Strangely in Love – Part 2



The black Mercedes with front n back security cars entered the biggest building of delhi..

the persons ran here n there seeing the car n all adjusted there dresses making sure they are perfectly looking when the boss sees them..the car stopped n the body guard hurried to open his door’

the man who is tall ,handsome or to say fuming  hot like girls say stepped out of the car..he was cladded fully in black n white..his boots were shiny n his steps sounded like others heart beats seeing him..his goggles hided his eyes which has no emotions..his face expressed his rudeness..he walked to the elevator n his guard pressed the top floor which had his cabin..this is maan singh khurana..the whole  owner of khurana of the top businessmen in world..all shivers at his presence n more to his anger’he can do anything at his finger tip..his one call make any ones fate upside down..

he entered his floor with full arrogance..the staffs has already got the  alarm buzz of their boss arrival..they have stopped their gossips n were keenly concentrating on their works..

they wished him with full respect..he walked sternly without even glancing them..his right hand ADITYA in short  adi  ran behind him adjusting his specs..

Maan entered his cabin n sat in his chair..

adi knocked his cabin

Maan :come in.

Adi  entered the room ..

Adi:morning sir..

Maan looked at him to proceed’

Adi:sir u have a meeting with amaranth groups.then the presentation of London project’

Adi went on n maan silently listened..

When adi finished he looked at maans face was response..

Maan:ok..u may go..n look after the files to be perfect before meetings n presentation..u know I need perfection..warna..

Adi stammered :ji..ji..sir’

That is maan..his one half sentence also means a lot..the person will not get any work if they are fired from khuranas office..

Adi is the only person who has stick to maan bcoz of his perfection..n more over adi ‘s father has been working for maans father n adi knew maans childhood mostly n why maan is like this..the maan who must be enjoying his life cheerfully with friends is looking after business ..he don’t know how to smile..nor how to talk politely..for others he is an enigma..alien..only his dadi knows how much maan is suffering becoz of his father’s one mistake..

Maans day starts  at 5am..he will brush n enter his gym n do all his work outs n tai chi vigorously,only trying to forget his past..then he will freshup n nakul will serve his breakfast..he was never interested in food..he takes it as a duty..n will continue to do his regular works in study..he will be sharp at 9 in his office..noone needs to check the time..he will  spend his day fully in office n official works or visiting  sites..he likes to be workaholic,bcoz it keeps him away from his past..he will return to his palace fully exhausted n worn out..nakul will be waiting for him with dinner..but maan ,sometimes he will have it..or straightly go n sit in his bar n drink till he lose his senses..nakul will take him to bed n make him sleep in bed..

Nakul ,his cook cum care taker  is a person who is working from his fathers time n mostly he is the one who brought up maan..he really feels for this young man who is suffering alone..the  man who don’t know,his main reason for this type of his behavior is his loneliness..n that is eating him inside day by day n making him rude n making him a living terror to all..

Dadi,will call nakul daily n ask about maan ..n his answers will make her drown in fear,where his grandson is going n drowned in darkness’

The next day,maan was in his office n maan got a call from his friends..

Arjun:hai buddy


Yash n pratheek:hai dude..

Maan:hai..whatsup..this early..

he was answering them in short not fully interested..

Arjun:I won the bet yash..i told him u would have forget..

Yash:kya yaar..mujei haradiya..


Pradeek:yaar..arjun ki bachelors party..

Maan:hmm..i forgot..

Yash: so u r coming na


Pratheek:ye kesi sawaal hain..

Arjun: maan yaar,u r my friend n will u not join in my party..

Maan was silent..thinking what to answer ..

Yash: yaar,his freedoms last day,then he will become joru ka ghulam’before that let us have fun with next two day his marriage..then he wont spend time to us other than his wife..

Maan was least interested in their funny talk..arjun ki shadhi ho ya na ho..he cared damn..


Yash:yaar..please ..dont say no..

Arjun:please yaar..

Pratheek:please dude..please come na..

Seeing their plead maan accepted

Maan:ok..u know

Yash:yes. we know.u only prefer taj hotel..n party is there


Maan kept the phone n made a reminder call for 6.30 so he can attend the ir party..



Maan was in his own suit in taj..he changed to a normal pant n a see thru shirt..he left his first few buttons open..he looked smoking hot..

He entered the party hall sharply at was welcomed by his friends..they all chatted n maans answers was only always silent or in one word..

He sipped his drink silently’n looked at others who were enjoying the party..

Suddenly the light went dim n girls with short n glamorous dress started to dance at center of hall..all the friends hooted n whistled in joy n started to dance..maan looked at the dancers with disguisting look..according to him girls are only a thing for pleasure..who can stoop themselves to get their work done or for money.


Arjun,yash n pratheek pulled maan to dance floor n maan had no problem in dancing..

he danced making the floor burn..

The girls throwed themselves on him n touched his body feeling him n maan did the same to them..

A girl came to him n asked with husky sexy voice’

Do u need me free..

He danced with her n said rudely.pushing her aside n picking another girl to dance..

.no need..

After a while maan again went to the bar n took another drink..

He heared two of arjuns friends talking..

He is msk na


Whats he doing yaar..

He is arjuns friend

I heared maan never been close to anyone..

Yes yaar..wo kya hain..his father killed his ‘

Before he completes he was on floor..his nose was bleeding..

Maan started to punch him more..

How dare u talk about my father..what u know about him..

His friends rushed to him n after a hard struggle they pushed away from him..the others took the half dead man to hospital..

The hall which was full in masti started to heat up..

Arjun:calm down sorry..

Maan took the whole bottle from the waiter n drunk it in one go..

His friends tried to handle him..

He pushed them away n grabbed the girl..

U asked me I need I want u’whats ur price..


He pushed her inside the lift n pressed to his suit..he harshly pulled her inside his room..

The girl was no more in mood..she feared his anger..


I’ll pay u thrice the amount u need..he shouted ..

She shut her mouth..

Maan pointed the washroom..go take a shower n come with towel..i don’t want to have the others smell on u..

The girl was crazy of maans physique..n she had an evil thought..being with msk..she can get whatever she wants..but she doesn’t know he is a fire..

Maan tore his dress  in frustration n changed to a shorts..his dress pieces scattered on the floor ..showing how much his anger is taking toll over him..


Down in the hall..all the three were worried about the girl than maan..

They still cursed themselves for making maan to spend time with a girl..

Yash: kash usdin..we must not have challenged him to spend time with  a girl..

Arjun:..dadi said us to make him agree to marriage..

Pratheek:hmm..we thought if he feels the girls touch he will show some interest in girls n marry..

Yash:..but all back fired.he now uses girls to take his hatred on them..

Arjun: who will make him understand,that all girls are not w****

Yash: now its getting impossible..he gets girls for night..n they prove him the girls are only sexual needs..

Arjun:when he gets a real love,he will also trust girls n his opinion also will change..

Pratheek:in this 3 yrs..this is 7th girl..he is using to   take out his frustration

Yash: I pity her for ..her bad timing..she asked maan for bed..

Arjun:its our fault to make maan like this..

Yash:hmm..somewhere u r right..


Maans room..

The girl was taking shower with all dreams like maan gving her more wealth n she is using his name for her popularity..n making page 3 issues n marrying himblackmailing  like having his child..

Least she knew maan is devil..

She came out in towel like maan instructed..she did not wear anything than that..when she neared him,maan gave her a tablet..

Whats this for..

I never take risk..precaution..

The girls face fell..maan forcefully fed her n  pulled her to bed throwing the towel somewhere..

Someone is too fast..she smiled..n the next minute she screamed in pain when she found him teething her body..

Maan..maan..its paining..


Shh..dont shout..n not maan for u..u r a mere filth..a s** employee..dare u call my name..

The girl was now really shivering with his was not a pleasure nor love making..if she find his lips tasting then the next minute she will scream in pain ashe will make her bleed in that place..she tried to push him..

Don’t do that..

He increased his weight on her n she was locked under him..

Sir..pls leave me..

She begged for mercy as his hands squeezed her b**harshlydigging his nails..

I said I’ll pay u thrice..

I i..dont want..Leave me..

He pinned her hands above..

U r talking too much..

He took her scarf n tied her mouth..she struggled under his grip..n he entered her with full thrust deeper n deeper like he will tore her every part of skin..

What u all girls think..msk will fall for ur sexy moves..n now enjoy having pleasure..

The girl s eyes was watering..

Don’t show ur crocodile tears..i don’t believe tears in girls eyes..

He remembered his past n said every words

She nodded no..n she gasped under the scarf at his next hard thrust..

U want money na..i’ll give u..not thrice more than it..but I’ll not leave u today..

Maan s heart was having a slight peace seeing this girl suffer..for some ones deeds some other girl is getting punishment..

The girl has stopped wriggling..she was tired under his hold..

After I finished..i don’t want to see u in front of my that clear..he held her hair n made a warning..

She nodded weekly..a few  hrs later he left her n she moved to washroom..she was nearly dead..she will  not be stable to walk straightly till next month..she held her stomach which was in severe pain..her secret parts were bleeding as she had s**for first time..she cant near anyone else for more days..she stood underwater to fresh up..but her body was in pain..she never thought him to be so he is raping her..or he is in some fight club..he has satisfied his needs but never experienced love or love making..he never allowed her to touch him or kiss him nor he kissed her..all he did n that was only to harm her body..

is he a pshyco..he is satisfied by torturing me..

the girl wore her dress n found him showing his back n sleeping..she did not expect money..she just want to get out of this lions den..she moved to the door n found a cover hanging with money..more than she expected..shetook n  left the room..maan lifted his gaze n looked at the door,she went..he smirked,,he closed the door n came to shower..he hate himself for touching a filth..he shouted from his lungs..

Y im doing this..y?

This hands touched her..he punched the glass n it broke into pieces making his hand bleed..

I cant allow any girl near me..all are cheap..body can I spend time with tham..

No..i should not have..all bcoz of that my fathers wife..pammi..i hate her I hate her..

Suddenly he laughed..

All girls are like u only..c how im punishing them..i hate all becoz of u..i don’t trust friends becoz of u..

He throwed all the things..n the next minute he was blank..his friends somehow managed to open the door..n as they expected maan was collapsed n in blood hurting himself..

They immediately called the dr..he came n dressed maans wounds..

Dr:was he again depressed..

Trio:yes dr..

Dr:he again took his anger  on a..

Trio:yes dr..

Dr:im prescribing medicines ..give him..but..he must get of this depression by love n care..though he gets relaxed after physical intimation,I prefer..he must open up n feel light..make him speak  freely..

Trio:we tried..but he always keep mum..what to do..

Dr:make him  go to a new place..he may feel  a change..

Trio:we will say to dadi..


The trio dressed maan neatly n took him to mansion..n said what dr.said

Dadi was really worried about maans status..his mental pressure is increasing day by day..she too wants to get out of his shell..she thought of maans marriage n now hearing his rudenesss with girls..she don’t want to risk any girls life..

The trio went to their respective homes..n dadi called adi..n asked about maans schedule..she made some changes without maans suspicious..according to that maan will be leaving to shimla..n will be there for 10days..dadi gave a full prove plan..which adi did successfully..


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