Geetanjali – Part 45


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Maan went to his room  fully frustrated..

How can dadi say like can he forget  geet..he cant believe that anjali is living only in his memories n in the garlanded photo..but geet..she has made him forget anjali..his every nerve knew he now belongs only to can he forgive himself for giving her a torturous this not enough dadi is asking him to move can he’he is standing in the same place where geet left him..atlest anjalis thought of betrayel made him move..but now he cant even move a second without thinking about geet..there is no day he did not think about geet..

Geet..a sweet song..he smiled thinking about she fought with him ..her tit for tat answers..her courage of answering him back..she was never weak before him..she was a strong girl..yes strong only she withstanded my all wrath..the pain I gave to her..i’m sorry geet..sorry..

He held her photo to his heart n closed his eyes.trying to get some sleep..he knows he cant sleep peacefully as reality always haunts him..he can only sleep when he tortures himself..n his body get tired..still he tried..soon sleep took over him than ever..

He was having same dram for months n .the same dream came again..

Someone calling his name n the two flowers blooming..but today he saw faces in it’he rubbed his eyes n tried to see the faces flower had ani n other was aarav..the innocence in their eyes,their cute smile n their can he forget the kiss they gave him..he smiled in sleep’dadi who came to see maan was surprised to see maan smiling n sleeping also..she kissed his forehead n said..

I’m sure u r dreaming something..i pray to god that ur dream comes true’n ur smile remains in ur face..

She tried to take geets picture from him..he was holding it so possessively ..dadi came out n saw arjun standing there..



Thinking about maan n worrying about him..ur health will go down..

She sighed n moved to her room followed by arjun..

Jaanthi hoon beta..i must be healthy atleast till I see my maan happy before closing my eyes..meri prarthana bhi yahi hei..u n anie are settled ..but maan..i don’t know when he will be u know anything about geet..he is not allowing us to search also..

Arjun sat on his knees n held dadis hands..

Dadi..shall I say onething..

Yes beta..

after anjali..maan searched for her..but he couldnot find her..but geet came to his office for interview n

maan married Geet ..its destinys play..its written in their fate..if they are parted now..its also fate’if god wants them  to be together, u don’t want to search for her..if they are bind to be together they will become one..bus aap khosla rakhiye’everything will be alright soon..

isi ummeedse jeerahi hoon beta..

dadi,muje lagraha hai,maans happiness is not far away..


dadi,u saw the smile in his face na’

its bcoz of the kids he met..

why don’t u think,it’s the start of his happiness..god has shown u a glimpse today..

shayad tum teek ke rahi ho.. our sweetsi dadi..sleep well’

dadi settled herself in bed..arjun tucked the spread over her n left saying gud night dadi..

dadi was still thinking about maan..n her heart to said something gud is going to happen’this Chennai air has something that gives me positive vibs..but whats it’

she too slept..

maan was having a deep slumber,sound sleep after several one waked him..they let him sleep..anie switched off his mobile also’

maan woke up n saw the time..8.30′

what..8.30..he said loudly..

n aniarjun dadi n arjuns parents said.. unison..

u all my room..

wo..we are watching u soundly u sleep..

baby..he frowned..he was cursing himself for sleeping till morning..not waking earlier..that too in anies sasuraal’

im sorry ..he said feeling very much embarrassed..dadi atleast u must have wokeup me..

don’t be..u rarely sleep..we know it..n so only we let u sleep..

I want to go soon..ive urgent work..he excused all n left to washroom..still not believing himself that he slept till 8.30..

All went to their works..

Maan was brushing his teeth..he washed his face..his hands rubbed on his beared..he remembered he bite him n scratched his hands making it red’

Maan came oout n saw the servant holding his black coffee..he took it n looked himself at mirror..he weared his shirt n went out saying he will be back soon’leaving the family look at him puzzled..


Here geet house.. aarav was sleeping n ani was woke up..geet was feeding her. thinking about maan’.he was always a charmer between girls..his physique n his outlook always kills girls..yesterday that was missing..his long hairs n did not suit him..why he is not taking care of him..that painful eyes..haunts me..i left him thinking he will be happy atleast..but doesn’t seem so..

Anie was full..she crawled n stood in geets laps..


Haan anie..


Vicky entered geet sroom’

Whats she saying sis..

Nothing champ..geet tried to  avoid the topic before vicky..

But ani..


Kya angel


Vicky was blank n couldn’t understand what she is saying..

He looked at geet..

She must be trying to say some new words..i 2 don’t know..

Champ is still sleeping’

He slept an hour before only..ok..i’ll get ready ..u look after them..


Vicky took ani n went out’

Geet..whom u r trying to fool..u know what she said..why I think, my guess is correct


U don’t know 2 lie..then why u r trying..

Ji mom..

It means..daamadji..

Yes mom..he came yesterday to office..n ani n aaru recognized him..

Did u say him..

No mom..he asked vicky whose child is it..

Tum kehthi kyun unka bacha hai..

Usne tho thaala tho lagathiya na mom..taking promise of anjali..I saw an unknown feeling in his painful face..a peace when he holded his can I spoil ani n aaravs happiness being in maans arms..he don’t want me in his life… I know,he will love his kids ..kya mei in bacho k bina reh paungi mom..what if he takes them with him..i myself don’t know what to do..i have learned to live with his memories .n with his babies.i cant part from my babies..i cant..i fear,.what if he again breaks me’I cant collect myself mom..mei toot jaungi..

She cried hugging rano’maan has broken her so she cant trust,even if her heart knows maan will never separate kids from their mother..

Do Vicky knew,he is maan..

No mom..dont say to him..he will hate him..or may be he can fight with maan..i don’t want any mu between them..maan keliye..gC is his client..thats all..n im happy seeing maan around me n my kids..yesehi rehnedije mom..pls..

Ok..go n get ready’

After geet goes rano says..geet..maano ya na maano..maan will never separate u from ur kids..if god has brought him near his kids,then im sure he will make u both meet also’

Aarav also woke up..rano took him in her arms..


Haan aaru..


He looked around n asked..

Ur mom is bathing..ani is with ur maamu..lets go n get ready..dont u want to go with ur mom to office..




Haan ur dad will also be there..n u make him understand he is ur dad..ok..

He nodded his head as he understood..

Aaj tum mummy ke pass nehi daddy ke pass rahogi..n be with ur dad..dont leave him..

Aarav s face brightened..


Yes..aarav will be with dad only..mere samajdar potha’

Rano turned to leave..she was shocked to see geets father..

Ji aap..

I heared all..

Ji mei wo..

Im with you rano..i also want maneet to be one  with anjali n needs both father n mothers love..n only kids can get them together’

Aarav..mera pyaara bacha..aaj aap zid karegi aap papa k pass hi rahegi..

So nana naani has filled jr..ziddhi aarav maan singh khurana’s mind with mission dad..

He gave a teethy smile..

They both kissed him on either side..n aarav clapped his hands in joy..

Geet got ready n made aarav n anjali ready to take with her..vicky came with his college bag ..

Geet went to office without knowing her small devils mission..who is same like his dad..

Geet with aarav n Vicky with ani in their hands entered their office removing their slippers n shoes..geet was moving to her room..aarav jumped in her arms.

Kya hua aaru..

Nee jaa aao..nee..jaa’

Kahaan nehi jaana hai tume..



he nodded his head..

so,u will be here..


the first surprise for Vicky n geet..

the boy who never comes out of room is saying to be outside.

Ani has already joined the staffs to blabber in her baby language..

So geet made sit aarav in floor n gave some toys to play..she moved to her cabin thinking aarav will cry seeing her move away..but he was quietly playing..he looked at his mother n maamu n gave a smile..that he is fine’geet rolled her eyes n went to her room..

Aarav called anjali..



Aao..he called her by waving his tiny hands..

He was thinking how can someone hold my dare they touch her’

The staff who was holding ani left her down..she crawled n came to aarav got his chance..he throwed his toy on the staff warning not to touch his sister’he gave a kiss to his sister in her chubby cheeks’n she returned to him..they both started to play..but aaravs eyes was on doorstep waiting for his dad..

Arjuns house..

When maan came back..all were stunned to see the change in maan..maan rushed to his room..took a quick shower changed to his official attire n came back..he was so fast than ever..he was taking his breakfast chatting with anie..

adi was standing there ..

whats it dream..

no dadi..this is the magic of the kids..

maan came to adi..

adi shall we go..

yes sir..

whats about the building..

ive bought it sir..they have given the keys..after an hour registration sir..

that’s gud..

adi n maan moved to office..dadi n anie prayed to god to keep maan happy like this always..



suddenly there was many employees moving up n down..which made staffs of geet ask the security whats  going on’

they informed the building was now bought by KC n they are arranging things for opening their office around 3..

sis,whats this man upto..i thought he will hire..but he brought this building..

geets st: if he needs anything he will go to any extent to get it..wo insaan ho ya building..

just then maan entered their office geet rushed to her room..maan saw only the back n red n white saree..his heart once thumped..was it it was geet,why will she hide from me..

his thoughts were stopped by Vicky..


maan looked at his expressions n looked around..the girls also drooling him..his eyes went to aarav who was now satisfied seeing maan with trimmed hair n neatly shaved..

aaravs twinkle in eyes said he likes it..same was geet..he found the same maan back today..totally different from yesterday..

mr.khurana..u bought this building..

ya..i liked this..ur owner asked double the amount for rental..i said I need at any cost rent or own..n adi made me own this..thats my adi..

he appreciated him..

Vicky asked slowly with hesitance..

Do u want us to vacate..

What?when I said so..u will be taking the others..

Maan was talking to Vicky..but his eyes was on both kids who are playing..seeing maan aarav stood n walked holding the wall..whereas ani was too fast..she crawled n came to maan n stood holding himone side..n the other side stood there was a clash between two..who will maan take..


They were saying to each other dady will take him/her first’maan bent down n stood on his one knee..he took both on either side..both gave them kisses on cheeks making him wet with their juicy saliva..maan was feeling like he is in heaven..n flying in air..aarav touched his chin without beard n kissed his cheeks again..he has taken it bcoz of him..aarav ruffled his hair feeling it shortened..ani was looking her bro’s mischieve with smile..maan  talked with Vicky for some time..

Ok..i want to go to registration..

Oh..ya..u carry also getting late for college..he took aarav from him..but aarav was in his mission..nana nani said not to leave papa..

He hugged maans neck n kept his head on his shoulder screaming


Acha bacha haina aarav..aaja aaja aaja..

Neee..aav ba bo..go maamu..

Maan chuckled..

He is saying himself bad boy only to be with maan..

Vicky took can he carry u both..

The girl understood n came to vickys arms..

Aarav gave a winning smile to ani..for what ani cutely pouted which made maan kiss her chubby its time for ani to give a cheeky winning smile..aarav frowned at maan..maan was having a gud time with both..even adi smiled seeing maans plight..geet was happy seeing their kids bonding with maan n maan was not complaining also..

Vicky once again tried to take aarav..


 his scream made all close their ears..

maan said..if u r ok..i’ll take him with me..

vicky hesitated..

ill ask sis..

he went to geet n said aarav was not coming from maan n he is taking with him to registrar office..

geet closed her eyes n pretended to think..

aarav tho ziddhi hai..ok..she gave a small bag to Vicky stuffing some toys in it.

..give this to m’mr.khurana..this will manage if aaru needs anything..


Maan was so happy that he is taking aaru with him’

N he went to registration office..the procedures took long was so hot,maan sat in his a/c car with aaru playing with him.aaru was quiet but mischievious…after some time he saw aaru sleeping with his head in his chest n legs on either side around him..he himself has placed his pacifier in his mouth which was attached in his shirt.n aaru was holding maans shirt tightly in his fist..maan did not move from his he don’t want to disturb the cutie’s sleep..after a while maan placed aaru slowly in car n asked the driver to look after till he signs n come..he threatened him if aaru cried he will make his life hell..the driver nodded n looked after aaru..

He murmured..he is threatening like this is his own child..

Thank god maan was inside the office..

Driver sighed in relief seeing maan back..after signing the papers..

They were driving back when aaru wokeup..he took out his pacifier n started to suck his thump..n his stomach was growling..

are u what to do..vicky..

he called Vicky came switched off as he was in his college..

maan called gaarv constructions n said it took some time n I think aaru is hungry what to do..he don’t have aaravs moms  no.also..

staffs..we too don’t have sir..mam always keep herselves alone..i’ll transfer the line to her sir..u ask her..


receptionist transferred the call saying geet its urgent call..


maan was numb..

is it geets voice..why it sounds like her..


geet recognized his voice..she kept mum..then she  immediately gave the phone to her assistant n told her to attend the phone..

she cant talk to him..his promise..stopped her.. ji..hello..

now maan was getting illusions of geet everywhere..

wo..i’m khurana work delayed n we are returning ..our drive will take some more time to reach their..i think aaru is hungry..what to do..

geets assistant said geet..

ani was crying n she now knew aarav was hungry..

ask maan..i mean mr.khurana to see aaravs bag ..his bottle is there..

maan heared geets voice was sounding he couldnot  confirm, if it was geets voice  0r not..

maan kept the phone..n took aaravs bag..he kept the bottle near aarus mouth n he took it in his hands n started to drink..he was smiling with the bottle in his mouth..his dad has given him the bottle for first time..

adi was quiet watching him’the great msk nursing a baby..

after baby finished ,maan placed him in his lap showing site seeing..aaru saw a toy shop..n showed his hands..


maana saw the toy shop..

aapko khilona chahiye’



maan stopped the car n entered the shop..he bought whatever  aarav liked n he bought toys ,dresses also for can he forget his pari..

aarav was happy with his day out with his dad..he was kissing him numerous time,expressing his happiness..

when they returned maan saw his office decorated fully n was ready for reopening ceremony..he was mesmorized by the was perfect as he expected..his thoughts went to geet..if geet was here she would have done like this..

maan looked at adi..

gud work adi..

whereas adi was confused..

sir,I did not do it.

Just then a staff came n said..MRS.Magi told us to do this..

The pandit came n asked him..sir,can we start the pooja..

Just 5 waiting for my family..let them come..


Aaru was sleeping again so maan went down again to give aaru..he saw ani looking at him with frowned face..jealous of his brother for spending time with dad..maan placed aaru slowly on the crib there..ani extended her arms asking him to take..n he took ani in his arms..

She snuggled to him closely..

Da..ani Is u..


Vicky came from behind..

She is saying she missed u..

Miss u 2 beta..he kissed her..

Vicky can u n ur sis n ur staffs join us in opening ceremony..

Hmm sir..its a great honour..but my sis will not come..i’ll ask the staffs to join..

But y..

Hmm..she is like that only..she will not come out of her room..

Shall I meet her..i want to thank her for looking after arrangements..

I’ll say her sir..she will not see u..


Sir..not only u..she never allows outsiders to meet her..

But y..

Her life..n she wants to live alone like this ..only our family members can see her..the staffs are also rare to meet her..she has shrugged herself into a shell..n we don’t know how to break it..

U r talking in riddles..

Her life is so..

Her husband..

That’s y she keeps her alone..she don’t want anyone to ask her about her husband or who is arav n ani’s father..

Where is he..

Hmm..he must be alive some where breaking my sisters heart..i hate him for making my sis life shatter..

Vicky got a call..

Dare u speak a word against him Vicky..

Sis ..he deserves it..

Vicky’she roared ..which made him shut up..


First stop talking about him infront of others..

her heart ached saying maan as others..but she should stop vicky before he spills maans name..

sis..we are going for kcs opening..are u coming with has personally invited us..

sry Vicky ..u go..i’m f9 here..


pls..dont force me Vicky..


maan watched vickys every expressions n his words also.. cant take a word against jiju..she loves much..just I was angry with him for losing a gem..

hmm..i understand..sometimes..losing a gem is to make its value higher..when u know the gem is not valuable for u..u can give it to others who knows its value’even if u posses ur gem..

Vicky looked at maan with piercing gaze..he meant something..but he couldn’t understand the hidden meaning..

Now u r talking in puzzle..

Maan sighed..

Life is always a puzzle,when,where n what happens why it happens u don’t know..

U r talking like a saint..

Its what the life taught me..

U also look like my sis,deep hurt,but still thinking of someone..or ur love..

Maan steadies now..he has talked too much to an unknown person..

Shall we move..its time now..

Maan moved with anie..

Geet was thinking about maans words..what he means by giving a gem to others’who knows its value..


Man entered his floor followed by Vicky n staffs..

Maan introduced Vicky to his dadi,anie arjun n his parents..

But all were interested in the baby,whom maan was carrying so securely..

Dadi..this is ani..vickys sis daughter..

All had an instant attraction..a overwhelming love towards the kid..maan gave ani to dadi n went to receive some guests.

anjali knew all..she called dai..(dadi)

Which made dadi in tears..

Tho yeh hai ani..jisne hamari maan ki chehre pe muskurahat laayi..she kissed her with all love..where is her twin..

Aarav is sleeping..

I would like to see him also..

Dadi removed a gold chain n weared to ani..

Dadi..iski kya zaroorat thi..

Yeh shagun hai beta..this is worthless compared to the smile she brought in maans face..

Vicky was quiet..but he knew something  maan was somewhere like his sister searching for happiness in life..

Baby called Anwesha as wua(bua)

Vicky was getting suspicious ani n arav was liking maan n his family..n they calling him cant be unison..n now ani calling them with relation without teaching..or’

..ani was all the while with maan..n maan made ani cut the ribbon.. The reopening ceremony went well..n Vicky also clicked with maans family..after all went..vicky also excused n went to his floor..anie n others were busy chatting ..they searched for maan who was missing n went to his cabin’maan was relaxing in his chair keeping his legs on a side table..ani was sleeping over him’his hands protectively holding baby. as he was cocooning his precious thing in world.n babys hands encircling his neck…his face was very peaceful.vicky came there n saw them both..

Dadi  said with tears..

May God gives this peaceful sleep every day..n he may get his lost happiness soon..

Vicky went without disturbing them..

He went to his cabin n lost in his thoughts..when geet asked about anjali he said she is sleeping  with maan..geet did not say anything..she left to her cabin..

Sis is also not like this..she always keeps her kids before her she did not stress me to get back ani..n morning also aaru was fully with mr.khurana..n that too without troubling she hiding anything to me’


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