Strangely in Love – Part 3

thanks for waiting for my update patiently..
thanks for all readers who commented n hit like buttons n being supportive in my way..
this may be lil boring but wanted to show the situation of her now..


Geet entered her house..or to say her room..she was fully exhausted after the work in company..she came n sat near rano,who was starring at the blank wall..

Kala thai:u came was ur day today..

Geet said in a low tone

geet:As usual..thai..did mama had her lunch..or she did tantrums again?

kala:Hmm..wo tho har roz kartha hai..but I fed her..dont worry..u looked very tired..

geet:Ji thai..give me some coffee..i’ll freshup n come

Kala thai went silent..

kala:I’ll do  onething..i’ll make black coffee for u..

Geet smiled weekly..

geet:Y don’t u say straight kala thai..there is no milk in house..

Kala thai’s eyes moisted..

kala:I cant see u both like this’I brought up u..ive given u everything before u asked..ur father made u a princess..i never expected this in ur life..god has stolen everything from u..

Geet again gave a week smile..

geet:Ive lost faith in god..

kala:Yesa nehi kehthe beta..sab teek hojayega..

geet:Kya teek hoga thai..can I get my father back..can I get those love back from him..can I get my old mama back..nothing na..

Geet started to cry holding rano..

Their was a horn on road..

Rano:..geet..gudia..dek..tumhare papa aagayi..jao..jaldi darwasa kholo..mei chai banaakar lathi hoon unkeliye..

She said n started to move outside..

Geet hugged her n cried..

geet:Mama,when will u accept papa is no more..papa nehi aayenge..

rano:Pagli..yese bath math karo..he must have got some work..he will come..he will come..

She said to herself n nodded her head ..again looking at the entrance..

rano:Ur papa will come.he ‘ll come..

Geet closed her mouth n controlled her cry..she composed n said..

geet:Haan mama..papa will come..u come n sit here..she made her sit on the spread..n ran to the common bathroom..she cried her heart out n recollected what happened few months back..

Flash back..

Geet came home as soon as possible only to see kala waiting for her..

Geet saw her tear stricken face n sensed something wrong..

geet:Kya hua..

kala”You come with me..

Kala asked her to drive to the hospital..

There she saw rano sitting senselessly ..her eyes closed n her lips whispering slogans of god with her hands folded..


Rano opened her eyes n hugged geet..

rano:Tumhare papa..

She showed icu..

Geet panicked..

geet:What happened to papa..

Geets father’s p.a came to her n said..

P.A:Ur father is bankrupted..he lost his money n business is running in loss..they gave a month time 2 give back the money..but he couldn’ the other money lender came n took his business as per his signed documents..sir,couldn’t handle all of a sudden n he got a severe heart attack..

Geet sat there..she never thought their business is going down..her father never said them anything..rano was fully unaware of anything than her house..

geet:Why papa..why u kept us in dark..i was enjoying ur money sharing with my friends n shopping..u never said me anything..she silently cried..

Geet n rano saw the icu door opening..they both ran to dr. n asked

geet n is he?

Dr.twisted his lips n sighed heavily..

I’m sorry..we couldn’t save him.. cant leave us..

geet:No..i wont papa cant leave me..he cant leave his princess..

All were in tears..kala thai tried to handle them..n she too know this situation cant be controlled’

The door opened n they saw the body brought out in stretcher with his face closed in white cloth..

Rano neared n opened the cloth with her trembling hands..

Still her heart said it was not her husband..n when she opened her heart was broken n shattered into pieces..she felt the thunder hitting on her..her eyes looked her husband n locked with his..she fell down collapsed..

Geet hugged her papa n cried..

geet:Papa,u cant leave us alone like this..

Seeing her mother fainting..she ran to ur eyes mama..dr.s came n examined her

dr:Its shock..we are giving seductive after 2 hrs she will wake up..

Geet looked at her mother n father..she don’t know what to do..

With the help of kala thai n p.a..she bought them to home..geet sat their in shock..kala informed the relatives n friends..after two hrs..rano woke up n sat like a zombie..geet did the last rituals to her father heavy hearted..when she lighted the fire too,there was no emotions in rano’s face..

All returned back..knowing geets papa has borrowed from others also,all the persons left soon..geets friends also left her..except gayathri..she came from a middle class n was studying in scholar ship..she helped geet n stayed with her for two days..

After three days also rano was still,geet took her to hospital n dr’s said..she must cry out. N accept her husband in dead .or she will live in her past..

Geet n kala thai tried their best..there was no improvement..

The fourth day geet saw some persons entering their house..

The persons showed her documents that her father has signed when borrowing money..

lender:We are sry.but we too have families..n this money is our asset..slowly one by one took the belongings which equalized the amount which they lend her father..geet was shocked..soon the house was,bike scooty,her jewels,the furnitures everything was taken by them..

she broke down fully when she heared her house will be on auction the next day..she had no money nor had any idea how to get back her house..the house which had the memories of her father n mother..her child hood..each n every corner had sweet memories of their happy family..

Kala thai came to geet..

kala:Gudia,ab hum kya karein..

Geet wiped her tears..

geet:No thai..i will not let this house go under auction..i’ll ask my friends..they will help me

she called one by one..n soon she learned the true faces of them..she can hear some friends saying their servants to say they are not at home’geets illusions of her friends broke..they showed their true colour..

Gayathri who came to check geet asked her to try the boy who said he loves geet truly’though geet don’t like that idea,she tried him..when she heared his answer ,her hands trembled n dropped the phone..she sat on her kneels n started to cry loudly..

gayathri:Geet..what happened..y r u crying like this..what he said..

kala:Gudia..kya bath hai..

geet:Thai..y papa left me like this..y I also didn’t die with him..y thai..y..

kala:Shh..beta..have courage..tum zinda ho..tumhare mama keliye..she is there fdor u..if u lose courage then how will u take care of ur mama..par..y u r saying like this

gayu:Geet,what he said..

Geets face turned into a disguisted look..

geet:Why I didn’t die before hearing that word..she again cried..

gayu:Geet..will u say what happened..

geet:Wo..wo..chi..i cant even say that..

Though they both got an idea of what he asked they waited for geet to speak..

gayu:Did he say he will help u..

She nodded yes..

geet:In exchange he needs me’

gayu:He loved u na..

geet:No..he said he loves my”body’

Kala thai closed her ears ..she has brought up with her own child’n no one can hear such words..kala pulled geet n made her face her..

kala:Gudia..we don’t want this house..u can live with me..till im alive I’ll keep u n ur mama happy..still there is strength in my body to work..

Geet had no option left..the next day they left the house..they were standing on roads looking at the house for last time..they were not allowed to take even spare clothes..kala took her to her house..they were welcomed by kalas son n dil..geet was given some clothes of her dil n she changed to it..unfortunately those dress were rano’s which she gave to kala as it became old..

Kala:tumhei bura lagraha hai gudia..

geet:No thaiji..jab sab ne chodthia..aap hi ho mujei ye ehsaas nehi aane diya..mei anaath nehi hoon..

Kala closed her mouth..

kala:Don’t talk like that..tum meri beti ho..jao..mama  ko ready nehi jaana kya..

Geet made her mom ready n both went to dr..

Dr, checked rano..,who was sitting there numb..emotionless..

Dr..asked rano some questions..rano stared at him n will say my husband will come..he will be waiting for us..we must go soon’.

Geet was in tears..

geet:Dr:mama will be alrightna..

Dr:there is no improvement in ur mothers health..till the time she realizes ur father is no more she will not improve..her shock has took over her..n now she is loosing her mental balance..


geet whispered in shock..

geet:what u mean..

dr:she is getting mentally retorted..this is her start..


kala asked..

kala:dr..what ever u say we will do..pls get her back soon..

dr..:I can suggest u one thing..take her to some other place..change of place n climate can make change in her..may be this place still reminds ur father to her..

geet:par kahaan lekar jaaun..dr..

dr:like shimla,manali..cold places..i can refer my friend dr.s there if u r ready to go..

geet:we will say u tomorrow dr..

dr:ok..continue the medines..n ive added sleeping pills..if she gets too hyper or not able to sleep give her..

geet:ok dr..

kala n geet with rano came out..

kala:gudia..u be here..i’ll buy medicines n come..

geet:ok thai ji..she held rano who was looking at the traffic n searching her husband..

rano:geet..wo wo..tumhara papa haina..

she pointed some one crossing them..

geet:no mama’.

Papa..nehi aayeng..pls accept the fact..mama..i need u mama..i cant loose u..

Geet hugged rano n cried..

Geets eyes fell on kala who was buying medicines..she was nearly emptying her purse taking each coins..she paid n came back..

They hired an auto n went back home..kala went inside n came out with money n paid auto..

kala:Gudia,u both take rest’I’ll come now’

geet:Ji thai..

Geet went inside the house..she made rano lie on the bed n came out to drink water..she heared kala n her daughter in law talking about them..

dil:Maa,u r spending more on them..i know u love them..but till how much time u will spend for them..u already broke the u r taking the jewels to also carrying..n what if we need at my time of delivery..

kala:What u r saying..u r saying not to help me..

dil:No not saying not to help them..i ‘m also fond of them..i pity them.bagwaan na kare kisi ko yese din naa aaye.. ..i also want rano mama to get cured..but u r spending over than limits.u gave them shelter..u r feeding her medications..that are too costly..if we spend like this we will also be on roads..for her u r there..for us no one will be there’

Geet left the place without having water..

geets st:Whatever kala’s dil said was true..till how much time we will be burden for her..she is not rich..she worked for I must do something’her thought was broke by gayathri’



gayu:How is mom..u went 2 na..what he said about moms health..

Geet said what dr.said..

geet:I don’t know..what to do..i dont know..anyone..shimla..manali..kahan jaaun..ive went there only for picnic..but staying there..

gayu:I can help cousin sister ranjani lives in shimla with her husband.i’ll give her address..but

geet:What gayu..

gayu:But don’t say about ranjani to my parents..wo actually kya haina..she loved her owners son n they both ran away from house n got married.from that my family disowned her.

geet:How do u know she lives there..

gayu:We went for picnic to shimla that time I saw her near mall..she gave me address..i’ll give u..she will help ..u..

geet:Thanks gayu..i’ll not say anything to ur parents.

gayu:No thanks between friends..ok now il leave..


Geet thought for a long time n said kala thai about leaving to shimla as gayu evening she made a visit again to dr.n said she will go to shimla..

Dr..gave her reports n recommended his friend their..he is a pshychyarist ..he can cure her mom..

Geet thanked dr. n the next day when gayathri gave the address geet packed hern her mothers luggage

Thai came with her luggage..


kala:I’ll also come with u..


kala:No words more..u treat me as ur family na..then I’ll be with all bad n gud..

geet:But thai..didi is two months her can u leave her n come with me..

kala:Gudia,I’ll come here at her pregnancy time..first I want u both to be safe n settled..i’ll come with u..u don’t know the outerworld gudia..

geet:First I don’t know I know..the outer world is selfish..

Kala gave a lots of advice to her dil n son n how to take care in pregnancy..she asked the neighbours to take care of her dil till her return..

dil:Take care of maa n urself geet..i want to see maa back as old maa..i’ll be waiting for that day..

Both kalas son n dil bid bye to her saying it..


They took a bus n reached shimla..geet gave the address to the auto man n he dropped them in ranjani’s house’.

It was a small house with one bedroom ,hall n kitchen..

Ranjani opened the door n asked who they are..

Geet gave the letter that gayathri gave’after reading it ranjani let them in..she sighed..

ranjani:God always tests the gud one..dont worry ur mom will be alright soon..she made them freshup n served them coffee..


Geet looked ranjani..she was thin n looking pale..her dark circles said she has not slept for many days n her eyes had a hidden pain..the house had only essential things..

ranjani:Bade bade shabd mat bol..think me as ur sister..

kala:Is duniya mein ab bi kuch ache log hai..jeethe raho..sadha suhaagan raho..

Ranjani had tears..

ranjani:I need blessings only..thanks..

kala:Tum rorahi ho..magar kyun..

ranjani:Come with me..

Ranjani took her to bedroom..a man was lying on bed..his mouth not in position n his one hand on his chest..

ranjani:This is my husband rajesh..few months before when raining he stepped on the transformer line n slipped to coma n was paralysed..after treatment he came out of his only he has started to respond..but still he is waiting for the day when he will walk n talk with me..

Rajesh looked ranjani with questions..

ranjani:This is geet n her kala thai..geet is gayathris friend..geets mom needs treatment..gayathri has given our address to help them..

The man accepted with a small smile..

Geet smiled at him..

geet:Don’t worry bhai..u will also be fine soon..

Geet got ready n ranjani gave breakfast to all..

geet:What u do for money di..bhais treatment house u manage..geet asked in blue..

Geet saw her face turning pale..then she said..

ranjani:i’m not educated more over he needs me all, ..i sell rotis n home made snacks ..this is own no rental problem..

geet:Acha didi..we will go n check dr..


The three went to dr..n showed the reports..he checked rano n said to continue same medicines n asked to bring rano everyweek for check up..he asked them to take rano out for a walk she may see the outerworld n it may bring some changes..

Does she recognize u..

geet:Yes dr..

Then,its easy..may be in a year she will be fine..


The three stepped out of the hospital n were returning home..

Geet was year.. we cant stay in didi’s house..moms treatment n expenses..thai has already spent more on us..when an uneducated didi can work from home..y cant I educated..but ive no certificates..what to do’

Her eyes fell on the board of shyaam garment company’needed workers for job..n there were few posts..

Geet stopped the auto..

geet:Thai..u both go home..i’ll be back soon..

Par..gudia..tum akele..

geet:I said na..i’ll be back soon..ek zaroori kaam hai..i’ll come n say..

Kala left half heartedly..

Geet entered the company n she said she was there for job..she was taken to the manger,viswanath’who was genuine n gentleman..

Geet told the truth why she needs the job n she don’t have certificate..

He looked at geet,who was wearing a faded saree..her appearance said she was well brought up n her eyes said the pain she is going through..

He asked her some questions n she replied confidently..he asked her to feed some datas in computer n she did it perfectly..

viswanath:Ms.geet..this is an export company n our boss mostly lives abroad..basically he belongs to delhi..n our ho is in,I look after this branch..i’m giving u the job of supervisor..ur time is from 9-5..n u will get ot if u work  extra time..n u will be feeding datas daily in pc n send to h.o..n ur salary will be 5000Rs.per month..

geet:Thanks sir..thank u so much..u r like a savior to me..i assure I’ll give my best here..

viswanth:Ok..then tomorrow sharp 9..

geet:Ok sir..thank u again..

Geet came home n said the gud news to all..

Though kala don’t want her to work,thinking about the needs n geets explanation she accepted..

geet:Didi,is there any house for rent here..bura mat manna didi..dr,said treatment will take an yr time..i cant be a burden for u..

Ranjani accepted..

ranjani:Ok geet if u say so..there is a house near by..come I’ll show u..

It was not a house..only a room compared to her room in Mumbai its 3/4th..there were 3 more families n all used single bathroom n toilet..though the thought disguisted her..she has no way..the rent was 750 n was asked 10 months rent as advance..

Ranjani gave them space to decide n she went back to her house saying her husband is alone..

geet:Thai..advance ..

kala:Ive only 2000 rs..

Geet had a habbit of rolling her chain in her finger when she is in deep thought..

N she did the same..she looked the chain..

The last memory of her father..she went n sold it..she paid the advance n bought house hold things to cook..kala looked after rano n geet went to work’

Mostly all were girls  ..only the higher posts were maintained by gents..geet felt needles always standing before them as all of them drooled her like eating day the stock keeper came to geet..

He smiled sheepishly with his brown pan teeth..geet avoided him..but he stopped her..

sk:Geet,why u r doing this hard work..i can give u easy work..u can earn more money..

Geet looked at him with confusion..

He came near her n said..

sk:U r so beautiful n sexy..I’ll pay u 5ooo for a night..will u accompany..before he finishes,Geet slapped him tight..

geet:Im  not a girl like u think..she stormed away..

Viswanath had a smile which showed immense respect on her..this was not only a store keeper,she faced many like that..some came increasing her rate daily..the store keeper came to her one day asking her again some one needs a girl n will give  20000..she removed her slippers to slap..seeing viswanath she went away from the place..geet asked viswanath why he is sparing such men..he said he is close to boss n can do anything..

She felt disguisted facing men like them..sometimes viswanath helped her getting out from the men..but she was happy with what she got..she did not say anything about office n lustful men to kala thai..thinking she may get worried..

after 5 she will go home n chat with kala n rano..she will take her for a walk’it repeated daily..though there was alittle improvement in ranos health,rano still talks about geets father thinking he is alive’n that always broke geet..sometimes during walking,rano will run after any car or bike saying her father is riding it n he is going without noticing them..after 7 she will take tuitions for the surrounding children..her salary n expense were always tight..she n kala kept themselves starved sometimes,but made rano eat n have medicines properly..

Geet heared a loud knock on the door n she came out of her flash back

vasanthi:Geet beta..are u alright..

Her neighbor vasanthi asked..


Geet came out washing her face ..

vasanthi:Beta,himmat kabhi nehi harthe..dont cry..go ur mama will be waiting for u ..

Geet nodded n entered her house..

Kala gave her black coffee..

kala:Gudia..i want to tell u something..

Kala had a letter in her hand n geet knew it was from her son..the date is due in a week for her dil..

geet:Thai..u can go..they also need u..

kala:I’ll be back in a month..Par tumhare mama ka kaun dekbaal karega..

ranjani:I’ll take care..saying entered ranjani.. always at home..ur mom doesn’t trouble much nowadays I’ll take care of her..n kala thai..aap befikar rahiye..n say us gud news soon..

kala:Thank u ranjani..

geet:Thai..ok go n pack ur things..i’ll come with u till bus  stand’

kala:No gudia..u stay with ur mom..i’ll go by myself..with that she packed her bags n left to Mumbai..

Here geet was taking care of her mom without knowing the storm waiting for her the next week..

precap:maan watching geet…

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