os-Tum mera pehla pyaar ho…Part-2


The organizer said:she is geet handa..(i love sudha chandran of real life as she has over come with a great effort as a dancer..i took her as my inspiration for geet)

Suraj:her legs..

Org:yes..she has fixed artificial legs..

Suraj:how ..how can she dance..i mean I cant trust my eyes with the way she performed..

Org:hmm..it was really hard for her..she took 6 yrs training for this..she worked really hard n at last she achieved her dream ..

Suraj:so,she is a dancer..how much u give for her performance..im thinking to organize one..so only im asking u..

Org:she is a teacher by profession..she performs only in shows we conduct for charity..dont think she belongs to rich family..she belongs to a middle class where they spend each money counting it..if she has performed for getting money she would have been having lakhs in bank..she is a very kind hearted girl..in short she is also like u n ur son..who loves to do social works..

Suraj:can I meet her..

Org:if u want 2 meet for her dance performance she will not see u..she trusts us..so we will confirm her program n we will say her.she will come there for performance..

Suraj:no..i want to meet her personally..can I get her address..

The organizer gave him’

Suraj then concentrated on the performances’of Lawrence group’it only showed the will power within them..we people complain a lot when we get hurt a little too..but here they are performing accepting the fate god has given..the sweetness of voice in the persons who don’t have eyes..how they get memory to learn all 100s of songs..the sharpness of ears in them..some performed throwing darts on the things which were given by sound..the lip reading of peoples who cant hear..each n every performances was making suraj ,that maans decision was right..every person has right to live..u must see the heart nor the physical appearance as yash said..

All performances came to an end..suraj gave a speech in behalf of maaan n gave momentos to peoples who performed..he gave to geet also..this girl have some spark..he thought’

At night..

Suraj n maan were in dining’having dinner’

Maan:dad,how was ur day today..

Suraj:gud than expected..maan..i want to talk to u about ur marriage..

Maan:dad..pls ..i don’t want to see any girl..i don’t want to marry..

Suraj:maan,u are 3 yrs when I was in ur age..its already late..i want to see u settled..

Maan:stop this topic dad..u know at the end we both will be stubborn in our decision..n I don’t want to hurt u..u know my ambition..jo koi bhi ho..if the girl is blind,deaf or handicap..mujei koi farak nehi partha..i will marry the girl who ever u chose like that’but I know u don’t like my decision..

Suraj stopped eating n looked at maan..

Suraj:what if I say,I don’t have any objection in ur ambition..i support u like always in ur decision..i’ve chosen a girl like u wish..

Nakul dropped the water jug n maan the spoon..

Maan was surprised n shocked..

Maan:dad..really.. Nakul:really..

Suraj:yes..just waiting for morning..i will go n talk with her parents..i wish u also come with me..

Maan:sry dad..ive an operation at Mumbai..i will be leaving by morning..when u have decided I know u would have seen the girl’s heart..not the physical appearance..no need to see her dad..i will marry any girl u say..just say me the day n time n place..i’will come..

Suraj:ya..she is very gud at heart..i saw her helping the peoples in charity function..her performance was cherry on cake yesterday..i cant believe my eyes’the organizer said she loves doing social works like u..u both will match..i know..i know u wont reject my words..

Suraj continued:I’m sry maan for not understanding u..after a long thought only I could understand the reason behind ur ambition..though its late god has opened my eyes..

Maan:dad,don’t say sry to me..as a father u want best for ur son..i can understand..n my ambition u cant accept it..i was forced to change my ambition from an actor to doctor..if that accident has not happened I will not be like this..a famous dr,who can be acknowledged by one n all..the fame I got will not stand before the fame of an actor’the peace I get treating patients..i cant say in words dad..when they keep me in gods place n fall in my feet’its all becoz of u dad..u have been always with me in my bad time..though u are broken,u r the support for me..u r my spine dad..my backbone..my every successs is becoz of ur hard work..u can never be wrong..

Nakul was in tears seeing maan..

Maan turned to nakul

Maan:meri taraki pe jitna haq mera hain kaka ..utna hi haq aapka bi hain..when mom left me n I was hospitalized ..u r the one who took care of me..u never let me feel alone..

Nakul:aaj kya hogaya hai..tum badi badi bathe karrahi ho..i know the third person behind ur success..the girl who saved u..who gave u courage to fight against ur fate..

Maan smiled:ya..Almond eyes…its true na kaka..she came to my life as a savior..the life which I am living is her gift…kash I could meet her n say thanks..

Nakul:ok ok bohut hogaya..u both go n sleep..

Maan had a nice sleep..suraj was waiting for the sun to rise..

Morning..both were getting ready’maan to Mumbai n suraj to geets house..

Suraj dropped maan at airport n went to geets house without knowing the storm going there..

Geets house..

It was regular Sunday..rano gave a sari to geet n asked her to change..

Geet:mama..dont say someone is coming to see me..

Rano:ji beta..dev chopra naam hai..he is working in bank..earning 20000rs per month..

Geet:do they know,I don’t have leg..mein ek appajiz hoon..

Rano:I’ve told the broker to say them already beta..

Geet:mama,mei thak gayi hoon every week naye naye log..do u really want me to cum before them..

Rano:im sure beta,this alliance will be the last..they will not say no ..tum tho bohut sundar hoona..noone can deny my girl..

Geet:for all moms their kids are best..if no one can deny me,then what will u say those 100s of grooms who rejected me pointing my wooden leg

Rano ‘s mouth was sealed..geet was saying the truth..

Mohinder:betaji..pls they will arrive at any time..pls ready hokar aaja..i’m sure this alliance will click

Rano:pls geet..

Geet half heartedly went n dressed up..

The broker came with the chopras family..dev,his mom n dad..

Rano n mohinder made them sit.n offered them snacks n tea

Devs mom(DM):ghar aapka hai..

Rano:ji rent hai..

DF:call ur daughter..

Rano went n came with geet..


Geet sat next to her..dev was going ladoo on her beauty..

DM: not bad..why didn’t u wear some more jewels u know all will fill their neck n hands with jewels..u are wearing single chain..

Geet:I like to be simple..

Dev:erm..what u have studied..i heared u r working..how much salary u get..

Geet looked at the person..

Why she don’t know she doesn’t like the look ..his eyes wandering all over her body..

Geet:ji..ive done my bcom.. b.ed’I ve applied for m.com in corres..

DM:zyadha padkar kya karegi..u must look after house n kids onlyna after marriage.

Dev:aap ka hobby..

Geet:I love dancing..

Devs mom gave a disapproving look…teek hai..how much dowry u will give..u know,my son is working in bank..atleast 15 lakhs cash..a bike..n for ur daughter 400grams of gold..then she was continuing her list..

Geet looked at her parents..her look said she did not like the way they r talking..she was suppressing her anger..

Rano:aap chai lelijiye..tandi hojayegi..rano tried to divert the topic..


Rano gave to them n broker..

When giving to devs mother the tea cup slipped n fell on geet..she did not scream..

DM:are kaisi insaan ho tum..gharam chai giri aur tume uff thak nehi ki..

Geet was wiping the tea on her sari with handkerchief..

Geet:it slipped on my wooden leg na..

Devs mom screamed..

Dm:kya..wooden leg..

The broker was sweating profusely..geet lifted her sari a little n showed her artificial leg..

Dm:tum appayiz ho..

Geet was used to this words..so it did not hurt her..but her parents were hurt..

Df turned n looked at broker..

Dev:ye kya tamasha hai..how can u look a girl like this for me..

Broker:wo..aapki kundli kisise nehi mila..isise mili isilye..

Devs mom who had faith on astrology now became a little calm..devs astrology was too bad..if this girls matched then we can go with it..aur ye tho hamara badakpan hoga hum ise bahu banakar lejayenge..ye sara zindagi kuch nehi bolegi..she was greedy too..

Then dm opened her mouth..

Dm:dev shanth..beta..dek..she is beautiful isn’t it..haan baiya ji..hum is rishtey keliye tayaar hai..aap ab is appayiz keliye aur rakham dedijiye..hmm 50 lakhs..ab bike nehi car chahiye aur jewelery’

Geets patience broke down..

Stop it..she said loud fuming in anger..

Rano:beta..pls..calm down..

Mohinder:geet u go to ur room..

Geet:ab aur nehi hota papa..im not a thing to sale..or kept in auction..when they can shamelessly increase the amount in name of dowry..i too have a condition..

Dev will be living here as a typical bahu does..gar jamai bun ker..


DM:how can u say our son to stay in ur house..i have only one son..

Geet:then y u r selling him for 50 lakhs..if we pay the thing belongs to the person na..same way..ur son will be my slave..if u r ready I m also ok ..

Dm:appayiz hokar tum itni bolthi ho..if u r gud what else u will say..

Geet:hoon mei apayiz..but not a begger like u..i don’t have leg..but still I stand on my feet..i can earn for life time..not like u greedy robbing in name of marriage..now get lost before I threw u out..

Dm:humei bhi nehi chahiye yesi ladki..chalo ji yaha se…she dragged her son n husband with her..

Geet turned to her parents..

Now u r happy na..do u think I am a burden for u..then ok..get me married to any one..some days before this same broker came with Alliances ..u know’an old man asked me as his fourth wife…another one father of three kids..n another who is suffering from physcological problem..any one u chose ..

I will marry..but please aaj ke baath mei kisi ke samne saj sawarkar nehi aaonga..this is my final decision..if u force me..then I will end myself..

She left the house to the nearest park..which can give peace of mind..

Geets parents were in tears..

Rano:when will god show our geet a way of light..we too want her happiness only..y all makes her hurt..when happiness will knock on our doorsteps’

They both heared a knock on door..they turned to saw a man standing there..

Mohinder:bhai saab aap kaun..

Suraj:ur happiness who is knocking ur door,,

Rano:ji..hum samji nehi..

Suraj:I am here to ask hands of ur daughter to my son..i saw ur daughter yesterday in function..i wish to see her as my bahu..

Rano n mohinder was confused..

Rano:hum..aapko jaanthi tak nehi..

Suraj laughed..

Suraj:haha..im sorry..i am suraj singh khurana..

Both their eyes widened..

Mohinder:aap..aap’khurana saab..the great dr.maan singh khurana ki pitaji’ander aaayiye betiye..rano ..go n bring tea for him..

He said all in one go’

Suraj:behenji..rukiye..first let us talk..then I will have sweet from ur hands..

Rano stopped ..

Suraj:pls u two also sit..so we can talk freely..

They both sat..

Suraj:u know about my son maan..so no need of introduction..i’m asking hands of ur daughter for him..

Rano:but bhai saab..aap tho bade log hai..hum aapki..

She gulped her saliva,how to say they cant give dowry as per status..

Suraj:let me clear u more..i..sry..we..maan n me are always against dowry..second..ur daughter will come to our house with her precious gift..her smile n gud heart..three.all expenses will made only by us..next…by agreeing to this marriage both of our problems will be solved..my maans ambition n ur daughters life will also be filled with colours..i can assure u..

Mohinder:can u give us time..shyam tak..


He said in disappointment..

Rano:pls have something..i’ll make tea..

Suraj:I dreamt many things before coming here..i will get ur acceptance..n we will make their marriage by next week end..my maan always love simplicity as ur daughter.. so it will be easy to go with a simple marriage..

Mohinder thought something..

Bhai saab..can u wait for an hr..i’ll be back n say u my decision..


Mohinder went to park n saw geet sitting their looking at the kids playing..the calmness in her face said she is normal..

Mohinder sat next to her n apologized for his act..geet too asked sry 4 her behavior..they both were silent for few minutes..mohinder tried to converse with her normally..

Moh:geet do u hv any program today..

Geet no pap..

Moh:I heared suraj khurana came yesterday..

Ji papa..

They are too rich..but they never shows..they help peoples through trust also na..

Geet looked at her father ..she thought ,he is trying to fill the gap created by them by talking random things..she don’t want to disappoint him..she tried to go with him to make him feel ease..

Geet:yes papa..khurana trust is doing many gud things..u know..his son is dr..n he is a famous surgeon..our sharmi na ..jo pados mei rehthi thi..college girl..her legs n hands were burnt as she slipped accidentally in lab..he only treated her..that too without money..all expenses were taken up by his trust..

Mohinder:do u know about his wife..

Geet laughed..he is still bachelor..

Mohinder:tho..jo bhi usei shadi karega wo lucky hoga..

Geet:yes dad..but I don’t know why he has not married till now..he is handsome,has money.fame,gud at heart..young..then y he is still unmarried..

Mohinder:may be he is in love with some girl or some hidden relation..

Geet:papa..pls don’t talk rubbish..he is mirror..what he is..that is what the public also knows..

A boy called geet..didi cum lets play..

Geet:yes im coming..

Mohinder:ok beta..im going home..u come later when ur little friends leave u..

Ji papa..

Mohinder came back n saw suraj settled comfortably in living n watching tv..rano was walking to n fro..

Moh:rano,bring sweet..

The one word is enuf to know his decision..

Suraj:im so happy..

Moh:me too..

Rano gave them sweets n both fed each other..

Suraj:hmm..so lets go to pandit to fix date..

Moh:haan chaliye..

Both went to pandit

The pandit looked at their astrology n said’this both are made for each other..n u have only one date that is tomorrow’both were shocked..

Moh”tomorrow..how can we do..

Pandit:I said as per their astrology or u have to wait for a year more..

Suraj:I cant wait for a n yr more..


Suraj:leave all to me..hmm lets keep it as surprise..u come with ur family to our kuldevi mandir..i’ll see to arrangements..

Moh:ur son..my daughter..they must also know each other..n accept each other..

Suraj:my son will not say any word..today morning he said dad say me date n place I’ll cum there..n ur daughter..i know she will also accept..


Suraj:so they will be the first to be in their own marriage without knowing its their marriage..


Suraj n mohinder went to their houses..suraj on his way went to the marriage planner n asked him to decorate the mandir n do preparations..he went to shop n purchased dress for maneet..he came home happily n said the gud news to nakul..only to make him faint’he sprinkled water on nakul..

Nakul:kal shadi..but maan..he told he will come tomorrow only..he wants to be there for another operation..

Suraj called maan..his phone came switched off..so he messaged him with no other way..

I have fixed ur marriage at our kuldevi mandir tomorrow at this time ..come before time ..ive called ur close friends n our relatives..

Mohinder said this news to rano..

Rano chided him:in one day..what can we do..

Moh:he said just we must come to mandir before an hr..rest he will take care..u just take the jewels out n without her knowledge if u can do her mehendi..

Rano somehow lied n did mehendi in geets hands writing maans name in mid..


Maan switched his phone after his midn8 operation only to get the message..his marriage is fixed

Maan:dad must be joking..

Then he got msgs from his collegues advance congrats 4 marriage ..he went to catch his flight so urgently..he still cant believe his dad took his joke seriously n informed venue n timing..he called his dad before entering the plane..

Suraj:gud morning beta..

Maan could hear the sounds of bells of mandir behind his back..

Dad,are u serious..u r in temple..

Suraj:yes beta..im hear to look after ur marriage preparations ..afterall my sons marriage n my dream is cuming true..after a long time agirl will be entering our house.,as ur wife..

Maan:dad..my condition..

Suraj:trust me my boy..ur ambition is also cuming true today..u want to c her..

Maan:no dad..i trust u..i’ll see her at mandap..

Suraj:will be waiting for u..bye..


Maan was feeling butterflies..he sat on his seat n fastened his seat belt..he took his wallet

Maan:almond eyes..u know what..today is my marriage..kash tum meri saath ho..i will be the happiest man to have u beside me..how the girl will be..will she be gud like u..can I keep her expectations up..

Till now he had no dreams of married life..but hearing marriage he started to dream..

Dad said about her performance..may be she is a singer.i will ask her to sing a song for me..n I will support her to become a big singer..i don’t know what her ambitions are..can she manage my hectic schedules..will she get angry on me if I didn’t give enough time for her..how will I manofy her..maan from now u must have a look on ur schedules..ur wife must be waiting for u from tomorrow’I want a girl baby..what she will expect ..boy..girls always loves boy babies..so what? we will have both a boy n a girl..

Maaan’s mind was racing fast than a horse..with new dreams.. he smiled sheepishly,when the airhostess looked at him weirdly for his different emotion s running on his face..

He landed in delhi n took a taxi straight to go to temple where his bride would be waiting for him..


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