U,Me,Aur ? – Part 87

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disney land details credit to ruby..picture credit to desi girl nalini.



maneet took the limo n stepped into a mall..geet was so excited seeing the place..it was another tall building with many shops..a day will be less to go around..maan took her to the particular floor which had all types of clothes..they both shopped for dadi..maan selected dresses for geet n geet without maans knowledge added 1 more dress after a lot of thinking’then they went to buy things for maan..geet selected some for Vicky n maan didn’t say anything..he suggested some more also..n geet looked at him surprisingly..as she is seeing him shopping for Vicky for first time..then geets eyes caught on shorts n 3/4th pants,..vicky usually wears it..so she took those also for Vicky’she looked at maan

maan:geet..what are you thinking..

geet:wo..i want to ask u onething..


Geet:do u like this..

She showed a shorts along with sleeveless tshirt

Maan:hmm aacha hai..for Vicky na..take it..

Geet:wo..this is for you’

Maan was surprised..

Maan:for me..

Geet:haan..all wear like this why u r not wearing like these dresses’this will look nice on you..

Maan:how can I geet..

Geet got  angry..

Geet:chado..if u don’t want ok..lets go..u can say me  to wear anything when I ask u ..u deny it..

Maan stopped her by holding her wrist..he cupped her face..

Geet,mera matlab wo nehi tha..ive never weared these stuffs..


Maan:kyun ki..noone thought like you do.. I spend most of the time in office n college..so I need only suits n shirts..ok..when you can do anything for me..i can also do that for u’

He took the dress geet selected with some more like that’

Geet was having fun purchasing with him..they moved to next floor..geet asked him for French fries n hot chocolates sold there..

Maan rolled his eyes..n geet showed her puppy face..which made maan melt..

He bought her n he ordered 1 black coffee for him’geet looked the surrounding..all pairs were walking hugging by waist..after it they went to other shops..geet hugged maan by side ways n walked..she kept his hands around her n leaned on him…maan looked at her

Geet:all are walking like this..then why don’t we..

Maan did not say anything as he enjoyed that.proximity…

Then they entered other floor..geet saw cute dolls n maan purchased  that too’they went to a jewellery n maaeet bought a pearl set for dadi..geet took a bracelet for Vicky..n  maan..maan purchased a simple platinum set of chain with diamond pendent.bracelet ,ring, n matching earings’geet loved it’they roamed around the mall after having lunch..maan bought every small things from earings to clips artificial made also,which geet can wear for college..at the end of the day again they got a surprise..the mall always chose the customer who purchase more n that day maneet has done the maximum shopping..they were selected to stay in a room under sea for 12 hrs’they can see all types of fishes n the natural beauty of sea from the room n they will take a ride under water showing more places..maneet made their way to their hotel..their limo was full with their purchase..after they have kept all the things they went to the sea shore where a marine boat was waiting for them..maneet entered the boat n it took inside the sea..n stopped in mid..their was a lift n was guided by a man..he took them to their room n geet jumped seeing the room..


she touched the walls which are made of glass..the small n big fishes touching their mouth in the glass walls on outer side n geet was imitating them placing her nose on the glass wall from inner side..she took a chair n placed near the wall n saw the fishes ,sea horses crabs moving here n there..maan smiled seeing her cute antics..

The man came back with special dinner for them..he left n maan closed the door..

Maan:hmm..i think my sweet heart is having a great time with fishes’

He came n stood near geet seeing the natural beauty..

Geet:prince..see this fish..its blue..see this its black..see this small fish it is following the big fish wherever it goes..prince this sea horse..how cute na..

Maan came with dinner plate n started to feed her..she was taking it from him n giving a running commentary on every creatures swimming..her face was glowing now’the sadness n pain was no more..maan was happy seeing it’geet stood n followed a big golden fish..maan followed her..his eyes stopped on her smile n more than it,the piece of food near her lips..

geet :,what are u seeing in my face..she asked innocently

maan pointed her lips..she wiped it in other place..

geet :now.

Maan:um..hum..he nodded n slowly neared her..he cupped her face n took the food in his mouth..she shivered when his lips nearly touched her corner of lips..he kissed her cheeks moving to her earlobes..she felt butterflies in stomach..

Geet moaned:prince..


He said drowned in her soft skin under his lips n the aroma of her hair..

Geet:I feel butterflies again..my body is heating.. chin is red..

She managed to say..’n maan smiled seeing her feel for him..

Maan:you are  feeling me as ur husband geet..just  feel it..u will love it..if u don’t like it say me..i’ll stop..i’ll not do anything against ur wish..he said near her ears..his manly scent took over her..

He again started giving trails of kisses making her weak.

Maan:sona,give me a kiss..

He requested n She pressed her lips on his cheeks..he felt electrified n his hold on her body tightened..

Geet:aaahh..prince its paining..

Maan came out of his trance

Maan:sry..sona..he rubbed her waist making her moan again..

Geet:prince,why im feeling goose bumps at ur touch’

Maan made her see him holding her chin..

Maan:bcoz more than our heart ur body is also trying to know me as ur husband..

Geet:did this happens to all..

Maan:haan n more than this also..


Maan:u will slowly understand geet..now lets go to sleep..its already 11..


They both changed n went to bed’maan was checking his mails in his phone.when geet closed her eyes her chachus face came..when she was woke up she found the fishes n she felt relaxed..after an hour also geet didn’t sleep..

Maan:kya hua geet..

Muje chachu ki face baar baar yadh athihai..

Maan:st:I did not give her pills thinking she will sleep like yesterday..lagtha hai..she needs it to sleep..

Thinking maan gave her the pills n made her sleep as usual in his laps..geet dosed off soon..

Maans st:when this habbit is going to change..when will she sleep naturally..

The next day 5am

Maan woke up n saw him again latching her..he rubbed his temples..what am I doing in my sleep nowadays..my wild dreams effecting in real..thank god she is sleeping bcoz of pills..otherwise what will I say to her for my act..she will ask me a bank of questions which I can’t answer..maan dressed her up n woke her..

Later, maneet got ready n geet was again busy checking fish..the guide man came n took them to a boat .they had their morning coffee there.. then the man took deep inside the sea ..geet saw the sea n sky meeting at distance which makes us think so..the rise of sun in middle..

wow’she shouted happily.

then the man took them n explored them many places..there was a sand place at middle..he stopped there and asked them to get down..he gave them breathing eguipments n asked them to see under water..there were many pearl rocks n thousands of fishes moving under it’geet tried to catch them..she left when she saw them struggling without water..

they again went to some other places were they can see dolphins sharks blue whales n all from safe distance..geet was getting normal..excited like a child feared seeing the big whales jumped seeing dolphins.smiled seeing small fishes’

after 3 to 4 hrs of exploring the natural sceneries,they returned back to their hotel..they had their breakfast n joined again the tourists of bus..

geet again took Robinsons son n said the adventures she saw that morning..that day they went to nearby places  n returned at night..geet took her night dress n changed..maan took the shorts n changed to it with his vests..when geet came out she was surprised to see him wearing her choice of dress..

maan:what are you looking geet..

geet:u weared the dress I chose..then she thought he hesitated at first to buy..

geet:if u don’t like it u don’t want to wear it’

maan:geet,like I ask u to wear any dress..u also can ask me to do anything..its between us..we both have rights to fulfil each others wish..samji..n I must say its more comfortable than my tracks..

they both slept..n the morning really temptated him..geets legs on his bare legs created goose bumps in him which resulted him to take a cool swim..he was again swimming when she came near the pool..

geet:gud morning prince,you told me you will teach me swimming..

she placed her leg on the slippery floor n she fell into the pool..aaahhh

maan was too fast to get her out..

he placed her on the side n asked her if she is ok..


she split the water out breathing heavy..still hugging him in fear..


maan:now I must surely teach u..i cant see u drowning..

he said in fear..



maan:u cant learn swimming in pants..swim suit..

geet:chi chi..na baba..

maan:then how will u learn..ur dress must be above ur knees..

maan got an idea..he gave her the dress n asked her to wear n come..

geet took n went to change..she came out wearing his shorts n banian..maan was mesmerized seeing her slender legs..her hands trying to lengthen the shorts..


maan smiled seeing her..

geet cutely frowned:u r laughing at me..

maan pulled her to the waist level water..

maan:if u want to learn swimming..u must wear this..if u don’t want to learn swimming then its ok..u go n change ..i have saved u two times..bcoz u don’t know how to swim..

geet:im wearing this only for u..now teach me..

maan:ok my dear..

maan stretched his hands n asked her to lay on it by stomach n asked her to move the water by her hands..n then by legs..she was doing sincerely whereas maan was having a hard time as her softness pressed his hands..n the clothes glued to her like second skin..whenever maan gave a break geet looked at his taught masculine bare body ..his muscles..his abs..his long legs..how he does his every stroke..piercing the water..

maans st:I came here to wash my erotic thoughts..here too she is giving me a tough time by giving company to me..ufff..

maan doesn’t know his wifey was checking him..

maan came near her after a lap..when the water sprinkled on her she came out of her checking mission..

maan again taught her..her yoga classes helped her to keep her breathe controlled n swim..after two hrs they left n went to change..n continue the tourism..he taught her the next days also,though he was having a tough time with her..

the next  days they went for  rides like Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, and the most terrifying of all, Tower of Terror. It was a heart-pumping ride that made geet  a little nervous, but when she saw maan’s face she forgot all her nervousness..maan was also turning kid like her enjoying the most precious moments with her..her laugh n giggles gave him satisfaction assuring she is getting normal..she is out of fear..he bought her icy candies n candy flakes as she saw the boy having it..n she also want to have it..

maan st:what a childish women .

Finally, they were taken to a laser light show.in the peak streets of the city..All of the Disney characters participated in a parade through the streets…singing,dancing n doing funny things making all laugh..

They retired to hotels having their dinner..geet slept taking the pills..

The 6 days flew like 6minutes..

Maan saw geet sleeping peacefully..

do you know geet..only u have the power making maan singh khurana to change..even in my childhood I’ve never enjoyed this much..tumhare saath saath mei bhi bache bangaya hoon..thanks for giving me happiness geet..

He gently pecked her lips n slept cuddling to her..



The seventh day,he had planned for a surprise..

Maneet took their limo..after 3 hrs of drive they were standing in front of a huge bungalow’maan ringed the bell..

Geet:prince,whose house is it..

Before he could answer the door opened n geets eyes widened in shock..she screamed n hugged her..

Badi daaadi’.

Gudia..tu..maan beta..come..come in..

She was so happy maan came there..

Sharmila devi:arei peter..come here..my grandson n his wife is here..make lunch soon..first give them some snacks n juice..

Maan:dadi,pls..u r getting too excited..this is not gud for ur health..

Bd:first tell me how r u both..how long ive seen u..gudia,u have changed a lot..jean ..hmm.achi lagrahi ho..bilkul doll ki thara..

Maan rolled his eyes..his dadi also has become another geet seeing her..

Ufff..how much they talk..

Maan:where is uncle

Dadi:he has gone to Australia..


Geet:dadi..how r u..i missed u n ur stories..she said hugging her like a small child..

Bd:did u ask maan to say stories..

Geet:haan..now he is the one who is saying stories to me..but u know dadi..he is boring..he don’t knoe to say stories interesting like u..

Maans face dekne layak nehi..

The servant came n gave them some snacks to eat’

Bd:was happy pulling their legs..

Bd:acha..maan..this is not fair..u must say her interestingly..

Maan was about to go..he heared the laughing sound ..

archana:maan n stories..hmmm..

Maanav :so now u r here mr.msk..how u got to know the way to our house..

Archana was coming down holding her huge tummy..


Maan:bro. bhabhi…how r u.. if u r serious then let me take leave from here..

Maan said in a serious tone..

Maanav:yaar I was kidding..n so this is ur wife..dadi was saying so much about her..wont u introduce us..

Maan:geet,this is maanav bhai n this is archana bhabhi..

Geet looked at both n said Namaste..but she was curiously looking at archaanas tummy..

Geet:aap ki undher baby hai na..

She asked innocently..

Archana nodded with shy..

They had a chat..

When geet was busy with archaana.dadi asked about geets health n maan said everything..n why they were here..

maanav got a call ..

Maanav:I must go now..urgent..i’ll be back in an hour..

he went to change..archana followed him..

The lunch was placed..

Peter,say maanav to have lunch n go..

Peter:dadi ive placed oil in gas for frying papad..

Geet:dadi,I’ll go n call them..

Bd:ok beta..

Maanav archana room..archana was crying ..her mood swing was on..

Archana:go wherever u want..u don’t love me..after a long time ive conceived..dr.has told us anytime we may expect our baby n u r going leaving me alone..i hate u..baby also hates u..she was crying..maanav wants her to stop..he instantly took her lips in his..their door was kept open n geet stood their witnessing it..as archana was in bad mood she was not responding..maanav was chewing her lips.sucking it ..he slowly removed n kissed all over her face..again came to her lips claiming in his..

Geet was shocked first..then she can feel herself having some unknown feel..their romance was disturbed by another call for maanav..he moved to his balcony speaking..when he entered again he saw geet standing at doorstep..

Maanv:geet,come in..why are u standing out..

Geet came out of her shock..

Geet:wo..wo..dadi called u for lunch..

Saying she ran down..she sat quietly in dining n ate the lunch..their kiss was running in her mind..

After maanav left,archana got labour pain n was rushed to hospital..

Dadi accompanied her..maneet were in house waiting for maanav..to convey the news..as he forgot the phone in house..maaanav came n maneet with him went to hospital n saw archana delivered a girl..

It was a happy moment..they congratulated each other..geet was looking at the cute baby..soft n small ..small eyes.small nose small lips.small hands ,small legs..small fingers..

Geet looked at archanas flat tummy..

Geet:ur baby..how it came out..

All looked at each other..how to answer this innocent grown up child..

b.dadi:the baby wants to meet her aunty..as she has come long way from india to meet her..so she came out so soon..

geet:prince..i also want to be a mother..mujei bhi baby chahiye..yesehi cute.sa..

maan was sharam se pani pani..

b.dadi:you will also get soon beta..abhi abhi shadhi hui hai..ek saal bhi nehi hui..padai bhi poori karni hai na..kuch aur din enjoy karlo phir tum bhi maa banjayegi..

after spending some time with them n giving gifts to the baby..maneet returned back to their room..having dinner on the way..

it was day time in india n night in America..

maan got call from adi n asked him to attend a video conference call..it was so urgent..maan asked geet to change n sleep..he will come after an hour..he went to living room n started video conferencing with his clients..geet looked for the night dress n her eyes fall in the packet which she brought in the mall..she took it n went to change’

she got boared..so she switched on the tv..n pressing the buttons mechanically not interested in anything..maanav archan’s close moments were disturbing her..her hands stopped pressing the remote when she saw again a liplock scene in tv..it was some English film n the mans fingers were roaming inside the heroins top slowly removing it..kissing her all over her upper..chewing n latching her nipples..geets blood rushed from head to toe..she switched off the tv..she felt thirsty n gulped the water in 1 go..still her chest was heaving high up n down..she went to hall n saw maan busy in chat..


she returned to her room n sat in balcony..the babys cry made her look down..maria was relaxing in chair keeping her legs stretched on the table.their son was sleeping over her..she was wearing a low bottom sleeveless night dress which was upto her knee..robinson gave the crying baby to her.n took the sleeping son in his arms n patted him to sleep..maria lowered her nighty from top n started to feed baby..geet eyes opened wide..


how can she..chi chi..in hp all ladies feed baby hiding in saree pallu…here she is feeding baby in open space..


geet sat there  thinking of incidents from morning which she was witnessing..unknowingly her eyes again went to down floor..she froze again in her place..there was no baby nor their son..robinson was all over maria giving her a full French kiss..her hands threading him n giving sweet moans..he lowered her night dress to her waist n started kneading kissing n latching her..geet rushed to her room..breathing heavily..she cuddled like a ball..covering her till head under the duvet she tried to sleep..

sleep was no where near her..

how can a girl be bare before a man..n how can he touch her body like that..

babaji..whats this..

she tried to calm down..but she couldn’t..maan came to his room n saw her turning right n left under the spread covered fully..

he slided next to her..removing her spread from her face he asked..

kya hua meri sona ko..why she is not sleep’..

his voice went off n his throat went dry seeing the dress she wore..

a sleeveless satine blue coloured night dress starting from her chest n showing her every curves perfectly..

maan was totally flat..n was aroused by his seducing wifey..


he had a hard time to remove his gaze from her..he moved to the fridge n took the water bottle n drank it..

geet:why are u drinking so much of water..


he made an in n out breathe exercise..

maan:wo I’m thirsty..

geet:im also feeling thirsty..i’m not able to sleep..

maan:did u take the tablets..


maan:ok..i’ll make u sleep..


maans st:she is also thirsty means she is also awaken by some feel..maan be careful..she is going to ask some stupid question n u r going to stand unanswerable..


 precap: real kiss.Embarrassed




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