You Are My Love – Part 47


Hai friends,

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nandy bru..its you who made me think about maneet moments..i thought of mentioning in last part itself..sorry ..maranthuttein..

The news everyone has accepted them gave solace to their hearts..specially to geet..they slept cuddling with each other..when the morning sunrays fell on him,he wokeup n saw the angelic beauty sleeping in his arms..he placed a kiss on her forehead n relieved himself from her without waking her..gud morning sweatheart..he whispered to her’he bent n kissed her belly..

Gud morning baby..

He saw geet smiling in sleep’he went n did his morning routines n walked to kitchen..its already 8.30am’

My baby will be hungry..if I make breakfast it will take an hour more..what to do..ok..i’ll make  something along with coffee..then will make breakfast..

He made the things n placed it in tray n entered their room in a chef avataar..apron around his neck n cap on his head..’geet was still sleeping’

He pecked her lips n she wokeup..

Gud morning jaan..

Gud morning maan..

Did u have a gud sleep..

She smiled at his costume..n hugged him..

Ofcourse maan..being in ur embrace,I feel peace..

She looked the time..8.45.. slept for so long’

Its ok dear..first brush ur teeth n come..lets have coffee..then we must make breakfast too..

R u saying we..

Yes dear..we..u only said u will help me..


Geet brushed n came out..

Now have this..

He opened a plate n gave to her..

The smell itself brought her vomiting sensation..she tried her best not to inhale the smell..she looked at maan,who was looking at her to eat it..she smiled sheepishly..

What is this maan..

This is mushroom omlette..its gud for health..

Geets st:mushroom..yuck..i hate it’how can I deny this..when maan has made it specially for me’

Maan made a piece n took it near her mouth’

Geet controlled herself ..n tried to make lame excuse..

maan.i’ll eat after taking bath..i’ll have milk for now..she took the cup from tray’n drank it..

maan was no mood to hear it..

its very late..u r not single now geet..our baby will be hungry..

he forcefully fed her the first bite’geet couldn’t tolerate it more’she closed her mouth n ran to washroom  n throw out’maan came running behind her..he helped her in cleaning’n carefully led her back to bed..she was tired after throwing up..

geet,why r u throwing out? i read its becoz of pregnancy..if u threw up like this u will be so tired..n what energy baby will get.. ..let me call naina n ask do u need any medicine..

maan panicked n was blabbering non stop’

geet was irritated by his behavior..she lost her patience..she is seeing his possessiveness n over protectiveness from previous day’

will u stop it maan..

maan was dialing naina’s number..

geet pulled the phone n kept aside

will u listen to me maan..


ek mehine mein ulti nehi hothi..

maan looked geet in confusion..

then y u threw’m not going to take any risk ..i’m not going to listen to u..i’ll call naina..

he tried to take the phone..

she snatched it from him..

oh fo maan’ singh khurana’this is bcoz of the food u made ..


His face changed hearing it..

It means..its horrible..let me taste it..

He tasted n said..

Achi hi hai..

Geet slapped her hand in forehead..

Maan..i hate mushroom smell..even in normal days I will threw it..n more over..its made my taste buds worse..

She saw a smirk in maans face..

Geets St:what is running in his mind..why this smirk..

So, let me make ur taste buds sweet..

He smashed his lips on hers n entered her mouth ..rolling his tongue on hers..geet was first shocked at his sudden approach..then she gave him willingly’n they tasted each other for a long time..they broke when he thought they need air to breathe..geet has turned beetroot in shy..maan kissed her cheeks n kissed her forehead..

Thanks for a delicious break fast..he said with a smileMaan..aap bhi na..

Now say how is ur taste buds..

He asked teasingly.. ,which made her hide in his embrace..

Maan aap na..bohut besharam ho..

Maans St:I’ll show u what besharam means dear…he smiled at his thought

Ive not yet removed the clothes dear..

Maan..u ..u..u..

Hmm..mei..mei..bolo na..

He asked huskily..sliding the strap of her night dress’

His eyes filled with desire after their passionate kiss’

Maan..she moaned when his lips touched her soft skin between her curves..

i..i..m hungry’

maan opened his eyes..

I forgot..jab tum mere pass hothi ho mei sab bool jatha hoon’lets  go..

They both moved to kitchen..maan searched the cupboards n took corn flakes n added milk n gave it to her..

Geet..have this for now..

She took it..

Maan had already made the dough n had kept the veg chopped’

They both made poori’s with gravy n had it together..both have forgot there is a world outside..they were happy with each other..they prepared for lunch ..

after that they both watched programmes in tv..maan kept her close to him always..he kissed her whenever he felt..numerous times’ suddenly. maan scooped geet up to their room..

Maan..maan..where are u taking me..

Maan winked at her..geet knew he is upto something naughty..she came out of trance when her leg touched the floor of washroom..


Shh geet..

We both are,I thought of giving u bath n joining u also..with that he started to remove his dress ..he stood nude before her..she gasped at his boldness..she openely drooled him from top to bottom..then she blushed for looking at him like that..she turned in shy..

Now its ur turn geet..he hugged her from back..

Maan u go out..r I’ll go out..

No ways..u told me besharam,I’m showing u how much I can be besharam with u’he slided her night dress..

Maan..we will end up making love..we cant stop..pls understand..

Geet..i said u yesterday also ‘I know ..making love is not gud for u both..but we can do other things than that’.

With that he made her stand like him ..he opened the shower ..



Till we are here,I’ll give u bath daily..


He did not let her speak more..he captured her lips to a long passionate one’

They both kissed each other ..their hands roamed on each others body,.they came out after taking a gud bath..geet was blushing continuosly..

Maan dressed her up’n filled her mang..

She was drowning in his love’

She hugged him keeping her head on his chest..

What happened mishty..


U r hiding u want to ask me or say me anything..

She looked at him..



I love u..

Maan smiled at her confession..

I love u too..

Maan..u have become my life..i cant think how would have been ,if u have not entered my life..the love n care u shower on me..i forget my friends..the outside world world is u now..i cant think my life without u even for a minute..


Let me say maan pls…u said all accepted bhai also..its enough for me.. Now I have no guilt maan..i was telling myself I’ll leave u n baby after giving birth..such tho ye heart is not accepting it..i don’t want meera di also to leave’I cant loose u nor my can i’.i accepted this relation for gratitude n the love which I had on you..but I cant think of leaving you now..u have occupied my every cell..every nerve..every blood of mine..

Maan let her speak..the unspoken things which she has hidden from all she is saying..if she wants to feel light she must speak her heart out..

I was feeling guilty for myself..a girl who supposed to keep her relation behind door..she is called Keep’

Geeet..he roared in can she say like that..

Sorry maan..I felt sometimes like that. ,when  ever we shared close moments hiding ourselves n thinking about others..I too wanted to be a wife ..respected women..a marriage before the world’for a girl,money matters nothing than her respect. R love from her husband…u gave me that..

Maan felt her pain..he has done a mistake..he has broken her dreams..

Now..i’m happy maan..our marriage before all,which I never expected’u married me before the I dreamed… ur child got its recognition .i got a family..i got ur love..i don’t want anything now maan..i’m really happy..

I’m sorry geet..for spoiling ur dreams..

Don’t be maan..i told dreams have come true..i got my dream singh khurana..the girls who dream off n to have a glimpse of him is my husband..

she said teasingly’

Geet’don’t tempt me with ur words..

Warna..she asked him combing her hair..

Warna..i’ll eat u alive..arghh..he just made a different expression opening his mouth..

U look like a lion..

My prey is you..

They both bursted into laugh..

Lets go n have lunch

he made her take a nap after lunch..

He closed his eyes n thought what he read..

Any person who is in depression can be taken out by love n care..if its between husband n wife,they can make love or give pleasure to the other’sex is one thing which makes all forget the world ..they only feel the opposite person at that moment’

Maan himself kept away from her the previous day..but today he did all except making love..n it came a gud result..geet poured her heart out’he saw her face..there is no sign of worry there..he needs that only’he felt relieved..

He called adi n asked about works..n the person who tried to open his room..

No sir..i think the person is waiting for another correct timing..

Ok..let the person underplay..he will face the sequences for playing with a fire..

Ji sir..

Then they discussed about the office works n maan started to check his mails..

At evening geet woke up..

Hai beautifull..go n get ready soon..we are going out..

She saw a beautiful saree already kept near e smiled n walked to washroom to change..maan rolled his tongue inside his mouth..his eyes expressing his naughtiness..

Geet,change before me’

Geet opened her mouth in big O..

He winked at her..

I know what u r saying in ur mind..


Besharam kahika..

How do u know..

She bit her tongue for accepting it..

R u going to change..or do u want me to change u..

Haa’besharam ka bhi hadh hothi hai..u r  hell bent making me embarrass from morning..

Bak bak band karo aur change karo..

Karthi hoon’

With no other option she changed before him..all the while she could feel his gaze on her..he had a lop sided smile when she came near him..

Maan ,where are we going..

sippinging her milk ,which he gave she asked..

he was ready in his black jean n white shirt with his top three buttons open like always..

chalo tho sahi..

he took his car out n she took the passenger seat..he stopped before a mandir.. don’t believe in god..phir..

but u do..

haan par..

come..we are coming out after I thought u will like coming here with me..

her eyes moisted..

chalein mrs maan singh khurana..

yes mr.khurana..

she smiled within her tears..

geet I don’t like tears in ur eyes..n I don’t want my baby looking grumpy’

ye khushi ki aasu hai maan..

they both entered the mandir..she prayed to GOD for all..maan was looking at geet only..he can feel she is happy..after sometime they returned to the car..




he looked at her angrily..

ye lo..ab meine kya kiya..

he sat in driver seat closing the door with thud..

she sat next to him..

maan why are u angry..

will u say thanks to ur husband like this..

then how’

she asked in blue ,thinking about his bad.mood..

he showed his lips..

besharam..kahi ka..mandir mei bhi..chi chi..

she wacked his arms playfully..but she loved it..her red turned cheeks n the smile she is holding said him..

he moved the car..



gol gappe..

she just rolled her tongue out..

seeing it my mouth is watery..

geet..its unhealthy..

pls cutie..pls pls..

maan s st:did she call me sona n cutie..omg..whats going on with her..then he thought reading about mood swings..shayad ..this is one of her mood..

he cant say her no,when she made all puppy faces..


thank you..thank you so much..she hugged n kissed him..

you got me soon..


the way of thanks..

geet was again sharam se pani pani hogayi..Embarrassed

he went to the vendor n asked him to give golgappe..

ek tham teeka..

maan made sure,the man washed the plate n his hands twice before giving to her..

he was mesmerized by her cute antics..she was cherishing it so much..she made cute sounds..maan paid the vendor n started the car..he saw a childrens park..he stopped there..

they both went inside n sat on a bench..they could see the whole view of park from playing with friends n parents..the environment was so happy’

maan..she leaned on his shoulder..his hand encircled her shoulder..

haan geet..

can I ask u one thing..


what child u want..boy or girl..

maan was left in thoughts..

such kahoon geet..i don’t know what I want..boy or,I’ve bought things for both..ive in my thing I know,I want a healthy child who will call me dadi wished..a grand child for her..ive never dreamt more than it.. boy or girl..there is no different thought in me..that is our child..our symbol of love..we will shower baby with our immense love..thats it’.

say what do u want..boy or girl..

I too don’t know..ive never thought about baby..n my pregnancy is also I knew only there at mandap..when I have no idea how can I say what I want..

One thing I know geet..


Humare baby..


Will be nautanki like u..

Nautanki’me..she slapped his hands playfully..

Bhaiyo or beheno..dekiye dekiye..meri patni muje maarthi hai..

geet made a big O..

Maan.. u r naughty..see what drama r u doing’

Kya karun darling’tumhare saath rehneka asar hei..






She started to walk..

Ruko also coming’

They both started to have a walk around the park..talking about kids n the way they are playing fighting n smiling..

Our baby also will do all this’

They both had dinner on the way n returned to farm house.they both changed n cuddled with each other ..

Maan slided her night dress n sucked n nibbled her breast..

Maan ..geet moaned..

Maan stop it na..

Next year my baby will be sucking you..let me cherish till my partner comes..


I know I;m maamlein mein kuch zyadha hoon..he took her complaining lips in his’she loved to be loved by him..both slept soon feeling the warmth of each other..

the next day maan got a call from dadi..

dadi.. r is geet..


fine dadi..aap muje maaf kiya na..

haan beta..give to geet..

geet was nervous for the first time..


geet bte..kesi ho..

her voice shuttered..

I know beta..whats going on u..forget the past..n live happily’now u r two..maan is taking care of u n baby na..

Geet cried..hearing the same love n care in her voice..

Geet..wo tumei tang kartha hai kya..

Geet smiled n dadi..he is taking gud care of me..

Maan lifted his invisible collar as he was in his vest..

Geet chuckled..

Take care beta..

Then dev naina meera and brij also talked to her in same concern..the burden in her heart vanished after talking to them’maneet hugged each other..

Are u happy geet.. much..

With that she started to make sweet to show how happy she is..


the next days also followed same for maneet..they lived their every minute for each other taking care n loving each other..maan was over protective  about geet n child..though geet got irritated she loved to be pampered by him..n  the other reason of his possessiveness ,she knew..he is becoming father after a long wait’

one week passed so soon..the day came they packed their things n left to delhi at early morning 7’as maan had an important 10..he thought of leaving geet at home n then go to KC’


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