Geetanjali – Part 50

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Maan was waiting for geet..she changed n came’maan pulled her n she fell on him..n both landed on bed..

Maan..whats this’

Maan settled her over his body..

Love..u know I cant wait for u’I was waiting for babies to sleep..

Hmmm..she smiled..n her cheeks turned red..

Geet..u still blush..

Y there  any difference .now .when u r near me,I feel newly married’

Maans smile faded..

I tortured u na geet’I didn’t give that fun or romance which a newly wedded bride will expect..

Geet moved close to his face..her breathe fell on him..both were affected by each others presence..

Maaan..she whispered huskily..

Uhmm‘maan said in whisper lost in those hazel big brown eyes..

Pls forget the past..i don’t want u to remember nor I want u 2 remember me..

Uhmm..maan said again lost in her..his hands moved on her back inside her nighties over moment he freed it from her leaving in her sleeveless dress’the satin cloth didn’t help gave him the same effect of her skin..maans hands moved to her head,gently threading into her hair n pulling more to him..maan hungrily looked at her lips..n she expected him to close the distance’maan knew her intensions ..her closed eyes submitting herself..he moved her closing the distance.

.only the lips touched..maan heared aroos big cry making both jump away from each other..

Maan was brushing his hair back..geet smiled at his plight n moved to the crib n took aroo in her hands..

Anie also woke up with his cry..she rubbed her eyes with her back of palm..she glared at aroo for disturbing her sleep..whereas aroo was glaring maan’who came n lifted ani’

Geet..why he is crying’

Aroo.kya hua

Aroo looked at his pant…n both understood,he was wet..

Maan chuckled..geet removed arooos half pant n removed diapers..she changed a new one..n tried to make him sleep again..aroo has seen maan hugging geet n it made him can daddy hug my mama..mama is only mine..

He hugged geets neck,not letting her free..

Geet took him to bed n placed him between her n maan..ani placed her head on maans chest. N hugged him tight…she too was not letting maan free..aroo n ani was speaking by eyes..

See im with mama..

If u have mama with u See im with dada..

I will not leave her for a minute too..

I will also not leave dada for a minute.

Mama loves me more than u..

Dada loves me more than u..

Geet placed the rubber in aroos he may sleep soon..ani doesn’t have that,she can sleep easily..

Maneet were looking at each other without knowing the cold war..sry..eye war between their two cuties.LOL

Maan still had the frown on his face..aroo disturbed his lovely aroo was enjoying sleeping between his parents..maaneet patted both n they slowly drifted to sleep’when maneets hand entwingled over aroo,he felt angry n again gave a big cry making maneet jerk from their lovely eyelock’he took his mothers hand in his n slept..geet was laughing seeing maans restlessness..ani was clutching his vest n was 2 hrs atlst aroo went to a deep slumber n geet placed aroo n ani again in crib..after a lot of tantrums by both..

Maan pushed geet to bed n towered over her..he took her lips instantly n sucked it n nibbled it..geet returned him with same passion..there was so much hurry in his kiss’he entered her mouth n tasted her sweetness..when they broke up for oxygen geet asked..

Maan,u r behaving like a love sick teenager..

Maan hushed her..

Don’t shout..or ani n aroo will woke up..he is not allowing near u..n what can I do to taste you..what if they again wake u manage aroo..geet..he is so



May be..when I was pregnant,i always thought the baby will be a boy..n he will be like u.he will love me ..n take care of me..n I didn’t think anything else..n god gifted me with both..but aroo’s behavior is possessive becoz I always thought about only boy..n my thoughts went inside him..but u know elders says,girls are papa’s n boys r mama’s pet..

Maan looked at her’st:how much u love me geet.u thought about a boy like me..i don’t deserve u geet..but,now.i’ll try to equalize ur love..

Geet asked him what..

He took her lips in his..his eyes were on babies..mainly on aroo,he must not wake up was the only thought ran in his mind..

Geet chuckled inside his mouth..

My restlessness is making u laugh haina geet..

Sorry..sorry‘she said suppressing her laugh..

See u r still laughing at my plight..mei tumei chodunga nehi geet’

he tickled her n his hands went on her bare back..she stopped laughing as his hands started creating heat inside her..

maan sealed his lips it was slow,gentle n passionate..

I love you geet..

He again deepened the kiss..

Geet was happy hearing his confession again..

I love u too maan..

He flipped n she came over him..he slided her strap..of night dress her milky skin invited him’he kissed her slowly moving down to her neck n shoulders..geets hands ruffling his hair..she moaned his name often..maan..

It gave him more power..he nibbled her skin n when it turned red he licked the place to soothe her pain..he trailed the kisses between her cleavages,lowering her night dress..she was half bare..he can see her turning crimson red..n her closed eyes n the way she was biting her lips said she was still expecting more from him’he came kissing more down to her abdomen..he lowered her nighty more..he can see her heart heaving more n her breathing was uneven..the straight line caught his attention..he slowly caressed the mark on her belly..he did not notice it the previous day..he placed butterfly kisses on it..she quivered at his soft moments..

What s this mark geet..

I went under csection for it was twins I couldn’t give a normal delivary..thats it..

Maan starred her babies lived here..he gently placed a kiss..

He asked in blue..

Geet was that painful to u..

She immediately sat n maan layed his head on her laps..still kissing her belly numerous times..

Maan..every girls pregnancy will be painful..not only me..

I’m sorry..i..

Geet knew he is again going to the guilty session..she bent n took his lips in his’

Maan drowned slowly in the passion..

Geet,we have to sleep..see ur eyes r red n swollen..u r tired also..

Maan tried to avoid physical relation controlling himself..n geet can easily read it..but more than that,

Geet saw the concern in his eyes..his love was clearly visible now..

I can wait for 3 months maan..she pecked him n closed her eyes..maan kissed her forehead n took her in his embrace

maan  how do u know aroo likes spiderman n ani likes dora buji..

I saw the toys in ur I guessed..i was right na..


Maans st:I know geet,if I make love to you also u will not stop me’u will give me as before also..i want to know u more n I want to make sure.i’m not approaching for physical need..i love you truly..n I want to make love with full love…i cant control myself..but I want our night to be special..surprising for u geet..for that u have to wait..maan corrected her nighty properly n both slept soon..


At midnight maan ‘s sleep was disturbed by the glowing lights..he opened his eyes n saw geet feeding one n the other having bottle feed’both were sleeping n having feed in sleep’he silently looked at three..geet placed them again in crib n slided next to maan..

Did I disturbed u’

She asked in a slow voice..

He did not answer but was looking at her with love filled eyes..,which were showing lots of emotions..

What maan..why are u seeing me like that..

How u know,they are hungry at this time..u slept few hrs before u woke up..i didn’t hear their cry’

Maan,how much questions u ask’first of all ,I’m mother..n I know their needs..they are still small’they will be hungry ‘so,if they woke or not,they cry or not,they must be feeded in regular intervals’n my heart knows when they will be hungry..if ur confusions aare cleared shall we sleep‘she closed her eyes..

maan caressed her face n tucked the hair which was tickling her..he pecked her lips once..

Geet opened her eyes’

What maan..

No’I was thinking why they say mother is resemblance of god..if my mother was there,she would have stopped me before taking the wrong step towards u’, how much difficulties u must have faced alone..bringing up two childrens is not a small work..i’m so proud of u also..u r a best mom ,gud wife ,gud bhabhi..gud bahu’u r the best in all..but,I’m ruthless’gud  for nothing husband,n not a gud father..


Maan..geet gave an angry glare,u r also best’dare u say against my maan again..warna..


Warna’I’ll go back to Chennai..

No geet..pls,I am sry geet..i’ll try not to speak about past..kasam se..

now sleep..u r too tired..

He gently massaged her head n she slept soon’.


Next day morning’

Geet woke up n saw her in maans embrace..geet looked at maans face which was in peace..still it looked like a dream for her..maan is again in her accepted her as his wife geet..

God must have tested my,only we he has filled my life with,I can proudly say,I’m mrs.maan singh khurana..

Smile formed in her lips..

Sweet heart,I know I am hot,handsome n gudlooking..u cant resist me..if u look like this,I will also stay like this..mujei tho koi problem nehi, yese rehne mein’poora din tumharei neeche rehne ki mazaa hi kuch aur hai..par,gar walein kya kahengi..upper se hamara nanna sa jaan dono humare yesa khayaal rakhenge,hum poora din nehi so paunga..

Geets eyes was opened wide in big o..

Maan,u r woke means u r acted like sleeping’

Maan encircled his arms around her waist..kissing her cheeks which was turned crimson red due to caught by her husband..

My morning is gud..with u in my arms..gud morning mishty..

Gud morning dear..but answer me ..u actedna..

Yup..kya karein..jab meri biwi mujei itni pyaarse mujei dekrahi hai,tho mei usei kese disturb karun..

Geet wacked his arms playfully n snuggled her face in his crook of neck..

Maan,I’m so happy..

Me too jaan..

He cupped her face n kissed her..

Geet was drowning in his love’sometimes she feared that its not a dream which will vanish when she wokes up..this two days her life has took again a u turn,which she couldn’t believe’maans care was cherry on cake..

What are u thinking geet?

Is this not a dream..

Maan hugs her close..there was no air between them..

Geet,I know I cant compensate the past months..but I can assure u’the happiness u r feeling today will be multiplied in the upcoming days’I’ll take out the bitter past from us’with that he captured her lips’

It didn’t last,they heared aroo’s cry’

Maan left geet’ aroo haina’he knows when I’ll touch u..he starts to cry at correct timing’

He said little frustrated..

Here aroo cried again’mamaaa’mamaaa..

Geet’he is too much’

Geet moved to crib n took aroo..ani was woke up n looking at the trio..

Dada’ little pari is calling me’

Maan said lovingly n took ani in his arms’

She jumped to his arms..

Maan..u go n fresh up..i’ll take care of both..

Geet sat on floor making aroo sit ..she gave him toys to play n moved to take milk powder to make the drink..


Maan made ani sit next to aroo n gave her the toys..maan moved to wardrobe n took his dress’ani followed him with her baby steps..

Ani ,daddy ke peeche math jao..sit quietly n play..or u wil fell down’

Geet said in concern n who can control daddys angel..maan smiled looking at his pari’

maan got a call from mansion asking them to join for coffee..

We will be there in few minutes..

Maan kept the phone n moved to washroom..anie followed him inside too..maan turned to lock the door n saw ani entering washroom..

Ani beta,papa is going to bath ..why are u following him..come here n have ur milk’

Geet said placing the bottle in aroos mouth..

What my pari wants..

Maan lifted ani..

Ani looked around n witnessed the tub filled with water..she showed maan the tub..

So my princess wants to take bath..

She nodded yes..

Ok..let us take a shower..

Maan..i’ll give her bath u go n get ready..

Geet tried to take ani in her arms..ani encircled her arms around maans neck n hid her face in his shoulders..


Come to mama..

Ani: naaa

Acha bacha hai na..mama will give u bath later..


So,my princess wants her daddy to give bath..

Ani kissed maans cheek in acceptance n gave him a cheeky smile..

Maan removed her clothes n diapers..while geet changed the tub to warm water..maan placed ani inside it n bathed her..ani did not allow geet to touch,geet guided maan how to give bath to anjali’

Here,our cutie aroo was thinking about his mama .how daddy could touch her’only I can touch my also daddy is asking help to bath anjali n she is there with dada’only becoz of papa mama left me alone here..he was taking milk from bottle n was thinking what to do his daddy for touching his mother’

Maan gave ani to geet..ani again clinged to him..



Maan took her wrapping in towel’geet changed her when she was in maans lap’

Maan,now u go..i’ll feed her..she must be hungry..ani was not leaving maan’

Papa ki chamchi..from morning I’m seeing u..u r not coming to me..u r behind ur daddy’

Maan..give her..

Ani again did not leave him’

Maan sat next to geet..his hands went behind geet n slided her strap’



Maan made her one curve bare n kept ani near her bud..he was holding her’when ani started to suck,maan slowly placed ani in geets lap..ani left him’

Maan came to aroo who was lying on bed n having his milk..he bent down n kissed his forehead’aroo hit maan in his chest with his legs..

Daddy,u touched my mama..she is mine’

Maan took aroos small feet n gently caressed it’n kissed his both legs..

How can anyone be angry when the small flower kicks u’maan only thought how much he missed in his life..he again kissed aroos cheeks n went to washroom’

He came out after freshing up..

Geet,if ani is done u can also fresh up..

Hmm..ani is not full..let her finish’

Maan moved to his dresser ..he touched the lines written by geet’

He never felt this calm n happiness before..he is so happy as geet is back..n the happiness was multiplied by the arrival of his kids..without wife or kids ,there is no completion in life..he looked at geet through the mirror’she was so lost feeding ani..she was smiling sometimes n frowning sometimes’he looked at ani..she was cupping geets bosssom n taking her feed..she was squeezing it n scratching it..when she left her bud for some air..she searched for geet n again sucked it hungrily..

Maan thought of her nakras..when geet called ,she held him n didn’t leave she was taking her feed  as she was so much hungry’he saw aroo..who was now sitting on bed n playing with empty bottle..he seemed to be in thought..

My little devil..what is running in his mind..who knows’hmmm..maan..u said him devil’he wacked himself mentally n chuckled’afterall he is maan singh khuranaas son..he will have my mind na..

He got out of his la la land when geet called him..

Maan..look after both..i’ll go n freshup..


Geet took her dress n moved to washroom..aroo looked at maan,whether he is going behind his mom..


Maan came n sat near both..he took some toys n keyed them..aroo felt relieved n both looked at the dancing n clapping man,the somersaulting dog’the skipping girl’

Aroo started his famous cry’.ahhh

Ani looked at her brother’there was mischievous in his eyes n naughty smirk..

Aroo baby..why r u crying beta’now  only ani got her feed..then why are u crying..

Aroo was looking at his pant..n maan thought he must be wet again’he placed him on bed n started to remove his pant..

Ani stopped maan by pulling his pants..

Pari..u play..i’ll  c why he is crying n join u..

Ani st:mera papa budhu singh khurana..mera bhai ka dimag mei kuch hai..he doesn’t know it..i tried to stop u daddy..u r not listening to enjoy my brothers mischief..she started to play with her buji..

Here maan removed the diaper’

Aroos st:whenever I do su su’all will give to mother n run away..let me c what my dada does’

The next minute maans face was full of salt water’

Maan freezed at his place ..

Geet who came out of washroom started to laugh holding her stomach’n for his unluck,the whole family was there to check maneet n kids why they did not join them for coffee’all laughed seeing maans position..’

Vicky started to tease..

Jij..u have water here na..then y r u taking bath like this..

Maan was still in trance..

Rano was the one who pitied for maan..

Maan beta..go..go n take bath..i’ll look after this badmash’

All suppressed their laugh..but couldn’t’all started to burst into laughter again’

Seeing maans face n others laugh,araav gave a victory smile’

Geet..bohut hogaya..damadhji ka madhat karo

Geet came to him suppressing her laugh..

Chaliye maan..

She took him inside washroom..n made him stand under the shower..

I’ll give u another fresh set..u take a bath again..

She came out closing the door n bursted to laughter again..

Bechara..u all are laughing at him..

Mom,did u see his was watching worthable..he was standing freezed..he did not move nor wipe his face..

Bus bus bohut hogaya hassi mazaak..first give him a fresh dress.

Geet neared aroo n gave a lovely smack on his bump..

Naughty boy..will any gud boy will do this on daddy..u r a bad boy..

Aaroos smile on his face faded..n he made a sad puppy face..

Teek hai teek hai’puppy face math banao..this time ok..if u repeat this I’ll not talk to u..samji tum..

Geet said in serious tone n arav gave a small smile..

Geet went to his wardrobe

Geet beta..we are going to give him  a  normal dress..

Ji dadi..

geet took a simple sherwani n passed to him..

mom..will u give bath to aaroo..

teek hai beta’

nakul came with coffee for both..

maan came out drying his hair’rano took aaroo to bath..

dadi,geets father,anie,arjun with baby geeta n vicky chatted with maneet till they had their coffee..

sis,shall I take gf with me..


gf..come lets go out..

ani looked at maneet..

we will come now ani..

we all are going out..r u not coming with ur maamu’

ani went with Vicky ..she loved her maamu..

all left maneet was really hard for them to suppress the laugh seeing maan.. once they were out of outhouse


dadi..bhai ka chehra dekna layak tha..

its also written only in fortunate peoples destiny..u know..tumhara geeta bhi ek din tumhare godh mei yesa karegi..


chalo chalo..its getting late..

geet n maan dressed ..geet was wearing a saree ..maan weared matching jewels on geet..drinking her beauty..geet platted her hair n did her minimum make up..geet extended the sindoor box to maan..he took a pinch n applied on her forehead..

rano came out of bath room..seeing maneet she felt happy..

beta..tum aaroo ko tayaar kar ke a oa..mei bi tayaar hojathaa hoon..

teek hai mom..

rano left their room..

geet applied powder n dressed aaroo..all the while maneet were looking at each other stealing their glances..geet gave a toy in aaroos hand n came to maan’

maaan..she said huskily..maan rolled his eyes..


aajanedho na..muje koi farak nehi padtha..


Geet neared him n he took steps back’he hit the wall’she came near him n inhaled his aroma..


Hmmm’mei..what geet?

Maan looked at the open door..koi na aaye

U r not smelling bad’hu..she stepped back n laughed loudly..

Geeet’u came to smell me..first he bathed me with his susu..n u all irked me with ur also u r laughing about that’wait I’ll show how I smell..

He pinned her to wall n took her lips in his..

Geets surrendered herself’

Ye daddy hamesha meri mama ko hug karthi hai..she is mine’.aaahhh..

Maan left geet n geet ran out ..maan took aarav in his arms..

Badmash..i love u’u know how to irritate me..he kissed his cheeks..

So,my daddy is not angry with me..achi papa hai’

Aarav kissed him also showing his  broad smile

All khuranas with handas went to mandir after having their break fast..ani n aaroo both took cerelac from maans hands,which he did whole heartedly..

‘dadi has arranged for a small pooja with havan,thanking god for returning back the happiness of family.. geet placed her pallu on head entering temple..geet holding aarav n maan holding ani n his another hand on geets waist took the steps of temple..ani n aroo was then taken by their nana nani,who knows how to keep them without any hustle..

maneet were made to sit together.. dadi gave a new mangalsutr n asked maan to tie again in geets neck..

dadi,we are already married..

us waqt tumhe ye nehi patha ye geet haina..

maan nodded..

now tie again..thinking geet is ur wife by all senses..

maan did as dadi n pandit said n man filled her forehead with sindoor again..they did the saath pheras also..this time both were truly in senses n made their mind to keep each other till eternity..

dadi  prayed to god to keep all happy like this’

all went back to mansion having lots of fun n teasing’after lunch maneet went to shopping with aarav n anjali..

 precap:maneet will do shopping hai kya?aroo n ani in full msk mode..


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