You Are My Love – Part 48


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one week passed so soon..the day came they packed their things n were preparing to leave to delhi at early morning 7’as maan had an important meeting at 10..he thought of leaving geet at home n then go to KC’maan was driving the car n was thinking what happened before leaving the farm house’

geet.have u kept all things..did u forget anything..

no maan ive kept all’let me check once again..

she went to their bed room n maan followed her after sometime’he saw geet looking the room so lost in it..




What are you thinking..dear..

She nodded shyly..n her red cheeks gave him the hint of her thoughts’he hugged her from back..

If u want to be here some more time,I’ve no problem’

He kissed her neck moving her hair to one side’

Maan..she whispered feeling him..

Haan bolo..

He nuzzled his nose in her  nape replacing with his wet kisses ,giving her goose bumps..



U make me weak before u..ur one touch always make me jelly’if u continue we wont be in delhi..u have a meeting remember..

He was flattened with her open statement’nowadays she spoke what she thought n she was like a open book now..

We can postponed..he said facing her to him..pecking her forehead..

Maan..this one week,ive got loads of love from you..u gave me full importance spending time with me n our baby…i’m so blessed to have u in my life..i cant forget this  full week in my life time..i feel so special..i got whatever I missed in my life..

Why are u  talking like this geet..U r my wife now..n u r carrying my child..its my responsibility to look after u both..

Ya..i’m not ur only responsibility maan..thats what I’m trying to say..thousands of workers families or dependent on you..u have the responsibility towards kc the meeting is important..u must give importance to them also..n more over ur family will be waiting for u’

Geet we are going back .. n u know I keep tabs on my work..

Still ur presence is need..

Ok..i accept..y we are talking about this.we are going back in few hrsna..then y we are talking about official work…say what u thought when I came here’

He saw her cheeks turning red again..

Maan chodo na..

She said in shy..he kissed her cheeks..

U look so cute when u blush’let me guess what r u thinking about ?

Maan..leave it na’lets go its getting late..

Maan chuckled seeing her attempt to divert him..

He hugged her..

Geet we will go,if my guess is correct..

Maan‘she was growing thicker red…

U are thinking how besharam I was with u’n u are thinking about our intimate moments..haina

Geet couldnot take it more..she hide her face in his shy..

So my guess was correct..isnt it..

She nodded her head..

Maan lifted her face by chin..

I love you geet..specially when u shy..i like to eat you alive

he took her lips for one last time before leaving the farm house..she gave him easily n parted her lips for him to enter..he explored her mouth fully tasting her honey sweet saliva..she was getting weak on her knees..if he is not holding her waist she would have touched the floor’he squeezed her waist so softly n she digged her nails holding his shoulder tight responding to him with same passion..their kiss broke after a long time..

i love u maan’ur guess was correct..i was remembering our close moments ,ur love n care..this room has given me so many happy memories to cherish..i cant forget this week..all thru the life me bhai n my sis struggled only to live..always there was something to trouble us..mostly our poverty n our future was questioned,which did not leave us to lead our life happily..but,the happiness u gave me..i’ve lived every second so thing..just my mind was filled with u n ur thoughts… heart was held  up here..i don’t want to leave this place..but we have to..

maan cupped her face n kissed her forehead..

I can understand’I too have the same feeling’I promise you I’ll make myself free in between n we will be back for another vacation’

Thanks maan..

Maan frowned..again..thanks not like this

She pecked his lips ..

Maan kneeled down n kissed her stomach..

Baby..papa promise you we will come here soon’I want you both to be happy’n I’ll give my best..n when we are back to mansion I’ll show u my collections in our room..u will like it baby..

Geet was over whelmed with his love..but his word our room pricked her..

Shall we move maan..its getting late

Yes sweet heart..

Maan came out of his trance with the sound horns of traffic..he saw the time it was nearing 9am n they were still in out skirts of delhi..

Geet must be hungry..he turned n saw geet sleeping in her place..with one hand on her unknown care every mother has during pregnancy feeling her baby..making the baby feel her mother is there with it’maan stopped in a restaurant  n woke up geet’they both had their breakfast..

Geet was silent n that was unusual for him..after breakfast,he asked her taking his driving seat ..

Geet whats bothering you..

Maan if I ask you something will u accept it..

If I think ur view is correct I’ll agree ..i cant say without knowing what u r going to ask..

Maan..i don’t want to stay in mansion’I’ll stay in out house..

Geet..why..all have accepted you na..then why?

Maan,its not like you mansion didi will be there..she gave you for me..i don’t want to share her room of urs also..pls understand’sharing everything of hers is like taking away her happiness..i don’t want her to sacrifice more for me..

Then where will you stay..i cant leave you alone in this stage..

As usual in out house maan..u can come to me n see whenever you want..we will be there infront of you’

Hmm’he accepted half heartedly..

Their conversation was disturbed by the call from adi..

Sir..where are you..

I’m coming back adi..just will drop geet in home n will reach there..i’ll be sharp at 10 before meeting starts..

Sir can u come here before 10..

Whats wrong adi..

Sir..ur cabin is opened today..i want u to check once before taking further steps against the culprit

Maans anger grew high..

Ok..i’m coming..

Sir if geet also comes here it will be she can also help me to find if anything is missing..

Ok..we are coming straight there..

Geet saw his angry face n his eyes spitting fire..

Kya hua maan..why are you so angry

Geet asked in concern..n was little frighten also..seeing her pale face he closed his eyes n controlled his anger..

Nothing sweetheart’adi called us to KC..someone has attempt to steal things or any important documents..we must go n clarify it..

Oh..who is can they do like this..

We can get the answers reaching KC only..

Maan drove straight to KC..both went to maans cabin..on the way,all wished them both..geet felt uneasy when they addressed her as mam..maan was busy thinking how to punish the culprit’n he did not answer anyone back..instead geet wished all back humbly..adi n pinky were standing before his cabin..


Gud morning sir..morning geet..

Lets go in n talk..

Both entered the cabin n saw files kept messed up..not in proper place..

Is anything missing adi sir..

Geet archieve is also same like this..ive arranged..but can u check once again..take pinky with u..till that I will discuss few important things with sir..

Ok sir..

Geet,be careful..pinky take care of her..

Yes sir..

Geet n pinky went n checked the files in archieve..only the personal files of staffs were messed up..other files were in its place..geet coughed due to the dust ..n pinky went to bring her water..


Here in maans cabin..

Adi ,who is it

He looked around walking to meeras was more mess than his cabin..

Adi opened his lappy n played the recording of camera which he specially kept only before maans door,which had the recording of whats happening inside maan n meeras cabin..

Maan s anger grew no bounds seeing it..

call the police n hand over the culprit..

yes sir

Maan punched the file shelf near by in anger..the files n boxes at the top shelf fell down scattering the contents in it..a paper caught his attention’he took it n read it..his earth slipped away from his feet..


Here meera  called devn asked where he is..n dev said he is on the way to kc after seeing a site..n informed her maaneet has there is some emergency maneet has directly went to office..n meera said she will come there as she too has some important work in KC with maneet..n she is near office only.

Geet was coughing she decided to get fresh air out of the archieve..she was moving to her cabin..sasha stopped her..they were standing in middle of office..

Hello geet madamji..i must really appreciate ur talent..u have ,trapped a big business man in ur feet

we all know our MD is so innocent..he has never thought anyone than his wife..but how did u trap him..hume bhi bathayiye na..u are glued with him for his money only na..prostitutes are better than u..they openly says what they need..

maam..stop not a girl like that..

All the staffs were looking at both..geet was feeling like standing in mid of fire..

..maanna padega..noone has did this before or neared MD thinking he is married..but see ur guts..u slept with him n carrying his it his or u r giving some ones child his name..tum jese low class ladkiyon ko mein achi tara jaanthi hoon..

Maam..she roared..

Mind ur words..

Before she complete sasha was lying on the floor cupping her cheeks..

All were stunned what happened..

Meera was standing there..she has given sasha a tight slap n geet on other side..

Just mind ur words sasha..

geet was crying hearing the most worse words…n meera hugged her caressing her..meeras heart was paining..but she shrugged it  thinking it’s the effect of words..


Shayad you have forgotton..let me remind you..geet is maans md of KC..n u r here a mere staff..

Mam she took ur place..still sasha want to humiliate her..

I myself gave my place to my sister.i can do anything for her..n its our personal matter.when I don’t have any problem why do u care…u don’t want to interfere in our matters..n dare u question about baby..its maans ..n we know it..

Pinky came with water n gave to geet..

Meera turned n shouted at geet..

When will u stop crying geet..u must have given that slap when she started talking about its decision time..i want u to make it now..what punishment should be given to sasha..take decision as maans wife n mother of ur child..

Geet looked at meera n she can read what she want her to do..she wiped her tears n said..

Pinky,bring firing letter for sasha..i don’t want her to see in KC anymore..

Sasha was shocked..

If I was in geets place sasha I would have cut ur tongue  said meera..

No the police n hand over sasha to them..said adi..

Adi sir..what are u saying..u cant hand over her for badmouthing..

But for breaking our locks of mds room n for searching files..attempt to steal things.we can geet…what file u r searching for sasha..which company made u work for them to steal files..which file u stole..

Sasha gulped her saliva..

I didn’t do anything..believe me adi sir’

Adi showed her the recording..sasha opening archieve n searching files..when she didn’t get any she came to maans cabin n opened with a duplicate key..she searched his cabin..then moved to meeras n she got the file of geets profile..she turned n read ..she did not get anything..she again searched more..hearing some ones footsteps she hide n moved out slowly..then adi came inside the room n calling maan..


Sasha was dumpfounded n was sweating badly..

Geet came infront..

U are accusing me sometime before..u thief..tell what u are searching for. ..chi..shame on you .u have breaken their trust. with whom u are working..what u get from this shasha..

Sasha who was fuming in angry with the slap she got from geet n meera..n after the humiliation of being caught..there is no more to lose..

She shouted at her..

Yes..i only did it..bcoz I hate you..i want maan for myself..i tried to be near him..but he never turned to me..he always thought of meera..but u got him..u r carrying his child..she pushed geet..but meera ,adi n pinky got geet safely in their hands..

Do u know.i mixed ur drinks in dev sirs engagement..i thought u will make fun n maan sir will fire u..that day meera mam saved .i thought of humiliating u before all in marriage..i only passed the pregnancy reports in mandap..but never thought,it was maans baby n my whole plan,I am searching here for ur background..ur any that I can make u leave n go away from maan..but again my bad luck ive caught..i never thought this idiot adi would turn so brilliant trapping me n exposing me’I did all this in it geet..i hate u..jabse tum aayi ho..maan gives importance to u..n meera maam also..thats why I hated you..

The whole staff was shocked hearing sashas the time police came n took sasha with them..

Geet looked for maan..

Adi sir..where is maan..

He is in ur cabin..

Geet n meera opened the cabin only to see maan standing rooted in his place..his eyes still fixed on the paper unbelievingly..

they can notice tear in his eyes..

Maan’both called at same time,which broke his trance..

He turned n saw meera..

Stay there meera..dont come in..

His voice echoed all over the office..n caught their attention..

Meera n geet were confused at his behavior..more than it..he was angry..his eyes were red ..


You owe me an answer meera..why you did it..

Maan what are u asking didi..we can sit n talk..

No geet..she needs to answer me..why you did this meera..what have I done to u..that u did this to me..he shook her shoulders hardly ..

Maan,what are you asking..i don’t understand..

Maan..why are you behaving like this..

Whats this meera..

He throwed the paper..meera took the paper n saw was her scanning report..when she was carrying the baby..she kept it secretly hiding from maan..

You was pregnant meera..with our child’.then why u said you cant  be pregnant..what happened to our child..u never said to me ..tell me dammit..why u hide it me..

Geet was shocked hearing it..she took steps back..

Didi was pregnant..did she sacrificed it bcoz of me..did I came between their relation..why didi lied to me..

Maan was looking at meera n didn’t notice geet running away hiding her tears..

Maan turned n brushed his hair frustration’

I never thought meera..u will hide things from did not even think informing me about our child..tum jaanthi thi meera.. hum kitna tadaprahi thi ek bachekeliye..u lied to me..that you cant become a mother..whats the truth..mera dum gutraha hai..i don’t know about my baby..kya hua us bache ka..bathao mujei..

Meera don’t know how to answer can she say she aborted the baby’she touched the picture in paper..the small opened her wounds .n her pain in heart increased…how much she was happy hearing she was pregnant. how much she wished to convey it to maan… it was the day which she found she is nearing her death. all scattered..ending abortion.meera walked out without senses n collapsed at entrance of was entering the office..he caught her before touching the ground.. panicked n without wasting time he rushed her to hospital’


the staffs don’t know how to react..the continuous incidents gave them shock’

Adi saw the paper n a file where meera fainted..

He took it n went to maan..

Maan was looking at the door,where meera was standing..

She did not even think giving me answers..




This paper n file..

Whats it..

Maan took it from him n saw meera has transferred all her properties including KC shares n her maika’s properties on geet,brij n rajji..the other was the scan paper..

Where is meera n geet..where is she..

Geet left long before sir..when..


Adi looked at him..

She fainted n dev sir took her with him..

Ok..u can go..


Maan sat their quietly for calm himself..

He called dev worrying about meera..

Devs phone came switched off..

He called mansion ..

The ring went on n none received it..he called the care taker of house ..

Where are all..why no one is taking my phone..

Sir ur wife is admitted in hospital..everyone has went there..

Geet’.in hospital’

He drove madly to the hospital’

2810 words..long one ..

precap..u all know…whats keep on guessing..

finish this thread soon n meet me in new thread..LOL



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