os-Tum mera pehla pyaar ho…part-1



Morning 10 AM..

Nakul knocked maans room..maan came only at 2 midnight..he had continuous patients n surgeries at night.. n came home late..

Suraj came :nakul why are u knocking his door..u know na he wont lock the door..

Saying he opened the door only to see Maan keeping a pillow over his ears n sleeping like a small child..nakul n suraj smiled seeing the scene..who can say,he is a dr..

Suraj came n sat next to maan removing the pillow..

Suraj:gud morning maan..

He kissed maans forehead..maan smiled in sleep..

Maan:gud morning dad..he said without opening his eyes n turned next side n slept..

Nakul came other side n sat there keeping the coffee tray on table..

Nakul:maan beta..uttona..

Maan:hmm..nakul kaka..pls sone dona..

Suraj n nakul chuckled seeing him crib like a small child’

suraj:ok..u sleep..i’ll say dr.pinky to do the surgery instead of u..

maan sat up in bed in hurry..

maan:dad,dr.pinky..no..she has joined our hospital now only..how can she do operation..no ways I’m going to let her do..she is only assisting me..

suraj:then u must be in hospital in an hour..u know operation is scheduled at 11..now its 10..the nurses would have preparing the patient for operation now..

maan ran inside washroom brushing his teeth fast came out..nakul gave him his coffee..suraj took maans dress n gave him..maan kissed both of them..

maan:love u both..

he ran to washroom had a quick shower n came..nakul n suraj were there..maan was combing his hair,suraj started to feed him.

Maan:dad..aap ye kya…

Suraj:I know u r late n u will skip ur beakfast..have it this way ..

Maan opened his mouth n had his breakfast..nakul was taking his patient s files,coat n stethoscope’suraj gave maan water. He drank it..

Maan:dad u r going to matrimonial office na..newly appointed staff will cum today..

Suraj:yes beta..

Maan took his car keys..

The both came till his car keeping his things inside..

Maan:have a nice day dad..n u too kaka..

Suraj n nakul:u too beta..drive safe..


Their morning routine was mostly like this only.running behind maan’

Maan drove to hospital..he entered his cabin..

Nurse came inside

Nurse:sir.patient is ready for surgery..

Maan:OT is also ready na..where is dr. pinky ask her to be there..

Nurse:she is already there looking for last time preparations..

Maan:ok..u go..i’ll cum..

After she went maan took his wallet n opened it..it had the picture of the eyes..which he had drawn in paper..

Maan:wish me gud luck..Almond eyes…bcoz of u I have reached this height..i am a successful dr..but no one knows..its u who made me strong to face this world..i want to see u once..where are u Almond eyes..i don’t even know ur name..

He kissed the eyes in paper n went to OT..

The nurse helped him wearing dress ,gloves n mask..

He looked at the patient..a small boy his face n half side of shoulders n hands were burnt n looked horrible..

Maans hands instantly went on his right cheeks n feeling the skin of his..

The boy looked same like him

Pinky:dr.maan can we start..


He closed his eyes praying to god to help him do this operation success..

Maan started the operation..nurses helping him n pinky assisting him..she was looking at his work which he was doing perfectly with utter concentration. ..no tension,no fear.. nor hesitance for next move..

After several hrs he finished the operation..n all had smile on their faces..he showed thumps up n came out of OT..

The boys parents came running to him..their appearance said how poor they are..their tear stricken face showed the love for their boy..

Parents:dr.sahabji..humara beta kesa hai..

Maan:wo ab bilkul teek hai..uske chehre pe ab wo nishan nehi dikega..

They fell on his feet n maan jumped back..

Maan:ye aap kya kar rahe hain..aap dono mujhse bade ho..plz aisa mat kijiye..

Parents:par aap humara bagwan ho..bina kuch paise liye aapne humare bache ka ilaj kiya ..uski bachpan lota diya.. aap humare liye bhagwan se kam nahi hain…isliye hum aapke pair chu rahe hain..

Maan:don’t say big words..its ur faith on god n love on him he is safe..aur haan aage se whenever he plays with crackers advice him to play safe’

Parents:ji dr.sahabji..

Maan moved to his cabin ..he sulked on chair feeling tired..

The peon came with his coffee..

Peon:dr..ye lijiye aapka favourite coffee..u will feel better..


After that maan had his routine works..checking patients going for rounds or having operations in other hospitals where he was needed the most..


Here in khurana matrimonial centre..

Suraj entered n greeted by staffs..

Suraj:new appointment girl aagayi kya..

Staff:yes sir..

Suraj:send her inside my cabin..

Staff:yes sir..

Suraj went inside n he heared a knock on door.

Suraj:come in..

An young man came in..

Suraj:how can I help u young boy..

Boy:hai,sir..i’m yash..iam 25 yrs old n a bachelor..my parents want 2 c me settled..so,I came here to search for my dream girl..

Suraj:dream girl matlab..how u want ur wife should be..

Boy:in short a physically challenged ..

Suraj:are u sure..u look fit n fine..

Suraj said looking confusingly at him..

Suraj heared a knock again followed by a sweet voice came

Girl:may I come in sir..

Suraj turned to yash..pls can u wait till I deal with the staff..

Yash:no problem.

Suraj said

Suraj:yes come in…

The girl came inside ..

Suraj:so,u r my new secretary appointed by maan..

Girl:yes sir..

Suraj:naam kya hai tumhara..


Suraj looked at her..she was beautiful,but his eyes stopped at her hands..her left hand was not full.

Meera looked at him n his eyes looking her half hands..

Meera:sir,pls don’t feel pity on me..i have one full hand that’s enuf for me..

Suraj:now I understood how u got selected..

Meera:do u think I’m not suitable for job.

Suraj:no..no..ur confidence..that must be the one maan must have got impressed with u..

Meera:so,shall I start my work..

Suraj:yes..now meet mr.yash..



Suraj:take his details n contact number..we can call him if we find any suitable match for him..

Yash:miss meera ..what is ur opinion about marriage..

Meera smiled weekly..

Meera:it’s a life time agreement to share love n pain with their partners..

Yash:sir..i never talk in riddles..i’m straight forward..i like meera..i want to marry her..

Meera n suraj were shocked..

Suraj:u r taking decision in haste..u saw her now only..

Yash:but I told u,I want to marry a special person only..

Meera:r u mad..

Yash:if u think so ok..then I am..i hv fallen in love with u at first sight..

Meera looked suraj nervously..first day of her work..what will he think..

Meera: I cant be a gud wife..im handicap..when others c me with u..all will tease u..

Yash:now only u said u have a full hand n its enuf for u..then y u r saying non reasonable reasons..

Meera:but..but..i cant marry u..

Suraj was seeing both..he don’t know what to say..it was new to him..till now the pairs they made were mostly both had any minus in them..here its not same..

Yash:ok can u answer my few questions..if u give me correct answer then I will not ask u to marry me..


Yash:but u must be honest..

Meera:ok..i assure I’ll say what my heart says..

Yash:don’t u have dreams of marriage,kids n family..

Meera lowered her eyes n said:yes..

Yash:if u are a normal girl like others n if u would have got married with a normal person n after a happy married life,he met with some accident n he become handicap or blind or deaf will u leave ur husband n go..

Meera:no..how can i..

Yash: so u will not have any prob later..but when I say same knowing ur problem I want to spend my life with u,u r denying me..my proposal..ur arguments are onesided meeraji..its not fair..if all persons think like this there will not be any persons to think about marriage like u do..

Not only meera,suraj was also astounded listening to yash..

It was like yash has stabbed surajs heart..

How can he forget maan’s position’

The life before 14 yrs..how can he forget it..now thinking about maans decision suraj felt proud of his son’he will now go with his son’s wish..

Yash:meera.give me answer..dont think I will stop u working or doing ur works..i will give equal freedom to u..n u can do whatever u want..

Suraj:mr.yash..give her sometime to think..n she must also discuss with her parents na..

Yash:ya..i agree..

He gave his card..

Yash:this is my address n phone number..feel free to talk to me anytime u want..u can enquire about me n my parents..if u have any doubt on me..


Meera:I have one doubt..can u clarify it..


Meera: will ur parents accept this..whats the reason behind ur decision to marry a girl like me..

Yash took his wallet n showed the picture of his parents’

Yash:this is the reason..my father is dark ,short n ugly looking..girls ran away from him..my mom is beautiful but blind..boys pointed her blindness..they both bounded together..we are the sign of their love..i have one brother n sister also. I have seen their love..that made me decide beauty is not which u look..its only a feel of heart..i want a heart to love me..not looks’

Suraj felt again like having slaps on his face..he was thinking himself gud by supporting maan in everyway..but now only he realized, when he must be with his life time ambition he was not..he has wasted his time..by going against his decision..

After sometime.yash went n meera also went to her cabin..not knowing what to decide..


Maan was called as a chief guest for a charity function conducted by Lawrence group..lawrence is a south Indian dance master cum choreographer in film industry..his dance troop has only special peoples n he also runs an orphanage n a school for blind n physically challenged..

It was maans bad luck..he got an urgent case to attend n suraj came as chief guest..suraj was welcomed warmly by Lawrence n he was seated in first row..

The screen opened n the dance started..he saw a beautiful girl dressed up in bharatanattiyam attire dancing..she was doing her steps very elegantly n her facial expressions kept the audience captivated..

She finished her dance with the posture of lord shiva by lifting her one leg’thats when suraj saw it was wooden legs..he was surprised ..he asked the organizer who sat next to him..who is that girl’?


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