Strangely in Love – Part 1

Part 1

One nice morning in Mumbai..

The sun rays were entering the princess room…geet was hugging her teddy n sleeping..she just covered her head with the duvet to get rid of sun rays n sleep for some more time…her parents who were entering her room smiled at each other..geets room was fully decorated with red n white as per her wish..she had everything in that 16×16 room..her study,her library,her music system,her pc ,a separate tv for herself…her wardrobe with all Indian to western,all her dresses gives respect n add beauty to her..rano n raj looked the room which was completely in was filled with her books,which said she did late night study..they are proud of her,as they never pressurized to read..but she always topped..

Gud morning dear..

They both wished her n kissed on either sides removing the blanket from her face..

Gud morning daddy..gud morning mama…

Princess its 8 dear..dont u have to leave for college..

Geet screamed n sat in bed..

Mama,why didn’t u wake is  my last exam..babaji,I’ll get late..

You are sleeping so tired so only we did not woke u up..they said lovingly..

Geet wored her bathroom slippers n rushed to washroom..

Mama dress…

Ive already kept in bathroom…geet saw her tooth brush kept with paste ready n her salwar hanging..her tub filled with water to bath..

I love you both..she shouted from bathroom..

When she came out wearing the salwar..

Still image of Drashti Dhami as Geet

she looked like an epitome of beauty..,she saw her father with her break fast in plate..geet sat in dresser n rano combed her side her father feeding her…her breakfast n her makeup was over at same time..geet collected her books n gave kisses to both

Bye mama..bye daddy..

Bye gudia..

Daddy,im not a kid..ok..u still call me gudia..she cutely frowned..

For all parents their childrens are always their are our gudia.


Bye beta..all the best..

Ok..mama..i’ll be late today..astoday is last day,we friends are hanging out for some time..

Ok beta..but don’t eat that’s bad to ur health..


Gudia do you need money..

Before geet say no..raj took his purse out..there was only 2000 rs..he gave her 1000 rs..

Daddy I have..

its ok beta..keep it..Enjoy beta..

Thanks daddy..u r the best..

.bye ..she left to college in her scooty..

Suniye ji..

Haanji kahiye ji..

Raj looked around for thaiji..when he saw she is not there he pulled rano in his hug..

Aap bhi na..rano shied..

Mei bhi..kya rano ji..

Hum jawaan ladki ka maa baap umar mei ye sab..chodiye na..she shied more..

Rano..u still look like 20..noone will believe u have daughter of same age..

This will suit u also ji..aap ab bhi jawaan lagthi ho..

Their romance was disturbed by a call.. coming..

Rano..i want to go soon..u r about to say something..

Hmm.wo..ive to go to market..aur kala thai is having fever..i will go n meet her..idk if she went to dr. or not..i need money..

Raj took his purse n gave her 700rs..

He gently placed a kiss on her forehead n started to leave for  office..

He took his bike keys..

Ji..are u not going in car..

Raj looked at rano lovingly..

Today I like to drive in bike..kyun..

Bus yese hi..

Raj sighed,how can he say he has no money left to fill his cars fuel..

He went to office…rano closed the door n went to check kala n took her to hospital..



Geet was riding her scooty to college..her thoughts were filled with her parents much they love is my last day in college..from tomorrow it will be a new beginning in my life..

(yes..totally different from now..)

she was driving without knowing the storm waiting for her at sunset.

She entered her college only to see the college drooling her..

Her classmates came to her..

Friends:Hmm..aagayi beauty queen..

Geet nodded her head smilingly in a no..

This is the way they welcomed her..n geet always ignored their comments..according to her beauty is in heart..not in outlook..

Friend:How u make all boys fall for you yaar..

Geet:Not again..

Friends:geet see na,that boy is seeing u with so much love..

Geet:uff..u all no guys I’m not interested in such topics..

Friends:he loves u yaar..give him a chance..he is the charm of college n u both will make a gud pair..

Geet:stop yaar..i love my parents..n I’ll not do things that will make them down..

Friends:don’t u have ur own dream geet..ur BF must be looking like hot,dashing,sexy..

Geet closed her ears..

Geet:omg..u all are too much..for me my parents know what is best for me..

Friends:what if u don’t like or love  the boy whom ur parents select..will u be able to keep the relation doing wifely duties..they winked indicating the other meaning..

They all are jealous of geet..n they are around her only to get attention of boys whoever see geet..they are trying their luck,what if any boy finds them gudlooking n fall for them..geets friends  were always hell bent on irritating geet,just to annoy her..n geet is so nave to know their friends are just using her..they are not truly her friends…

Geet:whats in that..:I’ll marry who ever my parents point..n according to me..heart n body must be given to only one..that must be ur husband…

They heared the bell ringing..n all dispersed to their classes to give exams…



After the exams all came out with flying colours…all are happy n in fun mood…geet n her friends first went to a restaurent n had their lunch..then they all went to film…after it they came to a coffee shop n chatted for a while..geet paid for allsaying it as her treat..geet saw the time5pm.. late..

Friends:its only 5 yaar..not 10..we are going to disco..why don’t u join us..

Geet made faces..

Geet:I never stay out longer time..n night I never do…n disco..sry dears..thats not my cup of tea..

Friends..whats in that yaar..we are going to dance only..

Geet:making boys touch u n dance..yuck..i cant understand how can u let random boys touch u..i cant late..sry ..see u guys on convocation in touch..

With that she ran to her scooty ..

Her cell beeped..




Geet:kala are u is ur  health..did u go to dr..what he said..did he give u medicines…did u take it..u take rest n come when u r fully well..ok..

Geet started her blabber continuosly,without giving time to speak for kala..

Kala was getting tears here..her blabber will vanish n the happiness in her will also be gone if she says the news..

Kala:gudia,,jitni jaldi hosake utni jaldi ghar aana..

She kept the phone controlling her whimpers..but geet heared it..

Geet st:whats wrong..why she sounded it bcoz of cried..something is wrong…

She drove fast to her house to face the storm…which is going to shatter her into pieces…

precap:heroin ki entry hogayi hero  ki entry..tata.taaai..tada..tada..taaai


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