Geetanjali – Part 46

                                                      PART 46

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After some time..aaru woke up ..geet gave  him baby food ..n he started to play in geets cabin..he looked around for his sister..she was not there..


Hmm..yes aaru


She is with ur papa

N that’s it aaru started his mission papa’


He pointed himselves n the door n making a big cry..

Geet took him in her arms

Don’t cry aaru

Da da

No baby..its time for us to go home..not to dada..


He started to shower big big tears with high screams making all the staffs outside look at geets cabin..

Gud boyna aaru..


He again pointed the door..


Ziddhi ho r just like ur papa..u don’t talk to others..move on with others..keep aloof from all..par zidddhi like him..if u want u want it at any cost..apni manmani karthi hai..mei kya karun tumei..there ur father bound me with words n u want to be with him..i cant go to him nor u wont go with others..what to do now..kis ke pass bejun tumhei..

Aaru finally gave her a cheeky smile..

Ab ye smile kisliye..

Aaru pointed vickys cabin..maamu

Hmm..brilliant like ur father..u want me 2 send with Vicky..

He nodded fast..

Geet called Vicky n asked him to take aaru to kc ..he is stubborn to see his sister..

Whatelse she can say to take aarav with him’

Vicky took aarav with him to kc..when he entered he saw ani n maan playing thru the glass partition’

Vicky knocked the door..

Yes come in..

Sir..wo I ..

Aaru jumped in vickys arms n asked maan to take..


Maan chuckled seeing his curiosity..

He took him in his arms..vicky took ani,who was sitting in maans table n playing with a bunny..

Ani.whose this bunny..its not urs..


She pointed maan..

He gave you..

She nodded.. wants u..dont u want to have anything..


Acha..aaru..lets go..


Whats he saying Vicky’

I don’t know,but now I’m sure..da means u..he calls u like that..but y ..n whats the meaning I don’t know..

Hmmm..oklet him be with me for some time..u take him after half an hour..then I’ll be leaving for home..


Aarav was again busy with maan..

Maan  worked with him in laps’n aarav was busy checking the way his papa works..when he closed his lappy aarav imitated like him typing on the keypad..n maan looked at him amazingly..

U r a fast learner..i  pity ur father who is missing his precious moments of his life.unlucky fellow..

Vicky came to maan again..aarav was not leaving maan’the time passed n when aarav slept maan gave him to vicky n headed to anies house..

Through out his drive his mind was only filled with anie n aarav..why he was feeling some bond with them..why their presence gives him peace..why leaving them to their family is paining..why I don’t want them to leave me..why anies antics remind me of my geet n aarav mine.. why I smell geets aroma in them.. whats happening to me..

He looked at his phone..for last two days..ive  not got the anonymous call which troubled me for last several months..ajeeb hai..

Maan reached home n had dinner with them..

He went to his room ‘he slept soon,which made dadi happy..maan is sleeping without torturing himself for the second time..

Anie held dadis shoulders n arjun was behind her..

Dadi..apko bhi sona chahiye..

Haan I’ll sleep peacefully..kehthe hai na..bachei bagwaan ka roop hothe hain..yese hi us bachon nei humari maan ki takleef se mukthi di our maan is happy..

She retired to her room n slept peacefully..



Here in geets house..

Vicky was elaborating what happened in the two cuties were so much bonded with the new owner..n how he took care of aarav n anjali..then about his family..n the gift from dadi n maans gifts to childrens’geets mother n father were happy hearing it.some where inside they felt,maan  was falling for his kids n his heart knows  n so only he is getting affectionate with him..

Geet was so silent..she was feeding anjali n aarav was sleeping after having a full day with maan..anjali was playing with the chain in one hand.. n slowly drifted to sleep..geet  touched it..

Ani..u got blessings from dadi so happy..muje laga,I’ll never make u meet our family..aapki dadai na bohut achi hai..aur aapki bua bi..wo tho maa banne wale hai..meri taqdeer mei unke sath rehna nehi lika hai..

She placed ani in crib next to aarav ..geet took maans shirt n tucked them both..they took it in their small fists n slept feeling their papa near them’

The next two days were also same..anie n aarav spent more time with maan than geet n at evenings they had a tough time to get them home back’

The third day

Geet was earlier to office..she now arrives before maan arrives..n Vicky will go to college leaving aarav with maan..vicky was getting highly suspicious with maan n kids bond..

N that day ani also was too ziddhi n was with maan..

Geet went to check something in the below floor n she was waiting for the go to 5th floor again..


Here dadi went to temple with arjun..n his parents went to a function..anie got bored n thought of visiting maan n give him lunch..anie entered the lift n pressed 6th floor..n due to power failure lift got struck in middle of two floors..anie felt suffocating n due to her pregnancy she was so scared of  being stuck alone..her phone also did not work..she banged the door for help..n geet heared it..

She called the securities to switch on generators soon as someone has stuck in lift..n when the lift operated geet saw anie fainting..



She fainted..

Geet immediately rushed her to xyz hospital asking the securities to inform maan..about his sister..

Anie was treated soon as  she gained conscious she got her labour pain..

Bhabhi..aah..its baby..

Kuch nehi anie..ur baby is on way..think only about baby..

She kissed her forehead..

Im hear with u..dont worry..

It gave her strength..n the thing bhai will be happy if she says geet is here it gave happiness..

The nurses took her to labour room n geet heared the baby cry after some time..

Geet rushed to the dr.. is anie..

She is fine..

What is the baby..

Girl..She is also fine..

Can I meet them..


Anie was shifted to the room..

Geet entered the room n the nurse gave the baby to geet..

Bhabhi..where were you..what are u doing in that building..

Anie..i came to meet someone there..n whereas u r tired now..take rest..we will talk later..


Bhabhi ki baath nehi manogi kya..take rest

Bhabhi..pls come back to bhai..

Anie..pls..i don’t want to talk about ur bhai said ive moved on..n I don’t want to look will be better u don’t talk about ur bhai..

Geet said compressing all her love for maan..she don’t want maan to be in guilt or lead a restless life bcoz of her..


Here maan was informed about anie n he asked for aaravs mom n he got the information she was out for some time he cant take babies to hospital he made adi to take care of babies n went to hospital.informing arjun n family…he was late becoz of  the traffic..

..when anie was slipping to sleep..geet left the hospital after confirming maan entered anies room..

She went   to a near by shop n purchased things for baby n asked the shopkeeper to deliver in the hospital room no***

Maan was quite surprised to see the gifts filling the whole room..he was carrying the small cotton bundle in his hands n was cooing her’n showing her the gifts sent by someone n   the baby was smiling at him..arjun dadi n arjuns parents entered the room n was happy to see the new born n anie safe’

Anie opened her eyes when she felt arjun caressing her head..

She looked around n searched for geet’

Where is she


Anie so much wanted to say it was geet..but stopped thinking about geets words..she has moved on..matlab kya hai..if I say about this bhai will be hurt..he is normal after several months..i don’t want him to become rude n aloof again..i’ll not say its geet bhabhi..but I will find her’

The girl who admitted me here..

There was no One Anie..when I came here..

..she only took care of me till baby was born n I was settled in room..

Maan looked around..

May be that girl has only sent these gifts for ur angel..

Anies eyes moisted..

Why are u crying..

I missed the opportunity to meet  her to all of u..

Just then a nurse came n gave a prescription asking them to buy..

Maan went n anie looked at dadi..

Dadi, the  girl who admitted me was geet bhabhi..

What? All asked in unison..

Maan will be happy to hear this..

I asked her to come back..she said she has moved on’so only I did not say it before bhai..he will broke down’

Mera dil nehi maantha anie..geet yese kabhi nehi ja sakthi hai..uski matlab kuch aur hoga..its not like what u think’

They heared footsteps of maan n they changed the topic..

Maan did not leave anie for next days..he was with her n ani n aarav missed maan so much’

N they were always muttering dada..

Maan came in between to kc to overlook the works n that time ani n aarav will be with him..maan was happy now in home n office..

Here ani was discharged n after 15days dadi requested them ,that she will take ani to delhi n give a small function in mansion’

Thinking anies bachpan was in delhi n dadi also has a lots of friends n relatives there..beyond that anies pregnancy was accepted to be with them,they accepted to go..

N all were set to go back to delhi. For few days’

Maan half heartedly said to ani n aarav he is going out for few days.. they frowned n did not leave him.saying dada..hugging him n kissing him…that day was really hard for him to get out of his office..he felt like he is leaving his life their..

maan  n All were in delhi’

in short time maan arranged for pooja as dadi wished n  a welcome party for baby n was decided to keep baby’s name on that day..

though maan was busy,his heart was feeling lonely after a month..that night he got the same anonymous call..which he always thought as irritating..but today,he felt something pulling to hear..but there was no voice from other side’after few seconds it was disconnected..

maan looked at the screen showing unknown number’today he want to know who the person was..he called the detective n asked him to trace the number  n the details of person..

the next day

maan was called by a school premises to alter the building n construct a new one’which maan immediately accepted n went there..

nowadays he never denies any thing related to kids..he did things for washing his sins n remembering his child’

it was a school run by a private concern with the help of a trust.they want to bring higher studies n gud roof for children.maan n adi was welcomed n was shown the building which may collapse anytime..he looked around n saw the kids playing..

maan offered them that he will  construct the building  n he himself will take the expenses  for it..

it was 4 pm,when they came out .he saw 3 kids fighting nearly of age 11 r 12..

Maan approached them n was stunned seeing it was  twin girlswith another girl..

The twins reminded him of anjali n geet..

Bacha,why r u fighting..gud girls don’t fight..

He tried to calm them..

Im not fighting uncle..she is only breaking my friendship bcoz of her twin..

Why beta..

Uncle,she hates my twin can I be friend with her when she hates my sister..

We are friends from childhood na..its ur sisters fault that she broke my things always..see today also she poured ink in my classwork note..

N its not u hurt her so much..i cant see my sister hurt or worried..i will not accept anyone close to my heart who ever hurts my sister..may be we are close from childhood..but we are together from our moms womb..our relation starts from there..n will ever be’she is quiet always only thinking about our friendship..iska matlab ye nehi you will always hurt her n I will see u hurting my sister..her happiness is what I needed..n I will not forgive the person who smashes it..n today I break our friendship for making my sister cry..i’ll not talk to u ..mei tumse katti..samji tum..

With that the girl pulled her twin n walked to her father who was waiting to pick up them’

The other girl looked at the twins with hurt..

The girl’s words were hitting him like heat iron poured in his he forget,that hurting geet is like hurting anjali..anjali wont forgive me for hurting geet’if anjali’s soul must be happy’geet must be happy.i must have given geets happiness which she needs..i must have taken care of her..but what I did..i pushed her out of my life saying her to search her happiness herselves..

.i never reached or checked geet,if she is happy or not..atleast I must have checked once when I know geet n her parents have left hp..she did not take my cheque also..where she will she will will be spending her life..what if she has moved on as I said..

The thought itself stabbed his heart..if she has moved on,I must know the guy is gud for her or she happy with him or not..mei pagal hoon..anjali..i never thought  about ur souls happiness lies in geet..i’m coming geet..

Precap:anwesha naming baby as”?

              Maan reading geets letter’


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