This Life is Yours – Part 24

Hai friends.

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first of all sorry for updating after a long time..i gave importance to other 3 ffs..really sry..n thanks for the fans who are waiting for this ff n spamming my pages..thank u so much friends..i’m not well for past 3 days.
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Geet: dadi, pls  forgive me for hiding my identity..don’t differenciate me..

Dadi:no beta..i can understand..its not ur fault..ur father is at can he be so rude disowning you..we are lucky to get a diamond like u in our family’I pity him for losing a precious relation in his life..nothing is precious than our kids happiness..ur father didn’t realize it’when he will realize it will be too late..

She comforted geet’n geet was happy as her family was so understanding’

Maans phone rang’n adi asked him when he will be coming’as there is meeting lined up..maan said they will be in an hour..

Vicky:bhai,what u bought me from abroad..

Maan smiled n said seeing his curiosity..

Maan:Come with me..dadi,aap bhi..

Maneet went to their room..geet  packed things for office..maan unpacked his things..

Maan gave dadi pearl set n a wall hanging..n a photo frame which was so beautiful..knowing she doesn’t like foreign things.he made minimum purchase for her.. she is pure Indian n loves Indian things..

Maan:dadi,its all Indian made sold I think u have no problem..


Vicky:bhai..where is my things..

Maan gave tshirts,wallet n scent to Vicky..

Wow bhai..all my favourite..i love u bhai..bhai,princess keliye..

He opened another suitcase n all their mouth opened was filled with baby dresses clips shoes socks cute cute dolls n play things..jaanu was happy n started to play with all..

Vicky:bhai,have u brought the whole shop there..

Dadi wacked his arms

Dadi:Vicky,its his love for jaanu..dont  be jealous..

Vicky:dadi,me can i..wo bhi choti si princess se..bhai bhabhi keliye kya layi ho..

Maan was silent..he don’t know how geet will behave..

Dadi winked at Vicky..

Dadi:Vicky,he will not show us..its special  u know..

Maan hesitated n took out a box..dadi opened it n saw a simple platinum chain with small pendant ,with matching earings ,rings n bangles..

Dadi:wow maan its so beautiful..u urself give it to her..

Geet was silently watching them..when maan gave the box to her..she took it from him hesitatingly..its  maans first gift after their marriage..she don’t want anything from him like a husband cares for his wife..she took it from him as dadi n Vicky was there..

Vicky n dadi left the room giving them some space..

Geet noticed it

Geet:aapko ye sab karneki zaroorath nehi hai..

Maan:I know..when I bought things for can I leave you..we may not be husband n wife..but we are friends..i can buy gift for my friend..if you are not ok with it..its ok..u don’t want to take it..

He said with little disappointment..

Geet:I like it..i cant disappoint my friend nor return his gift..

Maans face lightened up..

Maan:ive one more gift for u..

Geet knotted her brows..

He took a bag n gave it to her..

Geet:it seems like keeping books..


Geet:but,why ?

Maan:don’t u want to complete ur studies..


Maan:..i want u to finish ur masters..u have finished ur first year..only a year more..ive talked with college principle..

Geet:but,how can i..i cant leave baby..

Maan:I know u will say like,I ve arranged u in postal studies..n u will have classes on Saturday n Sunday only..u will be with baby for 5 days..give urself two days..

Geet was overwhelmed with his care n her eyes moisted..

Maan came n wiped her tears..

Maan:geet,this life has given us enough tears in past months..for us both..i don’t want to see tears in my friends eyes..

Geet:thanks maan..

Maan:..geet,no sorry between friends..u know..

She nodded..his every step of care towards her made his respect grew inside her..

Maan:u have classes from next week..this week u purchase ur books n needed things..


Maan:now lets go..we are getting late to office..

maneet with babywent to dadi   also want to go to her friends place she too accompanied them.. n Vicky went to college’

Maneet n dadi entered Kc n was wished by all’geet gave jaanvi to dadi n went  to check the preparations for meeting.. maan n adi were in their cabin checking the files..dadi could easily see the admiring expressions in maans face..

Dadi:what maan?u look so amazed

Maan: never ive seen this perfection of my lack of presence..

Geet entered with some more files..

Geet:maan this papers needs ur sign..check once n sign..


Geet :1 more file’.i asked sudha to prepare..

she called her in..

Geet:sudha where is mr.samrats deal papers n the quotation file..

Sudha gulped her saliva..


Geet:I told u to submit before 2 days..where is it?

Sudha was sweating badly’n maan was enjoying the sight before..geet was bossy’

Sudha:I’ll finish it today mam..

Geet:I’ll give u half an hour..i need the file in sir table..

Sudha:ok mam..

..when sudha left pinky came in..

Pinky: geet come with me..there is a problem ..u help me’

She dragged geet with her

Geet:maan,I’ll come soon..u check these..

She went..

Maan was looking at her retreating figure..with a smile in his face..which was noticed by dadi n adi..

Adi:maan ,geet is so brilliant..

Maan:I know it..

Dadi:but u don’t know one thing..its geet who took care of KC one week..n u r appreciating the perfection of works na..its all supervised by her..geet is friendly with the same time when it comes to work,she proves she is ur wife..lady maan singh khurana..

Adi chuckled hearing dadi’s comment..though maan cutely frowned at dadi,he loved the words of praising geet..dadi played with jaanu n made her sleep..then she left to her friends place’

Dadi:maan,I’ll send the car friend is in problem she needs my help..n I’m not sure I’ll be back at night..

Maan:then how will u come back dadi

Dadi:I’ll come back in my friends need to worry..

Dadi bid bye to maneet..

Later maneet were busy in their work,along with baby..though get had made his works perfect..he went all through once n signed it..n the meetings made his day evening ,he told geet to go home n he will be back after finishing his ,geet left to was nearly 10pm..vicky has already retired to his room to sleep..maan has not arrived..her heart paced fear..she called him..he did not take his phone..n her heart went restless..

Geeet:Maan kaha ho aap..

She called adi n he attended it..

Geet:adi bhai,where is maan..

She did not give time for him to say hello too..

Adi:maan is here with me in office..lo baath karo..

Adi gave the phone to maan..


Geet sighed in is ok..


Maan:kya hua geet..u look worried ..

Geet:I called u..u did not take my phone..jaanu was asking u’we are waiting for u..

Maan checked his phone..there was missed calls from her..

Maan:hmm..sorry geet..i kept in silent when I’m in meeting’I didn’t release only..sorry..

Geet:its ok..when u will come..

Maan:may be an hour more..u both sleep..dont wait for me..give to jaanu ..i’ll talk to her..

Geet kept phone in jaanus ears..

Geet:jaanu,papa wants to talk to u..


Maan:my jaanu..paapa will come soon..u r a gud girl na..


Maan:so,sleep now..mama ko tang math karo..papa will get u a teddy tomorrow’

Jaanus eyes widened..



Maan kept the phone..

Geet called nakul n asked him to be awake till maan arrives..n serve him dinner..she will be back after making baby sleep..

Geet sat  on bed feeding baby..she took guru’s photo n caressed it..geet:guru,maan is so carring as a friend..he wants me to finish my studies ..i never thought my life will be again colourful after u n baby left..jaanu replaced our baby n she took away my my heart paced very fast guru..when maan did not take his phone..i thought for a minute something happened to he is,pls take care of him..she kept the photo back in its place..she saw  baby slowly drifting to sleep.she slowly layed keeping baby by her side.geet tried to get woke up again..she tried few times last geet also slept ‘when maan came he saw them sleeping..he freshed n changed his dress n went n had dinner..he came back n settled beside baby..he came near baby to give a gud night baby ‘s face was under geet’s saree,he kissed her jerked her which made geets saree lift up bcoz of her move..he patted baby to sleep hold geets curves ,sucked 2 -3 times n drifted to sleep..maan chuckled seeing it..he covered her with saree’he took the spread n tucked them both’he again went to a gud sleep..thinking about geet n her her power being a princess n the way she took care of Kc.. 

He took dc’s photo kissed it.. 

this girl always surprises me..dc’

n c our baby..she is not hungry..still she sucks to sleep..shayad tum yahaan hothi ..i would not have let u for a minute’par mei geet ke saath yesa nehi kar sakthi..i love her dc..i don’t want to spoil this serene relation by expressing my love..sry dc..i did not forget u..but geet has made a place for herself in my our babys mom..n as my wife..

He kept the photo n slept’when geet woke up in morning..she felt the spread over her..then saw maan..

Geet  felt shy thinking what must have happened n little usual she replaced babys finger slowly in her mouth releasing  her nipple..she took a saree n gave the corner in her fist..the baby felt her mother near she slept..geet went to freshup..she found her breasts sore..a bite mark lower her buds also..babys lower teeth has grown..she applied the ointment..she flinched in pain..she wore her saree n came out..

She started her routine works..taking care of kitchen doing pooja packing things for kc n for vickys lunch

Maan woke up when his cutie called him

Papa papa

Maan woke up n saw her covered with geets saree n was crawling over it n making her way to him..maan released the saree from her legs which are struck up..she sat on his stomach..

Maan moved her to him n kissed her forehead..

Gud morning jaanu..

Gu mong  papa..she gave a wet kiss on his cheek..

So lets freshup n go down..

She nodded..n maan took her inside washroom’.he brushed n prepared bath tub

He removed her dress n placed inside the tub n joined her.removing his clothes other than boxer…both were splashing water on each other..n playing..maan took the toy duck n made sound..quack quack is nearing jaanu..he splashe d water from ducks mouth..jaanvi giggled’they were having a nice time..

Geet came to their room with maans coffee n babys sipper,thinking why they were not still down..she heared the splashing of water..

Maan is giving bath to jaanvi..

She thought n opened the door..but didn’t expect maan with baby’his minimum clothes..she turned immediately..



Geet:wo..i’m sorry..

Maan took his wardrobe n weared it..but he too was searching for words..both were red in shy..

Maama..u 2 n papa is playing in water..

Geet..its ok’u take jaanu with u..i’ll come..


U can turn..

She saw him dressed up..she neared jaanvi n finished her splashed water on her too..geet was getting wet n her saree looked like a second skin glued to her..maan turned other side..he took a towel n covered geet who was kneeled down the tub..n passed baby’s towel to wrap her..

Geet took baby n went to their room..

Why maan covered me with towel?she dried baby n kept her on bed..


She showed her breast n geet was too red hearing n her choice of words..she gave the sipper in her hands to drink..

Gud girl na..horlicks pee lo’geet moved to the dresser to take babys powder..she saw her wet image ..her saree glued to her body ..

Geet st:maan covered me only to keep me from another embarrassing much he thinks of me..

N me jhalli bhina knock kiye bathroom ki ander chali gaye..kya socha hoga..he has a perfect manly figure..geet kya sochrahi ho..u hv seen only guru now,only u r thinking like that..

Geet quickly changed into another dress before maan comes..jaanvi also finished her drink..geet  applied powder on  her n dressed her up..maan came out..they both didn’t look at each others eyes..both are sharam se paani pani..geet took baby down n maan came changing to the dress geet gave..

All were back to work’

In kc..

A call came to maan..


Mr.flemingo:hello mr.khurana..

The client which he met abroad..

Maan:hello flem..whats up..

Mr:f:I’m here in delhi..I’ve organized a success party on the signing of our deal..

Maan:that’s gud’

Mr.F:I need u n ur family to attend will be a honour for me..n we may get to know each other..

Maan:its my pleasure..i’ll..

Mr.F: I’ve arranged it in xyz hall tomorrow night..7pm…if u don’t mind ,ur staffs also can come with their family..they will have a gud time..n I’ll know about the staffs doing my project..

Maan:of course..that’s a gud idea..

Mr.F:party’s theme is Indian..n colour is white..

Maan:thanks for the information..we will be there..

Maan passed the information to all..



The next day..

All the staffs went to their homes at early they can reach the venue by in kc..dadi,Vicky were already waiting for maneet..maan was looking at geet for past one hour..she looked disturbed..she was doing things mechanically..she dressed up jaanvi with white floral frock with matchings n white shoe socks..she gave her a white teddy in her hand to play..she took white pant ,silver shirt with white coat for maan..she did not think of dressing herself nor selected any..




maan:where are you lost..what you are thinking..why are you not getting ready ..

geet: wo..wo..

maan: u don’t want to attend the party..

geet:not like that..

maan:then whats troubling u..

geet:the colour..

maan:what?u don’t have that colour saree

Geet:i..i..have..which I wore before’but I dont want to wear white again..

Now maan got what she is trying to say..

He moved to his wardrobe where dcs dress were there..he searched n gave her the whitish silver saree..

Maan:if u don’t mind u can wear this.this is dcs saree.this is not white looks like..but its silver..

She looked at the saree’she was convinced by looked silver..she looked at the blouse n hesitated..she looked maan who was hopefully looking at her..

She went to washroom to change n maan changed in room..

When the door opened maan was mesmerized by her beauty..


geet was wearing the sleeveless,low back blouse for first time..she neared him nervously.covering her back with pallu…maan opened her plaits n freed her hair..this will cover up u..

Maan:geet wear any jewels’

She  searched the cupboard n took his will suit this she thought..she weared it..vicky who came to call them was stunned..

He whistled broking there eyelock..,the party hall is going to fire..bhabhi,if u r less than my age na..i’m sure..i would have propsed are stunning today..hayee..marjawah..

He said dramatically making geet red fully..but they failed to notice the jealousy in maans eyes..

Vicky:bhabhi.i’m taking princess with me..u both come down..we are late..

Geet took babys things in a bag n both came down..dadi kept a kala tika behind maneets ears..

Dadi:u both look made for each other..n ur dress is complementing each other..kisiki nazar na lage..

The four moved to the was only a ground floor..rare to see in delhi..fully decorated with white screens white candles,white ribbons n silver hangings in middle of hall n side was buffet arranged..

.when maneet entered all looked at them only..

Mr.flemingo greeted them..

Maan:dadi,this is MR.Flemingo..n mr.flemingo,this is my grandmother,my bro Vicky,my daughter jaanvi..n my  ‘wife geet..he said..

Maneet were looking at each other..maan is introducing as his wife ..n this is her first party with him.. pleasure meeting u all..he called a british girl..who was in salwar..n meet my wife Rassia..she too folded her hands n said Namaste..

all expected a shake hand..but they said Namaste folding his hands..

Dadi was too much impressed..

I expected u to shake hand..she said in blue..

Its Indian,Namaste..dont u like it..

I love it..why u chose white..

Its symbol of purity..u know my wife is wearing Indian dress for first time..

She looks pretty..

Less than ur grand daughter..babies are prettier always..she looks like an angel..

Hmm..i agree..

Then they all moved inside..flemingo took the mike n gave a small speech of their project n success expected..then he introduced maan n his family to all..

Mr.f:this party is in success of our deal..all enjoy the party..

vicky n dadi chatted with the staffs n their families..maan was busy with flamingo ,his clients n his staffs..geet was busy with jaanvi n pinky n priya..

geet fed baby soup..When Vicky got bored he came back to geet n took baby n sat in a corner..he played with her..his time went on.. later dadi also joined  him..pinky went to adi n others..leaving geet alone..

Vikram entered the venue..he is manager of franklin in india branch’entering his eyes caught the beauty standing alone..he smiled mentally..

He moved to flemingo first ..n asked sorry for late he was struck in traffic..flemingo  introduced him to maan..

Vikram,My manager my absence he will help u..

Hello vikram..

Enjoy the party..

Ya..i do..

Vikram moved to his other staffs..but was looking at geet only..he was drinking her beauty thru his eyes..she was talking randomly to all..maans eyes caught vikram.his eyes viewing geets exposed skin…maan clenched his hands in fists in anger..

He was excusing himself from the client..when the halls light went dim..

Flemmingo called all to join the dance floor…

Vikram smirked..

He moved to geet..

May I have the pleasure with dancing you beautiful..



Geet was shocked hearing him in a flirty way..she can see lust in his eyes..

He extended his hands..

Maan ,her husband is there for her..

Geet moved to maans side n maan slided his hands around her bare waist sending her shivers..

Maan had no idea of dancing with geet..when vikram approached he fumed inside..n indirectly said to geet he wants to dance with her..

Maan took geet to the dance was a mild music running behind n they were dancing keeping their hands on each others shoulders..

Maan:sry geet..i must have asked ur permission..

Geet:no maan..u need not want to ask permission for silly things..friends can dance with each other..n for public we are husband n wife..u have a name n respect..u cant dance with others when ur wife is here..

She said calmly..

Maan:u r so understanding..

Geet:not like you..

The music changed..

link for kurbaan hua..maneet dance.

Kurban hua started..n their steps changed to the beats of it..

He place his hand at her back n one hand kept hold on her hand which was on his shoulder’he rolled her n she turned two full rounds..away from him..he pulled her hand n she landed in his taught chest twirling around..they strtched their hands..his right with her left n his left with her right..looking into each others..they moved around..he turned her without releasing thw entwingled hands..she came close to him with her body glued to his chest..her bare hand touching his bare hands..chill ran thru their spine’she saw him thru the corner of eyes..he was looking at her lost in those eyes..he turned her facing him..they both were searching answers for each others in eyes..why they  were looking each other so intensely.she tried to go away from him..he stopped her pulling her hands..she stepped back till she reached him..he slided his left hand on her bare waist..she shuddered feeling his lengthy fingers getting connected to her skin..she leaned her head on his shoulder n both their hands made a turn over it..their right hands swayed in air,when his left hand was still resting on her waist..he made her roll n she came facing him again..her hand on his back of neck.his hand on her bare arm..when their eyes came in contact they were lost in each other deeply’

Here baby was jumping seeing her mama n papa dancing..she was also jumping like dancing..dadi ,Vicky pinky n adi were the most happiest persons to see there love in their eyes..which maneet didn’t know..

They thought they were dancing  only..only others know how passionate it was..

Maan sat extending his one leg..geet came around him n backed her body over his hand.

.they both took turns turning around the floor holding each others hands n maan lifted her up ..holding her body weight on his hand n body..he made her stand on her feet..geet looked at him taking a step back..he pulled her by waist ..his love oozing in his eyes..geet looked down..maan made her turn right n left too fast which she did upto his speed..her hair flew in air n his hands touched her bare back..both were spell bounded at their proximity..he lifted her in his both arms n turned around..she was so soft weightless..her hair flew over her face reminding her position’maan looked at her change of expressions n made her stand on feet..geet took her hands from his shoulder..tucking her hair back behind her ears..she slowly removed his hand which was still in her bare waist..

they were brought back out of their eyelock by the applause ..

maaan was shocked at his behavior..he took his hands back..geet moved to dadi n Vicky..she took baby in her arms to hide her thumping heart..

how can I be close with maan..this body is touched by guru..n I cant let anyone touch me..maan is only father of jaanvi..nothing more than to me..

she repeated her words to make herself calm down..not knowing she has responded to his touch..she felt butterflies..she quivered at his was talking to her in baby language..which made geet instantly forgot what happened..

dadi n Vicky excused n left to dadi felt so tired..

slowly the families which had their residence at distance n the fam of childrens which felt uneasy all took excuse n left..maan looked at geet often..she did not look at him..he was cursing himself for behaving like that losing his control..he has danced with many girls in partys.officially..never has crossed his limits…after marriage with dc  he had danced with her only..dc too has not took this toll over him..geets scent,her beauty in eyes  just drove him to a different world..he lost himself drowning in geet..what happened today was uncontrollable..the party was still on..maan can see geet n baby tired..but its honour of he couldn’t leave..

he saw sudden restless in geets eyes..she called pinky’n they both moved to a dark corner..he can see pinky n geet arguing n their eyes searching around the hall..maan couldn’t take it..when he neared them he saw pinky removing geets back buttons in blouse..

maan shouted..what the hell you are doing here..

that’s when he saw geets front portion wet..

pinky:bhai,she is overflowing’baby must be fed n here there is no privacy..

maan immediately removed his coat n covered her..geet sat immediately n fed baby..maan removed the screen pins n made her a small partition to be covered up..pinky n him stood there till she finished..

maan:pinky,priya kahaan hai..

pinky:wo apne papa ke pass hai..bhai’.bhai..


pinky..i think u should take geet n jaanvi home..they look tired..

maan:im also thinking the same..bus flamingo gets free from his friends we will go..

geet called pinky. In a slight whisper..


pinky:what geet..

geet:I couldn’t close my me…jaanu has slept..

maan realized what he has done by giving her that saree n blouse..why she hesitated at was transparent..n she always wore front button blouse to feed baby conveniently..

when geet stood up..maan extended his hands to take baby..

geet:hmm..let her be with me..she said in a low voice..the way she held baby over her shoulder n adjusting her saree said she meant something else..he did not force her..pinky took the coat which dropped from her back..

geet:maan’shall we go home..

geet took it n covered the baby  n her front..

maan:ok..i’ll bid bye to flamingo n come..

pinky..i’m also coming bhai..priya also has slept’

they both left geet alone..

geet felt sticky as her blouse was wet..she has forgot the dance thinking about the present situation..geet was ruffling baby’s hair softly..

mera bachi sogayi’

vikram came near her..

vikram:I never thought u are a mother of a child..u r damn beautiful n sexy’

the next minute he found himself on ground..

maan:dare u..u know she is my wife..then how could u say those to her..i’ll kill u ..u bostard..

he kept on punching him till he was lying half dead..geet was looking maan scared..

vikram:sry was just a never interested in married or mothers..

saying he fainted..

maan kicked him again..adi n others stopped him..

maan turned to flamingo..change ur manager..or our deal is cancelled..

im sry mr..khurana..i apologize for his act..i’ll change him..sry mrs..khurana’

maan hold geet n moved to car angrily..

he made her sit in passenger seat n he took over the wheels..he punched the steering still not getting over his anger..


maan:sry geet..i must not have left u alone.. happens to all girls ..not only me..vikram jese insaan sab jag ape hotha hai..

maan:phir bhi..when I know his intensions are not gud..i must not have left u alone..

geet closed his mouth..

maan,lets go home..n forget this topic here itself..



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