U,Me,Aur? – Part 85

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Maans heart bleeded seeing his little wifey again lost in depression..he did not move from his place,still holding her in his arms..he can feel her fear in that slumber too..dadi came inside often n waited for geet to wake up..vicky so much wanted to be with his bhabhi..but feared for maan..one thing he was happy,he looked at geet through the ventilations n maan did not force him to keep distance..dadi n Vicky only witnessed maans possessive care..he did not move an inch away from her..

when no one was in room his tears flowed down., which  he controlled before others’n made a stiff mask over him..kala came with dinner for three ..noone took it’dr.came  for night rounds ..that time geet stirred in sleep..maan let his breathe he was holding..


Geet slightly opened her eyes n looked at her surroundings..maan ,dadi ,kala,dr’window side Vicky..

Geet st:hospital..how I came here’

Then the scene of half burnt blood face came to her thought..she screamed chachu chachu n clinged to maan.


.her hands took his shirts in her fist..

Dadi:how r u beta..


Maan cupped her face seeing her body shaking in fear..

Maan:geet..what happened..


Maan:haan geet bolo..kya hua..


He held him more tighter like breaking his bones..

Maan:chachu..kahan hai..he is no more na..

He was worried hearing her recalling her family..

Geet:prince..i saw him..i saw him..his face..its burnt’mujei dar lagraha hai..its horrible..mujei nehi dekna hai..mujei dar lagtha hai..geetko bohut dar lagtha hai..please don’t go away from me..please..please’she was so scared n begging him not to leave her..

Maan:nehi geet..i’ll not go..i’m here only with u only..when I’m with u,u don’t want 2 fear for anything’

He kept her cocooned in his arms looking at dr. for answers..

Dr:mr.khurana..i think ur wife has seen something related to her chachu..that has reminded her ,the past life..we have to take away the fear..she opened to u so easily..so I think u can get her out of fear..

Dadi:will she be ok..shall we take her home..

Dr:..i want to  check her once ..if she is scared of that incident or she is totally back to her last state..then only I can say how is she ‘whether u can take her home..

U all wait outside for few minutes..

Maan was about to get up..she held him tight..

Dr:mr.khurana,u can be here..she needs u more than us’u r her first medicine than ours..n u r the one who treated her overcoming the fear of fire..so,now also u will do it..


Dr:I want to know in which stage she is..the first stage we started our treatment or the next step to see the fire of log.

Dr gave him the lighter n asked him to show her ..the first treatment they did..maan closed his eyes n wished,geet will see it..

Maan:geet..see this dear..dont  fear..ok..i’m with u..

He lighted for seconds then minutes..then they kept the candle ..she watched everything without fear being in his arms..


Maan: what dr..

Dr: nothing happened as I feared..now she is temperorily in fear ..u can remove it soon..she is at the same step of our treatment..so no need to worry..u can take her home..

Maan hugged geet tightly in happiness n kissed her forehead ..

Dr: don’t leave her alone..just make her happy n overcome the fear..she will be normal..u can increase the sleeping pills again to a full at nights..along with this medicines..she gave him the prescreptions..

If u have any problems call me immediately..

Maan: thanks dr..n vicky

Dr:he can go home..but come here for regular check ups..


Maan scooped geet in his arms..she clinged him more..maaneet   along with Vicky, dadi n kala  took the private lift n came to the car..vicky was never this close to maan’he can see maans face that is in anger..

is he angry with him for not looking after bhabhi..or angry at the person who is the reason for geets state..

maneet in 1 car n the other 3 in another car left to kp n km..


AV house..

Arun:im scared thinking about geet..

Varun:I’m also scared..

Arun: geet  will be fine na..

Varun:..i wish ..

Arun:she is a kiddo

Varun:haan..so innocent nave n different from other girls..

Arun: we already knew she is not well ..princi told us na..

Varun:ya..but we did this for vicky..we didn’t expect geet there..dont know how is geet..i’m really worried for her..

Arun:me too..whom to ask ..

Varun: Vicky..

Arun: we cant ask Vicky directly ,how is geet..then he will ask y we are asking ..then we must say about our prank..

Varun: I’m not scared for accepting the truth..but I’m afraid of maan..

Arun: yes..whats the connection between maneet..how he came there ..n did u see his face seeing geet..he would have killed us..

Varun:he called her with sweet names..n the way he took her..he was so possessive..he behaved like he knew her well..

Arun:we cant ask anyone also..noone will believe us..

Varun: if we enquire about geet,n if maan founds we are the reason behind geets fainting he will kill us..we cant ask Vicky also..what if he says to maan if geet is connected to maan then Vicky will also know him na..

Aarun: I’m feared of our future. if geet says the truth kya hoga…our whole life  will be spoiled if we are suspended from college..

Varun: what to do..kuch samaj mei nehi aaraha hai..

Arun: we will wait till geet returns..we will apologize her..

Varun:n we must not say anything to anyone about maan n geet..he is a vip n our one move will cause our destruction by him..he is well known for his anger..

Arun:ok..done..till that we will pray to god for geets health..wo jaldi teek hojai..

Av was worried for geet n was repenting their mistakes..whats in store ..for them idk’.


In KP..

kala came n gave the dinner..

maan:kalakka,I don’t want dinner..take it..

kala:chotu,starving is not the end of problems’feed gudia n u also have it..she left leaving the dinner in table..

maan:geet,change to ur night dress..i’ll also change..

geet:no..i don’t want u to go..dont go..i don’t want to change also..

maan:geet,u hate hospital smells na..see now u r smelling bad..go n change..

maan gave her the night dress

geet:.no..i ll change here u also change here’but don’t go from me..

maan saw her face,..the fear was still there..

changing in one room..it will make him insane..but nothing is more than geet..


maan walked to his cupboard..n changed keeping the door as partition n geet also changed..

he came to her n fed her..he also ate some just as a duty..he gave her the sleeping pills n medicines mixing in icecream..she had it..maan made her sleep on bed..she took his hand n kept under her cheek..

geet:u will not go na..

maan:no baby..i’ll be here only..i’ll not go..u sleep..

he gently caressed her hair n patted her back..she opened her eyes often to confirm he is before her..

maan s turmoil was not less than a lava..he was roaring in his heart,the person who is the cause of geets situation he will make them beg for life..the pills took toll over geet n she slept’

maan tucked the spread over her n went to gym..he did his workout furiously taking his anger all over it..he came after a while..he took a bath as he was sweaty’he checked geet once again..she was sleeping..he went to his private space n came after sometime’he slipped beside geet taking her in his arms..


in vickys room KM..

Vicky was throwing tantrums not to eat..he blammed himself for the situation of geet..dadi ,kala n nakul fed up trying to calm him..somehow they made him eat n gave the medicines..dadi left after making him sleep in bed..

Vicky pretended to sleep..once all went he came to his papa’s photo’he kept his head before the photo in a table..

Vicky:u know na papa.. I hate myself..im too irresponsible..just one responsibility bhai gave n I couldn’t fulfil his expectations..bcoz of me n my silly fight my baby babhi is suffering..i couldnot see her like that..how much bhai has tried to overcome her fear..but what I did..i spoiled everything..dont forgive me papa..punish me papa..bhai will hate me na papa..he will hate me na..

He slept pouring out his heart..he found his papa threading his hair..

Papa..punish me papa..

don’t say to punish u..u r a gud boy..n everone loves u..when there is no fault why to seek punishment..

Papa.. bhai hates me na..

No..bhai loves u..

How can it be..i was so irresponsible..n I’m the cause of bhabhis pain..

He knows..its the situation n its not bcoz of u..he will hate u if u throw tantrums not to eat or take medicine n take care of yourself..

He will not send bhabhi to me..na..

No..once ur bhabhi is fine she will be back to u..n u must take care of her ..


sure..for that u must also get well soon..will u..

yes papa’



maneets room’maan was sleeping holding geet..

it was nearly 2 midnight maan felt geets body shivering..

maan opened his eyes n saw geet’her eyes were closed..she was mumering..

chachu..i cant see u like this..please u come to me with ur face..not like this’

her lips trembling in fear n the shivering was increasing gradually..

maan rubbed her hands n legs which are getting cold..

he called the dr.immediately’dr.took after  3 full calls..

maan:dr.why r u not picking the call..

he shouted..

dr:I’m preparing a patient for c section,,if it was others I would not have attend the call..now say me..y u called me..

maan explained the situation..

can u come here..dr..

dr:its impossible mr.khurana  .. u can’t come here nor I can come out of hospital


Dr:I think u did not see tv..a politician has arrested a few hours before for corruption n his followers are blocking the vehicles n hurting the peoples on way..bomb blast also happened in some places…n more over im attending a patient this will take an hour..i can come after that only..

Maan: oh..no’what to do now..geet is shivering..n having temperature..

Dr: I think its becoz of fear..just follow my instructions..give her crocin,colpol or any medicine that u have to reduce her temperature..keep wet cloth on her forehead..n the last option only u can do..

Maan:what dr..i’ll do anything to keep her safe..

Dr: u r her husband ..so u can take the control of her body in urs..i think u understand what I say..

Maan:what?..he asked in shock..

Dr:give ur warmth to her n make her feel secure as u always do..i’ll call u after an hour..sry mr.khurana..my patient needs me..

Maan kept the phone..he searched n took a crocin n fed her..he kept wet cloth on her forehead..he saw her still shivering..his mind n heart started to quarrel with each other..

Maan u must do..no option left..u cant see her suffer like  this..this is not the first time u r going to undress her..u have already done before..that time also it was for her ..today also think same way..

That time was different..nowadays I have the feel to touch her..can I control myself..

The time u take to think she will suffer more..See her..then decide..what u want..to relieve geet from pain or ur thoughts of control..

No..i cant see geet like this..

With that he switched off the lights n started to undress her..n undressed himself..leaving them both in single barriers..he switched on the light covering both under the duvet..he hugged her tight n rubbed her back..he can feel her softness touching him..the bare skins getting touched was driving him insane..when he looked at her face,he got worried n kept on keeping her close with him’his cheeks rubbed her cheeks..giving her small pecks..his legs rubbed her slim legs..his hands rubbing her back n hands .he was slowly breaking his control…he saw her lips trembling n he did the unexpected..

he closed the distance between their lips..he took her both lips in his ,brushing over it..sucking ,licking tasting..n biting..he chewed her both lips..he lowered kissing her neck..he moved to other side kissing her earlobes…his hands kneaded her curves n moved to her hands n entwingled with hers. she was so soft n was creating havoc inside him.his body jolted electrified..seeking more of hers.. there was no response from her side..that made him get back his senses..he was taking advantage of her unconscious state..he touched her forehead..n found the temperature reduced a little..he pecked her foreheads..

Sorry wifey’I must not have done this..i want to kiss u ,love u with all senses.with ur permission..ur submission…why I always kiss you at unconscious state..he again took her in his embrace..n kept on rubbing her..this time he controlled himself…his hands moved as its wish without his senses..n he felt her snuggling close to him..he smiled n kissed her in his sleep..he felt her fever n shiver reduced.. he slept holding her..



2 hrs later..

He heared his phone buzzing..when he woke up he was shocked to see himself sleeping between geets curves..he has never did like this..how did I came  over her..

His thoughts were disturbed again by the phone..he saw the time..4 am


Mr.khurana..how is ur wife now..i called just to know how is she ..do u need me..

Maan kept his hand on her forehead n neck..

Maan:no dr..she is fine now..no temperature nor shiver..

Dr:ok then.no need to worry…mr.khurana..change of place is also gud..as u said u will take her abroad before diwali..u can make her relax soon..think about it also..

Ji dr..

Maan kept the phone n looked at geet..their duvet was no more covering them both..he did not switch off lights later..so he got the full view of her beauty..he gulped his saliva..her milky white skin n her perfect structure her soft curves n pink buds..her deep valley ending at belly button..her black lacy inners n her slim legs..he checked out from top to bottom..

He was so lost in her beauty..he was seeing her in minimum cloth for first time..

Maan took  the duvet n covered her n went to washroom to have an early  cold shower to control his erotic thoughts..

She was damn beautiful..she is mine..only mine..my one move will spoil our relation..i must be careful..then y couldn’t I keep myself under control’he stood under the shower washing his thoughts..he came out only to find geet ‘s duvet again under her stomach exposing her half nude form’before she wakes up n ask annoying questions I must dress her up’

Maan took the night dress which he threw last night n made her wear..while buttoning her his hands shivered getting contact to her skin’

Geet..u r breaking me ..i don’t know if it goes this way.i’ll break up my control,which is not gud for u..nor me’u r an innocent seductress..

I must say u taste so sweet..he pecked her lips one more time n took his lappy n started to concentrate his mind in work..

His mind went on with dr’s words..

change of place can also help geet overcome the fear..

take her abroad before diwali..so,she may not get depressed by the sounds of crackers..

maan has already decided the place n was about 2 leave after 3days..now he can make it earlier..he immediately made arrangements moving immediately..

he took the bags n started to pack  things for both ..

he called nakul n stuffed the bags in vickys car..he took sleeping geet in arms n placed in car’

he asked the driver to move towards airport’taking the exit way of outhouse..

he informed dadi before entering his private jet’it was early morning 5,still dark n maan made the superiors give him a  special acceptance to reach his jet in his car without others noticing’the driver left to Km back..

maan placed geet inside his private jet n took his seat besides her’

the pilot asked his acceptance to take off..n he said yes..

geet stirred in sleep n woke up..


gud morning sweet heart..

he gave a kiss on her forehead..

gud morning..she kissed his cheek..

she heared a voice..please do wear ur seat belts..the plane is going to take off..

where are we’

she asked confusingly seeing the surrounding..

in plane..

her eyes opened wide..

maan helped her wearing seat belt..

plane’ive never travelled in plane..

she held him tight when the plane took off..

are u scared ..

she nodded yes..

maan unbuckled her seat belt n made her sit in his lap ‘she was holding him like a small child..


she kept hugging him tight till the plane was flying flat in air..

she left her breathe..


maan saw her face changing..she is thinking again about yesterdays incident..he must not make her think what to do..

prince chachu..

that was a bad dream..


yes..forget it  jaan..

if u say its dream then it must be a dream..

she blindly believed whatever he said..


hmmm..she said sadly..

u will be the first girl to travel in plane in night dress’

he chuckled’she made her mouth a big O’

u did not say me..i don’t know how I came here’

he saw her face falling down..

gudia..see here we are crossing the clouds..heve u experienced this before..

maan made her sit near window n made her mood divert ..

he saw an excitement when she saw the plane piercing the clouds leaving them back’.

AH:sir do u need anything..

Maan:1 black coffee n 1 milk..

babaji.. ‘..its morning na.. with what I’ll brush.. my dress’what will I wear..where will I brush n take bath’

maan can see the ray of hope in him..geet again started with her nonstop questions..a smile formed his lips..

aap hasrahi ho..without  brushing the teeth taking food is not gud for health..i’ll not have milk without brushing..

I know baba..come with me..

He took to the wash room n gave her a kit..

Now brush ..he turned to leave..

She held his wrist..

Don’t go..mujei dar lagtha hai..she looked at the surrounding..still fearing she may witness that scene again..

Maan saw her face turning pale..

Ok dear..im here ..brush soon..


Ive freshed in house itself..

She frowned n brushed..they both sat in their place..the AH gave their drinks n went giving them their privacy’

Geet sipped her milk ..


What happened..

Maan turned n looked at her..

Patha nehi..my lips..its paining..

She pulled her lips to see whats it..she had a cut bcoz of his bite..

Her lips were inch away from his face..n he cant resist himself touching her..n soothe her pain..that too not after yesterday..n now she is in conscious also..he is not a sadu also..her taste lingered in his lips..he touched her cut with his tongue making a soft move’he can see her shocking face n blinking eyes’

She withdrew herself..

Aap..yesa kyun kiya’

Maans ST:Maan u want to taste her na..now answer her..


Damit..i cant even express myself..my words stuck in my throat..

He cleared his throat..

Ughmm’wo..princess..wo..hmm..u said its paining na..so,I soothed ur pain’that’s all..


maan sighed in relief when she did not ask more questions..

She sipped her milk n he had his..

After sometime he made her take bath n change into a jean n top with scarf around’he made her play in his laptop..gave her cartoon cds..then they had breakfast n maan made her take medicines..which she took after a lot of tantrums’he said her stories  n again played with her..he was very careful diverting her mind..he avoided his works too..

Then they had their lunch..

Suddenly she asked

Prince where we are going?

The place which u will like more..can u guess..or say what place u would like to see..

Geet was left in thoughts’

I want to see Disney land..

So we are going to land to see ur dream place..

Maans st: so my guess was correct a child wishes to see a childish place..



He pinched her nose n she pouted cutely..

PRECAP: maan babu..with childish wifey ..how will it be..when they both are touring’





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