U,Me,Aur ? – Part 86

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song credit,disney land details credit to ruby..picture credit to desi girl nalini…


In mansion..

Vicky was worried of geet..when dadi informed maan has taken geet abroad for a week he felt lonely..he could not see her for a week..

He very much missed her..then thought its for her gud..n went ..dexture came n licked his hands.. Vicky:I’m fine..its not paining..

it looked sadly at him.

Vicky:u are also missing bhabhi na..

Dexture nodded its head..

Dexture:haan..haan..if she is here the mansion is so lively..see now it looks very silent..

Vicky:me too miss her..u know dexture I ve always been alone..never felt like this..but bhabhi is away from me just for a few hours..im missing her..what if bhai doesn’t send her to mansion or send her to college ..i cant even think how colourless my life will be..but papa said,bhai will send her to me back..papa never says wrong things to me..

You know dexture..yesterday na I was so close to bhai..in lift..u know bhais aroma felt me so familiar..hey..papa said bhai loves me..is it so..i never thought about it..if bhai loves me why he is not talking to me..

Dexture was looking at him scratching its head..ye lo geetki bak bak ispe chadgaye..he is blabbering non stop..geet ki babaji mujei bachalena..one week alone with Vicky..oh..no..my ears will bleed’

Here maneet..

‘geet was scared again when the plane landed..maan took her in his hug comforting her..

Maneet landed in – Orlando International airport 

maan caressed her hair..

Maan:geet,we have landed.lets get down..

Geet felt no moments of plane..she sighed in relief..

they went to their hotel in a limo which was waiting for them out of the airport for orlando , through out the journey geet was seeing  outside the window ..she was so excited. They reach their hotel ..geet looked the building which looked like touching the sky’it had so many floors , her head pained looking at the height..(akhir aapne maan babu ki choice hain)it is a seven star hotel,

geet:what place is this prince..

maan:this is the hotel we are going to stay..

geet:it’s a hotel’itnaaa bada..

her eyes widened n her hands too extended ..maan chuckled seeing her expressions..

maan:geet,lets go inside..n u have many more surprises to see in this week..


maan:surprise tho surprise hai..i’ll not tell u..

geet:acha teek hai..

geet held maans hands n they walked inside the hotel..,which showed the luxury of it..

rec:how can I help u sir..

maan:ive booked a room in the name of mr.& mrs.singh..

he showed the printout of booking..

receptionist gave him the key n asked the helper to show the room..

rec smiled at him n said:happy honey moon sir..

maan was red..hearing it..

thank god geet was busy checking the environment..warna what he will explain..

maneet n waiter moved to the lift..

geet was counting..1,2,3,’10,20..30..40..

maan:what are u counting..

the floors..oh no..bcoz of u I lost my counting..she cutely complained..

maan:geet u don’t want to count..see this..he showed the board which stopped at 70..

geet:is this 70th floor..


this way sir..n this room is special as this full floor is yours..

maan:I know..

the waiter opened the room n kept their luggages..maan gave him tips which he accepted n went away saying have a nice day sir..

geet was rooted at her place..maan tapped her..

maan:geet..princess..what happened..

geet:wooow..she jumped in joy..ye hamari kamra hai..

maan:haan..koi shak..

geet:its so so so beautiful..

maan:first go inside n explore..

geet moved in..it had a huge living room with sofas n chairs..then a big hall with furnitures .tv music system n all..there was a big gym with all equipments..then a dining ,a kitchen attached to it.with gas,oven toaster mixer grinders..all facilities…if they want they can cook..she moved to the next side where maan entered’

it was a big bedroom with pool  inside the room’there was also music system tv fridge computer n all facilities..she moved to the big glass door which took her to the balcony..she can view the whole city from there.. the car passing through the nearby roads.. many tall buildings..

maan came n sat there in a chair..

maan:how is the room..

geet:its like a house..

maan:how is the city looking..from here

geet:choti choti.si

.she looked below..she can view all balconys in all floors below her..’some peoples sitting n chatting.n .in some childrens playing..

 maan: geet go n   fresh-up,

geet:I don’t want to..when are we going out she asked curiously..

maan:we are tired today..so,we will take rest today ,then we will go out from tomorrow..ok..


maan:atleast change to ur night dress..


maneet unpacked their things n arranged it in cupboard..maan freshed up n changed to his night tracks n vests..geet to hers..maan called dadi n said they reached safely..geet too talked to her..mostly the beauty of the hotel..then asked about vicky..he too talked to her..hearing her cheerful voice he was also happy..that his baby will be soon out of the trauma by maan her side..

then maan ordered their food ..after dinner maan n geet watched tv.in hall…he..he..cartoons..

maan st:iske saath saath mei bhi cartoon dekna shuru kardiya..ye ladki mujse kya kya karwathi hai..

maan gave her medicines ..she took n slept watching tv..maan scooped her to the room..which was decorated with flowers petals..

the hotels arrangements thinking they are here for honey moon..maans thought went to the previous night,which he almost  wanted to make her his..n this honeymoon suit is adding ghee to his erotic thoughts..he could not forget her soft curves which he witnessed while waking up..he cupped her face kissing her gud night n taking her in arms..he held her more tight so that her body was glued to him..atleast he can feel her this way..he placed his legs over hers n slept thinking not to get wild thoughts..but his hands were nowhere to stop..it slowly moved under her shirt feeling her bare skin..it moved front over her barriers ..he kneaded over it n felt her buds hardening..his hands want to feel her more..he removed her shirt buttons n unclasped her hook .her bra loosely hung on her body..he lifted up.. now he can see n feel her every upper part .her white soft moulds with pinkish brown buds..asking him to claim her as his..he moved to one n softly took it in his mouth ..slowly sucking without hurting her..his hands massaging the other mount…after sometime,he moved to the other mount giving importance as same..he sucked ,licked n played with his tongue..his hands kneading other mount..pinching her buds within his fingers..he expected her to scream,but she was in deep slumber..he again cupped her mounts n tasted it..

geet:chachu..chachu..muje dar lagtha hai chachu..

maans eyes opened..he was in so much bliss n geets scream interrupted him..it took sometime for him to realize,he was actually having a dream with geet..n that too so close moments..his hands was really inside her shirts massaging her curves..he took out instantly..

what am I doing in my sleep..

he came out of his thoughts by geets another scream..

he kissed her by side ways..

kuch nehi geet..u r safe..nothing to scare..i’m with u..he slowly whispered in her ears repeatedly..he saw her relaxing now ..she cuddled to him more ..he kept on patting her back n caressing her hair till she was peacefully sleeping again’

maan looked at the time it was 5 morning..

he was angry at himself for not saving geet at that time..what she witnessed, why she is calling chachu..he don’t know..seeing her suffering  he was angry..for not being with her.his blood boiled in rage…he slowly placed geet on bed, n gave the pillow in her hand..he want to remove his frustrations.n to drain his erotic thoughts..he removed his dress n entered the cool pool inside the room.the chill water kept him get rid of his wild thoughts..

.he took fast laps..his every stroke was harder n his body was paining..he least cared..

he stopped in middle of pool..

I’ll not leave them geet..who ever may be the cause of this..i’ll not leave them..

He roared mentally

Geet woke up n saw maan swimming’she got out of bed  yawning ..she came n sat in the side of pool dipping her legs in water..

Geet:gud morning prince..

Maan:gud morning princess..

Geet was only seeing him..n his strokes..how his hands pierced the water..


Geet:I’m seeing how u r swimming..i don’t know’will u teach me’

Maan:hmm..but not now..later..first u go n fresh up..

Geet was feeling so lazy bcoz of jet lag..

Geet:I don’t feel like..first u go..then I’ll..freshup


Maan came out of the pool..geet saw him..he was only in his inner..the water running from his perfect body..maan took the towel n wrapped around his waist entering washroom..

Maan:geet ,give me clothes to change..

Geet was feeling something seeing him..but looked the water feeling shy..maan failed to see the change in her eyes..

She could only say :ji’

She moved to the cupboard n took a casual dress for him’she took her brush n paste n moved to wash basin..maans body flashed before her whenever she closed her eyes..she shrugged her thoughts n came washing her face..maan dressed n came to kitchen..

Maan:geet,see is there milk in fridge..

She said no..maan saw the packet..

Maan:geet,this packet is milk here..

Maan was about to make coffee..she stopped..i’ll make..

They both had their drinks,whereas geets mood was cheerful..n happy..

Maan:kya hua geet..

Geet:prince..there are many chocolates n juices in fridge..

Maan:so only u r happy..

Maan said keeping a stern face..geets face fell down

Maan:ur teeth will get spoiled geet..

Geet:ek..do chalega..pls..

She said with a puppy face which made maan smile..

Ok..first go n get ready..

After geet got ready,maan made some calls n sent mails..they had breakfast  n took the lift to ground floor..

Maan was thinking to go in limo..

There was a guide arranged totally for the customers of hotel..the hotel itself had arranged a bus for all..geet saw many childrens enetering the bus with their parents..

The guide:will u join us sir..

Geet:prince lets go with them na’

How could maan deny her..

Ok..they joined them..thanks to maan who taught geet English to speak fluently..

Our geet instantly clicked up with childrens n chatted with them.when maan was asked about them ,he introduced him as mr.singh from india n geet as his wife..as very less know about him,he don’t want to hide their relation here..geet got close to a family who stayed below their floor..mr..robinson n his wife maria..his 3yr old son n a 6months girl baby..she used to keep the boy with her mostly as the girl was too small n she scared to hold it..

.their first trip was Niagara falls..they both walked hand in hand enjoying the beauty of falls..with help of others they took photos near it..the other times maan was clicking pictures of geet while standing sitting admiring chatting with kids ,when she ate n drink’

Geet looked around..all pairs walking hugging by side ways ..n their dresses was more revealing n short..mostly all girls n boys wore short pants n tshirts..she looked at maan..

This is normal here sona..their culture is different from others..

Then they had their lunch at a nearby restaurant..now the kids were asking the guide to take them to some place like they wish..

He took to a show..

It was like a circus here..the seal n dolphins will do many things llike jumping inside a ring ,catching fish they threw,the ball in tip of nose..the next was a monkey show..it was full of fun..the monkeys did all things that men did..they irritated the men which made all laugh..the scene changed n a monkeys boxing match was on..that was also fun as when one got hit the other will act as hurt n a dr. monkey will come n treat it..the hurt monkey will bite both n hit them with steth..geet was laughing seeing it.. maan was only watching geet..who was munching her popcorns sharing with kids..she was laughing n that’s what he wanted..it was a 3 hrs show..then they all were taken to a mall where kids could play..geet accompanied the kids..maan just followed her..at the end of the day all returned to hotel..

Geet:when we will go to Disney..

The guide:tomorrow mam..


Maneet bid bye to all n went to their room.maneet n robinson family took same lift..they left maneet at 69th floor n maneet went to their room..

Maneet retired to bed .the night was same with her scream n morning too..maan was loosing his control n again took a swim..geet again drooled over him..they got ready to Disney land..geet was blabbering about what she knows about Disney n why she wanted to see it..

As they entered the Magic Kingdom, they reminded immediately that animation is at the heart of the Disney parks’ success. They encountered seventy-five statues of Mickey Mouse’each identical to start with but decorated differently, in accordance with the wishes of some celebrity or artist. Cartoon characters were inescapable throughout the park, not just in Fantasyland, where most of the rides piggyback on famous animated features, but in the other “lands,” too. A bronze statue of Walt Disney decorates the plaza in front of Cinderella’s castle, and he is depicted hand-in-hand with an off-model Mickey Mouse. That statue is surrounded by smaller bronzes of some of the more famous Disney characters, including the usual suspects: Donald, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy.


First they went for  Cinderella’s castle , and it’s like you’re walking into a fairy tale come true. The castle is as beautiful inside as it is on the outside. Inspect an amazingly detailed mosaic mural’including tiles made of real 14-karat gold’and enjoy vignettes from the 1950 Disney animated classic, Cinderella. The mural contains one million pieces of glass in approximately 500 different colors.

Also inside the castle, families are invited to dine like royalty at Cinderella’s Royal Table.


Throughout the day they were enjoying castle’s different colours , dine with royalty is just so dreamy. In castle their is an opportunity to win over night stay in castle and that is Every morning, a Disney computer chooses a random time and location. For example, it could be the person passing through the 7th turnstile leading into Epcot at 11:51 AM. As our geet being lucky mascot they win and stay in castle over the night.  At night they serve with 5 meal royal dinner. Its is amazing experience.


Geet slept on the way as they reached around mid night..she did not have her sleeping pills too..that was an improvement..maan removed her slippers n over coat n left her sleep in banian top n jean..he changed n slept..

Maan was having same dream again ‘he wokeup n saw geet sleeping peacefully..it was same 5 am..she did not scream nor awake in middle..it gave peace.. she is sleeping without medicines..as he removed his hands from her body she moved more to him seeking his warmth’he gently hooked her bra which he has removed n straightened her dress..he gently pressed his lips on hers..a small peck’she smiled at her sleep..

Gud morning mishty..today is really a gud day for me..

He went to gym..she woke up missing him..maan was doing pushups thinking how nowadays he was behaving with geet..its not like he regret it..but was worried..what if geet hates him..n the other incident which made him think.so’.he saw a small girl nearly of 17-18 yrs who was pregnant at restaurant(abroad even more smaller girls becomes pregnant by their bf’s..)..she was scolding her bf for making her mother as she is not able to bear the back pain..she was openly cursing him for having physical relation with her..maybe her mother or mother in law who was sitting nearby her bf or  husband.said it is one of her mood swings..maan was thinking about geets age..she is nearing 19..still she is young physically also..will she be able to bare the pain’how I’m going to say her what relation we must have..what will she think..what if  she doesn’t understand or regret it..our relation will broke up..i cant see her away from me..nor see hatred in her eyes for me..should I wait till she turns at least 21..

Gud morning prince..

She came n sat over his back..making his thoughts to break..she hugged him from back  lying on him..

He did few more pushups with her like that

Gud morning mishty..kya hua..still sleepy..

Hmm..so tired..

Maan flipped taking her over him’

Maan:so,lets have a break off today..we will take rest n go out tomorrow..i’ll say the guide..

Geet:ok..me sleeping..she slept over him soon again..maan carried her to bed n informed guide they will not join..maan had his own plans’

Geet woke up at 8..she saw maan working in computer..he was ready…freshed up..

Maan:geet ur milk is in flask..have it..u will not feel sleepy..

Geet brushed n poured the milk in cup n sat in couch..she switched on the tv..maan was seeing news before..so she changed the channels to get her favourite cartoon’maan was too busy to notice her tv..geet saw sports,,religious comic n atlast some close hugs scenes in movies,while changing..she saw the man hugging the girl n his hands roaming on her backless frock..she was moaning his name..his kisses on his nape..geet was froze on her state as she thought of their bathroom scene’she can feel butterflies again in her stomach..

Maan:geet,what are u doing..

Geet dropped the remote n it changed to a hindi channel, an old man was giving speech how a gud wife should behave..whats her duties n whats the duties of husband to keep wife happy..

Old man:for both its same,they should love each other..understand each other..each others happiness will be their first preferences..no ego between them..if u find u r wrong ask sorry..it will save u from complications..how much a girl wishes her husband to do things for her..same the man also expects from her..they must live upto each others expectations..

In old times man looked after wealth n women took care of homes..ab zamaana badalgaya..doti’s changed to pants n now boys wear shorts..girls sari changed to salwars now jeans n frocks..when the person has no problem they were it out also..he was going on n on..

Geet was thinking how maan asked her anything to do for him only ..atleast   inside their room.most of the time she denied n he never forced her…maan has done everything for her..whatever she asked..

Maan:geet are u ready..he asked from where he was working..


Geet quickly went to take a shower ..when she saw the dress kept for her..she was surprised..but she did not think this time ..she weared it n came out..



Maan looked at her with jaws opened..he expected her to quarrel with him..she came out wearing the red full frock with puffed sleeves n fishy bottom..a feathery scarf around her neck..she looked at him nervously..moving to dresser..she took the comb n brushed her hair..she dropped feeling his heat gaze on him..maan came near her n brushed her hair without  breaking the eyelock..she did her  minimum makeup n applied sindoor on her forehead..her neck had only the black beads..he bent n kissed her forehead slowly moving down eyes nose cheeks behind her ears n kissed her nape..she felt  herself turning red..


She said closing her eyes.he was kissing her neck moving down on her exposed skin..

Maan:geet,u look really like a princess..n ur red cheeks complement ur red dress’

He said huskily..his eyes looked different..


Maan:,may I have the pleasure with dancing u for a while.my princess’

he asked for her hands..she gave in drowning in his eyes..’


he took her to the hall n switched on the player inserting a random cd..

The music started..

link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZQgcOyT3PQ&feature=share

 Main Tumhe Haan Bas Tumhe Chaha Karun. 

Tu Mili To Zindagi Ka,

Paa Liya Har Pal Khushi Ka,

Shukriya Kaise Karun?
Bas Tumhe Chaha Karun.
Meri Chahat Ko Naya Anjaam Tumne Hi Diya,
Zindagi Ko Zindagi Ka Naam Tumne Hi Diya.
Main Tere Baare Mein Bas Socha Karun.
Hausla Tumne Diya Hai,
Jeena Ab Sikhla Diya Hai,
Shukriya Kaise Karun?
Bas Tumhe Chaha Karun.
Khushnaseebi Hai Ye Meri Maine Tumko Paa Liya,
Dil Ko Ye Bhi Naaz Hai Ke Tumne Bhi Apna Liya.
Raat Din Dil Mein Tumhe Dekha Karun.
Tumne Hi Manzil Dikhayee,
Pyar Ki Duniya Sajayee,
Shukriya Kaise Karun?
Bas Tumhe Chaha Karun.
Main Tumhe Haan Bas Tumhe Chaha Karun.
Shukriya Kaise Karun?
Bas Tumhe Chaha Karun.


They both danced with each other..his hands on her waist n other hand entwingled with her..they did match each steps as they are used to it in their dance classes..maan was not used to lyrical songs,though this song reached his heart..as if every words are meant for him..

Yes..he wants to love her till eternity..

When she entered his life

he got all his happiness..

he want to love her always..

she has given a new turn to his wish..his love..

she has given the meaning of life as life ..

he bent her holding her in his arms..the music stopped..n they both came out of their lala land..

maan straightened her who was still looking at him..there was something which she couldn’t find,but trying to read him..maan gave a tight hug n pressed his lips on his cheeks more than ever..

she shuddered at his touch’n the feel he was giving to her…he cupped her face n said..i love you geet..so much..

she said me too..for her she liked maan n as vicky said,she simply repeated his words..

geet:prince I’m hungry..

maan has ordered the food

they both ate..

maan:are you comfortable with this dress..can u come out with me like this..

he can see the uncomfortable feeling in her ..she did not voice it..

maan:ok go n change to jean..we are going for shopping..

she quickly went n changed n came out’

precap:geet seeing romance of mr.robinson n maria’from her balcony



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