This Life is Yours – Part 27

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Vicky:we don’t know before,why bhabhi use to sing so ja rajkumari lullaby 2 u..till we found she is a princess’haaa..really..bhabhi is princess by heart also..

Vaishali:its true..she was so simple in all ways n friendly in nature..

Abhi:chachu..then what happened?

He asked curiously..


A few more months went..

Maneet were I their own world with baby jaanu..maan kept both geet n jaanu happy..n seeing them both dadi n Vicky was also happy..

The one they worried was jaanus breathing problem..if she started to cry for anythings,she breathed heavy n that made all,they all put their full effort to keep jaanu happy..but sometimes they couldn’t..when jaanu fell down while taking fast steps or if she misses maan when he is out of station or if she is hungry..or if her favourite toy brokes..she made a big cry n breathe heavy..geet will make a que of dr.s lined up for the treatment for jaanvi’first maan was irritated by this behavior of geet..when he deeply thought,it showed only the love for jaanvi..n maan never stopped geet doing this things also..

Geet attended her classes every week ends..she saw all students being lovely n friendly..their masti mazaak made her slowly relief ..vicky will come with maan sometimes to college..heoften saw vaishali playing alone basket ball,badminton or volley ball..he strted to play along with her n maan will leave him in college itself n go..he will pick geet n Vicky after college finishes..vicky n vaishu started to like each other’n vaishus father thought Vicky as a gud boy from a respected family..he didn’t stop their friendship..he didn’t think they are on the first step of love’

It was one such day,geet was in her class n the girls were talking about someone.when she entered the class.they were.addressing hotty,cutie,handsome,sexy,n whatelse?

Geet:oh fo girls..u all are going too much..

Cm:u dono geet..he is so hot..

Geet nodded her head in no..nothing can be done with these girls..

Cm:kash,I have him for atleast..

Geetstopped her..

Geet:u r going too much..u r can u talk like this..

Geet took her water bottle n started to sip it..

Sm:so what geet..u r married..u have a man for ur own..but what we girls can do..

cm..a boy:u all can select any of us..

he said with a cunning smile..

cm girl:oye hello..apna dolle sholle deka hai tum logo ne..can u ever  stand before my maans six packs..

geets eyes popped out n she started to cough..did she heared correct..are they talking about maan..

cmg2:hai..he is my maan..

cm 3:yaar..he is mine only..

geet:whom u r talking about..she asked thinking they are talking about some other may be same..

cm g:kahaan se yaar geet tu..u don’t know maan..maan singh khurana..the delhis heart throbe ..every girls drool over him

cmg2:he is famous business man..ummm..kaash he is my lover..

geet:y u all r talking about him

cmg:he is selected  one among  the final list of young business man of this year..i want him to win..

cmg3:me 2..i’ll be so happy …i want to marry him..hai haye..kitna cute lagega humari Jodi..

cmboy:prince with a donkey..

all laughed at his wits..

geet smiled sheepishly..inside she was feeling jealous..she wanted to slap them tight..for admiring ,explaining her husbands physique..

geetsst:whats going inside me..y I’m feeling jealous it is not..maan is my friend..girls are just saying their views..its true na..he is hot handsome..he has six packs..geet s thoughts went to his gym..she has seen him without his vests..his bare body..perfect structure..his manly body..his manly aroma can drove any girl die for him..n this girls are only 20s they are infactuated ..nothing else..

she tried to calm herself..

yes..maan is hot hunk ..

the boys were jealous of the unknown maan..getting attraction of the girls..

cm b:do u know he is married..

geets heart stopped at the next comment..

cmg:tho kya’I’m ready to be his next wife..or 2 be his gf

cm g:yaar..if he asks me 4 a night too..i’ll happily agree..oh..he is dashing..

geet s face gave a disguisting look to them..she took the books n left the place..

chi girls..kese kese baath karthi hai..

cm b:deko,bcoz of ur  rubbish talks geet left us..sometimes talk looking at ur surroundings too girls..

cmg:hmm..seems like some body burning..u all r jealous of him..he is a great business man..

cm b:yup..i accept n admire him ..he is not only a gud business man..but a gud husband too..n a man of charectors..ive never heared anyone saying a negative point about him..he is never in 3rd page nor fell in gossips..

cm g:have u seen his is she beautiful than us..

cmb:nope..when they were married only one photo was published..other than that ive not seen any information about her..i don’t remember her face..n maan keeps her away from,don’t dream girls..

all the girls sighed heavily..

phirbhi..i love him..

the boys were??????

Geet entered the class again seeing the professor..she heared again the boys speaking about her..she thought what will happen if they all come to know im his wife’

She shrugged her thoughts n concentrated on classes..

the days were passing,but her thought s nowa days wandered around maan..why she always feel jealous or doesn’t like the topic of him between girls’after some time she will curse herself for thinking deeply about maan..he is her best friend n nothing else than jaanvis father..


geets final exams came..n she started to study..maan made himself free for ten days n helped geet..maan n jaanvi will drop geet in college n will go 2 afternoon he will come n pick up her n reaching mansion..they will fresh up n maan will prepare her in exams..he will ask her questions n she will answer him..he will clear all doubts..the night study were difficult for her..jaanvis habbit of sleeping made uneasy’still maan helped her without embarrassing her..he will help geet..he will pass books whatever she needs when baby was sleeping in her lap..n geet feeding her to sleep..


maneet reached mansion..after her exam..

maan switched on the tv n sat..

the news said maan was selected as the best  youngest business man of the year’

dadi:maan..congratulations beta..

thanks dadi.. so happy for u..u won..congrats..

maan smiled accepting her wishes..

Vicky came jumping inside n hugging him..

Oh bhai’im so proud of u..

Ok ok..

n the phones started to buzz..

maan was tired answering the calls..all were congratulating him..medias needs his side geet,Vicky dadi servants all were attending the non stop calls’the faxes n msgs came from all over the world..

it was night..

geet had last exam the next day..she did not prepare for it attending his calls’

maan ordered his servants to disconnect all calls n he switched off his phones too..the medias surrounded the house expecting him to show up..

maan atlast came out dressed neatly n gave a simple speech..

medias:how do u feel sir..u won the award..

maan:im happy ..

media:whom do u think as the support of this success or behind ur success..

maan:my family..n no more questions please.. its night time..i’ll give u all a brief interview tomorrow’we will have a press meet..pls can u all give me space for today..check the timing with my secretary tomorrow..

medias:ok sir..thanks so much..

with that he went inside’

all had their dinner together enjoying the family moment’becoz of continuous calls jaanu didn’t sleep at noon n she started to sleep at 7..

maneet enetered their room

maan :geet,its too late,u have a lot to revise..

geet:no problem maan..ill wake up n complete..u go n sleep.

Maan:no..i’ll help u..first take ur books n come..


Maan:go..i don’t want to argue n spend time in it..

Geet came with her books n maan started to revise was 10 jaanu woke up..n maan fed her the food kept ready in hot pack for her..

Jaanu was playing in maans laps are sometimes playing with her toys..sometimes disturbing was 1..jaanu didn’t sleep..geet  tried to make her sleep..jaanu was stubborn in playing..after half an hour geet saw jaanu yawning n not sleeping..she took her n started to feed..jaanu slept soon..geet was covering herself with duppatta’maan came near her n gave her milk..geet took it n continued to study..maan wants to make jaanu sleep in crib..knowing she may wakeup n disturbs geets study,maan sat next to geet..geet was struggling with her one hand as other was protectively holding baby..maan helped changing the books handling the pen her assignments references..nearly at 3..she finished all..

Maan:geet,now go n sleep..its already late..u have to wakeup in morning also..

Geet went to bed holding baby n slept soon..maan covered them with duvet..he closed the books n kept in its place..he kept her pen ,needed books,..her id card for exam hall.. in her bag..he confirmed once again,that geet will not search anything that morning n he too slept kissing both of has been his regular nowadays..he don’t know does geet know about this or she is in deep slumber..he saw a smile on her face..her hands cocoon jaanu more near her bossom..a smile that said she is at peace..maan too slept soon’

Geets alarm buzzed at 7.30 am..

Geet opened her eyes n saw the morning sun rays..


She was about to sit up in a hurry..when maan pressed her shoulder back to bed..


Maan:shh..jaanvi is still sleeping ..get rid off her slowly..

Geet then realized jaanvis lips still on her..maan saw  geets hands moving under spread..maan gave her the saree n moved to washroom..geet came out of spread n gave jaanvi her saree to hold n slowly removed her buds from her mouth..she closed her zip n waited for maan to come out..


Maaan came out n geet rushed in to brush.

Maan asked nakul to bring tea for her n coffee for him..he moved to wardrobe n took a saree for geet..geet came out

Maan gave her the tea..

Geet:maan,I kept alarm at 5..

Maan saw the cute frown on her face n the complaining lips..he so much wanted to peck them..he suppressed his desire..

Maan:u slept morning only only I changed..u must take enuf rest too or u will sleep in exam hall..n by the way u have revised all..that is nothing left..just go freshup n get ready u will be ready by 8..exam is at 9 only..u have enuf time..ive kept ur things in ur bag check once..

Geet looked at many husbands care for wife’s like this..

Did I say husband.. But u say him as friend.

So relation he is my husband only na..

There is no ego  in him..sterday he was announced as the best business man ..can anyone know how he takes care of his wife in study..he taught her whole night..woke up with her till she finished..n now too he is making my works easier..

She took the saree selected from him n went to get ready..

She came out wearing the pink saree he gave him..she looked pretty in that..she sat on the dresser n maan moved to washroom..

When maan came she was fully ready n keeping things ready for jaanu..

Maan came near her..

Geets heart paced fast inhaling his scent..

Maan:geet,hmm..i want to say u onething..

Geet:ji..tell me..

Maan: u may feel uneasy..but I must say this..dont mistake me..

Geet looked at him..he was giving so much build up to say something..

Maan:erm..wo..dont u think..this habbit of jaanvi holding u night fully is a bad habbit..

Geet looked at him with piercing gaze..

Maan:im not saying to stop her feed ..dont mistake..

He closed his eyes to say the next words which were most embarrassing..

Maan:sucking u all night..keeping ur buds n getting sleep..she is getting addicted to it..she is growing up..n her teething..u r flinching in saying this for ur concern only..think once..

Maan was about to go..she stopped holding him..

Geet:erm..i know..its bad habbit..but kya karun..when she cries or wakes up from her deep sleep..i cant deny her need..i’ll try to change the habit..

Maan saw her..she was fully red in shy..looking like an apple..

He smiled seeing her.. I’ll not come with u.jaanu is also sleeping..u know medias are waiting for my appearance n I cant get out ur exams well..all the best..

Geet:I understand..tha’.she stopped saying thanks..

He smiled n she gave him back a warmth smile..they both descended down..geet took her breakfast ..

Dadi:geet jaanu kahaan hai..

Geet:jaanu is still she slept late night..

Dadai:oh..ok..then let her sleep..

Geet:acha mei chalthi hoon..bye.. securities will come close with ur ,we cant avoid medias from u..they will surely follow u when u get out of house..still I’ll ask principal to help u getting inside college,without their knowledge..

Geet:ok..this situation cannot be avoided..i know..

Maan:take care..i wish  2 come with u..but..

 Geet:no problem..i’ll manage.

She bid bye n sat in her car..securities cars surrounded her all 4 sides..n when her car was out of mansion she can see lots of medias waiting for maan..or for his one glimpse..police were also there to protect them from stepping inside mansion..

Geet was one side proud to see her husband getting fame..another side,she was again scared of the popularity,which will make her lose the freedom..she looked out through the windows of car..she was stopped by medias as maan said..n the police came inbetween geets car n them..maan came to balcony making the medias notice that he is inside his mansion,they left geets car to move..geet saw maan saying waving his hands..n she msged him bye..

Geet entered the college with full protection..and the cars lining made the students look at her..after her entry the main gates were closed n the students with id only were allowed inside the campus..geet felt weird,but this situation is not in her hand’

Geet enterd her hall..

All her classmates asked her what is happening..but she didn’t say anything..she sat their quietly..her classmates were again lost in the topic of maan.. u know my dream boy is the best..he is selected as the best businessman..

Boys.:hei..he is best ..

Boy:yup:he deserves it..

Cmg2:see this picture..he looks hot..

Cmg3:hmm..even in his formals,he takes our dreamy..

Geet was silent..not knowing how to stop them nor include in the topic..she felt odd..

Cmg:hey..u know,there is live telecast of his interview at 7pm today..

Cm:im waiting for my dd..

Geet knotted her temples..


Cmg:dhak dhak..whenever I see his photo or heart paces fast..

Geet thought,she too feels same..whenever he comes near him..morning too,when he neared her,she felt her heart pacing fast..dd..she smiled saying the name inside herself..


The professor came n all were given question papers..

Geet started to write..she did not finish a single paper,she  was restless..she tried to concentrate on her hour passed,geet wrote only 4 papers..that was unusual like her..she folded her fingers making a fist..

Proff.sheela:mrs.geet..are u ok..

Geet simply nodded that was nor a yes or no..

Proff.looked at her in confuse..

Geet again tried to write..but again she failed..


Here in mansion

Baby woke up at 9..she looked around..maan came n took her..

Maan:gud morning jaanu..

Jaanu:gu morng papa..

She searched for geet..

Maan took baby to washroom n made her fresh..he changed her n dressed up..he took her to dining..jaanu was searching geet..


Maan:jaanu,mama went to college..

Jaanu went sad..

She didn’t seeher from morning..her one presence n her kiss kept her day ..but today she missed it..thinking about geet,she started to cry..


Maan tried to feed her food..she threw it n cried again..mama’mama..

Maan:jaanu..dont cry beta..mama will be here soon..u r a gud girl na..

Jaanu:naaa’wuaaa’wuaaa’mama..mama..mama.pass..mama pass

Maan tried his best..dadi n Vicky also tried n  in 15 minutes they saw her hiccups raising..

Dadi:maan,her breathe is geet..

Maan:today is her last exam..i can,t call her back ..

Vicky:but bhai,jaanu is crying for bhabhi..if she sees her once,she will be ok..

Maan:ok..lets go to college..

Maan n Vicky with jaanu started to college..the medias followed him..he didn’t care..he tried to calm jaanvi..

Maan;jaanu..we are going to see ur mama..he tried to place the she may drink something..she shoved it..

mama..mama pass..

Hum jaarahi hai beta’

Her breathe was increasing every minute..maan took the puf n made her inhale..she jumped ignoring it..

Maan don’t know what to do..he was worried so much..

Vicky has already called the college principle saying the position n princi said the securities to open the gate for maan ..maan came out of car carrying crying baby..wua..wua..mama..

Principal came to him..

Maan:geets class..

He showed the first floor last class..

Maan thanked him climbing the steps twos n threes like small he stepped the first floor..geet stood at her place..she heared meek cry of jaanvi..she thought is she hullicinating..but the cry slowly started to raise n she walked aimlessly to the exit..dropping her things on floor..all looked at geet as she made the noise n diverted gaining their attention..

Proff.sheela:mrs.geet..u cant go out of class till u submit ur paper..

When maan came there..geet rushed n hugged baby along with immediately jumped to her..

Maan..why is jaanu crying..she panicked seeing jaanus state..she was fully red bcoz of crying..

Maneet were in their world..but the class was standing numb..some where seeing them with jaws opened..some fainted..some looked  at geet curiously..geet calling him by is she related to him..why maan is there..who is the baby in his hands..there were many questions running in their mind..


Proff was shocked..

Proff was the first to come out of shock

Proff:u..u..r mr.maan singh khurana..u r the talk of the country it u only..or..

Maan:yes..if u don’t mind can I take my wife for few minutes..

All students looked at geet,who was consoling jaanvi..geet is wife of maan..their eyes opened wide in shock.they have shared many things before her..oh no..they all were dead hearing the new piece of information..

Proff sheela:I really wonder..why she was restless I know..she did not complete her exam mr.khurana..she was simply starring the paper..its bcoz,she knew her baby is crying for her..

Geet kissed baby

Geet:jaanu..mera bacha..u r gud girl na..dont cry..pls don’t cry..

Geet patted her back.

Maan:geet u didn’t write ur paper.

Geet was looking at jaanvi..who was searching for her feed..

Geet:maan.didnt she have anything..

Geet can clearly hear jaanvis stomach growling..

Maan:no..u  first answer me..u didn’t concentrate on ur exam

Geet:yes..i couldn’t..concentrate when my heart was restless..

Maan:its ur last exam geet..

Geet was searching for a private place..but it was a corridor n all classes exams were running..

Geet went inside her class n asked the last bench girl to sit in her place n continue her exam..

The girl stood up but was waiting for approval from proff..

geet forgot her surrounding..When geet started to undo her buttons the girl knew why she said so.. the boys turned to continue the exams, seeing a mother there.maan came in n covered her with his coat..there were both boys n girls n he don’t want anyone to look at geet..who was lost in her baby..n her mother hood..


Maan asked the proff can he stay there.. Seeing geet she accepted..He collected the shattered things of geet from floor n placed on the desk..

maan placed the paper before geet n gave her the pen’geet came out of her reverie n started to write..maan sat beside her silently’but he helped her collecting papers n when jaanvi was full ,she gave baby to him’maan went outside n waited for geet..jaanvi can see geet from where they were,she was quiet..geet finished her exam’at time’

when they submitted the papers,geet came to maan..

sry for using ur pic sowmya..without ur permission.

geet:I don’t know what to say maan..u helped me..

maan:its for our baby..if she was quiet I would not have entered ur exam hall..she missed u n started to cry from when she woke up..

geet:bohut ziddhi hogayi tum jaanu..

jaanu stretched her hand asking geet to take n she did..

now maneet were surrounded by students..

they were quiet inside as proff was they were out of class n free..

cm:sir ,can u spend time with us..pls

maan:ok..if u all don’t fall on me ..give us little space..i’ll answer u’

all stood a step back..

cm:sir,we cant believe u r here..

cm:sir congrats sir..for ur award..


cmg:sir,we have only dreamed u..but never thought we can see u in real..

cmg:sir u r so handsome..

cmg:we cant believe geet is ur wife..

maan saw the nervousness in geet..

maan s hands held geet protectively over her shoulders ..he held her close to him..

maan:yes..geet is my wife..n this is our baby..jaanvi’he introduced proudly to them..

the way he hold her said all he was possessive with them..n a silent warning for the girls speaking drooling him..many girls were heart broken hearing he is a father also..

cmboys:sir we have never seen her in medias..

cm:yes..n she did not say she is ur wife..

maan smiled at them..

maan:if she has said she is my wife..have u all ever been friendly with her..or u all would have shared about me before her..

cmg:omg..she told u what we all say here..

the girls were red hearing it..

maan:yup..she said..n I know its ur crazyness..its ur age..infactuation..when u get matured u will know what is true love..

boys:sir..can u explain what is love according to u..

maan looked at geet..he closed his eyes..once he thought of dc also..

geet thought he is remembering dc..

she kept her hands on him..

he smiled at her..

maan:love is a feel which cant be explained in can only be felt by heart..

the heart knows the beat of her..

the heart knows her every silent language..

the heart knows her every likes..

love knows the language of the eyes..

it doesn’t need words..

love means trust on ur better half..

love means life..which has no selfishness,no ego,no rudeness,

love is not based on  power or money..

u can sacrifice anything for ur love..

when u r in love every thing will feel pleasant,breezy,dreamy..beyond imagination..

u want only ur love to be happy..nothing more’

maan was too lost n geet was looking at maan..n maan only’

his every words were true..

maneets eyes were locked n captivated with each other..

all clapped for his answer..

wow..thats so lovely sir..

sir..what is ur secret of success..

my family..specially my wife geet..she helps me in my work n takes care of kc in my absence..

geet:maan its ur effort..i did nothing..

maan;u don’t know what u r doing saying the truth only..

n the questions continued’

principal came n saved maneet..with his gaurds..he also congratulated maan..n maneet left to the car..

geet felt proud walking with him..the medias clicked photos of three ..

 at evening he gave the exclusive interview before medias..

n he introduced geet n jaanvi also..there were same questions like students asked..he answered all..

sir,when u r getting the award..we heared u r awarded by our prime minister..

next Mumbai..but I don’t know from whom im receiving it..there is no confirmation about pm..

we are eager to see u there..


maan finished his interview n went to home with his family..

 precap:maaneet to mumbai..



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