Geetanjali – Part 44


Thank you friends for giving me a huge support…thanks for all of them who hit like buttons.Smileand commenting me..Smile


Part 44

Vicky ..hmmm..hogaya ..ur bhai got his feed..n u stopped ur  cry..dramebazz..when u both will grow na I’ll tease u like hell..see me GF..

Baby playfully hit his cheek n Vicky fakely cried.. cheeks..

Maan was totally confused ..with the situation..but was feeling alive after so many months’

Vicky,I don’t understand what u r saying..why baby cried n why she  is smiling now..

Sir,ani n aroo are twins..whenever he is hungry,she will cry n when she is hungry he will cry..ek ki takleef doosron ki hothi hai.


Aarav sir..boy.. n ani has stopped her cry now..bcoz he must have been fed..

Where is he..

With my sister..he is chipkoo to my sister..straight opposite to my angel’he will not leave my sister for a possessive about his mom. Like if he leaves him ,his mom will go far away from him…u must see his attitude at this stage..he cares damn for others..guzza tho nak pe hothi hai..he  will break all things which comes in his hands..n if come to his loved ones,he loves with full heart..but less than his mom..

Maan smiled ..somewhere he thought the characters of  the boy baby is like him..

The next made him surprised..ani shouted a cute frown which made maan kiss her cheeks again..

Ok..ok..i’ll not complain about ur bhai..he is so gud..ok..

Baby made a piggy face to him n all smiled at her..

Adi cleared his throat to get their attention..he was watching maan ‘who was quite interested knowing about babies n his protective hold on baby said that he loves her from the minute he saw her’the smile on his lips which reached his eyes after geet went..he thought..what all says is true..bacho bhagwaan ka roop hotha only maan is smiling after a long period..


Yes adi..

If u wish lets go n see the top floors’

Ya lets move..

Sir,lets leave gf here to her mom n go..

Vicky extended his hands..maan gave ani to him reluctantly’ani did not leave him,but Vicky forcefully took her n went inside geets cabin..he left her n came out..

Adi I’ll go with him..u stay here n get the copies of agreement ..then we will leave..

Yes sir..

Vicky n maan took the lift n went to the floor one by one..vicky was showing him..the office was ready with interiors ‘.anyone can shift at anytime..they were moving to the 10th floor when Vicky turned maan was missing..he came again searching all floors he was not there..he came to their office..he was not there..


In geets cabin..

Geet was drapped in her usual combination of white n red saree sitting in couch n feeding aarav’ when Vicky came to give ani,she asked him to give her the bottle milk in her hand..geet feeds them both alternatively..

Geet was thinking about maan,who has totally changed n looked worn out..

his hairs not cut,,he has not trimmed his beard.

(think him with beard in this pic)he was looking pale n was looking thinner than before..his eyes with black circles expressing his sleepless nights..n the pain behind it’

Is he still living thinking about anjali’

She thought about her life..when  they decided to leave America n settle in india..she is the one who said they will live far away from maan..when he don’t want her in his life she don’t want to go back to him nor she wants him to know where she is..if he founds her or faces her in any situation she cant take another  heart break again.if he turns,she changed her name..but how can she leave his name..she is maan ki geet..n will be till end’she loves him  insanely..she took the MA n GE of them n made all call her mage (magi)..

Mostly all know her as mrs.msk in she choosed south where no one knows her..vicky took sub contracts n she did designs from house at first till she gave birth to the twins..anjali.. n aarav..

Anjali …her sisters name n she called ani in short remembering her sil..

Aarav..the peace ..the ray of light in her life..

they named the business gaarv constructions n started  to work in full swing..geet had no money other than what her papa had selling the HP house n land..where as Vicky  had his parents property n,they became partners..vicky only selected the name..

G      for   GEET

AAR for  ani n aroo

V       for  Vicky..

When the first order they placed was taken by KC geet was hesitant taking it..then she thought maan rarely visits south n for a success of business personal n professional differences must be,she accepted.. Vicky was so much angry with maan for throwing geet away from life..she kept maans photos away from only Vicky couldn’t realize its maan n more over adi addressed him as mr.khurana..which Vicky don’t know’

Geet always showed  her babies maans photos n made them talk to them..from when they are in geets womb they have smelled their father by his shirts n now too if they didn’t sleep geet  tucks them with maans shirt n they will sleep..ani easily identified maan as her papa by his smell more than physical appearance..n people says na.. girls always loves dad n sons always loves mom ‘ same was with them..

Anjali loved maan n aarav loves geet..

She kept aroo on his shoulders n burfed..ani also finished her milk..geet burfed her too..


Yes ani..ani’s dad..

Ani kissed her cheeks..

Wuaa..dada..she showed cheeks..

Hmm..papa kissed you..


Geet kissed the cheeks were maan kissed ani..

Daddy loves u ani..

She gave a cheeky smile’aaro took baby steps n came to geet n pulled her saree to take him in her arms..


Haan aaro’dady is u want to see him..

Aaroo nodded yes..

Aav ‘ki..da..

Yes dear..aarav ki dad..

Her thought was disturbed by Vicky..

What happened Vicky’

I’m searching for mr.khurana..he was with 10th floor..then suddenly he vanished..

Go n see him in terrace..

Omg..sis..i forgot to see in terrace..

He ran n saw maan there lost in his thoughts..

Maan was standing there in sun leaning on a water was too hot..but, he is standing like he is under moon light..

Vicky noticed  tears in his eyes’

Maan was rembering geet n baby..if their baby was alive it must be 8 months same like ani..ani..the name n her face gave peace to his heart..

why?why im attracted to her..

is it bcoz she has the name of my sister anie..or what..

she pulled my tie like geet did..

her eyes black as mine..

her hairs black as mine..

her lips like mine..

her colour like geet..

her cheeks like geet..

her nose like geet..

her fingers short n soft as geet

her voice as sweet as geet..

the twinkle n naughtiness like geet..

if I have a baby she will be like ani only..the mixture of me n geet..

but,ive smashed it with my hands..

today I miss u baby..tears rolled down his eyes..forgive ur papa who took ur life..meri tho yahi sazaa hai na zindagi bar thadapne ki..the girl I loved passed away substituting her sister..but I pushed her out of my life..i deserve hell..more than this..atleast geet will be happy na baby..she must have got her love..

baby,why im thinking about geet n you today..shayad I’m searching u in ani..thats why im feeling attached to her..

Vicky came near maan n touched his shoulder..

Sir are you ok..



Maan wiped his tears n composed himself..he said in a stern tone..

Yes Vicky..

Lets go..

He walked with attitude..



Vicky’s ST:this man looks irony..but too tender at heart..he keeps a mask to others to hide his grief..but what it may be..what he is missing in his life..he is shedding tears here lonely..

Vicky n maan took the lift n came to their office’

Adi came to him.. u like it..

Yes adi..u go n see the owner n book all the floors..take cheque with u to pay advance..

Wow..thats so we can meet

Yes Vicky..

All heared sound of baby shoes n turned to the direction..a pair of shoes walking slowly..

Vicky’s eyes widened.. Sir,this is aarav..but aarav..u never come out..then today how u came out?

maan looked at the baby..wearing a red n white sleeveless t-shirt n half pant


he looked same like ani..chubby cheeks .dimple chin .m shaped lips with pacifier in it, ,long fingers… black curly hairs ..

his was brown like geet..

maan closed his eyes..why im thinking of geet today’more than all days..why..

aarav was walking holding the walls n the staffs were looking him like alien..noone neared him like they did to ani..

maan looked at all n Vicky answered his question..

aarav always likes to be lonely’he always prefer to be inside the room with sis…I always make fun of my sister..we must leave aarav in camping site..he will like that also.. my favourite ..

he is walking..but ani stood today only na..

sir,ani is slow n normal babies…aarav is fast n speedy in all  ways..

maan had the urge to hold him n bent on his knees..

no sir..he will cry..he wont like others carrying him.. even I can take him only if he agrees to be with me.

maan didn’t listen to him..he took aaroo in his hands..but aarav was angry at his Vicky for stopping maan to take in his arms..he did not get anything to throw..he took his pacifier n threw exactly on vicky’s face..aaravs nose flickered n his lips cutely frowned at Vicky..

champ..ouch..what I did..why are u angry at me..u badmash

aarav was busy checking his papa..


maan didn’t understand what baby is saying..he kissed the bundle of joy in his arms..he could feel geets aroma on him mixed with his milky smell..maan shrugged his thoughts as he is over thinking about geet ..

aaroo encircled his arms around maan n kissed his cheeks..maans beard irked made aaroo angry’he bite his cheeks over the beard when it gave pain to him also..

aaahhh‘maan screamed..

aarav scratched his beared and his hands got marks on it..

Vicky came n tried to take aarav..he hugged maan tight same like ani n nodded no..he kept his head on shoulders..hugging him tight..this time aaroos hand ruffled maans long hairs..he pulled it thinking like his doll which had wig hair..

Maan looked at Vicky..

Why aaroo bite me..n whats he doing..

Vicky was suppressing his laugh seeing maans plight’

He did not like ur long hair n ur beard I think..if he doesnt like anything he will hurt others ..even though if it hurts him also..see his hands ‘ its red bcoz of scratching you..par one thing is amazing me..aarav did not cry ..he makes the whole building upside down by his scream,if unknown persons touch him..then how he is quite with u..

Maans heart said im not unknown to him..

Adi said’

Sir..anie asked if we are coming for lunch..

Yes ..say her.we are coming.


Anwesha in short anie..My staying in her house..

That’s gud..

Hmm..ok..then I must take leave..

He said..but his heart stopped him to go..

Vicky extended his hands to baby saying he is going to baby left maan ..maans heart bleeded when aarav left his hold n went to vickys arms..

Adi n maan left to anies it was noon time there was less they reached their house in 3o minutes..dadi n anie saw the glow in maans face..

After lunch adi went back to omr to see the owner n book the floors..

Adi called maan n said the owner is asking double the amount of what Vicky said..

How much it may cost rent it are ask him if he likes to sell to us..i need that building at any cost’n make arrangements our office starts from tomorrow itself from there..

He kept the phone..

Dadi n anie came to him..


Dadi sat next to him..

Maan placed his head  on her laps..

Kya hua maan..y u r interested  in that building

I don’t know dadi’to be happy or I saw twins..they took away my heart..when I took them in my hands I lost myself..i never felt that much happy n peace in these days..i just want to have their glimpse atleast,only I asked adi to rent the building even if its so costly..

Then y u r sad..

My baby will also be like that only na dadi’if I’ve not been stupid”’

Maan..its not ur fault..its mine’if I ve said the truth geet is not anjali,u would not have taken that steps..

now too its not late bhai..we can search geet bhabhi..u miss her na..

no baby..let her be happy..we must not disturb her..i deserve this..


kab tak maan..u have to move on..still there is life for u..why don’t u marry again..

daadi..he got up from her lap n looked her in full anger..

daadi never repeat this..i ‘m fortune enough to get two girls love..n unfortunate to loose them also..there is no space for girl than them..he left the place leaving dadi n anie worry about him

dadi.u made bhai angry..

I don’t want him to suffer like this day n night..he  must get out of his cage..

But.,bhai still loves geet bhabhi..

Hmm..i took this marriage topic only to make him realize he needs geet back in his life..he must search geet or move on… whats wrong in my thought..if he marries n a baby is born he will forget everything..

You are wrong dadi..u r going to make same mistake like u did before..

I know’I am daily praying god only to get geet back in his life..kuch miracle hojaye aur geet wapus unki zindagi mei roshni dey




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