Bahadur.Bahadur took his gun and started shouting Don’t run or I’ll shoot you..But the man never stopped..Bahadur  started to shoot aiming the man’s leg.There was a sudden tension in the surrounding’

Maan came running outside hearing the sound of the gun shot’

What happened’?

Don’t know sir?Bahadur  and Ragav are running behind someone’They made the alert sound’

 where is Geet and her bhai’?

Yehi tho thi sir’pata nehi kahan cheligayi’

The he heared Vicky crying outside Didi..didi..some one help my didi..

He ran there .

Geet kahaan hai’

Vicky pointed inside the well and cried..

Didi’didi..He is crying…usey bachao..

Maan looked inside the well’He saw Geets duppata floating n Geet drowning inside the water.

Precap: chi chi bapajiEmbarrassed


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