This Life is Yours – Part 23

Hai friends.

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first of all sorry for updating after a long time..i gave importance to other 3 ffs..really sry..n thanks for the fans who are waiting for this ff n spamming my pages..thank u so much friends..


One month how it passed no one knew…their life was getting back its light…baby started to stand with help of things…the one geet couldn’t tolerate nowadays was babys bite…she sucked her nipple with its upper teeth n it remained always sore..geet never complained or stopped feeding her..sometimes it was dadi maa who will witness her reddishness n say her to stop feeding baby…geet will deny it,she is fine with baby..n it doesn’t hurt..

Maneet were getting ready for office oneday..

Geet:maan sir,today we have to go to hospital for baby’s regular checkup..


Geet:so,im not taking things for noon. i’ll say nakul to make baby food to keep ready..n.we will come home for lunch n from here we can go to hospital..


Geet:maan sir,ive kept the files in car for todays presentation ..dont search..


Geet:maan sir,ur wallet n watch is in right table


Geet:maan sir..I’ll go n check if the breakfast is ready..


Geet:will u bring jaanu while coming down..she is playing..


Geet saw him starring at her with piercing gaze folding his hands on his chest..she felt something was wrong..maan was nowadays surprised with geet..she never let him do anythings..n he has to accept whatever she says..his words are nowadays only one word..thats ok..he is growing dependent on her..she managed house n office along with baby n keeping his needs also completed..

Geet:what happened sir..

Maan: how many times I’ll say u me maan..

Geet : wo ..

Maan:geet try to remove that sounds odd when u call before all..u r my wife call me maan..please..

Geet: ok..maan sir..

Maan looked at her..she will never ..she thinks ..he was her her husband the relationship has changed..but,they both are same..not for him atleast for outer world,she must call him maan..dadi n Vicky has also said that to her many times…but how can she call to change my habit…

Maan:if u r not going to call me maan…I will stop jaanu coming to office…

it was her weak point..she cant stay away a whole day from her baby..he straightly blackmailed her..

Geet:no no maan..i’ll call u sir..she said in hurry..

Maan smiled at his victory..geet turned n a smile formed her lips..

Geet st:dusht..

She went down n made arrangements for breakfast..

Vicky was leaving to college…

Vicky:bye..bhaiya,bhabhi,dadi..n bye jaanu…


He  frowned ,smiled,kissed her cheeks n left to college.

Maneet left to Kc..the project was handled by geet n they still had to check the details for last time..geet placed sleeping baby in crib n they both started to was 10..the client did not arrive..he had an urgency n asked them to postponed the next day..they agreed ..when baby woke up geet fed her cerelac n gave her toys to play..after sometime ,the client called n said he is on way n they can have the meeting that day itself…the time they concentrated on other works n did not check..his,they both started to work in that was nearly 12.30..


then only realized jaanvi must be hungry…

Maan:geet,look after baby,I’ll finish the rest..

jaanvi started to cry..they still had 15 minutes to finish n the client will come..taking all files out is also not possible..if it messed they wont be able to give presentation in mess…n she cant go 2 conference room also to feed..if client comes he will be directed to conference hall..she looked maan,who had his eyes fixed in lappy..she sat in the couch..she touched her breast..which was heavy hearing baby’s cry..

her mother hood took over her shyness..she removed her buttons n made way for baby to latch covering her shoulders with pallu..she looked back..maan was still in lappy..she sighed in relief..n closed her eyes..even if the baby bites,it was a heavenly feeling when the soft lips suck ur softness n the baby holding the curves. it was a bliss, which she felt every time..the baby bite her hard when it doesn’t get any milk from her right side..she  jumped in her laps seeking more..geet instantly turned her to left side,lifting her blouse…

maan looked up n saw the beautiful sight before him..geets pallu has fell down giving him the full view of her back,blouse lifted half up..his baby’s right hand was scratching her back trying to hold the skin..the baby’s head n eyes was visible thru the gap of geets hand n body..a small part of her soft skin holded by baby’s left hand..the baby was giving sounds while latching..geet was wearing a black saree n her white skin was so attractive when seen bare..maan want to take his eyes from them but he couldn’t…he kept on staring at was not lust,but he found attractive towards geet…her back her slim waist her white skin..she was very beautiful…the girls nowadays thing breast feed will make them lose their,my geet is feeding my first wife’s baby..she is indeed an angel..


she said cutely, which made him look at his lappy. he has already done the work..he turned the chair showing his back of chair to them..he remembered his conversation with dhrashti..

maan:DC..i want to capture the first feed

dc:maan..u r shameless..

maan:…whats there in it..u r my wife..n my baby will take feed from u..ur first feed.that will be a memory u know…i want to c n will also make video..see it..

dc blushed more hearing it..

now ,my dream has also buried with u dc…but our child is lucky 2 get a mother like geet..

geet  corrected herself n turned to see maan..his back gave her more respect on him…geet burfed the time the client came n said the road was blocked becoz of accident n so he was reminded maneet their past.maan kept his hand on geets shoulders knowing she is also thinking the same… geet composed herself … pinky took jaanu with her not to disturb them ..geet  gave the presentation..the presentation went well..maneet lost the time engrossing in work..the deal was signed…they both returned to their cabin..n saw baby sleeping..geets stomach growled ..after feeding she has not taken anything n the lunch time was over.. … it was 2.30..

maan: geet lets go..

geet :ok.

Maan stopped the car before a restaurant nearby…geet followed maan without questioning. the waiter took them to a private was fully decorated with screens,candles n flowers.soft music..creating a romantic mood..they were having a date unknowing to themselves..the food was already placed..geet looked at maan

Maan:..u must be

Geet:all these..

Maan:I ordered before leaving..i know after ..hmm..feed u must have taken something..ive often heared dadi saying to u..

Geet  sat in the table..maan took baby from her..

Geet:maan aap..

Maan: I’ll also have..he took soup n fed baby..n himself..geet looked at him..he was so understanding..

Maan:we can go to hospital straight from here..

Geet:dadi will be waiting for us..

Maan:ive informed her..

They both had the lunch..their eyes often met n moved other was only baby who made their silence broke..she dropped the spoons throwing sauce bottle down trying to take food from maan s plate n threw down..geet came n took jaanvi to wash…maan followed to help her..

Geet:..jaanu..see u have messed urself.. u r becoming bad girl


Maan chuckled hearing babys talk..

He held baby under hands ..geet removed her dress ..n changed to other..

Maan:ur mama is right..jaanu..u r bad girl..he said to tease  baby..

Jaanvi frowned at maan..with her two big eyes..

Geet saw the babys sad face..

Geet:ok..ok.. maan ..dont tease baby ..look her she is sad..our jaanu is gud girl…

Maan: acha hai..its u who said first..i just repeated ur words..

Geet:wo..mein..yesehi bolrahi thi..i didn’t mean it..

Maan:I also said like that only..ok..lets go..its getting late..


Maan n geet reached hospital…pari was happy seeing the three so happy…

Dr:welcome mr..n mrs khurana..

Whenever someone address her as mrs.khurana..she felt weird at it sounds gud..

Dr:mrs.khurana..dadi ka phone ayaa tha..


Dr:she asked me to check u..can we..we will check baby later..pari..till that take baby’s weight n height..

Pari:ji dr..

Geet followed dr..behind the curtains..

Dr:how are u feeling,,any pain..she asked pressing her stomach.over the stitches..

Geet:no dr..

She examined her more

Dr:ok..straight urself n come there..

Dr..went n sat in her chair..

Geet came n sat next to maan..

Maan:how is geet dr..


Dr:perfectly fine..mrs..khurana..dadi asked me to prescribe medicines stopping ur feed for baby..geet was shocked hearing it..

Dr:take this tablets for 3 days..automatically  it will stop..if u feel heavy come to me again..

Geet:no dr..i don’t want to stop..n no need of this..

Dr:phir why dadi asked

Geet looked at to tell..but maan was busy playing with baby..

Pari gave the file of baby to her..

DR: whats the magic,baby is again gained normal weight..

Geet:dr..thats the reason I don’t want to stop feeding her…I avoided feeding her ..babys weight went down..

Maan looked at geet with the new information..

Geet:mine n babys relation started by my feed only..i’ll not stop till I myself get dry..

Dr:but geet..i also checked u ur breast is sore..she has started to bite will be painful if her lower teeth also grows..

Maan was one side embarrassed n other side worried for geet..

Geet:if I feel I cant ..i’ll stop dr..aur waise..u r dr..u all say babies needs mother feed maximum for a year..till we gives all proteins..n more over antibiotic..jaanu is pre born child..she needs antibiotic n she can get only from me..a girl needs more strength when she grows,matures n in delivery..i don’t want my girl  to suffer later…

Maan was dumbfounded seeing her explanation n care for baby..she is not thinking about her pain..

Dr:I’m proud of u..u r thinking so much about the baby which is not even urs.

Geet  was hurt hearing this..

Maan saw it.. u said but never say it again…geet is her mother..she is the one who gave a second life to her..

Dr:ok mr..khurana..sry mrs..geet..

Geet thanked him through her moisted eyes..

Dr:ok.. ur feed will not be enough . u can start solid foods also along with ur feed now..give her nicely smashed..n I ‘ll give u an ointment apply over ur breast..while feeding  clean up n feed..

Geet:ok about babys health..

Dr: absolutely fine..when she has got a mother like u ..nothing to worry..u must come here for next shot in 15days..

Maan:ok dr..we will..

Maaneet came out..

Maan:u sit here..or go to car..i’ll get the tablets..



Geet was moving to the car…she saw her security there..

Sec:princess geetanjali devi ko meri pranam..

He saluted in his style..

Geet:how many times I will say u kaka..leave me alone..

Sec:but,princess..ur mom is worried about u..

Geet:I can understand..but without the knowledge of maharaj u r meeting me..if he knows he will kill..u..i’ve got my result for my deeds..for marrying without my parents wishes..leaving them behind..i lost all ..i don’t want others to suffer bcoz of me..u have a family kaka..they need u..pls go away..dont come back..

Sec: … I don’t care for me princess..i know u from u r born..u r born with silver spoon…after knowing about ur accident ur mom was worried.. to visit u is rani maa’s order..she wants to know how u r..

Geet was about to answer when maan joined her..

Security was shocked first..but then he saluted him..

Maan:u can go n say she don’t want to worry about her…I’m here for her to take care…ur princess will be happy more than ur palace..


Security saw the baby..

Sec: ji hukum…I’ll pass the message to her…n I’m happy our princess got a life partner like you..may I have the pleasure of holding ur baby princess..

He requested..he was thinking jaanvi as geets baby..

Geet gave him..he kissed n said let god bless u dear…

Jaanvi was looking him n his different costume..she laughed seeing him…the next second she took the small knife which was fixed in his dress..maan panicked ..but geet n security stood seeing it..

Sec:raj vansh ka khoon..kisise nehi dartha..ur baby also..see how brave she is..see how she is holding it..

geet st:even if she is not my blood she is fed by bravenesss will be in her na…

Mama nini..

Kaka she wants to sleep..

He took the knife n placed in his shirt..

He took two steps back n saluted again..

Sec:ab mein ijazat chatha hoon princess..

Geet:u can go..

He left..maan was astonished seeing the voice modulation n her body stiffness geet showed while talking to him..

Geet:  lets go maan..


Maan opened the car…she sat n asked him to stay out for few min till she makes jaanu sleep..

They went to KC again..n finished their work.she called mansion n asked dadi to send food for baby..she fed baby food n baby was quiet playing with her toys..the next day maan was going abroad for a,they had lots of work to finish..both left to mansion at 9pm.…

In mansion

Dadi:u all came..jaanu kya karrahi hai..come to dadi..

Geet gave baby to dadi n sat tiredly..maan also sat their as he was also exhausted..


Dadi..s dear..

Jaanvi:bavy payd(baby played)


Jaanvi:en..gayi mei aai..drrr(then gadi mein aayi)she made the sound of car n actioned holding steering

Dadi:now what u want to do..

Maneet looked at both of their cute talks

Jaanu:bawy ko nini aai(baby ko neend aarahi hai)

Dadi:geet beta..take her to ur room n make her sleep..come freshing up..i’ll place the dinner for you..

Maan did not follow her..knowing baby’s sleep means ..

After they both left..

Dadi:u went to dr..what she said..

Maan:both are fine..

Dadi:I told dr to prescribe tablets stopping feed…

Maan:geetne mana kardiya..n he said what happened..


Here geet placed baby in bed..

Geet:baby,mama will change dress  n make u sleep..ok..

With that geet took her pin which held her saree with blouse…she moved to wardrobe to take sari…

Here baby started to cry rubbing her eyes…


Geet dropped her saree n took her in arms..

Kya hua beta..


Okok..dont cry..i’ll change after making u sleep..acha bacha nehi rothe..see I forgot to change ur dress..

gnnaaa..wuaaa..geet removed her dress leaving baby in diapers..seeing her cry,she started to feed..n baby slept after she was full..

maan saw the time..there was no sound for so long time…jaanvi must have slept..

maan:dadi,I’ll change n join u..

dadi:ok beta..

geet placed baby in centre of bed..she got down from bed,.. she got a tuck in saree..when she turned her saree slipped from her shoulder as she has removed the pin…she saw baby holding her pallu in her small fist…unknown to her maan was there watching her…she was standing in blouse with last few buttons opened..she did not close thinking she is going to change..when she bent n took the corner of saree from baby,maan got more clear view of her cleavages…her budging curves..her full a day it was second time he was noticing her..this time he was so lost in her beauty…the sound of her kissing babys forehead broke his trance..he stepped out n knocked the door before entering..she immediately placed her saree on shoulder..

geet:come in…

maan entered the room ..

geet:baby slept..can u be with her  till I freshup..

maan without seeing her eyes..said ok… he removed his over coat n shirt..


maan was fighting with his inner turmoil…a girl who is so gud..has values ..respect..her simplicity..she is so down to earth… how can he checkout geet like that ..she is only a  mother to my baby…n my can I lose myself…what will she think about me…am I getting physically attracted to her…or  im having feelings for her..or im taking the right of can I forget drashti soon…not even a my love so weak…he kept his hand rubbing his temple..whats happening inside me..

geet came n saw him..

she touched his forehead…

are you having headache..

maan  felt her touch soothing him…


aap late jaayiye mei balm lagathi hoon..

she said in care..maan slided in bed..geet took the balm n applied in his forehead gently massaging..he loved it..there was an unknown feeling raising inside him…he don’t want to accept it as he still believed he cant forget drashti  n the place cant be replaced…

geet looked at him..who has kept his eyes closed..

how much he works..never takes rest..he always thinks of others happiness…n never expresses what he needs..the way he said he will look after me before kaka..his tone expressing his decision  Of giving me happiness…even my parents never thought about me…more over he taunted dr.for saying jaanu is not my child..

the knock disturbed their thoughts…

come in…

nakul n dadi came in…

nakul placed the dinner tray n went..

geet:dadi aap..we are coming down only..

dadi saw the balm in geets hand n maan laying in bed..

geet:he is having headache..

dadi:as u both didn’t show up..i came here with ur dinner..have it..both of u…

maan:thanks dadi..i’ll freshup n come..

he moved ..

dadi:I think today was hectic so only he is looking very tired..

geet:yes dadi..he is going abroad we had many works to finalize before it..

maan came..dadi left leaving them..she had a satisfaction..geet is caring for maan along with jaanvi..

they both finished their dinner..geet gave him a head ache tablet n made him sleep again applying balm…

the next day maan went to kc to give instructions to staffs.. geet packed maans things .. ..he has a gud physique..she thought when she took his vesta n boxers,..she felt shy taking it out.…whats happening to me…why im feeling shy..he is a friend to me..nothing more..she shrugged her thoughts n packed his things…maan came back n checked his packings..she had done perfect as he likes..

he gave her instructions that he has given to staffs n asked her to follow it…

he took blessings from dadi..he came to jaanvi who was in geets arms..

bye baby..

baby turned her face like she will miss him n don’t want him to go..he repeated n baby again turned

na..papa..bawy pa  ss..( wants u to be with her)

to hold her maan encircled baby along with geet…n kissed her looked like a cute family in maans hug…

I’ll miss u..

Geet was confused..

Whom he was saying ..maan was going abroad for first time after babys birth..n he himself was not willing to go..but for success of company he should go..

He left.halfheartedly…

The  next day geet n dadi went to KC…dadi took care of jaanvi n priya..geet took responsibilities of works..maan called after reaching his talked to him in her baby language..n gave kisses in phone…papa aaoo

Will come soon beta…

Geet n dadi talked to him…


 At night..

geet was tired that day..


so, dadi made baby sleep.patting her on shoulders…

soon geet also slept..dadi placed baby near geet n kissed both of them…saying goodnight..

when baby wake up at middle geet was not able to open her eyes nor sit n feed her..she thought for a while..maan is not there…so,she fed baby in sleeping position itself…she covered baby under her saree baby stopped her cry feeling the buds in mouth…geet kept a hand protectively at back of baby n kept on latching whenever it woke a week baby’s habit changed..she will not sleep without geets nipples in her mouth,through out the day times geet fed her other foods so baby doesn’t ask geet to feed at day times..

the day came ..maan was to come at 7pm..but his flight he informed he will come soon once the flight arrives….he came at 11 at night…he asked the servants about all..

Vicky came n hugged him..he left to sleep..dadi was also sleeping..he came to his room eagerly to meet baby n geet…

He saw them sleeping..babys face covered with geets saree..

He thought to take baby in arms..first I must fresh or baby will get affected by germshe went freshed up change to his tracks n vest n came..he sat near baby..he removed geets saree from babys face..the serene sight made him stunned..he was so closely observing the beautiful sight..he took his mobile n recorded sucking geet the sight which once he wished to see from drashti..he made the folder even his family members cant open when they use it..his eyes moved over geets curves..she is so perfect so beautiful..her pink buds of other side caught his was sore bitten by his naughty girl..n the bluish mark of her bra…after seeing the teeth marks maan tried to remove baby from geet.…but baby started to take her curve fully..he saw geet flinch in pain then a smile when baby started to suck smoothly..maan sat there looking at the two beautiful girls of his life..

After the one week separation ,Today he discovered onething..the attraction towards geet is not lust..if it was lust,he must have tried to touch her exposed skin..when she don’t know whats happening around her in her deep slumber..after few minutes maan again covered geets pallu over baby…he showed his back n slept peacefully…

In morning when geet woke up she was totally red seeing maan sleeping ..she checked her position with baby..fully covered..she sighed..she slowly took her nipples out placing a finger inside her mouth..geet moved to wash room freshed up n went to kitchen..she made black coffee n filled milk for baby in sipper..she entered the room..she saw papa n beti playing..

Maan u woke up…

Yes..jaanu woke up me..

He said with a had something powerful today..which attracted her to see him again n again..

Ur coffee..


She took baby n gave her sipper..

It was new for him baby having sipper..

She read his questioning eyes..after dr.s meet the shy has little reduced..

geet:Wo…I couldn’t feed her in mornings …

maan st:if she sucks u full night then how can u feed in morning..

maan:She rejected taking milk before..

geet:Ive added chocolate she is gud girl..she doesn’t trouble taking milk..haina baby..

Baby smiled  n the milk flowed down from her mouth.. drink..she wiped her mouth..

Maan got ready n  baby was given bath by geet…all three came down ..

N dadi n Vicky started playing with  jaanvi..

Maan got a call from gate keeper..that someone named ram singh wants to meet geet mam..

Maan looked at the cctv n saw the sec guard..

Ok send him in..


Maaneet were in living room with Vicky,baby n dadi..

When ram entered geet was shocked..

He did his usual way of bowing her with salute

Ram: I salute princess geetanjali devi n her family ..

Geet looked dadi n vicky..they were surprised..

Geet:I told you kaka..dont disturb me..

Dadi:whats this maan..


Vicky: bhabhi

Maan:princes of mysore..

Dadi:why did u hide it from us..

Geet:now im no more aprincess..i’m only a normal girl.. ur dil..vickys bhabhi..jaanvis mother n maans wife..i’m nothing to them..bcoz im disowned by my father..

Dadi saw the pain in her much she struggled to live..what a family which didn’t turn to see back how is she..shayad she is right..

Geet:kaka,why are you here now..

The sec clapped his hands n a row of people entered with trays filled with expensive ,jewels,pearls,rubys diamonds ..n lot of dresses n gifts..the living room was not enough for it..

Ram came forward with a silk saree with flowers bangles turmeric n sindoor…

Sec:I told rani maa…you are suffering for ur deeds..u want their,rani maa has sent her wishes to you..this is specially kept in pooja before devi maiyya..

He extended the tray to geet..

Geet took that plate..

Geet: .i don’t want to hurt rani maa… I’ll take this one   .but take all others with u..

Sec:but princess

Geet:do maharaj know this..

He dipped his head down..

Geet:pls kaka..let this be ur last time u come before me..say thanks to rani maa for her blessings..i’m taking this bcoz it has suhagans nishaaniya..or I would have returned this also..aap tho jaanthi hai..princess amrutha varshini kumara geetanjali bhi in sab cheeso se nafrat karthi thi or ab bhi nafrat karthi hai..muje sirf pyaar, kushi or azaathi chahiye aur wo muje yahaan zaroorath se zyadha milrahi hai..

I can understand rani maas situation as im also a mother now..Haan ..if you want to meet me ask permission from maharaj n come to meet me n my family..i don’t want things to be hided from maharaj.when u are working under him..its cheating…i have already done that mistake..n u all don’t do it n put rani maa in trouble..take it as my order.

Sec:ji..princess..i’ll say..

Geet:ok u can go..

Maan was again a mute spectator dadi n Vicky also..


Jaanvi:that’s when u all know mama is princess..

Vicky:haan..ur mama is so down to earth..i n dadi  was so much shocked with revelation n the simplicity of ur mama..later maan bhai told us the truth n why she is away from her parents..n what all happened..

Piya:really ..i cant believe it..

Prrecap:past only:kurbaan hua..


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