Strangely in Love – Intro




Maan singh khurana


The only heir of khurana empire.lives in delhi..The rude arrogant young man..,who can get whatever he needs at his point of finger by hook or crook…a successful,powerful business of the richest person in world who can be counted in fingers..his presence always shivers all..his motto is everything has its price..n his father has taught him never do favour to anyone until you get profit in it..n he blindly follows it..

he has all,but there is loneliness in him’he has dadi for him n loves her to his core..nowadays he avoids mansion n stays at his own house bcoz of the topic she wants him to marry..

his experience by his father has left him to hate girls to his core..for him girls can only be used for pleasure..if u let them in ur life,they will only betray you..he is not a Casanova nor a play boy’ but uses them for his physical needs’only when he wants to lose himself..or to say take out his frustration on somebody..the girl will be half dead at the end of the night as he use them roughly’

savithri devi khurana


maans dadi..her only wish is to see maan happy..she thinks only a girl can give light in his darken,only she insisted him to marry’she even knew maan hates girls..but she knew all girls are not bad as he thinks’she only knew the reason behind his rudeness as she has also witnessed her sons fall.she  prayed to god to send some angel to bring maan out of his cage..she helps others,helping others n getting their blessings..dadi thinks her maan  will get his happiness soon..dadis favour is what,which maan hates..though,he wont voice it..



the caretaker of maans house..

the faithful servant for maan mostly lives in his own house khurana palace..dadi made him to move with maan..n he takes care of maan ..

arjun punch

pratheek scindya

yash malhotra..

the three are maans best buddies..they are together from schools’the three only can make maan somehow get out of his business thoughts’they knew maan still don’t trust them.maan always thinks when his friends will also betray was dadi who made them still stay with maan..n true friends understands what their friend needs..maan is a type of man who always keeps his friendship also professional..he pays for what he drinks n eats n partying..not for friends..if together they go he gives his part of share for the expenses..a pure business man..even though it hurts them for maan keeping accounts for all..they also want maan to be happy n live life as them..n they are waiting for that day..


geet handa..

the only daughter of handas..

a girl who is fun loving, bubbly beautiful n sweet by nature.a princess to her parents..she was pampered  a lot by them..who never knows what a tear or worry is’she was given everything whatever she wants..topper in studies..she don’t have dreams of boys like other girls..bcoz she knew her parents will give her the best..

Rajendar handadad


An upper middle class man.. ..he runs a small business of his own .he never shares his business problem with his family n make them worried..his only world is his family n his only aim is to keep his daughter happy..n give her everything..he does everything than his status to keep her happy,even by borrowing money from others..this habit of him took him to road later..

Rano handa..



A sweet caring wife n mother..who don’t know much about the outer world..her world is her house ..n she was very happy with it..she loves her husband  n her daughter to extent ..rajender has always loved rano ..rather say they are made for each other..

Kala thai..




The servant maid of handas,who brought up geet from child hood..handas treat her like one of the family members..






 Love is strange
 It can happen to anyone
 if you know or dont know
 it doesnt matters..
 but it can happen to anyone
 any time any second
 may be at your first sight
 or after being with ur love.
 sometimes we get attracted to our opposite
we ignore it taking it as lust or mere attraction
 when the fact is strangely 
 you  are in love with that person..
 here too it happens between our maneet  strangely after being together..
this story is totally different from my all ffs..
maan who believes in lust n 
geet who don’t have expectations are brought together by the play of destiny..
will maan accept his lust as love
will geet find maan as her soulmate..

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